Title: Untitled (sequal to Memory) part 2
Author: Mair
Pairings: 1+2+1
Genre: X-dressing humor, Romance
Warnings: Um... crossdressing.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, sadly. But if I try really hard maybe I can convince myself I do!

Part 2

After lunch, Kasey, Jen and I went off to English. The second the caffeteria doors closed behind us, Kasey stopped and grabbed my arm. "Ok, give."

I blinked. "What?"

"That guy? Orin. I've never seen you react that way to anyone. Not even us!" She challenged.

"Well... St. Johns takes kids from sixth grade on up to senior year. I met him in 6th and we usually ended up in the same classes--" Kasey let go. "I think you like him." I started walking again leaving the others to trail after me as Kasey continued. "He is kinda cute in a short sort of way."

I know I blushed this time. "Well..."

"I wonder if I could find some rope and tie him up with it and pitch him in your room." Jen wondered as she caught up to us. I gaped at her. "But I'm not strong enough to haul him up the stairs in the dorm so you'll just have to ride him in the quad."

Kasey laughed as my face turned bright red. Normally, modesty isn't all that high on my list of priorities. In the case of this mission though, I don't think the two of us naked (and one tied up) in the middle of the school screwing like bunnies would be appreciated. "Would you quit it? We have to get to class." And cue the potential relationship bud. "I've known him for the past three years, he hasn't asked me out yet so something tells me he never will." I pointed out as I turned down into the English wing.

"Right, and pigs might fly. (5)" Kasey muttered.

Jen smirked as she opened the door to class. "You know, I bet he'd ask you out if you encouraged him."

"Encourage him? He's Orin."

"So you admit you like him?" Kasey asked innocently.

I stared at the two blocking my way into class. "I --"

"Hi Morrigan."

I closed my eyes as I recognized Fan Boy's voice behind me. I smiled and let it color my voice. "Orin's cool." I pushed past them at took my seat. They took their seats on my right and exchanged looks as Fan Boy sat down next to me on my left.

"Ok, so? Tell us more?" I fidgeted in place. "Hey, you mentioned he had a guardian and he mentioned his parents didn't like his last school. He has both?" Kasey asked, frowning.

I nodded. "His parents aren't all that involved with him. He's basically a token child. You know, parents will admit to having a smart intelligent son when there are others to talk with about it but they'll never admit it was a thing they did to fit into their social circle a little better? He doesn't talk about them usually. His guardian, Professor. Jaycobsen, is the one who raised him. I'm surprised his parents would actually take enough notice in him to express a distaste for his last school."

"That's harsh." Jen said as I nodded in agreement.

The door opened and in came Heero with the teacher. Oh this would be way too easy. I stared as Mrs. Donnally set her briefcase down on the desk and pulled out her class roster. She set it down on the podium and opened it, looking out over the class. "Class? This is Orin Yama, a new student transfer from Japan. Orin? You may have the seat in front of Miss Holland."

Jen shot me a look as Heero sat down in front of her and opened his notebook. "Miss Holland, would you be so kind as to stay after class and catch Mr. Yama up on what we've covered so far in class?" The teacher asked. Jen nodded, a smile turning up in the corners of her mouth.

I fought the urge to cover my face and hide. Oh I was doomed. Note to self, find a way to sneak out and talk to Heero before the week was out. If we didn't have that talk soon, Match-maker-Jen and Kasey would have half the school involved in our affairs and that would -not- be helpful for us or the mission. That and if J and G caught wind, they would have enough cows between them to start a ranch.

* * *

I have never been more nervous about doing something potentially stupid before in my life. I opened my dorm room and peeked out into the hall. Not a soul in sight. So far so good. It took me two days to convince the two of them that yes, I did like "Orin" and that I wouldn't mind going out with him and seeing what it was like, but that I didn't want anything to be forced.

They weren't staying out of things all that well.

