Author: Maldoror
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Rated R for language, lots of violence, sexual content
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The Source Of All Things + Chapter 12
Parallel Lines

Quatre drifted back to the shallow end of sleep at the slight noise from the door. Trowa, he registered. His talk with Svale and Howard, to plan the next series of moves in preparation for Jusan's arrival, must have finally ended...

He let a numb hand flop toward the dip in the bed, muttering something that didn't make much sense even to him.

A feather-light touch on his palm.A shiver of feelings, muddled and toned down, but still... and a clean herbal smell he knew pretty damn well by now.

Quatre's eyes shot open, suddenly alert.

Green eye and silver behind a cascade of hair near him. A gentle finger brushing his jaw as the shaman registered he was awake. The light of the moon penned the picture in tones of silver-blue and slate. Quatre's lips shaped the word 'What?'

"Make love to me... " The finger dipped into his hair, slid over the pulse that had leapt in his throat -wide awake now!- over a delicate shoulder, then the hand curved up his neck, pulling him towards parted lips.

Quatre let the kiss linger then leaned back.

"What?" He said, more firmly. It wasn't a request for Trowa to repeat his words, which, as it happened, were ringing in the healer's ears and making waves all the way to his groin.

The shaman eyes flickered, though he didn't try to pretend-... he leaned forward to capture his mate's lips again, but Quatre put a firm hand between them. His lover was caressing him, easing him out of his breeches but he ignored both the touch and his body's reaction.

The shaman stilled, slight pain in his eye.

"... I want you to-... I think it would be better for both of us if you return to Calleese tomorrow. For awhile."

"Oh it's that good, is it?" Quatre wasn't even surprised. "Just how dangerous is this plan Svale and Howard have cooked up?"

"It won't be too dangerous for Heero and me." The shaman murmured in the silver light. "But I don't want you - or Duo- involved. The whole thing-"

"Duo can do has he damn well pleases. I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines." Quatre said firmly.




"No." Quatre's hand finally dropped, then rose to caress the angle of the handsome jaw with the back of his wrist.

The silver eye seemed to have already accepted the direction their lines were taking -always parallel if Quatre had anything to say about it- but the green speck in the shadow of the moon flickered with anxiety.

"... you do not walk the lines of the Earth, Quatre-"

"Yes I do. Or at least, I'm trotting along a little off to one side, following your long strides."

"This is not your fight."

"No, it's yours. I accept that. I accept you have to dedicate yourself to Centre. She's been a kind mistress up till now, she let us have a lot of time together, but I've always known you might be called to her duty one day. I won't take any risks, I won't fight, but I'll be there. Don't kill me, Trowa."


"Don't send me back to the partial life I led before I met you. I couldn't stand it to feel a part of me die inside."

"Quatre... "

"Is that a yes?"

"I-... I'll think about it."

"Do I still get to make love to you?" Quatre's artfully hopeful grin was a bit shaky but his eyes shone.

"... please... " The beautiful lips curved into a tentative smile. But the eye was still so hesitant, unsure, doubtful of what would be best...

Quatre shifted to allow the hands to undress him fully, in a rustle of cloth and a caress. The shaman was already naked, the way he usually slept. The healer found the little pot thrust gently into his hand and he carefully put it on the floor after fishing out a dollop of the smooth cold cream.

"Do you remember the day we met?" The healer murmured, turning back towards the shaman and letting a hand run from shoulder to hip and back again. He was blushing again, but he didn't care, he was focused on a hot, humid day, crude heavy sunlight drizzling through the wide windows of a clinic that had been his home, beating against the white sheets screening the bed he was changing as the door opened behind him. "I heard steps behind me and I finished the bed and lifted the screen just as you said-"

" 'Hello? I heard you sell salves, got anything for mosquito bites?' " Trowa's voice trembled in a smile. "And you pushed back the screen and said 'Oh-'"

" 'Oh my, have you just come through the swamp? In summer?' " Quatre's hand slid to the hip again, and gently lifted the long leg over his own, hand brushing up again, over lean muscles and defined buttocks. "The sunlight was behind you, I had my hand up to cut the glare. I moved to the right so I could see you better. You looked... I couldn't tell but my mind just went completely blank. I saw your lips move-"

