Title: Everyone's Dream (part 2)
Author: Mair
Pairings: Rembrant won't let me tell you. *rembrant cackles and runs off with mair's chocolate cherries again*
Warnings: *thinks* None I think... Oh yeah! AU and that funny word that means boy boy love... canNOT remember that word for the life of me. Uh... some of the characters are a bit ooc... Relena for one. Heero, though he is a closet hacker, play's constantly with his guitar. I couldn't see him playing in a band and getting carpal tunnel from a keyboard instead of a guitar.
Feedback is craved. If I've got cardboard with g-boy names, please tell me. If it's the most glorious thing you've ever read, please tell me (though I highly doubt it is).
Dislaimer: I own nothing. Suing me will get you nothing. Kiss my pale, plebian posterior!

Everyone's Dream + Part 2

"We watched NeoAero... from the wings of the stage... and we have backstage passes..." Duo said dazedly.

The four other backstage passers crossed the now dark stage to the stairs, chattering and singing out lyrics.

"Relena Peacecraft danced with me... on stage!" Quatre murmured. "I met her adoptive father once at a formal dinner before he was assasinated... He seemed so reserved and formal. It's hard to believe that he raised Relena."

Duo grabbed his arm. "YOU MET HER FATHER!"

Quatre smiled. "I wasn't supposed to be there that night but I begged and pleaded once I saw the guestlist. It was about two months into their first hit and I couldn't believe how good they all were at fifteen!"

"Awe man, Q... You really have a knack for making me wish I was you."

"Are you two all that's left out of the back stage pass people?" Someone asked.

They both turned to look at a short dark haired official-looking woman with light blue eyes. "I'm the road manager Hilde Schbeiker. The band gave me permission to guide the backstagers back to the band to hang out since they won't be leaving for quite a while. I'm to take you to one of the greenrooms where they'll come on in when they're all cleaned up."

"Oh... my... God..." Duo managed to squeak out as Quatre gaped at the woman. "Oh wow oh wowohwowohwow!"

The woman smiled and motioned for them to follow. "There's just a couple things I need to remind you of. The same rules they told you when you got to the stage aply. If Relena hugs you, you can hug back but when she lets go, so do you. You will not tackle any of the band members or your pass will be instantly revoked and you will be removed from the premisis." She looked over her shoulder at the two star struck guys. She smiled and pushed open a door. "These people are our meal tickets and without them we'd be working, -maybe-, for another band. I doubt you actually would but please, no fighting with the band members. Some of them find it fun to mess with some of the fans they meet so please keep yourselves under control."

Duo finally managed to find his mind again. "No problemo boss lady! Duo Maxwell never causes a problem!"

Quatre laughed and walked through the door Hilde held open for them. Duo winked at her then followed Quatre on in.

Hilde let the door close behind them and they looked around the room. The opening act must have used this for their dressing room because there was a slightly munched on veggie tray and beer bottles scattered about the room. Duo started poking about in the closets on the wall as Quatre flopped down in one of the overstuffed chairs.

"I can't believe this is happening!" Quatre said aloud.

"I know! It's a dream come true! So now that you've seen them all for real and close up, which one is your favorite?" Duo asked, delving farther into the closet.

"I don't know. Dorothy is still really good looking but I think..."

Quatre blushed as he paused, causing Duo to turn and wait for his answer. "I think Trowa is the best looking."

"Awe! Does widdle Qwuatre have a cwush on him?" Duo teased.

Quatre blushed furiously. "NO! Not really..."

Duo smirked evilly at him and hopped the couch to perch on the arm. "Come on... spill. You know all about my crush."

"But you're bi!"

"And you can't be? You're at a NeoAero concert! I'd say a quarter of the people in the audience are!" Duo countered.

"Yeah but-"

"But nothing! Tell."

"Duo! I'm not going to tell you now! They could walk in any minute!"

Duo grinned and fidgeted on the arm rest. "I know... you want a threesome with Trowa and Dorothy!" He watched delightedly as Quatre squirmed and blushed even more. "I didn't think that was possible! You should see your face Quatre... you're even redder!"

"Go back to poking around in the closets!"

Duo laughed and got off the couch, returning to poking about. "Hey Q, check this out! There's a violin back here!"

"Well don't touch it! The musician will be back to claim it I'm sure! People are very touchy about their instruments!"

The door opened. "Yes they are... But the violin doesn't belong to anyone here tonight."

Both turned to see Relena Peacecraft walk in. "It's nice too meet you, though I am surprised that the others didn't hang around."

Duo grinned brightly. "Their loss our gain! Duo Maxwell and Quatre Rabbera Winner at your service!" He bowed jokingly.

Relena laughed. "Again it's nice to meet you, the others will be along shortly." She looked over at the still red Quatre. "And thank you for dancing with me. It's so much fun but it's to dangerous to just grab someone from the audience most of the time."

"Well... uh... Thank you for allowing us the privilage of coming back stage to meet you all." Quatre finally responded.

