by: Mair

Love Potion #9 + Part 4

Duo drummed his fingers on the desk. Fact. Heero sat or laid on his bed at some point this morning. Fact. Heero leaving his spot on the bed woke him up. Fact. Heero dreamed. Fact. Heero dreamed about him. Fact. This morning, Heero dreamed about him again. Duo fought the urge to gnaw on his lip. He could see two solutions. He could ask Heero how he felt or he could try out the love potion, see what happened then deal with the consequences. He didn't get a good look at the screen so he didn't know Heero felt about the dream. Hell, he didn't even know what the dream was! Duo sighed. This wasn't getting him anywhere. He could try hacking into Heero's files but it would probably be easier to force a signed and notarized confession out of him. This was ridiculous. He had Love Potion #9 and Heero would be back from class fifteen minutes after him. Wait one second... He used the love potion at about 4am. Heero woke him up at 6am; a whole hour after the love potion would've worn off. A slow grin spread across his face. Duo would have his man!

The crack of a pointer hitting his desk jarred him from any pleasant thoughts as a voice shouted, "Mr. Mirimax!"

Holy Shit! Duo's face snapped up to look into the teachers scowling mask. "Mr. Mirimax are you paying attention at all?" The teacher snapped.


"Apparently not."

"Uhh..." Think think think think think...

Snickers came from some of the other students in the class. "Well Mr. Mirimax, I asked you a question. What is the air speed velocity of an unladden swallow?" (1)

"Uh, African or European?" Duo gave the old wizened woman a patented Maxwell grin.

"I'm not impressed, Mr. Mirimax. Unless you pay attention more in class, I will be forced to inform your parents of the matter." The woman frowned at Duo a moment longer, then turned to the rest of the class. "Five pages on the compared anatomy of an African, South American and European Swallow, please include habitat and strength of the birds. Due tomorrow. Class dismissed." The class groaned as Duo shut his notebook down.

One student passed by his desk, smacking him on the back of the head. "Nice going Mirimax."

Duo made a face and stood up. It was an honest question. He gathered his things and walked out of the classroom, mind automatically returning to...


Duo blinked. Thoughts get voices now? Wait a second... That was a girls voice. He looked around and saw Heero coming out of his class down the hall.

"Heero I found you again." The voice swept past Duo in a burgundy, pink, and blond blur. Relena smiled as she reached his side.

Duo could feel the instant headache building behind his eyes. Dream or no dream, Heero had Relena. He couldn't think of a single reason why Heero would ever return his feelings.

Heero grimaced from where Relena chattered at him at her post near his side. Duo smiled faintly. Maybe he did have a small chance... Heero didn't seem to share her joy at being found. Ah well. He could at least save Heero the embarrassment of the hallway. People were starting to turn around and look. "Hi ya Relena!" He chirped as cheerfully as he dared. "What brings you here to Ozbourne?"

Relena blinked at Duo's interuption. "I came to find Heero." She must have been aware at how mental that sounded because she continued, "He owe's me a dance."

Duo nodded. "Ahhhh... Well, you found him, but he'll have to take a raincheck on the dance. We've got class in two minutes with a prof that hates it when you're late AND the nearest dance isn't for another month." He smiled. Relena didn't appear to appreciate his logic. "Well..."

"Come on Heero." Duo caroled grabbing Heero's elbow. "Class." He said dragging him off. "See ya later 'Lena!"

"I owe you one." Heero muttered once they were out of sight.

"Always glad to be of service." Duo replied.

"One thing has me curious though," Duo pushed open the classroom door, "You acted like you were unhappy to see her. I saw the look on your face. Don't you like her?"

Heero slid into his seat. "She is a danger to the mission."

Duo dropped his notebook on his desk. "Yeah but don't you like her? Come on now, you practically winced at the sight of her."

"She reminds me of someone. Beyond that she needs to live for peace to be possible."

Duo tweaked his eyebrow.

