Title: Everyone's Dream
Author: Mair
Pairings: 2+1, 4+3 and 4+D, D+Zechs (what ever # he is...) and I think that's it.
Warnings: Shounen-ai (Rembrant: At 22? ///// Mair: Shut up.)
Disclaimer: If I owned them surely I would have turned something into a film by now and since I haven't I must not own them!

Everyone's Dream + Part 4

The phone rang. It rang again. Quatre peeled open an eye and looked stupidly at the phone as it rang a fourth time. He looked over at the clock and blinked blearily. It couldn't say 3:30am. The phone rang again. His eyes widened as he recalled the nights events and looked horrified at the phone. He lunged for it as it rang a sixth time. After a tumble of sheets and covers tangled him up and he fell out of bed, he managed to grab the phone on the seventh ring.


"Hi- yawn- Quatre?"

"Y-yes? Relena Peacecraft?"

The voice on the other end laughed low. "Well it certainly isn't your fairy god mother."

"Oh Allah it's real..."

A lighter toned laugh greeted his ears. "Even more real now. Heero arrived at the hotel safe and sound thanks to Duo's expertise so we've decided to let you tag along. Be at the hotel by nine am. You'll be helping out Trowa and Dorothy." She said.

Quatre blinked stupidly, forcing his mind to think. "You paired Duo with Heero Yuy?"

"Heero hasn't killed him yet and no one touches Heero's guitars except Heero. Duo managed to get it away from him AND he gave it to the stage manager AND managed to get Heero out without taking poor Hilde apart for touching it. I'd say that qualifies him for working with Heero."

He nodded absently, then it hit him. "We're going?!? We're really going?"

A laugh. "Yes! So don't disappoint me by showing up late tomorrow morning. I'll leave your names at the front desk so just come on up to my room and I'll talk to you to in more detail. Ok?"

"That sounds wonderful Miss Relena. Thank you for this opertunity!"

"It's nothing Quatre. Truth be told, we need some new life breathed into this band. We'll be using you two quite a bit." A pause. "I think we got the better end of the bargin Quatre. We'll see how things go and maybe the tour will start picking up your costs."

Quatre floundered for words. "Thank you! We'll see you first thing tomorrow!"

"In that case, goodnight Quatre."

"Good night Miss Relena, sleep well."

Relena laughed. "Quatre, if you call me "Miss Relena" tomorrow to my face I think I'm going to have to do something cruel to make you stop. Godnight!"

"Goodnight..." Quatre heard the click of her end disconnecting and slowly replaced the receiver.

"Who 'uz 'tha?" Duo sleepily asked from the pile of blankets on the air mattress.

"Relena Peacecraft. Go back to sleep Duo, we have to report to the hotel at nine tomorrow morning for work."

"Oh... Ok..." Quatre couldn't see Duo's face but he knew Duo wasn't awake. "Wai' a sec... 'Lena Peacecrft?" Quatre watched Duo pull the blanket off of his face. Quatre nodded.

Duo grinned tiredly. "Woohoo!" He said and snuggled back down in the blankets.

Quatre shook his head and extracted himself from the pile of blankets. He stood up, grabbed the bedding and flopped back down on his bed. He snuggled himself under the covers. Maybe he'd be able to get back into that dream with Trowa and the ice and the magic shell ice cream topping.

* * *

"Remind me again why you're waking me up and have a big enough death wish to do so?"

Quatre smiled. "Duo, do you remember what happened last night?"

Duo lowered the blanket enough to see over it and glare at Quatre. The glare fadded quickly as Duo shoved the blanket down and sat up like a rocket. "We went to the NeoAero concert and got back stage passes and I got to sneak out Heero Yuy, sex GOD of the universe, and go with him to his hotel..." He gaped at Quatre. "Oh wow..."

Quatre nodded, still smiling. "Do you remember me telling you about the phone call?"

"What phone call?"

"Relena Peacecraft called this morning... It was around three in the morning."

"She did?! What did she say?" Duo crossed his fingers.

"Would I be waking you up if it was something bad? Come on, get up! We're due at their hotel at nine!"

"Yes!" Duo shrieked. "Oh! Wait! What about school!"

