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Rembrant: I wanna be in the story.
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Working Things Out + Part 1

"GW School supplies, Quatre speaking."

"Is he working today?"

Quatre laughed. "Hello Duo. He's in at five."


Quatre blinked. "You know, it's difficult to switch from English to Spanish to English to Japanese like that."

"You can handle it."

Quatre turned as the bell rang on the door. He watched as a tall slender figure maneuvered his way over toward the pens.

"Hey, Q, you know that friend of mine I've mentioned a couple times? I -- "

"Hold on a sec." Quatre said as he switched the phone to his other ear as he checked the guy out. The customer glanced in his direction. "Just let me know if you need any help finding anything." He said with a smile. Quatre started adjusting things at the register and started talking to Duo again. "Sorry, a customer came in."

"That's cool. Hey, I sent Trowa on down- you know, the one I've tried to introduce you too for the past month and a half."

"It's not my fault your classes don't match mine or that I have performances half the time." He protested.

Duo snorted through the phone. "Yeah well, I asked him if he'd pick me up some drawing pens. I keep loosing mine."

"You sent him down here instead of you so that you can't check Heero out?"

"Did I ever say that? I can never have enough art paper."

Quatre smiled. "Right right." He looked over at the sandy haired guy again. "I'm really gonna have to tell you about the scenery(1) where I come from some time."

Duo's voice reflected even more enthusiasm. "Ok, what does he look like."

Quatre turned toward the wall as though he would hang up the phone. "Tall, thin, sandy hair, it's really straight and it hangs in his face."

Silence. "Well it's nice to know my efforts haven't gone to waste. I knew you'd like the looks. Say 'Hi Trowa'."

"That's him?!"

"Yep." Duo paused then screamed "Hey!"

Quatre jerked the phone away from his ear. "Gah!"


Quatre's face turned pink as he covered up the receiver with his hand and turned. He hoped Trowa hadn't heard it. The customer now blatantly identified as Trowa looked over in his direction.

"You must be Quatre."

Quatre nodded numbly as he raised the phone to his ear. "Duo," he closed his eyes, "I'm going to kill you for this."

"You'll thank me later. Tell him I want the uniball ones."

Quatre opened his eyes, turned and hung up the phone. "Duo would like the uniball pens." He said as he turned back. He jumped. Trowa was right in front of him at the counter.

Trowa's visible eye stared at him. "I know." A smile twinged at the corners of his mouth. "You must be Quatre." He set the box of pens down on the counter.

Quatre nodded. "Duo's... "

"He's pushy." Another smile. "But he mean's well."

Quatre stared, then realized Trowa was waiting for him to ring up the pens. He blushed again and flipped the box over to check the price. He could feel Trowa watch him ringing them up. "That'll be five dollars and forty cents."

"And coffee."

Quatre blinked and looked up.

"What time are you off?" he asked as he reached into his pocket for his wallet.

Off? Off my rocker? Did he just ask me out? "S-six." He's even better looking up close.

"So?" Trowa asked, holding out the money.


Trowa's face relaxed into an almost smile and set the money down on the counter. "I'll see you then." He picked up the package of pens and walked out.

Quatre watched as he walked out to a car in front of the store and got in. He watched as Trowa backed out and took off. He turned and snatched the phone off of the wall and dialed Duo's cell.

"Realm of insanity!"

"Duo, thank you. Don't ever do that again."

Quatre could feel the grin come over the phone. "Asked you out didn't he? See you just have to trust me on these things." Duo replied. "Look, I gotta go, some tightass is leaning on the horn. Tell me about it later ok?"


Duo laughed. "Bye!"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(1) scenery- Oh yes, scenery. Also known as marvelous specimens of humanity. Some of the scenery where I go to school is absolutely stunning. ^_~

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