Author: Maldoror
see chap 2 for warning, notes, disclaimer

Watching You + Chapter 3: ...And Dessert

Wufei felt better as he entered his own apartment. This was his sanctum, his territory. Heero and his cheesecake were at his mercy here. He'd eat the latter, get rid of the former with a quick outline of the report, and get on with his task of burying his inappropriate feelings towards his partner once and for all.

Heero put the dessert on the counter and wandered off into the main room - a mirror image of his own with more oriental style furniture - looking around as if he'd never been here before. As if he was slightly nervous about something, and was looking for a distraction. Probably just embarrassed Maxwell had put one over on him. Wufei shook his head, and went to the pantry to get plates and spoons.

The clink of plates against the counter brought Heero back to the kitchen area. Wufei waited until he was within arms reach, then grabbed him by the top of the shirt and pinned him against the pantry door with a crash.

"What the hell-!" Heero stared at him, arms flexing in alarm, then stiffened as he caught Wufei's look of cold fury.

"You never said...why did Maxwell steal your cutlery, by the way?" Wufei's voice was steady and clearly stated 'I am going to pretend to be casual and relaxed because if I don't, I will have to kill you'.

Heero looked like he was expecting something but not that. His jaw dropped, his eyes widened and a novel expression of confusion passed over them.

"Just- just a stupid joke. Just Maxwell. It doesn't concern you."

"Oh I agree." Wufei purred and saw Heero blanch as he recognized that most dangerous of voices. "Duo can steal anything in your kitchen that's not nailed down and I wouldn't give a damn. However, you will allow me to be a little bit curious when someone ­ presumably someone with a long braid and a death wish ­ also breaks into my apartment and removes all of my cutlery as well.”

Heero's face was a picture of astonishment. Then comprehension. Then anger. Quickly buried in apprehension. Wufei felt some of his own irritation abate as he watched this unusual display of emotion from his partner.

Heero wet his lips - a delicate tongue darting out and passing over smooth-...Wufei managed to still be mad but only by a very narrow margin.

“…we could ask a neighbor for-“

“We could discuss Maxwell’s apparent insanity first.” Wufei rapped, trying to bring his own mind to order.

“…what about dessert?”

"Who cares about dessert?!"


"Spill, Yuy! Even Maxwell has some method behind the madness, though the method is often even more insane than the rampant MFF!"

Wufei froze mid-rant. Heero had groaned in what seemed like unendurable frustration, brushed aside the arm pinning him to the pantry, grabbed Wufei and applied his mouth to his partner's open one.

This was a dream...

Wufei's upper lip caught between their teeth, pinching under pressure - he twisted his head - noses bumped - a tongue flicked at his lip and then cautiously retreated -

This couldn't be a dream...Dreams were never this real...Dreams were never this good...

Wufei finally managed to tear himself away; he had a feeling that one of them had finally snapped and gone insane, but he was damned if he knew which one at this point.

They stared at each other like two cats unexpectedly confronted in a dark alley, trying to figure out if they were supposed to fight or mate without giving away their uncertainty.

Heero's lips were red, and twisted a bit. His hands were light on Wufei's shoulders as if he wanted to grab them but didn't dare. Maybe it was that conflict that made them tremble almost in time with Wufei's heart, hammering in his throat and choking him.

"Look - please, don't run away." Heero whispered as he felt Wufei slowly start to pull back.

In the maelstrom of confusion that used to be a well-ordered mind, Wufei did find a few last strands of reason. "Run away? This is my apartment."

"Okay, please don't kick me out." Heero corrected himself quickly.

"But...but..." Or something equally as witty.

"I meant it. All of it." Heero said, quiet voice still ridden with military precision. Wufei expected him to say Nimru Kanryu. But the words were anything except that. "What I said last night. I meant it all. Not the bit about you being beautiful though. I do think you're handsome, but I wouldn't call you beautiful because I'd rather you didn't kill me."


"You're going to kill me anyway, aren't you." It wasn't much of a question.

"...all meant that?"


"But you said it was for the mission."

Heero's face was still as expressive as a block of granite. Only the fact that this was Heero Yuy saying these things was stopping Wufei from concluding it was a cruel joke. Heero did not joke. What- what did this all mean, Wufei whimpered to himself piteously.