Relena sat down in the other chair. "Oh, we knew we wouldn't get out of here anytime soon, the ampatheater owner warned us. Evidently the people tend to get a little rowdy after concerts so Mr. Winner suggested that we stay here for an hour or so."

"Mr. Winner suggested that? Quatre, remind me to thank your Dad! This is one of the most kick ass nights of my life!"

Relena looked over at Quatre. "Your father is the same Mr. Winner who owns this place?"

Quatre, blushing again at Duo's comment, nodded again. "Yes... We actually got the tickets tonight from one of your longtime fanclub members who happens to be one of my families retainers... Rashid had other plans tonight and offered to let us have the tickets."

Relena smiled. "Well thank him for us. Wufei didn't believe him and tried to escape but he could hear the voices near the backstage entrance before he could see it and decided that killing time here would be acceptable."

The door opened again and Dorothy, Trowa and Wufei walked in. Relena looked up from her spot in the chair and waved. "Guess what?"

Dorothy looked over at Relena then at Duo and Quatre. "Mr. Winners heir?"

Relena frowned. "You guessed! That really isn't fair Dor."

Dorothy shrugged and shook hands with Quatre as Trowa and Wufei sat down on the couch. "Don't mind them Quatre, they don't talk much."

"Well I know I can make up the gap then!" Duo said, shutting the closet door behind him. "Duo Maxwell! I run I hide but I never lie!" He shook hands with all that came in.

"Catalonia, you don't do us justice when you say such things." Wufei muttered eyeing the black garbed figure warily.

"I'll play with you later, Chang." Dorothy replied smoothly, shaking Duo's hand. "That's one of the more origional introductions to one's self that I've heard."

Duo bowed mockingly. "I try! I must say though, you with your occasional fiddle playing on stage convinced Quatre to come out of the closet on admitting being able to play."

Dorothy turned to Quatre. "You play?"

Quatre nodded, trying hard not to blush again. "Since I was about six. For the longest time it was something my father made me do. Then I heard "Crashing Through the Walls" and it became something I wanted to do."

Dorothy smiled. "That's one of my favorite songs to play, I'm glad you like it. Trowa plays the flute but we haven't managed to put together a song for him to play on yet."

The door opened again and a damp haired Heero walked in wearing faded bluejeans and a green tanktop and a leather jacket. His accoustic guitar was slung over one shoulder. He made his way to the last open spot on the couch and sat down, moving his guitar to his front and starting to play.

Butterflies swarmed Duo's stomach en masse as Heero flopped down in the spot next to the armrest next to Trowa. Distantly he heard Wufei comment that the spot was left open for Dorothy.

"I'm sure Relena wouldn't mind me using her as a seat." Dorothy smirked as she sat down on Relena's lap and dangled her leather clad legs over the armrest of the chair.

Quatre blinked and Duo sat down on the armrest of the couch again.

"You two are together?" Quatre asked.

Heero stopped playing with the guitar as Relena, Wufei and Dorothy started to laugh. "No, I'm actually with Relena's older brother but you have to promise not to tell!"

Quatre flushed at his lack of tact. "Gee Q-man, thats usually one of my lines!" Duo said snickering at his friends discomfort. He paused a bit as the laughter died down. "Oh man this is so wild getting to meet you all. You're not at all like I expected... You're real people!"

"Baka..." Heero muttered as he started playing with his guitar again.

Duo blinked and looked down at the almost silent object of his affection on the couch. He grinned and jumped up. "Behold! It speaks! A marvel my ladies and gentlemen, a talking Heero!" He grinned as he bastardized the line from a long gone author.

The ladies started laughing again, this time joined by Quatre as well as Wufei. Trowa smiled at the joke but Heero merely glared and paused his playing.

Duo held eye contact with the guitar player, telling him silently that he wasn't afraid of anything Heero would dish out. Heero broke his stare at Duo and returned his attention to the guitar.

Dorothy smirked at the interchange and looked down at Relena. "I think we should keep these two... what do you think?"

Relena looked at Duo then Quatre, laughter glinting in her eyes. "If only for comic relief... I'd say yes... They're cool. But unfortunatly, they probably have responsibilities and they're also too young -AND- with the tour costs we couldn't afford to bring them along."

Quatre blinked, an idea forming that he knew he'd love. "Are you joking?"

Dorothy smiled serenely. "I rarely joke."

"Besides, you two are cute." Relena sighed. "It's too bad... I haven't seen Heero glare at anyone -and- speak to them without the person being someone that messed with his guitars."

"There is rarely anything for me to say Relena." Heero said, continuing to play.

"Behold! He speaks again! This -IS- a marvel!" Duo gasped. More laughter.

