Author: Mair
Warnings: Evil Relena, drag (slight), angst, Harley abuse, people being hit. *evil grins* Dont' worry, it's a good hit. Language and underage drinking. (Obligatory warning: If you aren't legal, don't do it.)
Disclaimer: I own nothing. That won't stop me from wishing.

Love Potion #9 + Part 9

Duo leaned up against the bike, hair down, leather halter top and skin tight pants and chaps in place. He couldn't believe he put make-up on.

Duo heard a wolf whistle and someone shout "Hey BABY! Whacha doing tonight! Wanna real man to party with?" Quite casually he presented the cat-caller with the single finger salute as he continued watching the hotel from the corner of his eye. When he got Heero back he had better appreciate this.

Duo blinked and pulled out a hand mirror, and checked out the hotel in it. Heero and Relena at ten o'clock. He slipped the mirror back in his pocket and checked the vial. Still there. He watched as the couple made their way down the street toward him and the wedding chapel. Duo smirked. Good ole dependable Heero. Good ole Las Vegas. This place had to be the only city he knew of that had more wedding chapels than casino's. Quite the feat since the lights from this joint could be seen from space.

He pulled the flask of Captain Morgan's out of his pocket. Duo unscrewed the cap and took a swig. He'd need that for this next stunt. Pinning the flask with his arm, he pulled out the love potion. Very carefully, Duo began to pour. He watched as the water-thin potion filled the flask the rest of the way. He tapped the vial on the mouth of the flask. Duo chucked the finished vial into the trash can across from him and took a swig of the potion and rum mix.

He choked and pulled the flask away. His eyes began to water as he forced the mix down his throat. Duo looked back at Heero. God he looked good. Even though they intended to marry here, both dressed up nicely. Relena in a slightly fancier pink and Heero in a navy blue blazer and slacks. They were almost here.

Butterflies swarmed Duo's stomach as he watched the couple out of the corner of his eye. Heero walked like he was on cloud nine. Just you wait, Heero Yuy, just you wait. (1)

Duo smirked and stepped out in front of the couple. Startled, they stopped. Pitching his voice higher, Duo began his act. "Oh you two look so sweet! You must be getting married!"

Heero, startled though he was, smiled and looked at Relena. "Yes we are!" She announced happily for both of them.

Belatedly, Duo realized he didn't have his earplugs in. A second later he realized it was love potion # 10 keeping it from acting on him. "That's wonderful! You two look a little young though, think they'll do it?"

Heero nodded, "They will. This chapel doesn't look at the forms."

Duo's stomach rolled but he forced the smile to stay on his face. "Well that's nice. Still I insist that you have a drink to toast your wedding." He said as he shoved the flask at Heero. Heero shook his head and Relena tugged on his arm. "I insist." Duo said.

"But I..."

"Come on, one little sip? I won't go away until you do!" Duo smirked as he wrapped an arm around Relena's shoulders.

Heero frowned and accepted the flask and took a sip and thrust the flask back at Duo. Duo smirked.

"Thank you, Heero." Duo said in his normal voice. He leaned over to the shocked Heero and kissed him.

Not even a second later Duo found himself sprawled against the sidewalk and the back tire of his motorcycle. He blinked dazedly as Heero glared at him walked past him with Relena into the chapel. He continued blinking, trying to stop his head from spinning.

"Heero's mine."

Duo looked up to see Relena coming down the steps of the chapel. "He told me all about your date and what happened after. He loves me though. Not you. He never loved you." Relena hissed.

Duo struggled to sit up. "Maybe now, but you can't keep this up for much longer. That love potion you have only has enough for a week. You've already used it solid for three days." He shook his head. "You only have four more days and then he's free. Face it Relena. He doesn't love you. You won't keep him without that potion."

Relena scowled at him. "That's where your wrong. My scientists are working on the potion as we speak. Soon I'll have enough for the rest of our lives."

"You're mad Relena. What happens when you grow out of your love?"

"I won't."

"And niether will I." Heero said as he came out of the chapel.