'It means you're in with a chance!', his previously buried feelings threw back at him. His mind had finally caved in under the skillful sapping by his formerly repressed desires, which were now running around the wreckage cheering and shouting Yes! Finally!

"I know I said it was for the mission." Heero was still talking like a soldier giving a report. Wufei felt a hysterical need to check his apartment for hidden assassins, but every time he leaned back to break away, Heero's hands would waver and tighten slightly on his shoulders, and his body would beat like a drum.

"I meant what I said, but afterwards, you were so mad, I decided to let you think it was for the mission until you cooled off." Heero finally explained.

Wufei blinked.


"You see?"

"Yes. You were quite right." Wufei heard himself saying, while pulling himself together; some bits had to jog quite fast to make it. "Yes, I guess I was pretty mad."

Heero watched him closely and didn't relax; they'd been partners for a long time. "And now?"

"Now I'm fucking furious, of course." Wufei stated clearly.

His partner winced. "I see. I'll leave. I won't bother you again."

Heero managed one step towards the door before finding himself propelled back against the pantry at high speeds.

"Leave?" Wufei growled. "Just like that?"

Heero stared wildly, fists flexing, then he shivered, bringing his reflexes under control. He nodded and closed his eyes. His hands went stiffly down to his sides, visibly ready to stay there and not resist any retaliation Wufei cared to visit upon him. "Understood. Sorry. Go ahead, I won't stop you."

"I should bloody well hope not." Wufei snarled, pouncing. Heero was not going to get away with it this easily; justice was required! Today, tonight, and hopefully many nights to come!

The kiss was savage and clumsy with three years or more repressed desires. Wufei felt like he was exploding under the realization and the relief and the strength of his feelings, and all the kinetic energy of the conflagration went into that kiss. For a minute, Heero was simply plastered to the pantry door, stunned into submission.

"Mfffwait!" Wufei finally found himself shoved to arms length by a pair of strong hands.

"Wait?!" He glowered at his partner. Heero's lips were red and swollen, a flush had invaded the hard cheeks, and he looked delectably human all of a sudden.

"I- are-are you saying you're not mad?"

"I'm livid." Wufei ground out.


"But that's nothing to what I'll be like if you don't finish what you started last night!"


Whatever else Heero was going to say was lost as Wufei glued him to the pantry door again; it probably wouldn't have been very interesting anyway.

Wufei felt like one single nerve and a pulse. Heero's hands - on his back, slipping down to his ass and up again - were leaving sensorial afterimages of pleasure so exquisite it was almost painful. Mouths were too impatient for a long, slow kiss; they were nipping, biting, fastening on each other only to tear away and take each other again. Heero didn't stay meek and submissive for long, and the embrace was almost a tussle for control, to be the one to press pleasure on the other. Wufei felt himself pressed back against the kitchen's counter; part of his nervous system immediately went into a massive rant, because the cruel unyielding plastic was stopping Heero's hands from doing their damage to whatever was left of his self-restraint. Heero growled into his mouth when he banged his knuckles on the counter a second time. It wasn't certain who moved - Wufei twisted his hips at the same time as Heero heaved at the strong waist under his hands - suddenly Wufei was sitting on the counter top. Much better, his mind had the time to conclude, before being swamped by the sensory input again.

Heero groaned, leaned in, and was practically climbing up on the counter to join him, when there was a sound of a plate being knocked a bit and a noise best described as squish. Wufei blinked and snarled in rage as he realized the kissing had stopped; a villainous act that should feature in the Preventer criminal code under the heading: Dragon, Frustration Of, followed by a stiff sentence.

He glared around, looking for a culprit. Heero, who was the designated suspect anyway, was 1- not kissing him anymore, and 2- looking somewhere else. Oh, and 3- had apparently stuck his hand in the cheesecake. Which showed where he'd begun his criminal career. If his hand had been on Wufei's ass where it belonged instead of wandering around kitchen counters tripping over cheesecakes-

"Wait." Heero struggled a bit against the strong arms wrapped around his shoulders. He was flushed and his hair was even more mussed than usual, but there was a light of sanity slowly flickering in his eyes. Wufei growled, a low, dangerous sound. Wait? Wait for what? Another three years where he'd have to bury what he felt or risk dying of terminal frustration? "Wait, not so fast. I- you have to understand- I really meant - I wanted to tell you for so long but I didn't- I don't want to just do something, I don't want you to regret this later, because I-"

"Oh, for the love of-" Wufei ground out. He was about to shake Heero until he snapped out of this tailspin, but then he decided that true justice required fair payback, and he owed quite a score for Heero's teasing last night.

