By: Mair
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Love Potion#9 + Part 2

Back at Quatres stronghold, Duo plopped down at his computer. He spent the rest of the time at the bazaar looking at the unusual stuff, eating unusual stuff and trying to find the other pilots. Now was his time to hack into OZ, get some cash and forward it to Zorah. As he booted up the computer he wondered how in the world he was supposed to instantaneously get the potion. "Quit thinking Duo... Just get in, out and everything forwarded. It's not like it's actually your money." He muttered as he popped online.

Ten minutes later the Maxwell magic had occurred. "Aanndd done!" he said putting up his hands. The transfer was complete. So how was he going to get this potion Zorah promised.

Someone knocked on his bedroom door. "Yeah?" he asked.

"Dinner's almost ready... Can I come in?"

Quatre. "Yeah sure, it's your place after all." Duo said as he switched off the screen. The door opened as he turned around in his swivel chair.

"Hey Duo, about earlier..."

Earlier? "Huh?"

"When Heero grabbed your braid. You got upset. You never get upset."

Awe shit. "Uh, it's nothing Quatre... Really. Probably just the heat getting to me." Duo muttered.

"Duo... that isn't it. What's wrong?"

He sighed. "Quat, it's really nothing. Heero just asked about it last night, I told him, he messed with it and with the heat and everything it pissed me off. Don't worry about it." That ought to solve his curiosity issues, Duo thought.

"You're sure?"

"I'm positive. What's for dinner? I'm starving!" He asked cheerfully.

"Starving? Didn't you eat at the bazaar?" Quatre asked, laughing.

"Appetizers my dear Q-man, appetizers. I feel like I could eat Deathscythe, I'm so hungry. Is it steak? Chicken? Chicken isn't bad but not as filling as steak... Oh I know! It's almost Thanksgiving so we're having turkey right? Turkey with gravy and stuffing and potatoes and potatoes and cranberries and beans and chocolate and pie and pie and turkey and..."

Still laughing, Quatre replied "Sorry Duo, I don't know what we're having. Come on down and find out?"

Duo grinned leaping out of his chair, "Sounds like a plan! Last one down is a rotten egg!" He yelled as he dashed out the door.

Dinner wasn't a pleasant affair. The food was good but conversation was minimal. Duo wasn't in the mood to talk to Heero and he kept thinking about the potion, which was supposed to arrive immediately. Never once, while they were eating, did the doorbell ring. Quatre tried for conversation, but with the short answers supplied by the obviously distracted Duo, he gave up in favor of Trowa watching.
After two bowls of ice cream and a frozen chocolate bar for desert, Duo couldn't stand it any more. He excused himself and bounded up stairs. There had to be an email account or something attached to that account number so that he could email the witch and get his potion somehow.

He stopped just outside his door. She never offered him any proof that such a potion existed, she just said it did. "Gah!" he half shouted and burst into his room. He was such an idiot! There had to be about 5,000 professional "love potion" makers and "witches" on L2, he got taken! He glared at the computer sitting on the desk, "Well at least it wasn't my money." He grumbled.

He flopped down on his bed and looked back over at the computer; his mind refusing to believe he had been taken in by Zorah. Instead of seeing his computer, a small bottle with a spray top caught his eye. He sat up and reached over to pick up the bottle. There was a label on the small brown glass bottle. Slowly he turned the bottle over and read, "Love Potion number nine, an aide to the lovelorn and lost. Disregard color and taste." He held the little bottle up to the fading light, shaking it. He couldn't tell what color it was. He got to his feet and took the necessary two steps to the desk and grabbed a scrap of paper off of it. He pulled the cap off of the bottle and sprayed the paper.

"Eeeww!" He sniffed the page. "It smells like turpentine... and it looks like ink... And I'm supposed to spray this in my mouth?" He turned the bottle sideways and scanned the label. "Oh God... Spray one squirt in the back of the mouth and swallow, effects will last for one hour. Side effects may include the following: uncontrollable urges to kiss another man, increased inhibitions and libido."