" 'S-swamp... ?' " Trowa's voice curled in a rueful chuckle as he imitated the slightly concussed tones of a shaman who'd momentarily forgotten what a swamp was, despite the fact that he'd spent two days struggling through one, and was covered in insect bites to prove it. He arched his back slightly, as a gentle hand kneaded his muscles, from hip to lower back. "... you looked at me as if I was insane. Then-"

"Actually I was worried you'd caught water fever." Quatre muttered. His hand tingled at the feel of firm muscles shifting beneath it; his other hand, fingers curled over the cream in his palm, ghosted over skin and led the way for his mouth to meet a firm chest, a raised nipple. "That brought my mind back from wherever it was wandering- " a slight nip, a smile brushing against skin at the near-silent hiss from his mate "-and I can't tell you where that was to this day... How long did we just stare at each other?" His fingers left the hip to curl into the cream, the scent of herbs catching his nose enticingly.

Trowa shivered as a gentle finger, wet and cool, circled him and teased. Quatre moved forward, bringing their bodies together, a slender waist pressing against the shaman's erection with gentle warmth.

"I-... don't know." Trowa's mind was back there, standing still, charmed, in the hot afternoon air of the tiny clinic, while his body thrummed under the touch and the moonlight of the present. "Now that I think of it you did mutter something about 'fever' but then you said-"

" 'Come back here and take your clothes off.'" Quatre groaned, sinking his head into Trowa's shoulder. "I swear it was the healer talking. Mostly. The look you gave me-... I rationalized it as surprise-"

"Well it was ma-mainly." Trowa's voice and heart skipped a beat as the cool finger dipped into his warmth. "I felt like falling over backwards -or at your feet- but the look in your eyes was pretty straightforward. You weren't even blushing." Quatre's face was now radiating the heat of a sultry summer day into his shoulder. The shaman relaxed into the movement within him, and let his hands linger over fair skin, silver in the moonlight. Quatre shifted back slightly to let his own free hand dip down between their bodies, caressing a flat stomach and the stiffening flesh between them. He moved up a bit to bring his own heat in contact with his lover's, thrilling at the trembling of both members together, as he used the rest of the cream, now warmed, to best effect, caressing both erections in smooth pulsing movements.

Trowa groaned, sweat prickling his skin, his voice husky. "Next thing I know, I'm sitting on a high bed with my-my shirt off and praying to all the animal guides I've ever known you won't ask me to remove my pants."

"Trust me, that wasn't going to happen." Quatre's face was flushed but beaming, eyes sparkling in moonlight. "I could feel my heart squirming against my chest already. I couldn't believe it, I had never reacted that strongly and un-clinically to anybody before, but the way you were looking at me-"

"-like I had been granted vision for the first time... Ah!" Trowa gasped as a second finger twined and twitched into jolts of light that danced across his body like sun shafting through a clinic's windows to play with golden hair. His body thrummed, making him arch onto his back. The healer followed his movement, smiling at the more interesting position, and knelt between the long legs, fingers still kneading and stretching.

"The silence was getting awkward." Quatre's voice was dreamy despite his rapid breathing as he leaned forward, still rubbing slightly against his mate's erection like a small golden cat. "I desperately tried to think of something to say while I examined you. But God you took my breath away. I had to be blushing... "

"N-no, you just looked really serious. I couldn't do anything but watch you." Trowa's voice dropped to a whisper humming with his heartbeat. "I was seeing all my lines mapped out before me and they all led to you. I could feel my centre shift in the sunlight and I thanked whatever Gods I'd ever served for that moment, I-"

"-felt like you were coming alive?" Quatre's voice was also an aching hush. His eyes were wide with pain. "Isn't that it? That's how I feel-" Then his face softened. "You must have realized the silence was killing me because you said-"

" 'Have you been the priest here long?' And yes I had realized you were getting a bit chocked up b-because I would never have said something so-... trivial otherwise." Trowa rolled his eyes then let them close slowly as his body pulsed to the gentle rhythm within and without, slow still but with a promise of wild pleasure to come. After a minute he added, panting. "And you had the grace to- ignore how- stupid- "