Heero looked askance as Wufei grabbed the cheesecaked hand, and then eyes and mouth went as round as saucers when a delicate tongue ran across the palm and up one finger.

"Do I have your attention?" Wufei purred, very much rhetorically. "This is the Way It Is Going To Be, Yuy. I am going to kick you all around the dojo tomorrow morning."

Wufei rescued another piece of chocolate that was about to tumble from Heero's ring finger with a quick flick of the tongue.

"Once I've finished bandaging you up, you and I will go out somewhere that is not a funfair and that does not come with killers optional. Now..."

Wufei paused to lick and suck the last piece of cake from Heero's middle finger.

"Do I still have your attention?"

Heero made a noise at the back of his throat that was either assent, or the distant echoes of the rest of his blood heading south.

"Good. Before I take you apart tomorrow morning, there's only one question that needs to concern you; do you want to get laid first or not? This is very good cheesecake by the way, maybe we should eat-...hmm."

The creamy sweetness of chocolate was being mixed with the saltiness of Heero's mouth, a tongue licking his lips then caressing his own. Hmm, salty and sweet, what a delightful combination, one he could get used to. A hand, almost rough, definitely needy, broke yet another one of Wufei's hair fasteners and started to massage his scalp, his neck, and play with his hair, in a way that was going to make the Chinese Preventer as sweet and gooey as the neglected dessert if it continued for too long.

Wufei was the one to pull away this time, as he felt Heero try to squirm up onto the counter top again.

"Bed. Come on. More comfortable." He managed to say. Apparently Yuy was no longer interested in talking, and was ambushing the words as soon as they came out of his mouth, kisses driving them hither and thither. But Wufei's meaning must have made it through the barrage, because instead of getting up on the counter top, Heero leaned back and, mouth still fused to his, lifted him off bodily. Afterwards Wufei couldn't remember if his feet had touched the ground or not. It wasn't a very important detail. What mattered was his back touching the bed cover, in a moment like last night, only without any pretense - on either side - or killers outside the door.

"Mm-wait." Heero breathed against his throat.

"'Wait' is fast becoming a word that's going to get you punched, Yuy!" Wufei snarled, grabbing at a handful of shirt as Heero disengaged himself and leaned back.

"You're going to punch me tomorrow anyway, aren't you?" Heero murmured, detaching one of Wufei's hands and kissing the fingers. "And since I'll be in traction once you're done with me, and unable to do this again for at least a month-"

"Make that a week." Wufei choked as Heero's tongue flickered over the webbing between his fingers.

"- unable to do this again for at least a week, then, thank you...I want to take my time. Enjoy this."

The notion of not enjoying this hadn't been anywhere near Wufei's mental universe, but Heero's words did sort of bring him back down to something like reality. Sure, he had a lot of experience with sex. In his dreams. In real life, he'd received his first kiss last night, and this was also a first. Fortunately he'd done some research into all aspects of sex - he was such a perfectionist he wanted to get it right even in his dreams. For real life, though...a few things more than Heero, chocolate and the imagination were needed.

"Damn." He groaned - under the realization that there was a hitch, and because Heero had just started to lightly nibble on the end of his fingers. "I don't have, I think I have some-some hand lotion in the - the-....that place with a shower..."

"S'ok." Heero murmured. "Got that part covered. I don't usually carry this around with me, but Ma-" He interrupted himself with a hesitant look at Wufei. "Let's just say I have what we need." He was fishing around his back pocket. Wufei rather wanted to be doing that too.

A few condoms ended up on the bedside table and Wufei found a tube thrust into his hand.

He thrust it back.

"This is needed." Heero started to explain. "It's lubricant. We need -"

"I know what lube is, Yuy!" Wufei snapped. "Use it!"

"Use-? No, wait-"

"There's that 'wait' word again!"

"Listen, I've never done this-"

"You think I have? Why are we still talking?!"

The words were punctuated by gasps because while they were pushing the tube back and forth, their other hands were going on explorations of their own.

"Look,'d be best if you-"

"We're going to do this my way, Yuy! Aaah!" Heero's free hand had run up and down his chest and was now kneading his pectoral, the palm pressing and teasing the nipple. "I say that you're going to be on top!" He finally managed to finish.

