Author: Mair
Pairings: Take a look.
Warnings: odd.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
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Watching Him Sleep

He's an angel. He's absolute hell. It's the middle of the night. I can feel the fatigue in my body and yet I'm sitting here watching him sleep.

His eyes are closed. I can't see them. I can't look into those luminous orbs and fall into their depths. He doesn't know, but reflective surfaces do come in handy.

That chin. So defiant. He stands up to everyone and sets his jaw to do it. When he does that it just makes me want to run my fingers along it, to revel in the softness of his skin, and relax it. I want to make him forget to be angry, forget that he isn't happy and make him happy.

I want to see those lips lift into a smile at the mere sight of me. He doesn't realize how close I've some to turning around and siezing that dilectible mouth and finding out what it's really like. It's torture, such torture not knowing.

His hair is falling across his face now... He shifted in his sleep. I want to push it off of his face, it's obsuring my view. But then again, it adds a certain rakish charm. One I'm almost helpless against. Damn it, he's doing it to me and he's not even awake!

I don't know how much longer I can hold out... My self control over this... my feelings for him. There is too much danger, here in this war for any of us to get attatched. Some of the others have, but I can't... I can't let this happen... And yet it has. But it can't progress any farther. If it does we will truly have a weakness for OZ to exploit. Should they learn of it which is entirely possible. After all, one must know your enemy in order to win against it.

I fight the urge to sigh at the figure on the bed; the entrancing figure that stole my heart. I know I should sleep, but watching him seems a better use of my time.

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