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Title: Everyone's Dream
Author: Mair
Pairings: 1+2+1, 4+3, 5+M
Genre: Wha????
Warnings: *snickers* Shounen-ai... a little bit of kissing mentioned...
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Everyone's Dream + Part 7

Duo grinned at Quatre from the wings, the L1 crowd came out in force to support their local boy. The concert tonight had a different sort of energy because of the crowd. It might have had to do with the fact that it was the last concert here on L1 tonight but Duo was willing to bet that it was all because of Heero. Heero played in local bands here before meeting Relena in one of the clubs he'd played at. He'd had the support from the crowd and this was the best concert they'd seen all tour so far.

Duo touched the microphone at his throat. "Hey Q!"

Quatre looked over at him and touched his. "Yes Duo?"

"This rocks! Think I can slip 'em out quick enough to go and party?"

Quatre smiled and shook his head. He pressed the microphone at his throat. "Sorry Duo," he looked at the various band members, "Relena isn't going to want to go, she's been all over the stage. Wufei has a rendezvous with Meiran after the concert... Dorothy might and Trowa might, though Trowa's been awful quiet lately..."

The sound from the crowd and the band covered up the peal of laughter from Duo. Duo grinned out at the audience and pressed the microphone. "Q-man, when is Trowa –NOT- quiet."

Quatre blushed. "Well... he was fine until the second concert here."

Duo looked over in time for one of the stage lights to light up Quatre. He could see his blush. "What happened? Everyone got out just fine."

"We did but the whole way back to the hotel Dorothy decided to flirt with me. She really is attractive and has a bitting wit but..."

"She isn't your type?" Duo's eyes left Quatre to follow the now shirtless Heero Yuy traipsing across the stage.

"Nope." Quatre released the microphone, trying to think of the words. He pressed it again. "I don't know, Trowa just won't talk to me now... or Dorothy... Or at least he doesn't when I'm around."

"Uh huh..." Duo fought the urge let loose and give in to the overwhelming desire to drool.

Quatre looked over at Duo, puzzled. He followed his line of sight and sighed. "Duo..."

"I'm listening." Duo watched him turn around to come back down the stage toward him and he quickly reined in his thoughts: which strayed to visions of honey, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. "Look, it sounds to me like Trowa might just be a little jealous... Why don't you ask and find out?"

Quatre laughed. "Duo, Trowa isn't jealous. Relena already told me he doesn't like girls and I'm his assistant."

Duo grinned, stepping up to take the shirt Heero handed him so it would be out of his way. He set the shirt down on a speaker, feeling the thrum of the base run up his arm. "Easy. Ask him if you did something wrong. Take it from there."

Quatre shook his head. "I don't think I'm that brave."

Duo looked over at Quatre. "Braver than me." He turned back toward the stage, watching intently as they finished up 'Flip Side'. Heero was too good looking.

"How about this."

Duo tore his eyes away from Heero to see a thoughtful look on Quatre's face. "If you manage to get Heero to go out tonight, I'll talk to Trowa tomorrow morning before we all leave." Quatre challenged.

Duo grinned, eyes glittering. "Deal! Heero will at least get a reason to hate me after tonight!"

* * *

Duo knocked on the door, ear plugs and microphone dangling on their chord over his shoulder. "Heero... come on... I know you want to go have fun..." He tried the door knob again. Still locked.

"Duo, I do NOT want to go out."

"It'll be fun... I promise!" Duo smiled to himself. Why wouldn't he just make this a little easier? "I won't even regard it as a date or sell the story of tonight to some trash magazine..."

The door jerked open and Duo fell forward, surprised. Hands caught him and held him while his mind tried to process what just happened. Duo scrambled out of the helping hands to see Heero in the doorway. "I've played at the clubs here. I'll be recognized."

He caught me... Oh God he caught me. He didn't drop me. What in the hell does this mean? "Look, the club I'll drag you too I'll be shocked if you ever played there." Duo answered, then frowned as he recognized the smell of JD.

Duo pushed passed Heero into the dressing room and grabbed the bottle. "Heero, there are many things you could be drinking that taste better than this." He slammed the bottle down in the trash can, breaking the glass.

"What in the HELL did you do THAT for?" Heero yelled.