"It's never half way with you, is it?" Heero growled suddenly, catching Wufei's face in both hands, the tube tumbling to the sheets.

"No! You got a problem with that?!"

"God no..." Heero whispered and kissed him like a surrender. "I...just don't- I said I wouldn't hurt you-"

"And you won't." Wufei murmured, the words teasing Heero's lips as they brushed his. "I trust you."

Heero made a noise deep in his throat, a groan, but his eyes - how had Wufei ever believed his eyes were not expressive - held both gratitude and a plea. That combination was so much more difficult to argue with than usual Heero-stubbornness, that Wufei hoped this wouldn't become a habit; he'd never win an argument again.

"Okay." Wufei snapped. "If we can't make up our mind-" He squirmed away a fraction and patted his pockets absently, then glanced around. His eyes lit on the condoms and he grimaced, but picked up one of the little foil slips. He wiggled out from under Heero - that pleading look disappeared to be replaced by a glaze of lust due to the kind of friction that caused, but Wufei slipped through the grasping hands and sat himself up on the bed. His hands went behind his back. "We'll do this the fair way. Here." Heero stared blankly at two fists presented to him. "You choose. You find it, you wear it."

Heero looked from the choice before him to the glare and the slight pout. "Your mind works in strange ways sometimes, Wufei."

"So says the guy who needed a mission and a death-threat to be able to say he liked me." Wufei snorted. "Choose!"

"This one and I said I loved you." Heero whispered, uncurling the fist with his fingers, eyes fixed on Wufei's.

A breathless silence for a few seconds, then Wufei thrust the revealed foil and the tube into Heero's hands and threw himself at his partner with a moan of need.

They writhed out of their clothes like snakes shedding their skins, muscles coiling and rubbing together. Hands and mouthed explored, curious and breathless at something so new, found in someone so familiar. Wufei traced scars he'd never seen before with a delicate fingertip; discovered that Heero Yuy was not, as many had previously maintained, made entirely of stone, or else that stone was very, very sensitive in certain areas...Wufei couldn't believe how wrong the dreams could be. You'd think, after three years of fantasizing this, he'd have gotten it mostly right! Dreams were mostly visuals though, ending in a few hard thrusts into what turned out to be, on awakening, a rather disappointing and sticky hand. But the real thing...Heero's skin tasted slightly salty, and flavored differently in various areas; his neck held the residual tang of shampoo; the slight smell of cloth that had been in a closet too long clung to his chest - Wufei knew he'd never seen that t-shirt before! His stomach and navel - by the time Wufei got there - had the saltier taste of a faint sheen of sweat misting hard muscles and delicate curves; and his arousal tasted of musk and a delightfully rich flavor...Wufei tasted it all, using a simple, unskilled but enthusiastic crescendo of tongue, teeth, lips and mouth...The way his lover groaned and gasped and wordlessly pleaded-...that was simply beyond anything he'd ever dreamed of.

A hand hooked his chin and another urgently tugged at his shoulder, before his delighted explorations got a bit too much for an already overheated partner. Wufei found himself pulled up and held against a hard chest, Heero's heart hammering so loudly he could feel the vibrations against his own skin. He stared into two dazed eyes, deep blue pools, an abyss in warm seas.

"We-we'll be doing this again...right...?" Wufei gasped.

"God I hope so." Heero choked, stunned, watching his own hands run over light copper skin, a hairless chest, a bronze nipple.

"....g-good." Wufei didn't think dreams would ever cut it again.

And then Heero's tousled head dipped down to lick a path to his own arousal and he knew dreams were not going to be enough from now on...

The world disappeared - what there'd been of it, it had pretty much narrowed and focused onto the bed by now anyway - and Wufei vanished with it. He only existed in one spot; the pleasure flowing up and down his cock, cool where the whispers of Heero's breath breezed across the damp traces left by his tongue. Then the coolness was slowly repelled by warmth as Heero's mouth followed the trail he'd previously explored. Wufei watched the pretty colors behind his eyelids, and melted into bliss.

The coolness came back - Wufei whimpered as the earthquake that had started to rock him faded to shivering aftershocks. Heero was lying over him, body so real and solid in his arms. The face near his was flushed, alive, hair a tousled mess and eyes wide and bright. And lips red, plump...Wufei made a vague growl in his throat - rather wishing that enticing mouth would finish what it had started - then noticed the tube in front of his nose.

