Author: Mair
Genre: Humor
Pairings: *blinks* D+R How's that for a switch?
Warnings: A bad day. California drivers. Evil technology. Pov. yuri hints.
Disclaimer: If I owned the g-folks, I'd be really stoked not to mention very rich. I'm neither. By logical conclusions, I must not own them.
Dedication: To all my marvelous wifeys!

Why Me?

Relena better be damn happy I love her.

It all started when I tried to find a book for her. I thought I remembered everything correctly but seemings how I still couldn't find the damn thing online at 6am, I, apparently, didn't.

I sent Quatre an email asking for the title. He got back to me, finally, around 7am. He must have slept in.

It took me an hour after that to find a site that allowed me to preview the ellusive manuscript.

At 8 I heard Relena moving around upstairs. She hates it when I stay up late. She really hates it when I stay up -really- late. I told her I'd take her to work today. If she found out I never went to bed, I'm a dead one.

I turned off the screne and told the computer to sleep. I walked over to the couch and laid down. I even pulled the blanket up under my chin. Illusion complete.

I must have dozed off a little for a moment later, Relena bent over me and woke me up. She reminded me that the trash needed to be taken outside. Remind me not to give the staff a day off on trash day again.

At least she gave me a goodmorning kiss.

Oh, who am I kidding. Never let me give the chaufeur a day off when I'm tired. I finished messing with the trash, oh, remind me never to eat fish they day before I have to take out the trash, and grabbed some slippers.

Still dressed in my boxer pants and my sweatshirt, I decided to drive Relena to work. I wouldn't be questioned. No one ever questions what I do. Besides, I wasn't the one that had to dress to impress today.

Remind me never to drive in my pajamas.

Remind me to get the allignment in the car checked after Duo drives it. Scratch that, remind me never to let Duo drive my car. I do so hate blowing a tire two lanes over on the freeway when doing 75 mph on a 65mph road. I also really hate it when there isn't a shoulder and nothing but an onramp to a tole road. People insist on hitting 85 before they even get on the damn thing.

Hmm. I hope Relena hasn't noticed that I'm missing a wheel cover, I don't think she saw it skip two lanes in traffic as I stuggled to get us to the side without being hit.

Do you know how cold it is to walk a hundred feet in pajamas to the call box because -someone- forgot her phone?

I still can't believe Heero took my spare tire. What in the hell would he need that for?

Oh well. At least Trowa picked her up. I just wish I didn't have to get my car towed back to the dealership near the house. I hope I didn't go over the towing mileage. That would really annoy me. I still can't believe it took me a half an hour at the dealership just to find out that my tires were -maybe- under warranty at the other auto garage. That's the last time I let Wufei find me a deal for tires. Stupid man. I still don't believe he didn't tell me about that until after I got back to the house.

And Duo. That little stunt with throwing out the alignment has ruined two tires. The other one's about to blow as well. I think I'll ask him to pay for the new tires.

And I'm still in my pajama's.

At least the computer woke up. Just in case Relena checked the computer I had another screen showing, hiding the book one. I switched screens. I tried to switch screens. I pressed the button. I tried to shut down the computer.

I hate technology. We can create a wonder like the zero system and yet the computers we build can be hacked into and frozen because -someone's- had too much coffee in the morning.

A simple thing, ok, two simple things, together, should have taken me an hour to complete. Why, why did they take such a long time? Between the car and the computer and the search for that damn book it's now almost one in the afternoon.

I sighed. Why me?


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