"Mr. Mirimax, if you would please take your seat?" The professor asked as he swept into the room.

Duo flopped down in his seat; happy for once that Relena appeared.


There was a leaf in the way. Rephrase, there was a leaf in the way, his shoulder itched and the gravel was really uncomfortable. Duo removed one of the hands holding the binoculars and scratched his shoulder.

The teacher sitting at the computer, half hidden by a leaf from the maple, typed steadily on the computer. Duo's hand returned and adjusted the knob on the binoculars. The screen came into focus but the words were too faint to be read. He frowned, thumb slowly turning another dial on the underside. The screen zoomed into his vision and mentally he swore. He fussed with the knobs struggling to get a happy medium so he could read the screen.

It was a letter. He scanned the letter nearly dropping the binoculars. It was to Une! He frowned, reading. Quatre. They knew about him but weren't sure who or where the rest of them were. He chewed the inside of his lip, reading as fast as the teacher typed. Good news though, they didn't know what to do about it though. Being a Winner, they couldn't just arrest him for being a pilot. He read on.

They were taking stock of the rest of the students and found potential in a total of 9 students. 9 students that were old enough, had the physical skills and dexterity, and were intelligent enough to be used as undercover agents to try and trap the gundam pilots. Well this sucked and Trowa and Quatre weren't going to be happy about Quatre leaving.

The teacher pushed the send button and went about closing down the computer. Grudgingly he had to admit this Oz official was a bit smarter than some of his counterparts. He erased everything.

Duo set the binoculars down on the rooftop, fingers fumbling for the button at his neck. "Zero four known, rest unknown. Nine possibilities of the student variety. Done," he repeated softly. He released the button and switched off the binoculars. Next up a good nights sleep. He waited until the light switched off in the office, then moved backwards away from the rooftop's edge.

He sat up on his heels, tucking the binoculars in the case on his waist. Heero... Love potion! Despite his earlier assurance that Heero didn't like Relena, that didn't mean that Heero liked guys. Ok, so he dreamed about him. The dream could have been about him being killed by Heero. He made a face, then started crawling toward the hatch on the rooftop. He shouldn't even consider trying the love potion tonight. It had to be somewhere around 2am. Then again...

That settled it. If Heero was still up when he returned to the room, since Trowa monitored night transmitions, he would try it. Even if nothing happened physically, he could atleast use it to find out what Heero typed this morning.

Duo dropped down through the hatch on the roof to the attic. If he could just remember where he stashed the love potion... Another thought popped into his mind. What if Heero got pissed? The stuff only lasted an hour... He better use it until the morning. No sleep would give him a reason to ditch class. He could get Heero to help him with his homework then have Heero make all his excuses tomorrow.

Duo reached the stairwell leading into the attic and smiled. The love potion was under his pillow. He hurried down the stairs, pausing only to remove the scrambler from the wall. He de-activated it, and shoved it into the pouch on the small of his back. He grabbed the thermo-sensor from his belt, smiling at the fun little tool Howard sent him. Certainly made him feel better about sneaking around when there weren't any windows in the doors. He activated it and swung it the length of the hall. Coast was clear and the hard parts were done.


Duo slipped into the dark dormroom, sighing mentally at the shutdown computer and the bed with Heero in it. So much for trying it when he knew Heero was awake. He stripped quickly and flopped onto his bed.

"Any problems?"

Duo nearly had a heart attack. "You're awake!" Oh shit now I have to do it, he thought. "Um..." He sat up and rummaged under his pillow for the bottle. "Everything went fine... I... They recognized Quatre though... He has to go join Wufei now. It wouldn't be long before they picked up on the rest of us." Found it! Duo drew the small bottle out and removed the cap. "The rest of us are fine, they don't know that we're here. Guess its all the..." he coughed. "The solo missions..." He coughed again, then sprayed his mouth. "Ahem. The solo missions we've done recently. Much as they want to they can't expose Quatre to the media, his family has too much finantial backing in the colonies and Oz needs the resources."

