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Note: If you see a line of dialogue with a ~ just inside the " …", this indicates another language. ( So… "~I want to go to the park.~" would be in another language.) For this part, it would indicate Japanese.

Obscure series note: Duo and Trowa are the only ones who use contractions. One thing I've noticed is that people who've learned English don't use contractions unless they're really good speakers of English. Quatre might actually use a contraction every once and a while, but I figure the others wouldn't have spoken English on a regular enough basis to pick up the trick of speaking or writing with contractions.

As a result, if I have anyone speaking another language- they don't use contractions. Just figured I'd mention it if anyone's an English major and getting pissed at the (seemingly) apparent lack of consistency.

Working Things Out + Part 4

Duo removed the earpiece and closed the phone, sticking it in the ash tray. He stepped on the brakes and turned the music back up.

/Exit light/
/Enter night/
/Take my hand/
/Off to Never Ever Land/

Good driving music except for the fact he was stopped at a red light. He toyed with the skull on the gear shift as he thought over the conversation. So... T and Q got together last night. He allowed himself a small smile. If only he could do as well in his own love life.

He hit the gas as the light turned green. Wufei'd be happy about this development. He still loved Trowa, he just loved Meiran and Sally more. Strangely enough, the femi-nazi's loved him just as much.

He checked the address of the customers house. He'd tried asking Heero out. Relena told him he wasn't into girls and started watching Heero like a hawk when she noticed him check out her brother.

Duo spotted the address and pulled over. Nice house. He got out of the car, shoved his keys in his pocket and grabbed the pizza from the back. The late afternoon breeze stirred the payslip on the top of the pizza box. Where in the hell did the breadsticks go? He found the box on the floor. He closed the car door with a bang. Taking two steps at a time, he approached the front door. He knocked on the door as his mind switched back to it's earlier topic- "Heero!" The door had opened to reveal Heero standing in the doorway.

Heero scowled as his eyes fixed on the pizza-uniformed Duo standing on his porch.

"Well if I'd known you lived here, I would've snagged another order of breadsticks for ya."

"I did not order breadsticks."

"That's because they're free this month with every order. Where do you want me to put this?"

Heero took the boxes from him and handed him a check and a tip.

Duo frowned slightly, then brightened. "Hey, I've got one more stop after this, but do you wanna go out and get coffee afterwards? See a movie? Go make fun of tourists in Laguna? Go for a drive?"

Heero studied the figure on his porch. "Relena Peacecraft is a lesbian?"

Duo blinked. "Yeah… If the way she hangs all over Dorothy at the meetings are any indication. Why'd you wanna know?"

"She will not leave me alone."

Hmm… I hope that wasn't a hint. I think I'll ignore that. "I'll tell her to lighten up then. So do you wanna go? I could introduce you to a couple of people. Q told me you just moved here."

"You have to get back to work, right?"

"Well, yes- but I'm not leaving 'til I have an answer."





"Where did you learn that?"

Duo blinked. "School. I took a semester of Japanese."

Heero frowned. "I thank you for the invitation, but I will stay home. I have homework to finish." He replied in Japanese to a slightly bewildered looking Duo. Heero tried to shut the door, but Duo stuck his hand and foot between the door and the jamb.

"Ow! Look, you do NOT want to do homework on a Friday night. No school tomorrow! That is what Sunday night is for, getting ready for school on Monday. I swear you remember more that way." Duo smirked out in Japanese. "Come on? Please?"

Heero stared.

Duo's grin grew. "You never asked if I currently took Japanese or what grade I got, which was an 'A' by the way. I am a better student than I let on." Duo watched as hints of emotions flickered across Heero's face. Duo continued to grin as Heero unconsciously stopped trying to shut the door on him.

"We can leave if I wish to?"

Duo nodded, hope rising.

"All right."

"Great! I'll pick you up in about half an hour or so." Duo replied switching back to English.

"One exception. If you ask me anything personal, it has to be in Japanese."

"I'm good with that. See you in a bit!"

Heero closed the door as Duo jumped down the steps. He practically jumped in the car, then yelped, got out and took his keys out of his pocket. Duo got back into the car and stuck his keys in the ignition. He grabbed the cell phone from the ashtray, flipped it open and stuck the earpiece on again.

"Blondie." The phone came to life and dialed as Duo turned the key. The car roared to life. He pulled away from the curb as Quatre picked up.


"School IS definitely good for something! As a matter of fact, so is work!"


"Have I ever mentioned I love Japanese? I had to have said that before. If I haven't, I do."

"Duo? What are you babbling about?"

"School and work. Speaking of work, I never knew it would be a dating service. But now, thanks to Pizza Palace, I now have Heero Yuy's address and phone number and I didn't have to follow him home to get 'em!"

Quatre laughed. "Duo! You are priceless! He ordered a pizza?"

"Yep. Hey- I convinced Heero to come out and play. Do you know of any parties tonight?"

He could practically feel Quatre start to frown. "He is not very social, Duo."

"I'm gonna work on that. I figure he'd want to leave after about twenty minutes or so anyway, BUT this'll get him introduced to some more folks so he can have fun getting out next time 'cause he'll know people."