"You sure?" Heero managed to squeeze out between two gasps.

The scowl and fierce nod - get on with it already! - must have been answer enough. Wufei's mouth caught another teasing kiss, then another; his ears vaguely registered the sound of a cap unscrewing and a tube being squeezed. A gentle hand brushed knuckles from his chest down to the space between his thighs. Wufei belatedly spread his legs, feeling suddenly awkward and a bit embarrassed. The cool of gel against his skin, his entrance, also broke the mood a bit. But Heero was dropping kisses like feathers on his mouth, and two blue eyes were fixed on his own, so close they were like oceans , drowning him, dragging him down and away from prosaic, self-conscious reality. Fingers caressed him, probed, penetrated so gently and slowly he was barely jolted by the alien sensation. Heero was breathing hard, long deep breaths. Wufei didn't think he was breathing at all. The small hisses Heero was making, as if cautioning himself against going too fast, hurting, seemed to modulate into words in Wufei's ear. Love you...never hurt you...won't die on you...won't leave you...let me in...Wufei found himself nodding and letting go of something he'd been holding on to for so long he'd forgotten about it. He continued to nod when Heero drew back a bit, whispered words - permission to go further, or a confirmation of the speed of rotation of the colony; at this point Wufei would have agreed to anything, he just wanted to say yes, just once in his life, without reservations.

He was left gasping at the sudden shocking absence of warmth, and a lack of the pressure at his entrance which had just started to become...very interesting. What the hell-? A crinkle of foil and the noises of a mundane but necessary preparation clued him in. Then Heero was a warm, firm weight on his body again, whispering something in his ear, but it was so cut up by gasps and pants from them both, that Wufei couldn't really make it out. Something about going slow and not hurting...The idea that Heero could hurt him was ludicrous, laughable. Heero had taken the pain away...

A growing pressure where his body was not really used to it, and Wufei took deep breaths, eyes fixed once more on the anxious blue pools near his. He was rather expecting some discomfort. And maybe there was some, but at that point he was swimming in endorphins and he barely noticed. Heero was going so slowly too. Wufei could see the effort it cost his lover's body to hold back, just as he could see the fear of going too quickly in Heero's eyes. The blunt pressure increased slowly...tantalizingly. Wufei relaxed, dazed at the strange pleasure that started to ripple though him; he shifted, found himself moving his legs, bending, anything to increase the penetration, the exquisite, unique feeling of Heero's erection pressing into him.

"S'okay...M'okay...Go on..." The words tumbled out between deep, gasping lungfuls of air. Everything's okay. I'm letting you in...

Heero's movements were so gentle to start with he barely noticed them meld into a rhythm. It timed the pulses of slow pleasure growing from the pressure around Heero's cock deep within him; it danced along his muscles, his thighs - one leg was around Heero's waist, the other loosely tangled with his lover's; it rippled along inside him, and like the tide surging over a dam, it found a sensitive spot and sent a wash of unexpected and liquefying pleasure lapping through his body, shimmering in his eyes; his neck and back arched and he shouted, startled. When he finished blinking the light from his eyes, he caught Heero's smile - beautiful and rare - and then something like greed darkened those blue eyes, and Heero moved, still slow but deeper and more deliberate, searching for that pleasure spot again, licking his lips when he found it, as if he could taste the result on Wufei's skin as he gasped and squirmed.

The rhythm hastened but stayed controlled. There-...Wufei tried to remember how to breathe -...there would be time for wild sex another day- ...Heero groaned against his throat, sending his heart spinning - this was everything he'd ever dreamed of...

"Ah!" He bucked - and shook with pleasure - as Heero's hand brushed his erection. It wanted...

"No-..." Heero gasped. "Don't-...close-...look't me...want you..."

Wufei's eyes fluttered open - once the words reached his brain and made some sense. Blur of motion -...and sensuous dark sparkles...around his field of vision...Heero leaning over him...his eyes flickering down - watch what his hand was doing....Wufei shouted again as it curled around him, aching and hard...then blue eyes on his again...Wufei tried, did his best, not to close his eyes. He couldn't see much though...everything was blurring....

Yes...His body was tingling and humming with the gathering pleasure that was going to-...just rip him apart...

