These procrasination efforts are evil. *sighs* Then again... it's either Rembrant being evil now or evil in LP and that would be bad.
Title: ?
Author: Mair (I know that one!)
Genre: Drama
Pairings: 1+2
Warnings: Angst. Slight ooc... maybe...
Disclaimer: If people haven't figured it out yet, I own nothing! If I did I'd be rich but I'm not so there!
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There is music pounding into every inch of my body. I can feel the base throbbing along my backbone passing through me. People are dancing everywhere, having a good time. They are enjoying the peace paid for with our bodies.

I don't know why I'm here still. I came in search of life. I came in search of company. I came in search of oblivion. I've found nothing.

One night, back durring the war, we didn't have any missions and some of the students from the school we were staying at knocked on our door. They told us to get dressed because we were going out. Well, Duo actually said that. They only came for him and got me as well.

We came to a place like this one. The scent of perfume, sweat and seduction almost palatable as we walked through the door. Later I asked Duo why he went. He said that he needed to loose himself in the music, forget who he was. He said he needed to feel alive and not to worry about having anyone die. It made sense at the time.

Now I'm standing off to the side, watching the crowds of dancing individuals and seeing empty shells performing automatic functions. I don't see life. I don't see how I can forget even if I did dance. I don't see how I could have company when no one knows anyone and no one seems to care.

I came looking to find Duo. I spoke to Quatre a week ago. He didn't know where he was. Trowa didn't either. They seemed surprised that I didn't know. I told them how Wufei left and then how I realized that I needed something to do so I set about enrolling in school. I ended up having to leave Duo behind. I knew he would make new friends, ones that wouldn't find him so anoying like I thought I did.

I was wrong. After a month of being at the school I really began to miss him. I kept expecting him to waltz into the room and start chattering away. So I went back to the house we all stayed at but it was empty. I called and didn't get any answers.
Now I'm here, feeling empty, trying to feel alive and failing. Instead... I feel... alone. The room is packed with people and I'm alone. I could be out there in the throng and I'd still be alone.

I hoped he hadn't left town but apparently he has. He would be here if he was still here. He would be here, feeling alive and forgetting. I don't want him to forget. Correction. I don't want him to forget me. He is the only one who makes me human, makes me feel. If he forgets me then I am truely gone. I need him.
I turn away from the crowd and head toward the door. He left nothing behind to suggest where he went. I have to find him. I don't want to be alone anymore.


Mair: *looks at rembrant suspiciously* This is starting to look like a series Rem... What are you doing?
Rembrant: *whistles*

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