Duo crossed his arms, quaking inside, hoping this would work. "You drink much more of that and you'll be a burnt out alcoholic by the time you hit New Years. As your assistant I'm denying you any more JD. Now. I know you'll have fun at this club, the music is Tech and I know you listen to it 'cause I found a disk in your player with some on it. The club serves alcohol but I think you've had enough for now."

"I'm gonna kill you..."

Duo smirked. "No you're not." He turned his back on Heero and went to the bag and grabbed Heero's sneaking out clothes. "Put these on." He demanded, turning and tossing the clothing at Heero.

Heero caught the garments. "I'm not going."

"Like hell you are! You had a kick ass concert out there tonight. I can tell the whole band felt alive and it's because you felt alive on your home turf with the crowd behind you and communicated it through your music. I can tell your music means something to you. You write songs, you're always playing and I know the booze gets in the way of all that and don't try denying it."

Heero glared.

"You can hate me tomorrow Heero, but tonight you're going to have fun and it is going to be because you stayed up 'til all hours dancing and forgetting who you are." Duo declared flopping down in a chair. "Change."

Duo didn't think it was possible but Heero's glare got even worse. Nervously, Duo grinned in response. "I'm not leaving until you do." Their eyes locked in a battle of wills. Duo felt as though he was drowning. He fell into the blue eyes, seeing the pain, the anger, the angst, and the loneliness behind them. He watched as Heero dropped his eyes and sullenly shut the door and started to strip.

Duo smirked at Heero as he finished dressing. "That's better." He got to his feet and glanced in the bag. There were some clothes that would pass. "Come on." He said, jerking his head toward the door. Heero watched Duo as he swept passed him. Even though Duo wasn't performing, he dressed like he was on stage for the world to see. Tonight found Duo in a midnight blue silk shirt that ended right at the top of his leather clad ass. Heero bit his lip. Duo was the reason for his drinking back stage. He needed something to relax him enough to not end up chasing after Duo.

He followed that delicious ass out of the arena all the while thinking, 'how did Duo do this to him'?

* * *

Even worse was the place Duo dragged him to. Duo was right though; no one here would know him. The bass pulsed out in waves as people waited to get inside. Duo swayed in time to the music drifting through the walls of Torch as they waited in the line. Never would he have gone to a gay tech club. It was a risk being here. He knew what this place was. If anyone recognized him he would literally shoot the band in the foot.

"Duo. I can't be seen here."

Duo dismissed his protest with a wave of his hand. "Look. You won't be recognized. Besides, I want to let my hair down."

He wasn't getting it. "Do you even know what this place is?" Heero hissed.

Duo gave him an odd look. It looked amused and resigned at the same time. "Yeah, I do. You have a problem with it?"

Heero blinked, not even he could miss THAT pronouncement. "Look, Heero. I know this isn't your scene. You'd prefer to be somewhere less... alternative," Duo explained delicately, "but you'd be recognized there. Here, this is a place for die hards. I know how to get information."

He doesn't know. Heero couldn't believe it. He didn't know that he and Relena managed to keep up the charade so well that people constantly around them couldn't tell. The line moved forward and Duo slipped out a bill. He still couldn't think of anything to say as Duo paid their entrance fee and dragged him inside.

The pulsing almost deafening music seemed hypnotic tonight. The press of half dressed people around him, gyrating to the music and flickering in the ever-changing lights, helped the feeling along. He followed Duo out to the dance floor, his wrist freed as Duo began to dance.

Heero wished he could just watch Duo. He seemed feel the music in every part of him. The bodies around him wouldn't let him remain still so he danced, feeling self-conscience, and watching Duo move. After a few more minutes out there on the floor, Heero couldn't take it. The closeness of the bodies around him, watching the bundle of sexual er... sensual energy he knew as Duo, he left the dance floor. There wasn't anywhere to sit down on the lower levels so he headed for the stairs at the far side of the hall. He took them as many as he dared at a time. As he reached the top of the stairs he saw an even better thing. He pushed open the door to the bathroom, dodging nightclub patrons as he made his way to a stall. Torch being what it was, the stalls had doors, which Heero shut quickly behind him. He relieved himself and wondered how in the hell he got himself into this mess. He stopped that train of thought via the little voice in his head. He wanted Duo and couldn't refuse him. Heero fought the urge to groan. He was whipped and he hadn't even slept with Duo. Yet. He couldn't do it. It would jeopardize the band. But he wanted it.

