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Working Things Out + Part 3

"-showing up that he almost dropped his soda."

Quatre laughed, coffee forgotten. "I bet Dorothy loved that."

"She teased him for the next month while Relena gripped about what little did get on her shoe." Trowa smiled. "He honestly didn't think I was gay so the surprise of me attending one of their meetings, and with my boyfriend at the time, was a shock."

"I can imagine." Quatre watched as Trowa took a sip of his coffee. "But... what happened? With your boyfriend that is. Duo started telling me about you shortly there after."

Trowa hesitated. He took another sip. "Well, Wufei met Sally and her girlfriend Meiran and broke up with me."

"Oh. I shouldn't have brought that up. I'm sorry."

"Don't be. If we hadn't broken up, one or both of us would've ended up miserable and uptight."

Quatre swallowed some of his coffee.

"So how did you meet Duo?"

Quatre practically choked on the coffee. He felt the blush rising on his face at the memory. He looked up from his cup to see Trowa watching him with a small smile on his face.

"Has anyone told you you look stunning when you blush?"

He shut his eyes, knowing the blush just got five times worse. Quatre couldn't believe this. Duo –had- to have told him to ask.

"It can't be that bad."

"Oh yes it could! It was!"

"Tell me?"

Quatre took a deep breath. "Ok. My father wasn't too wild about the school systems so I had private tutors. My classmates were my sisters."

"Sisters? How many do you have?"

"Twenty nine." Quatre answered.

Trowa's visible eyebrow raised in surprise. "How many are close to you in age?"

Quatre thought a minute. "My oldest sister was... twelve or thirteen when I was born so the majority of them, about eighteen, are within about six years of me. My closest sister in age is six months older than I am."(1)

"Makes me glad I only have one sister... Six months older? How-"

"My father has a harem."

"I didn't think people had harems other than some of the Arabic people."

"Don't look very stereotypical do I?" Quatre asked.

Trowa blinked and shook his head. "So back to the story..."

"Hm? Oh yes. Duo. So I wasn't used to joking around with people and I certainly wasn't used to the way schools worked. I didn't want to take any more equivalency tests so I could just have a degree in something, so I asked to attend college. My father agreed on the condition that this be a complete learning experience. I would have a place to live, but meals would have to be paid for by working." Quatre paused to take a sip of his coffee as his face started to redden again.

"I just got the job at the school supply store when Duo, running late as usual, came in to pick up some art supplies. The person helping me figure out the register went on break thinking the before class rush was over and Duo came up to the register. He just ran up, dumped the things on the counter and started fishing out his wallet. I am just staring at him. He was one of the better looking men I had ever seen in my life."

Trowa smiled. "I won't tell him you said so."

"He already knows that one." Quatre sighed. "He then asked me if I was ok. I am standing there trying to remember words in English and how to work the register and it is not working. I yelled for Amber to help me but she couldn't hear. After fussing with the thing for a few minutes I finally just told him to go and come back after class to get the supplies hung up. Yes, I said hung. At that point I had looked down at his very tight jeans and said the wrong thing. I didn't even realize what I said for a couple seconds. Then I blushed and he put away his wallet, grabbed my face, kissed me full on the lips, said I was an angel, grabbed his things and ran out the door."

Trowa started to laugh.

"The worst was when he returned. He brought Dorothy with him and his boyfriend at the time. The whole time Dorothy tinkered with stuff next to the register and Zechs wrapped himself around Duo watching me over Duo's shoulder. I, in the meantime, tried to concentrate on checking-" Quatre rephrased "–ringing Duo out and tried –not- to check out the two very handsome individuals in front of me. When I finally finished Zechs made the comment that yes, I was cute but that he agreed I wasn't Duo's type. I blushed again and then Dorothy leaned over the counter and made the comment that Zechs must be more my type cause Duo would have mentioned if I'd started getting a hard on for him earlier. Amber came out of the back room just in time to see Dorothy, Duo and Zechs leaning around the register to try and see me severely embarassed and aroused."

Trowa made a show of ducking under the table to check Quatre out as he laughed.

Quatre blushed furiously. "The worst part was Amber asking what was going on and Zechs telling her right then and there."

Still laughing, Trowa covered Quatre's hand. "Well, I think you win. Now I know why Duo mentioned I should ask you about it."