Far away, his body jerked and arched against Heero's. Yes!

"Oh..." Heero whispered - barely heard in the thundering pleasure sweeping Wufei away, but Heero was watching him, eyes wide in wonder at the bliss surging through him.

Then the eyes closed to their own joy - hey, no fair, Wufei thought with a gentle snort, slowly gathering the tatters of himself back onto the bed. He held Heero close as his lover surged within him, muscles trembling beneath his fingertips.

The room was swimming around them, but slowly solidifying once more. Wufei's arms began to feel real again, and heavy and wonderful, draped around Heero's body.

"Hmmmm....-you okay?!" Heero jerked against him - Wufei frowned, jogged from the blissful little zen-like trance he'd been floating in.

"Hm. Fine. Sleepy." He mumbled into Heero's collarbone. He winced instinctively as Heero gently pulled back but actually he wasn't really sore...even the word discomfort was too strong, though that might be because his body was too busy purring contentedly to bother about minor details like that. He could feel Heero move around, then something wipe up the only other spot of near-discomfort that was trying to disturb him without much success - the cooling wet spot over his abdomen. He hoped distantly that Heero was using a corner of sheet. Not his black t-shirt. Wufei rather liked that t-shirt. He'd have to get Heero to wear it again, when there was no one else but Wufei around...Damn he was falling asleep. He could feel it slip through his mind, turning the lights off as it went.

"Don wake m'up." He mumbled warningly. Heero's arms were around him, a thumb was caressing his shoulder. Perfect. Deal with all the rest later...


Heero went from contentedly snoozing to fully awake, alert and reaching for his gun in one instant.

The gun was in his hand before he remembered he was in Wu- he was in Wufei's bed! Once he killed the intruder, he would allow himself to relish that fact. Right now he would just be glad that his partner - and now lover - also kept a gun in a holster at the head of the mattress.

He finally focused - all this previous reacting and thinking had taken about a second. When he realized who was standing by the door with his hands - and his grin - up by his ears, he pointed the gun towards the ceiling, and turned a glare on the intruder instead. Knowing it would be nowhere near as effective.

'Now that's just so cute I'm simply lost for words.' Duo mouthed, contradictorily.

'What the hell are you doing here?' Heero was careful to only move his lips soundlessly, and glanced down. Wufei hadn't moved an inch since he'd fallen abruptly asleep earlier, and he hadn't even twitched when Heero reached for the gun. He'd looked really tired earlier, as well as tense and unhappy, Heero remembered. Apparently he hadn't slept too well last night.

'I came to put back Wufei's - did you guys notice I stole his-'

'Yes!' Heero snarled in total silence.

'Did it help?' Duo was leering like a jack o'lantern.

Heero could lie for a mission but not to Duo's face. He scowled and glowered and said nothing as an air of impish triumph stole over his friend's features.

'Go away, Duo.' He finally mouthed.

'Sure! My camera's in the car anyway-'

The complete silence in the bedroom was cracked by the sound of the hammer of the gun cocking.

'-and that's where it will stay.' Duo concluded, grinning cheekily. His eyes were warm as they looked at Heero - scowling - and Wufei sleeping, content and oblivious. 'I'm glad you didn't screw up, Yuy, I was getting sick and tired of all this angst and drama.'

'Duo. Leave.' He could feel Wufei start to shift and tense slightly in his arms.

'Hey, if I can't take a picture, I can at least get an eyeful! I helped bring this about! I'm your cupid and you want to kick me out?'

'You're a thieving little prick, and you set us up!'

'Ah, and now you're complaining? Why I should-'

"Kill Maxwell for this." Wufei said clearly, words brushing against Heero's chest.

There was the slightest hint of an 'eep!' in the air and Heero looked up from his lover to see the tail end of a braid disappearing out the door at high velocity.

He glanced down again. Wufei was frowning in his sleep, still oblivious, at least on a conscious level. As Heero watched the scowl vanished. Strong arms flexed around him and Wufei sniffed against his chest, and muttered something indistinct about a report and cheese, before dropping off again into a deeper slumber.

"He's more afraid of you, asleep, than me awake and armed with a gun." Heero whispered before applying a kiss to a light copper shoulder. "We'll thank him beautiful, terrible dragon."

Wufei went hmf against his chest, and Heero carefully put away the gun and watched him contentedly for a few minutes, before sinking back into sleep again.


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