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Love Potion #9 + Part 6

Duo danced into chilly night, dragging Heero after him. During a break for air, Heero suggested that they get something to eat other than cafeteria food and try a restaurant in town. Maybe even a movie afterwards. Duo accepted immediately and volunteered Trowa for the mission to keep Relena away from them; something Trowa didn't particularly relish but agreed to.

They arrived at the restaurant in good time and were seated immediately. To Duo's chagrin they offered a menu to the "lady" and gentleman with a polite flair then left to get some water for the couple before Duo had the chance to correct the man's mistake. Duo frowned studying his menu, then a light bulb went on in his head.

"Hey Heero... I just thought of something." He looked up to make sure he had Heero's attension. "My looks can be quite an asset right now."

Heero looked at him blankly.

"Well, the waiter thought I was a chick, chances are everyone else in the place thinks I'm a chick, which means that I can do this." Duo leaned over and gave Heero a kiss. He felt Heero's lips turn up as he sat back down again.

"Hn. The illusion would be complete if you had your hair down."

Duo looked at him horrified. "Do you know how much my hair would catch on?"

"No. But I'm sure it would be attractive."

Duo smiled at his phrasing and picked up the end of the braid. "But if it was down you wouldn't have a handle to grab me with." He wagged the end at Heero. "I can't believe I just said that."

Heero's slight smile grew into a smirk.

Duo glanced down at the menu. "So what are you going to have?"


After dinner they decided that a movie would be a perfect way to wind up the evening. They walked down the street, Heero with one arm wrapped around Duo's shoulders and Duo with one wrapped around Heero's waist. "How about this one." Duo asked, pausing at one of the posters.

"Looks fine to me."

"But this is your first movie! I want to make sure it's something you really want to see!"

"Duo, this is a day of firsts. I'm sure the movie will be fine. If it isn't, we can leave."

Duo nodded and grinned mischievously. "Or we can find other activities to take part in during the movie."

Heero raised an eyebrow.

Duo leaned over and kissed him seriously. Heero's eyes slid shut as their tongues sparred for dominance. After a minute Duo broke the kiss.

"See what I mean?"

"If you do that during the movie, you have to take your hair down."

Duo pouted at the condition. After a moment of thinking, he nodded.

Heero smirked and jerked his head toward the box office.


Duo enjoyed the movie quite a bit. Thinking back on it though, he had no clue what it was about. During the previews, he tossed popcorn at Heero. During the opening credits he teased Heero. During the first ten minutes of the movie he squirmed trying to get comfortable. Duo chuckled at the memory of Heero's face when he decided that he would be far more comfortable sitting sideways in the seat with his jacket and Heero's behind him with his legs on Heero's lap. Half an hour into the movie, he had to take his hair out of the braid. A change of position again and he didn't even bother listening to the flick. As it was, they weren't even aware the movie ended until the house lights came up.

It was a perfect ending of a not so perfect day with the perfect soldier. They walked slowly back to the dorm, hand in hand. Something bothered him though.



"Uh, not that I'm complaining or anything, but how come you're all touchy feely now?"

Heero stopped walking, bringing Duo to a halt with him. "Duo. The person I have to be has no time for touch. That doesn't mean I don't like it." He started walking again. "With my decision to fix my mistake of this morning came the knowledge that I could touch and be touched because that would be part of fixing the mistake."

"Oh." Duo thought a moment. "What about at school?"

"Do you really think that would be wise? Especially with Relena in attendance? Quatre, Trowa and Wufei will not have a problem but that is because they work with us and know us. They understand that physical release is a necessity."

"I'm a physical release?" Duo bristled.

"No. I care a great deal for you. You will never be a physical release. That is just the way the others may see it."

"Ah. Ok. So... why not flaunt in front of Relena? The shock might do her some good!"

Heero smirked. "I don't want to have to kill her. Her reaction would be potentially violent and endangering to the mission and force me to do so. Besides, all agree that even as a figure head, her public pacifist views make her the best advocate for

Duo sighed. "It would still be fun." He put his fingers to his lips. "You know something Heero? I'm gonna have bruised lips tomorrow."

Heero squeezed his hand. "You won't be alone." He said, then smiled as Duo leaned against his shoulder. The school dorms loomed as they rounded the corner and Duo straightened, releasing Heero's hand. "I had a good time tonight Heero. Thank you."

Heero nodded. "Your welcome. We need to find out if Trowa had any trouble and if he's found out anything new. Everyone was required to be back in their dorms as of two hours ago. You go into the dorm first, I'll follow in five minutes. Check on Trowa once you get back to the room."

