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Author: Mair
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Notes: Happy two years Naz! This one also goes to those folks that liked Memory. This one picks up about a week or two after Memory.

Part 1

Leave it to the Doc's to come up with my dream mission that also happens to be my most potentially embarrassing mission. And it almost was.

Y'see, I knew Heero liked me. That's a given when you look back at when I got wounded.(1) At the time of this particular mission, Heero knew I knew -and- that I like him back. We hadn't talked about it, which wasn't too bad, BUT we had this mission. So what in the world would the problem be about this mission, you ask. Well, I got to be obvious about my feelings, let him know just how strongly I feel about him, but I had to be dressed up as a girl to do it.

G thought it would be good for me to play a girl 'cause the hole in my side wasn't fully healed yet(1) and girls are kinda expected to be prissy and not very athletic in private school.

I wonder if G knows Hilde, Une or Noin. I'd be willing to bet that either Noin or Une could kick my scrawny ass without thinking twice in hand to hand. Street-fighting can only hold up to so many stylized moves.

Ok ok, I'll get back to the mission stuff.

At least G let me pick out my own clothes instead of letting J ship something. I really don't want to know what Mr. Spandex's mentor would pick out for a girl when she's not in school uniform.

To avoid suspicion, they sent me to the school first. I guess they figured that with my dazzling personality no one would notice Heero arrive at the school. Makes sense. Only problem is that I must make one hot chick cause I haven't been left alone to gather any information since I got here.

And here I am with gorilla boy, fan boy and Mr. Ego maniac standing around with no escape in sight in the lunch line.

I slid my tray down the lunch line as Mr. Ego maniac told fan boy to kiss off. I rolled my eyes.

"Shove it Kris, you don't own the school. I'm just getting my lunch and talking with Morrigan."(2)

I rolled my eyes. Fan boy actually bit back at the school popularity king. Not the smartest thing he could've done.

Kris caught my look. "It seems the lady doesn't share your opinion Mikey. Leave. Now."

"Actually, I don't care for anyone's company right now. If you'll excuse me." I picked up my tray and stalked off toward an empty table. I couldn't wait for Heero to show up. Mr. Popularity/ Ego maniac decided I was the next best thing since sliced bread the day I walked into classes two weeks ago. Fan boy asked me out three days later and gorilla boy followed Kris around to make sure no one tried to get with me before Kris could.

I slid into the seat and set the tray down on the table. My book bag slipped to the floor as I sighed. All I needed was Heero to get here so I could make googly eyes at him. We'd be together and all the boy's would stop hitting on me. Hopefully.

Kasey and Jen walked up and slid into seats across from me. "We saw Jake, Kris and Mike talking to you in the lunch line. Are they still after you?" Jen asked.

I nodded rolling my eyes. "All I need is the perfect excuse and hopefully they'll back off." Time to play the Heero card. "Is it really that hard to meet a decent guy at this school?" I asked. Kasey laughed. "Now you know why I don't have any guy friends here except Jiro."

"What about my brother?" Jen asked indignantly.

"Shin's fine, but I don't count younger siblings. I count people I meet in the same grade or above." Kasey grinned. "That's why most of my friends don't go to this school."

I frowned. "That's not going to stop me from wishing that some decent guy would turn up." Geeze, how much longer would Heero drag this out? I started to eat as Kasey and Jen started to discuss the people they knew that they could fix me up with. Joy.

"Morrigan, may I join you?"

I really hope I didn't actually cringe like I think I did. The popular girls and I were actually getting along. I wasn't the prettiest girl in school but I was pretty enough for them to want me on their side. So far I'd been playing along. But cringing in the face of person at the top of their most wanted list would be a bit of a faux pas.

"Actually Kris, we were just talking about girl stuff. We're debating the issue of tampons versus pads versus sucker treatments. You're welcome to join in the conversation but I think your masculinity might be in question." Kasey smoothly interjected.

I could have kissed her. Kris blanched.

"Morrigan Davis?"

Oh thank God! I turned to see Heero walking up behind me on my right. Have I ever mentioned school uniforms making him look damn fine? They do. Navy blue coat, navy pants, white shirt button down shirt left open a little at the throat cause tie's aren't part of the dress code... Snap out of it Maxwell!

I blinked. Oh shit, what's his alias? Arg... "Orin Yama(3)? You're going here? When did you get here?" I got up, relieved -all- the blood didn't abandon my brain for my netheregions, and glomped onto him.

"Hn. I arrived late yesterday. I'm here because my parents had a distaste for some members of the staff at my last school." Heero said as he gave me a stiff one-armed hug.

"It's about friggin' time." I whispered, then released him. I grinned at him. "Still not big on physical contact I see." I turned back to the stunned two at the table and the now venomous Kris.

"Jen, Kasey? This is Orin Yama. I met him at my last school, St. Johns Academy in Los Angeles.(4) He ended up switching schools when his guardian moved back to Japan."

Heero gave them an extremely short bow in response to the introduction. His eyes flicked to Kris' disgruntled form, automatically sizing him up.

"And that's Kris," I belatedly introduced.

Heero barely dipped his head and Kris just sneered. Ok, so it wasn't a sneer. It was more of a... smirk. Pretty damn close though.

Kris held out his hand. "Nice to meet you Orin... " He waited for Heero to shake his hand.

Heero looked down at the offered hand then took it. He offered Kris a small smirk as Kris attempted to crush his hand. Let me tell you, seeing the school golden jock slowly get his hand crushed is a fascinating thing. I pretended to not notice the tendons on the back of Heero's hand tighten in response to the attempted maiming on Kris' part. Would you believe I never watched someone's fingers turn red before as a result of a handshake? Kris looked a little pained as Heero slowly pumped his hand. And -almost- really relieved when Heero let go.

I hid my smile of satisfaction as I sat back down at the table. Things were definitely looking up.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(1) Ok, the whole last mission wounded thing happened in Memory. Go read it if you want to know what happened.
(2) Morrigan- Actually spelled Morrighan, Celtic goddess of battle and occasionally death. Appropriate?
(3) Yama- The family of a friend of my sister's has a teppan place called Yama Teppan. I plead ignorance as to if this is a real last name or what. I'm gonna use it anyway.
(4) Los Angeles- Ok, I openly admit to being from SoCal. Big woop. *grins* I figure this story takes place in some ritzy school back East so there.

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