Duo set the bottle down and looked over at the computer. He pressed a key and the screen came to life. He couldn't believe he was doing this. Deliberatly looking for a mission was Heero's department not his. He signed on and checked for messages from the docs. Nothing. He moved the cursor to log off when an email appeared in his mail box. He blinked. 01020304. He clicked on the message. "There is no such thing as fate..." he said looking at the message calling for Heero, himself, Trowa and Quatre for an infiltration of a school under OZ's heel. Wufei was to be a contact on the outside. He killed the connection and looked down at the little bottle on the desk. Wait a second... How did it get here?

He grabbed the bottle and jerked open the door to his room. He tore down stairs to the sitting room. Everyone usually went there after dinner so with any luck that's where everyone was now. Almost sliding past the doorway, Duo grabbed at it with his empty hand. "Mission just came in... Infiltration... Military secrets are being piped through school computers. The Docs want us to check it out. Wufei's to be the outside link." He said, entering the room.

The other pilots stared at him. Heero even turned away from his laptop long enough to give him an odd look.

"Duo, nothing has come..." a beep from the computer interupted Heero. Heero glared at the screen and opened the new message. He scanned the contents. "He's right."

The looks on the other pilots became ever more incredulous. "Duo, what were you doing online checking email?"

"I have to answer my fan mail you know..." Duo replied. Conveniently not mentioning that his personal email was in a completely different account.

Quatre snorted. "Fan mail?"

Duo grinned. "Yeah, fan mail. All those pretty girls in those schools, they wouldn't let me do anything till I gave them my email address." He peeked at Heero from the corner of his eye. Nothing. Arg...

Quatre laughed and shook his head. "Duo... You can say no... Pass the rumor that your family has your time devoted entirely to your studies. That should shake them."

"Ahhh young grasshopper... I run I hide but I never lie. Besides, if I told them that they would know it wasn't true. How often do I actually do homework after all?" He said, grinning.

There was a tearing sound and Duo found a sheet of paper thrust in his face. "Huh?"

"Mission parameters. Memorize them." Heero answered handing Quatre his copy. Duo made a face, then remembered the little bottle in his hand. "Um guys? Did someone drop this off for me? I found it on my desk and it wasn't there before dinner." He held up the bottle.

Two sets of eyes blinked at him, Wufei frowned and Heero gave him a look. "No one's dropped anything off since yesterday. I don't know where it came from. Did you forget you had it?" Quatre asked.


"What is this?" Heero asked taking it out of Duo's hand.

"Ah umm..."

"Love potion number 9?" Heero read.

Quatre laughed. "I don't think Duo needs any of that if he gets fanmail."

How was he supposed to get it back now? Relax Duo, be cool. "Hey, it was on my desk..." He protested. Ack, smooth Duo. "Can I have it back? I wanna check for fingerprints."

Heero's eyes met his for a moment before he tossed the bottle back.

Mentally, Duo breathed a sigh of relief as he caught the small bottle in a neat movement. "Well, just curious! Thanks! Have fun." He called as he turned and left the room.

Once out of sight of the room, Duo ran up the stairs three at a time, nearly killing himself as he tripped on the top step. Hands prevented him from falling. Quickly, he scrambled for balance and saw Rashid holding him up. "Oi, thanks man."

"Be more careful Master Duo." Rashid told Duo as he released him.

"Yeah, no problem." He automatically answered. "Oh, Rashid?"


Duo frowned slightly. "Did anyone drop anything off for me today?" Maybe one of Quatre's servants put the Love Potion #9 up there.

"I'm sorry, Master Duo, but nothing has been delivered for you today." Rashid answered. "Should we be expecting something?" He asked.

Duo smiled. "Nah, just curious. Thanks Rashid!" He said, jogging off down the hall toward his room.

Rashid watched him go and shook his head.

As Duo pushed the door to his room open, he wondered if the fortuneteller woman named Zorah didn't really have some unexplainable power.


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