I swear, if they teased me one more time in class I would tell them what I thought and damn the consequences.

Hmm, consequences. Me, a guy, mentioning to two girls how he saved me from OZ, how I love the fact that he lets me see the smiles that everyone else misses, how he won't let anyone else take care of me for fear that they might screw up, letting me take care of him even though he doesn't think he needs to be taken care of, telling them how I want to find out what it feels like to be caressed and filled by him, how I want to know what it feels like to be in him... Oh yeah, I can see that going over well. It's hard enough to figure out what to say when they talk about girl stuff. I am -so- glad they just think of me as a tomboy rather than someone raised to try and fit the mold of a lady.

You know something? I bet I can win a gross out contest with the guys hands down now. I know way more than I ever wanted to about menstrual cycles now. Way more. I still can't believe someone didn't flush their tampon down the toilet or throw away the damn applicator.

I hear a noise and flatten myself against the wall. Ok, mind needs to stay on what I'm doing. I really don't need to get caught out here. Lights out was only about three hours ago. I listen carefully and peer through the darkness. Must have been someone in their room. I start walking again. I crept down the stairs and opened the window at the bottom of the stairwell a little more. My own personal door for the night. I passed Heero a note in English with the time on it. He better be waiting.

I squeezed through and dropped into the bushes, crouching down. DAMN it's cold out here. I shivered as the damp night air made the cold seem all the worse.

I looked along the dorm quad; four buildings -- two for school and two for dorms, no lights on in any of them. I slunked through the bushes toward the edge of the girls dorm. I hadn't seen any guards of any kind except during the daytime so I should be safe. I slipped around the corner to the boys dorm and walked around to the back side. The window was unlocked but not open. I hoped it was well oiled. This really wouldn't look good if I got caught.

I eased the window up and my thoughts crowded in again. What was I going to say? Hey, I like you, you like me, let's screw? I hoisted myself up through the window only to almost tip over the table under it. The only thing that stopped that was someone catching me and the table. Shit.

"Be careful."

Oh thank you God! I believe in you now, I swear. "Orin?"

The dark figure nodded, pulling me inside while keeping the table steady with one leg. He set me down and shut the window.


I nodded and waved him ahead, trying to organize my thoughts. We reached his room way too fast. He opened the door and ushered me in, closing it behind us.

"Thanks for meeting me." I said, sitting down on his bed.

He busied himself with the curtains, then turned on the light. "What is it?"

Hot DAMN! Heero Yuy really looks good when wearing absolutely nothing except sweat pants. I don't know how I missed the shirtlessness of earlier. Must have been the gloves I'm wearing and the "oh shit" mentality of the moment. When I finally met his eyes, I realized that I'd been seriously checking him out because he looked slightly annoyed. And ... pleased I think. "Heero... we need to talk." A raised eyebrow. "Um..." shit what now? "I... love you and..."

"And I love you."

My ... I... He actually said it. Thinkthinkthink. On a slightly related note, I really need to stop letting Heero get the best of me. Talking is one of my strong points after all. I took off my gloves as I tried to organize my thoughts. "I'm really glad the feeling's mutual." Back on track mind, back on track. "Jen and Kasey... They've asked about you." Heero nodded. "And I think they want to set us up. I think though, that we need to be careful here. Kasey's popular enough to get a good portion of the school up and ready to set us up. The publicity wouldn't be good."

He thought a moment. "You think things could create problems with Kris and Mike as well which would carry over into the whole school getting involved?"

I nodded.

He thought a bit longer. "Then we just have get together without anyone's help."

I stared. "You're serious?" A thump sounded on the wall. I looked over at the wall. "J and G will find out." I said lowering my voice.

"Not if something else happens to take the schools interest away."

"Like what?"

A small almost invisible smile. "We'll think of something."(6)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(5) "and pigs might fly."- Thank you Tamora Pierce! I love her, she's nifty.
(6) Can anyone think of something?

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