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Title: ?
Author: Mair
Pairings: take a wild guess... chances are you'll be right.
Genre: Drama
Warnings: Ummm... angst? Dunno what else... No one dies!
Disclaimer: If I owned Gundam Wing, I'd be rich. Sadly, I'm not so I don't. I only borrow the characters and ideas for fun fanfiction purposes!


It's been five months since the war ended now. I've been living on this island for... two months now. I take the boat back to the mainland long enough to get food every once and a while... I never stay. It gets worse every time I go.

Everything I see I wish I could show him. I see tourists, I want to point them out to him and tell him how obvious they are and why. I see kids playing in the surf and wish I could get him to play a game with me that involves the waves. I watch people build things in the sand and wish I could watch him as he makes something. I see the movie theater kiosk and some of the movies I wouldn't mind seeing... If he were there. I see lovers walking hand in hand and I wish it was us. God it hurts.

I mean, there isn't even an us. You left for school then once you'd been gone a month I'd realized that you didn't care and shoved out on my own. You told me once that you were my friend. You didn't even ask me if I wanted to come to what ever damned school you went to.

My fingers clench around the wheel of the boat. I couldn't take it. I got to the mainland, got my shit and left. It's friggin' ten o'clock at night and I'm making the crossing back to the island. I'm not even going to get there for another hour. Another hour until I can surrender to the oblivion known as sleep. Atleast there, I can still dream.

The boat bounces over a set of waves and I shift my weight to accomidate the motion. This thing hauls ass but I can't outrun the memories. I remember you coming up behind me as I sat looking at the ocean. My braid shifted slightly in the breeze, my shirt flapped against my sides, my mind lost in the beauty around me. I remember thinking about you in it too... next to me. Then you came up behind me. You surprised me by sitting down and joining me, asking what I saw. I told you and you just sat there silent. After a while you got up, pulled me up with you and told me that we had a mission. So much for the peaceful feeling.

I thought you were my best friend Heero... but then you callously up and left. If it weren't for my prying I wouldn't ever have found out what school you went to. St. Gabriels. That hurt... You leaving left me with a hole. I kinda figured after the war that maybe you liked me enough to try and do something. Ask me out maybe. I would've refused of course, but now... Now I'd accept it in a heart beat.

I feel as alone inside as I am on the open water speeding back to the island. There can't be another boat around for miles.

The time went fast... Wallowing in self pity really passes the time I guess. It's time to pull the boat up at the dock. It's in pretty good shape for being an old wooden thing from the tourist days of the island.

Stupid bio chemists... Bought the island for a song cause of their carelessness. Contaminated the whole island with 2 leaky barrels of lab goo and it takes me a techie wet dream, 5 scientists whom are supposed to be dead, a plane, a gas mask and a whole mess of other shit to decontaminate the island so I can live here. Alone. With the ghosts of those that died all those years ago. Like they're a lively bunch.

I'm so alone... The boat is tied up and I have an entire ghost town and no where to go. This sucks. I crumple to my knees on the old stone waterfront and cry. God this sucks. Why did they all have to leave me alone?

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