Title: My Heaven
Author: Mair
Genre: Beats the sh- out of me. It's a moment in time.
Pairings: *smirks* What else does Rembrant let me write? 2+1
Warnings: Um... *looks the ficlette over* Angst... and... sap I guess.
Feedback: Craved, desired, demanded. Give me some and get me as a wifey!
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine. If they were I'd be rolling in money and I wouldn't be slaving away at college doing math. *shudders*
Notes: Ok, Ais, Nym, I wrote something. I'm going to take this short moment to remind folks to post more of their stories before I send out an evil screamer note to get people to write more! *grins*

My Heaven

I used to say that I didn't believe in God, that I only believed in Death. I didn't really believe in heaven either. When you grow up on the streets of L2, then have your only home burned down around your ears, then go off in a gundam and kill people, you kinda stop believing in anything remotely -near- heaven.

Hell is the one thing I believed in. Sure there's life, but life is hell. One wise man once said that "life is pain, anything who tells you otherwise is selling something."

When your fifteen, panting after your partner like a dog in heat and killing people, that quote comes back all the stronger.

People think I'm crazy, you know. I'm always smiling, laughing, pulling pranks... then, on rare occasions, they spot me, at a distance, looking serious. Freaks 'em out, let me tell you.

Anyway, I used to believe that the only thing good was what you found at that moment. The streets taught me that it could be taken away in a heart beat and then you feel the pain of it leaving.

I used to believe that.

However, with Heero Yuy investigating my mouth with his, drinking from me and me from him like men dying of thirst... I... I've found heaven. God exists once more. I have never felt any better than I do now with him kissing his way down along my throat, his hands running over me like the caress of warm silk and quiet strength.

My heaven is in Heero Yuy's heart.

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