Duo nodded and gave Heero a quick kiss. "If anyone asks, tell them you were on a hot date." He grinned evilly. "It'll be nothing but the truth, just leave it to them to figure out who!"

Heero watched him slink off toward the boy's dormitory. Mentally he reviewed his state of mind: less stress, more irrational thinking but clearer irrational thinking, perimeters acceptable. And Duo thought their date was over. He smirked. Duo wasn't exactly tired and neither was he. Things could get very interesting.


Heero slipped inside the dorm room to see Duo sprawled out on his back on his bed. He shut and locked the door behind him. When he turned around, Duo sat up and watched him remove his shoes.

"Any problems?" Heero asked.

"Not one. Oh Relena tried to get the dorm lady to let her stay in the lounge and wait for us but she got kicked out."

"She knew we were together?"

"No, she just knew you were out and I was out."


"Has Trowa found anything?"

"Nope. He's on the roof complaining about the cold."

Heero raised an eyebrow questioningly.

Duo raised his hands and grinned. "Ok ok, so they're my words not his. He mentioned that it was cold and that nothing was happening. Better?"



Heero kissed him, his tongue slipping between Duo's lips. They battled back and forth, sucking, exploring and tasting. Duo moaned into his mouth sliding back down onto the bed bringing Heero with him. Heer moved them up on the bed so they laid fully on the bed.

Their hands explored one anothers bodies, slowly learning. After a while, Duo realized he didn't have a shirt or pants any more and that Heero was wearing even less. "Heero..." He tried to form a coherent thought under the onslaught of Heero's mouth against his neck. "Heero... wait..." the hand slipping into his boxers paused. Heero looked up at him. Duo blushed. "I... uh..."

"Do you want to continue?" Heero kissed Duo's neck.

"Yes but..."

"But what?"

"I want to be on top."

Heero studied him.

"I want to know that you aren't here just for the release and that's ultimate proof. You know how I feel but the closest you've come all night is saying that you care a lot for me."

Heero nodded.

Duo smiled brilliantly and kissed him hard. Heero gasped into his mouth and Duo pulled back wincing. "Sorry... You just make me so happy that I forgot those were painful."

Duo began his assult on Heero's body anew, nibbling and tasting his way down Heero's body.

Heero knew that he was caressing Duo's body but the jangling of his own nerves soon made even that simple act impossible. The cool air that Duo blew against freshly made kisses drove his senses mad. A lick made him jump. A bit of suction made him moan. Duo's mouth left his body and he fought the urge to whimper. It was when he heard a zipper that he realized that Duo was looking for something in his bag.


"I'll be right back... I should have gotten this out a while ago." What ever Duo looked for he must have found because he came back to the bed and kissed Heero's abdomen. "My own personal mix of massage oil. Has a topical muscle relaxant but I don't think that will have much effect." He said with a grin. He slipped the plastic bottle between his legs and resumed his teasing of Heero.

Heero never knew when the first finger started working its way in. The only reason he felt it because it caught his inside once. It was soon forgotten as he climaxed in Duo's mouth. He lay on the bed, breathing heavily, then gasped as the finger teased his insides.

Soon a second joined in and he moaned. An oily hand rose to cover his mouth. "Shhh..." he heard. How did Duo make him loose his control? A third teased in, pressing, stretching, fingering, playing.

"God Heero, I love you..." Duo whispered, removing his fingers and sliding in in their place.

Heero was lost. The only thing he knew was that Duo was the cause and with him. He didn't know where he was and he didn't care. He could feel Duo. The analytical side of his mind made a momentary appearance to tell him that Duo must have lubed himself up when he was teasing his opening, then vanished. Sensation overloaded him as Duo started to move and hit something just right. "Duo..." he mumbled against the hand covering his lips. He knew his legs were spread, because Duo was between them but he spread them even farther now. His hips protested then were silenced as Duo grabbed them and hit the spot again.

Faster and faster, in and out, Heero got worked from both sides. He had to let go, he needed to let go, he wanted to let go. Duo slammed in harder, going deeper. Heero's control shattered and he came. Duo filled his insides a second later. Passion flooded through him.

Spent, Duo pulled out collapsing over Heero. He didn't have anything to say.

Heero managed to move a hand to caress Duo's cheek and he smiled against his palm. "Love you..." Heero whispered.

Tears welled up in Duo's eyes. He kissed Heero lightly but passionatly, putting everything he could into that kiss to explain what words could not.


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