"Rashid took care of it when he woke up, I left him a note. Get up! It's seven twenty five and I know how you take showers!" Quatre was bowled over backwards as the exuberant and now awake Duo scrambled out of his makeshift bed on Quatre's floor.

Quatre shook his head as the half-naked man ran for the bathroom. "It'll take us half an hour to get into the city so hurry up!"

The light flipped on and the shower started. "Don't worry Q-man! I'll be set in half an hour!"

Quatre shook his head, disbelieving every word. "Duo, you take hour showers!" he yelled.

Duo stuck his head out the bathroom door. "Ahh but you underestimate the power of the God of Death! For Heero Yuy I will move at super speed and kill off this shower faster than anything. Feel free to time me." Duo dissapeared from the doorway, but didn't stop speaking. "I'll finish the shower in twenty minutes and get dressed in ten."

"What about your hair?"

"What about it?" The shower door opened, then shut. "I rebraided it last night before I went to bed so it didn't get many tangles. Shouldn't take long at all!"

"That's not what I meant!"

"So I'll braid it! It's what I usually do!"

Quatre smiled and shook his head. It was going to be an interesting day.

* * *

Surprisingly enough, Duo was right. About the shower anyway. Clothing took a little longer. Black pants replaced the black leather of last night and instead of the skin tight mesh top, a black, long sleeve, skin-tight shirt took its place. Across the front in red letters read "Born to Die, Dress to Kill" and on the back read in the same lettering "I am Shinigami". The combat boots remained. The entire outfit took fifteen minutes to find.

They raced out of the house, bags in hand to the waiting car. They threw their things into the trunk and jumped into the car. On the way there, Duo braided his hair, lamenting the wet spots it left on his clothes. "It'll never be dry by the time we get there. I mean, I didn't even get to decently brush it out. I'm gonna get knots, then I'm gonna get split ends and it's all gonna be NeoAero's fault for making us be there so early. How can they even think of being up at such an unholy hour of the morning after a concert? It's inhuman I tell you. We have got to have a word with them about sleeping in. It's healthy, it's happy, it prevents sleep deprivation..." Duo knocked Quatre's elbow with his as he continued braiding. "Hey Q-man, did you know that sleep dep actually diminishes your ability to function and if you don't sleep for three days straight you can be declared temporarily insane?"

"Duo, we're going to be late."

"So? If you'd let me drive we wouldn't be."

"The last time you drove you out ran the colony police in my father's car! We're still fending off allegations from that! We had to tell them that the car was stolen, wipe your prints, then report it found to the police just to clear our name from the mess!"

"Well... just think about what would've happened if they'd caught me? I'd've gotten in jail, you would've had to bail me out, you and your family would be associated with a delinquant, and I probably would have lost my scholarship. I'd say I did the right thing. Besides," Duo fumbled around for his hair tie, "it's not like your father ever drives that car like it should. It's an AC 202 Firebird for Christ's sake. That thing does 350 in twenty seconds! He never opens it up like he should."


"Hey, at least I didn't crash it."

"That's not the point."

"Yeah right." Duo looked out the window. "Oh lookie! We're here!"

Quatre brightened as the car came to a halt. He leaned forward. "Amir, go ahead and park the car, we don't know when we're going to need to get our things. Just wait where you feel comfortable and we'll page you when we need you."

"Yes Master Quatre."

The two jumped out of the car and ran up the steps of the hotel. The doorman shot Duo a dirty look as he yanked open the door and ran inside. Quatre laughed nervously and waved, then followed his friend inside.

When Quatre reached the front desk, Duo was already giving his name. Quatre nodded to the man and gave his as well. The man smiled tightly and nodded. He wrote something on a slip of paper and handed it to Quatre.

"Thank you." Quatre said, unfolding the small sheet of paper. "Ok Duo, this is the room. Come on."

The paper got snatched from his hand. "Lemme see!" Duo practically skipped to the elevator studying the small slip of paper. He leaned against the frame of the elevator and smiled, clasping the number to his chest.

Quatre smiled at his antics and pressed the button for the elevator. "It's not his room you know..."

"I know, but he'll be there. I wonder if he's loosened up any today. He practically killed me when I wouldn't give back his guitar."

