By: Mair
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Love Potion#9 + Part 3

"So this is it huh? Our new school for the time being." Aaaaannnndddd no answer from Heero, Duo thought as he dumped his duffel on the end of his new bed.


Duo turned and flopped on the bed, watching Heero enter the room. One step inside the door, off go the shoes; first the right foot, then the left. Three steps to the bed, duffel set down in the middle of the bed, laptop set down on one of the desks two steps later. "You know, you need to change your life around a little. Like set your bag down inside the room and then take off your shoes. Or take the left shoe off first!"

Heero gave Duo a small glare before turning to his duffel bag and unzipping it. "Sheesh, lighten up. We don't even start classes until tomorrow..."

"You could make yourself useful Duo."

"Like how? You seem to have it covered. As usual. You're never happy with the way I do things so you always check the work I do so you might as well just do it yourself. Anyway, I think a small change from your normal routine of doing things would be good for you. It might loosen you up! Let you have a little fun!"

Heero refrained from commenting by way of opening all the drawers on the dresser and checking for listening devices and other bits of spy equipment. "I don't care about having fun." He said shortly, continuing with his search.

Duo watched him a bit longer. Since they were rooming together, he could try the Love Potion #9 when it was safe. He bit his lip, watching Heero's ass from where he bent over checking behind the dresser for wires. The love potion only worked for an hour though and it took away free will. How was he supposed to get Heero to like him for real with it?

Heero straightened up and walked over to the desk and started searching it next. Removing from one of the drawers an empty beer can and a pencil. Duo continued to watch, following Heero's hands with his eyes. What if he used it while Heero was asleep? Heero wouldn't necessarily be awake and if Duo talked then, he might just find out through some dream that Heero liked him back. If Zorah was right about Heero, he was supposed to love him anyway.

Heero looked over at Duo. "You're staring. Get up and help."

Duo frowned and sat up. Help, yeah he'd help all right. He unzipped the duffel at the end of his bed and pulled out two small objects. One circular sticker like thing and one black box. Duo tossed the sticker thing onto the desk and pulled on the silver ball on the box, extending an antenna. When the antenna reached about a foot, he flipped a switch on the side and studied the screen that appeared on the top of the box. He angled the box all around the room, eyes intent on the screen. When nothing appeared he flipped the switch on the box again and collapsed the antenna. "There I helped." Duo said tossing the box back into the duffel.

He reached over to the desk and grabbed the sticker thing and pressed the middle. A black bump raised in the middle and he peeled off the paper on the back side. He leaned over and tucked the sticker on the inside of his duffel bag, adhering it to the side. "All clear." Duo said flopping back onto the pillow.

Heero stared. "What do you mean 'all clear?'"

"What did you think that was that I just activated? Look, I checked on the scanner. Nothing came up. It's a mini version of some of the stuff Deathscythe has. Don't worry. The sticker is a jamming device so even if stuff gets planted in here it won't work as long as my duffel bag is here."

Heero glared at him. "Out of all the schools we've been to, why didn't you share that vital bit of information with me previously?"

"It never came up." Duo yawned and grinned. "Really Heero, you just need to relax. Take a load off!"

He frowned and started putting his things in the drawers. "Review the mission plan."

"Hey, I never said I was bored. No way am I bored! I've gone over them twice already! Can't you just take a break? Just once?" Duo asked.

Heero glared at him.

"Sheesh. Fine." Duo sat up and started unpacking his bag onto his bed. When he reached the bottom he pulled out a manga and started reading.

"Are you going to put those away?"

"Hmmm?" Duo asked, pulling himself out of the pages.

Heero pointed to the clothing scattered over Duo's bed.

"Oh yeah, eventually." He said returning to the book.

Heero frowned and sat down at the desk, flipping open his laptop.

Duo rolled his eyes, unseen by Heero. He flipped a page. When should he try out the love potion? Tonight? Nah, tonight they were all likely going to be dragged out on surveillance by Mr. Perfect. Later tonight? A possibility. He smiled to himself and settled down to try and come up with the perfect plan.


Duo yawned, slowly stripping. He was right about Heero dragging them all out to scope out the school. Took them three hours, top to bottem. Not that 4 in the morning wasn't a perfectly reasonable time to be hitting the sack but... The love potion! Duo tugged on his shirt and felt for the small pocket. It was still there. He smiled to himself. He hopped into bed and pulled up the sheets. Heero was already in his own. "Goodnight Heero!" He said rolling over toward the wall. He pulled the spray bottle out of his pocket and pulled off the cap. Silent as usual, Heero didn't return his goodnight. Duo fought falling asleep himself as he listened for the tail tell signs of a sleeping Heero.

After about ten minutes, he figured the coast was clear, so to speak and sprayed some of the potion into his mouth. The sound was loud in the room and he had to fight to add to it. The stuff tasted terrible! He fought to swallow and instantly the bad taste vanished.

Ok, Heero had sharp ears. If he whispered, Heero should be able to hear it but he shouldn't wake up. "Heero..." He whispered as quietly as possible. "Dream of me." Duo smiled to himself and drifted off into dreamland.


The next morning he woke very early. Given the night before and the fact that sleeping in was a religious experience, Duo found this really odd. Until he figured out that it was someone getting up off of his bed that woke him. He didn't move. During the night he had rolled over onto his other side, so he could see the rest of the room if he opened his eyes. Slowly he cracked his eyes, watching the room from under his eyelids.

Heero was at his desk, booting up his laptop. He could hear the whir of it warming up. He closed his eyes slowly then shifted in his bed so his face was turned toward Heero and his desk. He could hear Heero pause. Duo fought to keep his breathing regular. When he heard the clack of key's start, he fought not to open his eyes a little knowing that if he opened them Heero would probably be watching. Since no one else was in the room, Heero must have been the one on his bed.

As the clacking keys continued Duo slowly opened his eyes a little. The laptop was open to a word program. Careful not to open his eyes much more he tried to read the screen. He could make out something about dreaming again. So Heero did dream and remember what he dreamed. Then he caught his name. Heero dreamed about him? Again? That settled it, he had to try the potion out when they were both awake. The keys paused in their typing. Oh shit. Duo squinched up his face and acted like he was just waking up. He lifted his head off of the pillow, looked at the alarm clock and flopped back down. Oh please let that fool him please let that fool him, he chanted in his head. Two clicks on the keyboard. He must have switched screens.

"Oi, 'ero... Shut th'damn thing off." He commanded into the pillow, hoping he sounded as though he had just woken up.


Duo's mind snapped awake with a major vengance. Heero... agreed? With him? About the laptop? Did hell just freeze over? He lifted his head out of the pillow. "Huh?"

"Go back to sleep Duo."

Would wonders never cease, Duo thought as he willed himself back to sleep.


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