Quatre smiled and took a deep breath. "The reason why I ask would be the fact that Duo and I go to the same college, and my family holds his scholarship. My family has the money to travel but we never really do. Since Duo's doing a double major of Art and English, he could go on independant study from school given that he studies the art you employ in stage design and he could write a paper for how ever long he stays with the tour. I'm doing a double major of business and music so it fits on in... My family could fun the trip so we could follow you around. As compensation for having to deal with us every day we could act as personal assistants for whom-ever doesn't have one AND with Duo's artistic ability with costuming he could sneak you guys out of what ever place you played at before the crowd even knew you were gone!" He finished.

Even Heero stopped playing in the silence that followed Quatre's proposition. "What makes you think we need you?" When Quatre didn't answer him right away he stood and walked to the door. "I'm out of here."

Duo flushed and watched him go, then glanced at the clock on the wall. "He'll never be able to get out of here." He swallowed gathering his courage. "Would you atleast consider it if I can get him out of here and to his hotel where he can call you?"

"If you could get him to go along with it and pull it off it would be worth considering." Trowa said.

Duo blinked. That was the first time all night that Trowa spoke. He swallowed and grinned. "I run, I hide but I never lie." He looked back over his shoulder at the closet and opened the door. He grabbed a flannel and walked out the door.

In the wake of their exit, Relena spoke up. "Will he actually be able to do it?"

Quatre nodded. "Duo can do anything he puts his mind to. Because of the way he is he manages to pull it off, too."

* * *

"Hey Heero! Wait up!" Duo yelled as he watched the man walk toward the exit. The figure paused, and slowly turned.

"What do you want?"

Duo grinned. "You're never gonna get out of here like that. Look. Quatre's driver was gonna pick us up after the concert. He's probably out there now. If we go out the front you probably won't be mobbed. Oh, and give me your guitar."

Heero's grip on the neck of the guitar intensified.

Duo grabbed a packing blanket off of one of the speakers. "Look, you aren't gonna stand a chance getting out of here looking like you do. Give me your guitar, take off your jacket and put this on." He said holding out the flannel.

Heero glared at him again, but Duo stood his ground. Finally, Heero extended the guitar toward him and grabbed the flannel. He stripped off the leather jacket and put the flannel on over the tank. When he had all the buttons buttoned Duo grinned.

"Undo the top two."

Heero did so and held out his hand for the guitar.

"Dream on, buddy boy." Duo said grinning. "People expect you to have a guitar. Take this." He thrust the blanket at Heero and took the leather jacket from it's spot on top of one of the speakers. He shrugged into the jacket and grinned even wider. He grabbed Heero's wrist and dragged him back toward the main stage.

He handed the guitar to Hilde as they passed her, causing the stunned woman to almost drop it.

Heero wrenched free of Duo's grasp and Duo rolled his eyes. "Look, this is the only way you can get out of here. Look!" He pointed out to the now empty seating. "No ones out there. They're all trying to get out of the gates. Come on."

"I don't trust you."

"Well start, cause if you want to get to your hotel anytime before 3am, you're gonna have to." Duo shot back dragging him toward the stairs.

They went down the steps and joined the last few stragglers trying to get out of the ampatheater. The chatting concert-goers occasionally cracked jokes about feeling like cattle, never once looking back at the figures at the end of the line.

Heero ducked his head down as they passed the bored security guards. He kept it down as they joined the packed crowds trying to get out the front gates. When they got out into the front cars were lined up all over the place, people were looking around for lost party members and checking out Duo as he strode up to the steel gray limo parked in the firelane.

The driver gave Duo an odd look at the figure in back of him.

"It's ok, he's a friend of Quatre's and mine who needs a ride. Quatre got back stage so he's gonna call you back later but I've got to get this guy to his hotel. He's beat."

The driver nodded and opened the door, accepting what the young man said. The two of them got into the limo and the man shut the door behind them.

"See Heero, you don't need a ticket to get out." He grinned. "Besides, people always look at the flashy figure and not at the plain figure. Future tip. When leaving a concert like this never take your guitar. People can't bring them in cause it's to easy to hide wepons in them. People can barely bring in blankets. Now. Where's your hotel?"

"Give me back my jacket." Heero demanded, glaring again.

"Not even a please or thank you?" Duo asked as the car started to move.

Heero glared again.

"Right... fine fine..." Duo muttered leaning forward on the seat to pull off the jacket. "You better tell the driver where the hotel is though."

"The Regent." He muttered, undoing the buttons on the flannel.

"Oh -that's- inconspicuous. Ever think about staying at the Hilton? No one would ever expect you to stay there."

"Shut up." Heero said, taking back his jacket.

Duo smiled, leaned back, and preceeded to talk his ear off for the next hour.

* * *

Heero unlocked the door to his hotel room and walked inside, dumping the flannel on the chair. The long haired man had been impossible to ignore durring the concert and then he had to show up backstage at Relena's request. What was she trying to do? Test his control to the point of breaking? And the ridiculous idea of letting them tag along... The Relena and Wufei were the only ones with personal assistants. He could think of many things he could need "assisting" in but he couldn't. The image of the band was half of what sold it. His face, Relena's body were two of the most powerful things in the band and she knew it. What were she and Dorothy thinking?

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