"But he didn't. It was probably just post concert jitters." Quatre trailed off as random giggling assulted his ears. He looked around the lobby to see a gaggle of girls walk over to the front desk. He watched as they talked with the manager of the desk. "Hey Duo, check it out."

"Hmm?" Duo asked looking up. He looked around for what Quatre looked at and saw the girls. "Oh." They watched as the manager shook his head. When he caught the name Yuy he laughed. "Hey Quatre, isn't it wild knowing we get to see him, hang out with him... uh... them, and see them badgering people to try and give them his hotel number? Can you believe that this is happening to us?"

Quatre shook his head as the elevator dinged. They got in and hit the button for the fourteenth floor. Duo grinned at Quatre. "You know, me being a clothes horse really comes in handy. If I hadn't known what to wear yesterday and today, I wouldn't have packed all my favorite clothes and that would mean we would have had to go and pick them up from my apartment."

The elevator rose as Quatre nodded. "Guess what?"


"Your going to be Heero Yuy's assistant."

Duo gaped at him in utter shock. "You're kidding." When Quatre shook his head he continued. "Do you mean to tell me that they paired us up with our crushes completely by accident?"

Quatre nodded again and watched in amusement as Duo slid to the floor of the elevator. "Oh my... It's destiny...(1) We were all meant to be together!"

Quatre laughed at Duo's melodramatics as the elevator stopped on the nineth floor. Duo scrambled to his feet as a young woman entered and pressed the button for the 11th floor. They remained silent for the rest of the ride until the doors opened.

Duo skipped out into the hallway, looking for the room numbers. "Wow, look at the distance apart from the doors... These rooms must be huge!"

"Just look for 1423 Duo, we're late."

"I know I know..." Duo muttered as he wandered down the hall. "Here it is!"

Quatre smiled as Duo knocked on the door. They heard nothing then a sleepy yawn and a lock. The door swung open and Relena smiled at them. Duo blinked at the sight of the lead singer of NeoAero without makeup, hair mussed and in her bathrobe.

"Come on in... I actually thought you were room service..." Relena yawned again. "Have you eaten yet?"

Regaining his senses, Duo smiled charmingly. "Nope, we dashed from the house without a morsel for our tender bodies nourishment. By chance would you have anything to spare?" He asked with a bow.

Quatre laughed and walked in. Relena smiled as they both came in and shut the door behind them. "Meiran and Noin will be in shortly. They agreed to come by this morning to talk to you two to let you know what you're in for. Heero'll also be stopping by to sign your posters and your shirt. Duo, after you talk with Meiran and Noin you should probably follow Heero around a while. Get to know him a bit better."

Someone knocked on the door and Relena smiled, taking the necessary two steps back to the door. She unlocked it and opened the door.

"WooHoo! Food!" Duo hurried to the door. "Wow, you sure know how to order food." Duo grabbed the cart with the food on it and pushed it into the room. Over his shoulder he called, "You can go now! We'll let you know if we need anything else!"

Relena laughed softly and handed the stunned girl a tip before shutting the door. "You really aren't one for propriety are you Duo Maxwell?"

Duo grinned as he uncovered the pans of food. "Nope. Quatre can tell you tales of how I scandalize his entire household when I come to visit."

Relena laughed again and walked over to the table and let Duo and Quatre set the table. "Maybe I should keep you two for me and let Noin help the others..."

"You know you can't get rid of me that easily Miss Relena." A soft voice said as a dark haired woman came into the room from the bathroom.

Relena smiled. "May I introduce Miss Lucrezia Noin... and Meiran Chang..." she added as the slender woman entered from the joined room. "Meiran, Noin, this is Quatre Rabbera Winner and Duo Maxwell."

Both shook hands with them before sitting down at the table. "Now lets get down to the technical side of the business..."

* * *

As the conversation wound down, they finished eating and lingered at the table. They all seemed to feel a kinship which they knew would be a great help in the future. After a while they heard a knock on the door.

Noin excused herself and went to the door. She ushered a figure in who stopped cold when they saw the figures at the table.

Duo grinned as he saw his favorite NeoAero member. "'Mornin' Heero!"


(1) Actually it isn't destiny, it's the fic author! *grins*  

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