"Relena. They're waiting for us inside."

Duo stared as Heero took Relena's arm and guided her away from Duo and back up the stairs. He flinched as the door shut behind them. His curled up into a fetal position, his back against his bike. Heero didn't love him and he was trapped wanting Heero for the rest of his life. Pain echoed through his body as he felt his heart tear, break and shatter. He muffled a sob with the sleeve of his leather jacket as tears began to break free.

He failed. Duo knew Heero would never come back now. Relena owned him. It hurt so much. He would die if he fought now. His strength was gone. Heero gave Shinigami a death sentence. Death couldn't die and yet he would. He was doomed. They were doomed. The pilots were doomed. The colonies were doomed. It all hurt so much. Everything he cared about. Gone.


That voice. Duo froze, an impossible hope rising in him.

"Duo?" The voice asked again.

He looked up to see Heero crouching down in front of him. "Hee... Heero?"

The door slammed open behind him and Relena stepped out into the twilight. "Heero, what do you mean 'no'?"

Duo blinked stupidly at Relena then smiled at Heero. "No?"

"How could I marry someone I don't love?"

"Heero, you love me. Everyone loves me. You're supposed to marry me. I'm your new mission remember?" Relena said spraying her mouth.

"No. You have Duo's old love potion and it doesn't work on me any more." Heero said helping Duo to his feet. Duo grinned and glomped onto Heero.

Relena's face darkened dangerously as Heero kissed Duo soundly. "Get your hands off him."

The tonsil swapping two parted and Heero lifted Duo onto his bike and climbed on after him.

Relena, now mad enough to rival the zero system, bent down and snatched the small spilled flask of potion. She walked over and shoved it in the spokes of the Harley. "Get off."

Duo looked at Relena, then at the flask in the spokes of his bike, then back at Relena. "Bitch." He raised up on the pedals and punched her. "Never touch what's mine."

Heero watched dispassionately as Relena hit the pavement with a painful smack. "You've learned well, koi."

Duo glanced behind him and grinned. "Just protecting what's mine."

He kicked the flask out of the spokes and started the engine. The bike roared to life as Relena picked her head up off the sidewalk. Duo turned his head toward Heero for a kiss and Heero obliged. After a minute, Duo revved the bike as Relena started to get up from her spot on the ground. The kiss ended, Duo flicked her off and they took off down the street.


Heero signed a Mr. Anderson and his wife into the motel with the hundred-dollar bill from Duo. He smiled as he watched the leather clad figure wait impatiently near the elevator out of the corner of his eye. He couldn't believe he didn't recognize Duo until he said his name. The deskman gave him a room key and wished him a good stay.

He walked over to Duo and pressed the elevator button as Duo shouldered his bag. "I can't believe I almost married Relena."

Duo snorted. "I couldn't believe you proposed in the first place." His expression softened. "I can't believe she got the potion. I mean, I never took it out of the room, I'm positive. I just don't know how she managed to find it. I couldn't even find it and I looked for it."

Heero pulled him into the elevator. "The only time she set foot in the room before this whole thing was when we had our disagreement and I played sick."

"But you told me yourself that she didn't stay long. And you cleaned up the room." Duo said snuggling into Heero's arms. "Not like any of this matters now."

"Aa." Heero held him as the elevator rose to the second floor. "How did the potion's hold break?"

Duo looked up at him as the elevator doors opened. "Love Potion number ten."

Heero looked at him a moment then released him so they could leave the elevator. "Duo? Another one?"

He smiled. "It's not like you think Heero. Oh, what's the room number?"

"210. Do not change the subject."

"I'm not. Love Potion number ten doesn't take away free will. It either cements true love by over riding any other potion or it instills absolute devotion on one person's part and absolute hate on the other's." Duo replied dragging Heero down the hall by his hand, checking room numbers.

They stopped outside their door as Heero managed to think of something to say. "You should not have taken the risk but I am glad you did."

Duo took the key from Heero and opened the door with a smile. "You're worth it."


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