Heero shifted on his bed. Duo could feel his eyes on him. He blinked.

"Anything wrong Heero? I half expected you to have gotten up and started typing away on your lap top by now."

Heero shook his head. "Nothing is wrong. The report to J can wait until tomorrow."

Duo blinked. Heero would never put off a report. The stuff must actually work. Time to take a chance. "Uh Heero?"


"I'm kinda curious... since there wasn't anything mission wise that came through yesterday, what were you typing this morning?"

"Yesterday morning you mean? I haven't typed anything this morning yet."


"I typed a journal entry about you. I dreamed about you."

"Really? What was the dream about? I mean, you told me once that you don't dream so I'm kinda curious."

Heero hesitated. "I dreamed about making love to you."

Duo's jaw dropped. The Heero he knew wouldn't have ever confessed that. The Heero he knew probably wouldn't have dreamed that either. "Really?" Then he remembered the word 'again'. "Was that the first time?"

"No. I dream of you a lot. I love you."

Duo couldn't think coherently after this statement. "Do... you...?" He managed to ask.

Heero sat up and nodded. "Last night after the first dream about you I sat on your bed and watched you sleep. I dozed off again and had a dream about you kissing me. I woke up and decided I better make a journal entry so the dreams would stop long enough for me to get some decent sleep."

Someone knocked softly on the door. "Heero? Duo?"

Heero growled at the interuption. "Go away."

"Heero, I need you to get me out of this school... I need to leave tonight..." Quatre said softly.

Heero got up out of bed. He opened the door of the room. "Go. Away. I'll take care of it."

"Heero, it's ok for you to do it now... Really. Then you won't have to worry about it later." Duo sighed.

Quatre blushed, looking at Duo's half naked state. "Duo... you're... beautiful."

Duo's eyes widened at the statement. Oh shit. The voice. The potion was voice activated and set to the male gender. In other words, any male who heard it. "Uh... Quatre... Thanks..."

Heero glared at Quatre. "I think you need to leave."

"I can stay if Duo wants me to stay!" Quatre shot back.

Sensing an argument, Duo started to sweat. "Um, Quatre... I'd love it if you would go back to your room. I'll see you in the morning ok?"


Quatre smiled beatifically, "Ok Duo!"

Heero shut the door in Quatre's face and turned on Duo. "Do you love him?"

Duo blinked at the sudden switch. "No... why?"

"You said you'd love it if he went back to his room."

Duo rolled his eyes in the darkness. "Heero... Did you mean it when you said you love me?"


"Well that's good 'cause I love you too."

Heero didn't say anything for a moment. He walked over to Duo's bed and knelt down in front of him. A moment later, Duo felt warm lips touching his in a passionate kiss.

Duo sighed, melting into the kiss, his lips parting instinctively at the same time as Heero's. Their tounges danced and sparred, neither one controlling the kiss as much as continuing it. When Duo paused for air, Heero pushed him back onto his bed, lips pressed hungrily against his. He heard the distant thump as the lovepotion fell to the floor. Thoughts were lost under Heero's touch.

After who knows how long of wonderful groping, kissing, and fondling, Duo stopped Heero. "Much as I love doing this," he kissed Heero again, "You do need to clear Quatre's name from the school enrollment."

Heero broke the kiss, leaning his forehead against Duo's. "You'll owe me a kiss for this."

"I'll willingly owe you lots of kisses but it has to get done soon. And we also should sleep." Duo kissed Heero on the nose. Heero remained on Duo a moment more, then got up. "I'll claim everything in the morning then."

Duo grinned. "Sure thing. I'm not going anywhere."

Heero sat down at the computer and booted it up leaving Duo to drift off to sleep.


(1) "What is the air speed velocity of an unladden swallow?"- Gotta love Monty Python. Search for the Holy Grail kicks butt!

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