He zipped up and opened the stall door, pausing to wash his hands. He needed something to forget about Duo Maxwell. Then he remembered something. Duo hadn't flashed his ID when he paid the cover charge. He didn't have a legal age wristband. There was no way in hell this place would serve him. He glared at the towel as he dried his hands. He couldn't show his ID in here. Duo knew that. Duo must have done that on purpose.

As he left the bathroom, he went in search of a table. All of them were filled. Heero swore under his breath and made his way back downstairs. Just because he felt self-conscious earlier didn't mean he had to think about what he was doing now. He made his way to a less crowded spot on the dance floor, listened to the music and tried to let go. Fifteen minutes later, he finally lost himself in the music when a song came on that he liked.

* * *

Duo looked around for Heero. One minute he'd been on the dance floor with him and the next he was gone. He didn't even know when Heero left. He cursed his ability to just block out everything and listen to the music. "Damn damn damn damn DAMN!" He muttered, peering through the sea of people. He hoped Heero hadn't left the building. Duo decided to check upstairs. If all else failed there was at least a balcony he could use to try and find him from above. Slowly he pushed his way through the people. Someone stepped on his foot and he winced.

The offending individual yelled something back at him that sounded like sorry as she was dragged away by her partner.

Duo shook his head and waved at her, making his way once more to the stairs. He frowned as he watched the people not moving on the stairs and looked around him again, hoping for a glimpse at least of Heero. He craned his neck as he spotted what might be him through the haze of mist raining down now on the dance floor. He moved out of the way so someone could get passed him and searched for the figure he'd spotted. A light hit him.

Duo's jaw dropped. It was Heero, but it wasn't a Heero he'd ever seen. Heero hadn't been dancing earlier, that much, he knew. He probably shouldn't have headed straight for the most crowded spot on the floor first. But the figure he saw now danced. There was more room and Heero danced in it.

Someone blocked his view and Duo cursed, moving to continue watching. People told him that he flowed on the dance floor, that he was good and that he could make anyone want him. It wasn't like there was any reason not to move like that given what he'd gone through at home before his parents died. But whereas he was smooth with sex tossed in, Heero danced like he was having a steamy affair with the music. Duo shook his head. That wasn't quite it. Heero danced to the music, he danced with the music, but he didn't move according to the music. Duo grinned, snapping himself out of the stupor. He weaved in and out of the people and joined Heero on the dance floor. Time to teach him how to -really- dance.

* * *

Heero scowled as his mind slowly recognized that there was light coming in the hotel room window. It was way too early to be awake by his internal clock. He opened an eye and glared at the offending crack in the drapes that let in the light of the colony day. He flung an arm over his eyes and tried to go back to sleep. He'd been having a REALLY good dream about Duo. He smirked and willed himself to return to dream land and to what he'd been doing to Duo. His arm was too heavy.

The covers were too warm. Heero kicked the blanket off. Sheets alone were too cold.

He scowled, realizing he'd never get back into that dream any time soon. He looked over at the clock and noticed a note blocking his view of the clock. He blinked.

Then it hit him. Duo'd crashed in his room after they crawled back to the hotel at 4am. He remembered the feeling of Duo's hands on his hips, gently tutoring him in moving with the music. He remembered with dreadful clarity grinding against Duo at one point in the night. He paled, then remembered that Duo hadn't been aware of much when he was dancing. He raised his fingers to his lips remembering how Duo'd kissed him at one point after thinking that he'd been the one that kissed his neck. Heero knew Duo was just reacting to what people physically did to him and that he'd been practically in a trance the whole time but still...

He remembered his own flush of jealousy at the figure kissing Duo and how he'd danced between them, guiding Duo away.

Heero realized he was alone. It must have been Duo leaving that woke him up. He looked back at the note, reached over and flipped it open.

Thanks for the dance and coming with me. I'll talk to you later on.


Heero stared at the note, then realized Duo'd been in the room for his dream. "I hope I don't talk in my sleep..." Heero muttered.


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