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Title: Everyone's Dream
Author: Mair
Pairings: 2+1, 4+3 and 4+D, D+Zechs (what ever # he is...) and I think that's it.
Warnings: Shounen-ai (Rembrant: At 22? ///// Mair: Shut up.)
Disclaimer: If I owned them surely I would have turned something into a film by now and since I haven't I must not own them!

Everyone's Dream + Part 3

The limo pulled back up outside the amphitheater next to where Quatre was standing. Most of the cars were gone though activity continued in the back lot.

The driver got out to open the door for Quatre as Duo popped up out of the sun roof. "HI!"

"Duo! What are you doing here?"

"Well I did borrow your limo to take Heero to his hotel, I kinda had to bring it back." Duo replied, rolling his eyes.

Quatre blinked then smiled, "I guess I figured you'd just take it back to the estate."

The chauffeur opened the door with a slight bow and Quatre climbed in. He sank into his seat as Duo dropped back inside the car and closed the sunroof. "I thought about it, but I kinda figured that would be a waste of power and time so I figured I'd just come back here and see if I could get back to where all of you were hangin' out."

"Well the diehards cleared out about 15 minutes ago and the rest of the band left about five minutes ago so you didn't miss everyone by much. Did you manage to get Heero out?"

Duo nodded and grinned. "Did you really doubt my abilities?" He sighed. "I talked the whole way to his hotel... To get him out I wore his jacket and he wore the flannel... He wouldn't let me keep it though... God he's gorgeous..." He flopped back against the seat theatrically. "I swear he is the sexiest thing on today's stage. I restrained myself though. I didn't jump him. You should be proud!"

Quatre smiled. "That must have been difficult."

"So what was it like? You got to talk and hang out for 2 hours!!!"

Quatre brightened. "It was wonderful. Wufei is really moody, he didn't say much and Relena is a bit more toned down from her onstage personality, almost ladylike. Dorothy... I am not sure when she teased people and when she was serious. She never made it obvious and neither did the rest of the band. Trowa... He is quiet, he is intelligent, he is talented..." He paused, thinking. "It must have been an hour after you left and Dorothy managed to convince Trowa to play something. It was the flute part to a duet I played with one of my sisters when we were young. I recognized it and dug out that violin you mentioned was in the closet. I joined in about half way through. It was amazing getting to play."

Duo smiled at his friend. Quatre looked extremely happy.

"Dorothy told me that I played well and we talked a bit more. Then she asked me to play something. So I played a lullaby that I remember my nanny singing. Turns out that Trowa played that one for Dorothy once and so he joined in on that one. She hummed along and it was... comfortable... like magic but better."

Duo sighed. "Sounds like you had a blast." Then he remembered. "Damn!"

Quatre looked over at him, puzzled.

"I forgot my bag!"

Quatre smiled. "No you didn't. Well you did but the band said that they'd sign everything. Since Heero left, they decided that they would get his signature on the poster and the shirt either tonight or tomorrow morning and they would leave it at the front desk."

"Do you want to know something else?"

Duo nodded, grinning alone at the news of the autographs.

"I made us sound a little less desperate than I did before. When I talked with them about my idea, I layed everything out for them... I told them what we could do, where we could fit in and how the arrangement could benefit everyone. I also showed them my drivers license to prove that we were the same age as they were so they know we aren't as young as we look. I think it might have worked."

Duo knew he looked stunned. "But... oh wow... That would be so cool! But Quatre, I know I wouldn't be able to get them all out at the same time. You know I can't do that. They'd be spotted in a heartbeat! Dorothy's eyebrows aren't exactly inconspicuous. Fer Christ's sake, just the make up of the band makes them hard to hide!"

Quatre smiled and leaned back into the seat. "I know you'll think of something, Duo. You always do."

He crossed his arms. "Fine." Duo muttered, thinking. He looked down at his arms then back at Quatre. "Hey! So which to you like the best now?" A slightly evil smirk spread on Duo's face. "Trowa or Dorothy?"

Quatre groaned. "Duo!"

"So? Hey here's something. Did you give anyone in the band your number?"

"I don't give out my families private line to people I just meet! Even if they are incredibly famous and handsome. Beautiful."

Duo's smirk widened into a full grin at Quatre's slip. "Trowa huh? So did you give him your number?"