"You seem very confident. I will see what I can find out."

"Thanks Q!"


"The cliffs?"

Duo looked over at the figure in the passenger seat. "Yeah- you get a great view of the harbor, there aren't many lights so you can see the stars, and there aren't any houses within three hundred feet so you can talk as loud or as quiet as you'd like with the chances of being heard pretty slim."

"There is a fence."

He grinned and unbuckled his seat belt. "And there's a convenient hole IN said fence." Duo pushed open the car door and grabbed his keys from the ignition. "Come on." He got out of the car and stretched. He smiled as Heero got out and shut the door.

They walked along the fence to the gate and the very thin opening. Duo wiggled through first and waited as Heero took the fence a little less gracefully. Duo took Heero's hand and guided him down the barely visible path toward the cliffs edge- encouraging and warning him occasionally.

When they reached the edge, Duo let go and flopped down in a sandy patch. "Look." He commanded softly.

Heero obeyed, taking in the sweeping, sparkling view of the coast. Out at sea, the distant light from a few boats shone and bobbed against the cold, inky darkness. The smell of dry weeds and earth with a tinge of salt tickled his nose as the breeze ruffled his hair.

Everything seemed so silent compared to the noisy party Duo dragged him to. The soft clang of masts reached his ears. It couldn't have been much more than an hour that they were at the party, but in the face of such peace and silence, it seemed like fifteen minutes.

"~Are you going to sit down Heero?~" Duo asked.

Heero nodded shortly and sat down. The language switch cued him in to a slightly nervous state. He didn't know if he wanted to answer what ever question Duo might ask. He focused on the ground in front of him.

"~I have a confession to make. It occurred to me, on the way to pick you up, that you may not think I am actually serious about anything. Maybe that is why you are usually so short with me. From what I have learned in class, it makes sense. I joke about things, exaggerate things, to make it obvious how I feel about something.

"I took you to the party so you would know some people other than the few you work with, the odd customer, and me. Anyone I introduced you to tonight would be more than happy to give you a hand with anything.~" Duo stopped and smiled. "~I am glad you stayed as long as you did. I did not expect you to.~"

Heero looked over at Duo in time to catch the smile. He looked away down the coast. Maybe Quatre was right. Maybe Duo really was interested. Quatre, kind though he was, never invited him to come out with him for social reasons- though he would pick up meals for him if he wanted one when Quatre went to lunch. Duo though seemed to actually be interested in his welfare. He did not like staying home all the time, but he had no-where else to go. Duo, though, introduced him to people- namely Trieze, Zechs, Sally, Noin and Une- people who were not nearly as outgoing as Duo himself, but not nearly as quiet as himself. They were ones he would not mind visiting or conversing with. Duo also showed him a spot where he could think- this cliff. "~Thank you.~"

"~So what brought you to this place? I can not imagine anyone moving here to a small college town on purpose. The school is not THAT prestigious.~"

"~My parents.~"

"~You live with them still?~"

"~Yes and no.~"

When he didn't explain, Duo prodded for more. "~So? Tell me?~"

"~My parents own the house for real-estate value, however they only live in the house approximately four months out of the year.~" He looked over in time to see Duo blink.

"~So what do they do? Must be something interesting if they are only around for that little bit of time and yet they can afford to have a house in that neighborhood.~"

Heero hesitated. "~Jay is a scientist and Odin is in interpersonal contact therapy.~"(1 & 2) He looked over to see a surprised expression on Duo's face.

"Dude! Are you adopted? Are you gay too?"

Heero glared at Duo and didn't answer.

Duo blinked as he waited. Then he seemed to wake up and remember to ask things in Japanese. "~Sorry, are you adopted? And are you gay? Or bisexual?~"

He snorted. "~You ask too many questions.~"

Duo smiled faintly. "I'm trying to get to know you." He said in English.

"Hn." Heero looked down at the harbor and shivered slightly in the light breeze. "Hai."

"~Yes? About what, which?~"


"Really? Cool. I am too. Well… I'm Bi. And adopted." Duo's faint smile grew into a noticible one as he leaned forward toward Heero. "~So how do you like the spot?~"

Heero blinked. "~Spot?~"

"~This spot. On the cliffs.~"

"~It is nice.~"

"~I figured you might like it.~" Duo looked away out over the ocean. "~This is one of my favorite places. When I moved here, the fence wasn't up. Helen would take me here to watch the "Tall Ships" parade until they put the fence up two years later. Then it became my favorite nighttime thinking spot.~" He looked over at Heero. "~Only four people know I come out here- you, Quatre, Trowa and Wufei.~"

Heero fought the surprise from his face. "~Thank you.~"

Duo smiled at him. Suddenly, he arched his eyebrow and leaned forward slightly. "So can I kiss you?"


"This." Duo leaned over and kissed him.

- - - - - - - -- - - - - - -- - - - -

(1) J and Odin? I know, I'm nuts, and everyone in this story is gay or bi I swear.
(2) Interpersonal contact therapy- how else is Heero supposed to describe being an assassin?

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