"I didn't think it was stupid, I was bloody grateful." Quatre grinned, enjoying the waves of pleasure he was sending crashing through his lover. "I said 'A year now'. And then I asked you if you were staying long." Quatre suddenly stilled, eyes shining like tears in the moonlight, face serious. "I didn't know what I wanted, didn't even realize there was anything to want, but something in me tightened like a noose as I watched you hesitate. And then you said 'I-'"

" 'I think I'll be staying for awhile, actually. I have some skills in mixing herbs, and I don't mind walking the swamp at night to collect them. Maybe I could help you.' " Trowa's voice was a whisper. "I thought I was insane, you were very visibly not contemplating anything with the question, but I would have settled for your friendship or even simply your presence a few more times at that point... And then you said... "

"... 'I have a small room above the stables if you want... ' and I don't know what possessed me to say that... 'If you're staying for more than a few days... ' "

"... 'As long as you'll let me... ' "

"... 'Then it's yours.'... "

The lovers were still beneath the moonlight for a few seconds, then Quatre smiled and leaned forward, and curled the smile around his lover's length, as his fingers started to move in time with the movements of his lips and tongue. Trowa groaned and trembled, then his hands caught in fair hair gone white in the moon's transparent light and he drew his lover towards him. "No, no, in me, together... " he managed to say.

Quatre glanced at the moon sailing through the sky outside. "Later... We've got time."

"N-no-" such small movements of delicate fingers to make his hardened body arch and pulse again and again. "No, we don't. I have to... we... we have to get up early to leave tomorrow morning."

Quatre froze in the half light, eyes widening, then a look of love and tenderness passed between them, vivid as a touch. He let his lover's hand pull him forward, and his fingers slipped away, curving up over hips to steady. The look drew them together, body to body, as Quatre eased himself within him, completing the circle. The lines were drawn already and Trowa knew where his own led, and they led him here and only here. If he lost... if he lost the light of a hot summer afternoon, the humid air singing on his naked chest like a wild heartbeat, then he would lose it, and let the wheel turn. But he wouldn't cut the link between them himself, not for anything. The slender form in his arms started the first moves of their dance, reaffirming that link with each gentle motion, each small gasp at the taut intimate caress of flesh on flesh. Trowa closed his eyes because he didn't need them to see the lines that connected them, as surely as their bodies were, and he melted into that quickening movement with a groan of relief and pleasure.


In a hollow deep beneath the surface buildings, Duo glanced up - a normal reflex that awarded him a useless view of rocky ceiling- while the senses he had attuned to the sanctuary's heart thrummed to a suddenly primal rhythm.

"Man, when does Trowa sleep... ?" He muttered. He leaned back towards the small chip of stone he was studying, then hesitated, and glanced around with his eyes but also the sanctuary's rocky senses. Svale? Still talking to Howard. If she left... he had been harmonizing with the sanctuary for a few days now. It would be an interesting test of his capacities to send a slight vibration through her wards and have her scampering to the further edges of the markers to inspect the disturbance. Not that he actually cared if the two lovers finally had one uninterrupted fling, the first since they'd run into Heero. Not really. It would just be... a test of his abilities, nothing more. Yeah.

Duo grinned and let his senses sink back into heartrock. He was getting close, repairing some of the damage. Soon Svale should be able to activate it and then things would go quicker. He had no intention of going with Trowa and Heero on their quest for whatever it was Howard thought could help build up Wing at this point, he'd stay here like a good little boy and trust they wouldn't get themselves killed. He'd be here, with Svale, helping her resurrect the guardian node.

Still... he would have liked to see Heero in action with Wing. He had cast the die on the sombre enigma with cobalt blue eyes, he'd like to see what they'd come up with. He had every confidence Heero could beat up some small fry... but he would like to see him in action against something more of his level. That would be hard to arrange though.

And it wasn't likely to occur accidentally...

Duo felt a faint stirring in the sanctuary around him. He couldn't read lines like the Nightwalker but in this place so close to stone and bone, he could feel them slightly, and he could swear... something brushed him, well, all the group but particularly him. He felt like a line was about to intersect his, with an almighty impact. Or maybe run parallel to his. Or maybe -mathematics didn't hold any sway over the mystical- both at the same time...

It felt like something was coming...

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