Quatre blushed. "I gave the number to Relena so she could call us about following them around" he murmured.

"Sooooooooooooo who did you look at when you handed it over?"


* * *

Heero heard a knock on his door and looked away from the laptop, annoyed. He'd been researching the proclaimed Duo Maxwell and his friend and he didn't want to be disturbed. Without his guitar this was his one escape that didn't lead him to the bottle in his suitcase.

"Who is it?"

"Charming as always darling. Let me in."

Heero glanced back at the screen, frowning. He entered in the command for the program to run on autopilot and shut the computer. With the program activated the laptop wouldn't shut down. He pushed back the chair and walked over to the door. He unlatched the deadbolt and opened the door, moving aside for Relena to come in. "What do you want?" He asked.

Relena sighed and flopped down on the end of his bed. "Heero, I thought we stopped asking that question four years ago."

He stared at her then shut the door, relatching it. "All right. Why did you invite them?"

She looked over at him. "Sit down, Heero."

He folded his arms and leaned against the door.

"Fine then... Heero, you're lonely. We both know you have an open invitation to my room and we both know that you haven't taken me up on that. Life on the road is hard!" She sat up on the edge of the bed. "You haven't taken a real break from this band since we broke up six years ago. The reason Dor brought up them coming along tonight was for the simple fact that they present a safe diversion from the road."

She frowned as Heero started to glare at her. "Now don't you glare at me, I'm not suggesting what you're thinking." Her features softened. "Listen to me. Through them we can all discover the joy of touring again. Of making albums again." She made an obscure gesture with her hands. "I know you've seen that attendance is down. I know you've checked the album sales. Hell, even Quatre admitted that his retainer didn't want to come to our concert! I know he didn't actually say that but I'm not blind Heero."

"The fact is, I'm tired of having to rely on Dorothy and Trowa for all the music... You used to put in your two cents worth. We used to write really good songs together. But you've been burnt out. You've worked too hard."

"I'm fine."

"No you're not Heero." She studied him a few minutes. "You need someone to believe in again. That used to be me. We need Quatre and Duo to help."

"You seem very sure that they are the answer." Heero said quietly.

Relena smiled. "You didn't get to talk with Quatre for two hours like I did." Her smile faded a little. "Heero, Quatre understands. He plays the violin better than Dorothy. He knew the violin part of the duet that Trowa and Dor played for us once in those beginning days. Quatre also knew a Trowa's lullaby."

Heero gave her a startled look. "The one he learned back when he lived with his parents?"

She nodded. "Quatre told us that it was one his nanny sang to him. But it's the same lullaby that Trowa played for Dorothy back in primary school when she had that really really bad day that she refuses to tell anyone about."

Heero blinked.

"Trowa joined in and played along." Relena almost laughed at the look on Heero's face. In the twelve years she'd known him she'd never seen him this surprised. She decided it was time to switch tracks. "Did Duo get you out safely?"

Heero's eyes narrowed suspiciously. "Hai."

Relena fought back a perfectly evil smile. "Did you find anything about his escape technique unacceptable?"

Heero shook his head.

"I'd say that qualifies Duo as being helpful. So do you have any objections background wise on either Duo or Quatre? I know you've been searching them."

Heero glanced away. She knew. "I'm continuing my search, but nothing has been discovered as of yet."

Relena smiled openly now, she had him and there was nothing he could do about it. "That's wonderful to hear. I was thinking, how about if Quatre assisted Dorothy and Trowa, they have more in common... and Duo assisted you? I think that will work out nicely." She could see him searching for some reason to object. Not this time.

"Yes, that should work fine. I'll give them a call right now. Quatre gave me the number of their private line. He said this one went straight to his rooms." She got up and patted her pocket. "Oh I almost forgot. Duo left his bag in the room and when Quatre realized this he set it next to his own things but I suggested that the band sign everything. The others agreed so Duo's poster and shirt are in my room along with Quatre's poster. I expect you to sign them tomorrow morning." Relena smiled sweetly as Heero mechanically opened the door.

"Now be good and get some rest, I expect the two of them will be along sometime around ten tomorrow morning." She yawned and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Good night Heero!"

He heard himself automatically mutter goodnight in Japanese as he closed the door behind her. His thoughts from two hours earlier surged back into his mind. Oh Relena, what have you done to me?

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