Author: Mair
Pairings: 1+2+1 (blink and you'll miss it)
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A Simple Thing

It's just something small. The closer I put my fingers, the warmer they get. It's simple and primative... And yet to some it can mean their entire life.

I looked around the dark room; the inky blackness crowding in against the small light I hold in my hand. My eyes travel back to the flame. For the longest time I never understood the idea behind lighting candles. They ate up the oxygen, they smoked, they burned, they dripped -and- you could see just fine without them.

I guess... I guess it just takes being in a place like this to appreciate it. I glance up and let my eyes travel over the dim shine reflecting off the broken glass in front of me.

Heero finally managed to convince me to come back here... I didn't want to. I told him my memory was just fine of what this place looked like. I was there when it fell down after all, the fire did a good job at toppling it. Still... When another building fell on the broken remains and created this weird kind of cave over the broken walls of the church... Being inside is magical.

I wish there was more room. The bits of rock dig into my knee's as I shift and sit down. There's just enough for about three people to kneel in.

It all looks like the same building now... even if only half of what's here was from Maxwell Church. Someone stuck some steel plates in here to keep this sanctuary stable. Sanctuary. I bet it is a sanctuary... and not just for me.

I tip the candle and let some of the hot wax fall on a flat piece of glass. I smile as I straighten the candle and stick the bottom into the melted wax. That ought to work for a make shift candle stick. I shiver as happiness runs along my spine in tingles.

I remember you Sister Helen. I remember you Father Maxwell. I remember you Solo. I remember you all. You have helped be a guiding light for as long as I've needed one. I understand the need for candles. My smile grows as I move the candle as close as I can to the broken stained glass window.

It's time for me to go. But... I'll leave this candle. You're in the darkness... enjoy my light as long as you can. Just remember, I'll never forget.


Heero watched as a dusty, and dirty, figure emerged from the hole under the rubble. The figure straightened and started walking towards him, slapping the dust off their clothing. "Worth it?"

The figure looked up and grinned. "Thanks Heero! Worth it doesn't even begin to describe it."

Heero nodded and started helping Duo dust himself off. "Shall we?"

"Lets. Now I wanna show -you- a couple things!"



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