Quatre's happy thrill of Trowa taking his hand died down as he squeezed his eyes shut. "I knew it had to have been him. Anyone I meet who's met Duo first asks how I met him."

"Well you'll just have to get him back some time."

"Maybe... I am not sure if it would be worth the wrath of Duo though."

The conversation volleyed on, both learning more about one another. They were surprised to discover that for all the talking Duo did, he didn't actually tell them much about one another.

They talked about everything as the coffee shop closed up around them. Eventually, they realized this and Quatre suggested going to the all-night diner down the street.

Flirting began as they played Uno.(2) Quatre wasn't sure who started it but he certainly wasn't about to stop it or push away the foot slowly sliding up his leg.

Trowa set down a green two. Quatre's eyes drifted shut as Trowa's questing foot arrived in his lap. He set down a card.

"That isn't a green card or a two."

Quatre sighed and opened his eyes. "You're distracting me." He retrieved the card and put down the one he meant to play."

The foot withdrew. "A draw four? No more footsie for you. What color?"

Quatre blinked at the card, then at his hand. Yellow, yellow, red, yellow, yellow, wild. Ok. He smirked at Trowa. "Blue." He propped his feet up on the bench on either side of Trowa's legs. "If you're serious about no more footsie."

A smile in response. "Tease."

Quatre smiled and put down his other wild. "Yellow."

"You should have saved that." Trowa said and downed the rest of his coffee.


Trowa set down a yellow draw two, then a draw four, "Green." As Quatre started drawing his cards, Trowa put down the rest of his. Reverse, draw two, skip, reverse, draw four, a blue draw two- "Uno" -and a wild.(3)

"Oh." Quarte stopped drawing cards and set his on top of the deck. Slowly, he stretched his arms and looked at his watch. "Oh no."

Trowa raised an eyebrow in a silent question.

"I have class at seven thirty tomorrow morning. This morning."

Trowa blinked. "What time is it?" He asked as he started packing up the cards.

"Quarter past three." Quatre said as he grabbed his jacket.

"I didn't realize it was so late." Trowa shoved the cards in the box. "Must be the good company."

Quatre smiled as he stood. "I'm glad I finally met you Trowa Barton."

"I'll walk you to your car." Trowa replied. They left the booth and wandered outside, jackets immediately put on to ward off the cold night.

"So when do I get to see you next?"

Quatre smiled as they spoke the same words at the same time. "I have work and practice tomorrow, but I'm off the day after." He shivered as they walked toward the two lone cars under the street lamp.

"I have a meet that day. Would you come to the meet? We could go out afterwards?"

"Where is the meet?" Quatre studied the profile of the handsome figure beside him. Absently, he wondered if it would be to forward to kiss him. As if the groping earlier wasn't forward enough? That decided that.

"School. Two o'clock."

"I'll be there." He fished his keys out of his pocket and smiled at the lean figure next to him. "I had a wonderful time tonight Trowa.

Thank you." Quatre said with a smile. He leaned in and kissed him.

A surprised pair of lips returned the soft kiss, but before Quatre could pull away, the lips under his parted. He kissed back, his tongue meeting the questing intruder. Almost lazily, their tongues danced about, taking investigating peaks into one anothers mouth. Slowly Quatre pulled away, his blushing face hidden by the lack of light.

A soft smile appeared on Trowa's face. "Goodnight, Quatre Rabbera Winner."

The world seemed to spin about in his mind. Quatre found himself nodding. "Goodnight." He unlocked his car door, opened it and fell inside. His mind hadn't caught up yet to what just happened. He initiated it and he couldn't believe it. He grinned as he watched Trowa drive off. What a beautiful day.

- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(1) Mair bullshits again. I really have absolutely no clue what the age difference is with Q and his sisters so if I'm wrong, let me know and maybe I'll change it. *grins*
(2) Uno- Uno is a game based on 4 colors and the numbers 1-10. There are wilds, draw-four wilds, reverse's, skips, and draw two's. Wilds are used to change the color suit the discards are being played in. The object is to get rid of all your cards and call "uno" when you have one card left before anyone realizes you're down to one. This game is more fun than BS to play late at night when high on caffinated beverages and sugar. *grins and nods sagely*
(3) Sadly, that run is possible. A friend of mine used that on me and was I pissed. Oh well. That's why you play 3 or more. Or a group of folks for the Great Dalmudi! *grins*

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