Author: Mel

Seven Days + Day 5

Duo awoke feeling decidedly happy, though at first he couldn't quite place ,the reason why. It took a few moments before he realised he had an armful of blond pilot. Duo stared down at Quatre, who was snuggled up against him, his tousled blond hair brushing against his bare chest. Duo tried to remember when he had taken off his black shirt and how the hell had it gotten draped across other end of the bed? Quatre, thankfully, was still fully clothed, Duo didn't want to think what he'd do to himself if he had done anything to Quatre. But for now he revealed in the feel of the other boy in his arms, one of Quatre's hands resting on his chest, the other around his waist. Like a china doll he marvelled. And then the sun began to come in through the windows and Duo slowly extracted himself from Quatre's hold. He didn't want to explain to Quatre what he was doing in his arms when the other boy
woke up. Still, he allowed himself a small kiss to the top of Quatre's blond head. Smiling he straighten and ruffled his hair even as Quatre snuggled into the place he had been, as if missing Duo sleeping with him. . .

Quatre woke in the early morning sunlight as it fell through Duo's bedroom window, bathing him in the soft golden light. He stirred slowly as an alien sound filtered through and into Quatre's slightly fuzzy mind. He opened one tired blue orb and feasted it one the site before him. Duo was sitting, with his hair back in its braid, on chair not far away from the bed. He was awake, and showing little wear from last nights activities.

He was also watching something on the screen in front of him. Quatre opened his other eye to take a closer look. The screen was brightly coloured with reds and yellows of what was suppose to be an American dessert by the looks of it. A creature, some strange fox-like thing, was standing on its hind legs in the middle of some wooden beam across a canyon with a dull grey road running through it. The fox-like creature was carrying what looked to b a huge iron ball attached to a rope that was tired to the beam. Quatre's head spun with the impossibilities of such an image even as a trail of dust sped down the road beneath the fox-like creature. The fox-like creature watched the trail with huger in its eyes. And as the dust trail got closer it made a 'beep beep' sound, Quatre wondered if it was one of those motorcycles Duo liked so much. The fox-like creature let go of the iron ball and Quatre watched with baited breath as it swung down and towards the oncoming dust trail. And the trail stopped and a strange bird with long legs was standing in its place. Quatre was mortified to think that the fox thing was trying to kill the bird with a huge iron ball. Until the ball missed the bird who had seemingly stopped at 'exactly' the right place, and arched upwards, going up, and up, and up. The fox was staring at the ball with wide bludging eyes and shaking legs even as its shadow got larger and larger around him. 'Oh my goodness,' Quatre thought, his own eyes wide, 'it's going to -- '


A half circle was cut out of the beam from the force of the impact and there was no fox-like creature in site. Quatre fell into peels of laughter, causing Duo to turn around and grin at him. "I see you like Coyote and Road Runner, hey Qu-man?"

"Oh Duo," Quatre started, trying to breath through his laughter. "That poor. . . Coyote was it? Does he ever get the Road Runner?"

"Only once," Duo confessed, "but only for a moment, and he doesn't get to eat him."

"Poor thing," Quatre muttered, still laughing. "Only you could like such a thing Duo!"

"What are you implying," Duo said jokingly, tugging another smile from his blond friend, "besides, you like it to, and don't try and deny it Kat!"

Quatre didn't deny it, but sat up in bed and yawned, stretching and wondering if Duo was up to telling him what was really going on. "So," asked the braided American, "what do you want for breakfast?"

"Oh, by the way," Duo perched himself on Quatre's desk, enticing a furious scowl from the normally reserved boy. Duo was glad to see him showing some emotion, but didn't pretend it intimidated him and remained on the desk. "Hilde contacted me last night, she says she's coming to the party."

Hilde Schbeicker was Duo's German friend and Quatre had met her all of two times. The girl had been an Oz pilot but seemed to have gotten attached to Duo and had started following him around like a faithful puppy during the first war. Quatre had heard that Duo had returned with her to L2 after the second war.

Quatre was quite unprepared for the feeling of jealousy that surged through him and quickly controlled and pushed it down. "How did she find out?"

"Oh, a little birdie by the name of Relena Peacecraft let slip that we were having a party and if they teamed up they could crash it. Hilde thought it would be best if she warned me first."

"That was nice of her," Quatre smiled, "it also gives me a chance to invite the girls doesn't it?"

"I think Sally, Catherine and Dorothy would be most unimpressed if Relena and Hilde were invited and they weren't." Duo said soberly.

"You're right," Quatre said with a sigh, "I was hoping to do an 'all boy' thing, but this will have to do. Can you keep busy for an hour while I make some phone calls?"


"I'll take your three gum drops and raise it five," Duo said softly, his baseball hat perched on the top of his head and cards cupped in his hands.

Gabby threw five gumdrops into the pile, rasing Amed four. Amed folded but Abdul added the four to the pile. Duo grinned as he laid out his cards.

"Full house!" He reached for the pile only to have Gabby knock his hands away.

"Read 'em 'n weep, Boys!" Gabby cried, showing her hands.

Duo groaned, "Royal Flush. Cow!"





"DUO!" Quatre cried out, walking into the room and hearing the last of the insults. "What on Earth are you doing to entice such language in my house?"

"Losing," Duo grumped as Gabby pounced on the pile of lollies he'd just given up.

"Badly," Gabby smiled, popping a gumdrop in her mouth. "Gumdrop Mister Winner?"

"No thanks Gabby," quatre declined, still glaring at Duo, "I thought I said behave?"

"It could be worse," Abdul put in lightly, "he could be putting holes in the windows again!" Quatre turned his glare on the Mag'ua'nac and Amed quickly caught him by the arm. "Um, we'll be going now, it was a good game Duo, and Gabby." With that the two Mag'ua'nacs left quickly.

"Cowards!" Duo yelled after their retreating figures and Gabby laughed, eating another gumdrop.

"That's enough Duo," Quatre said tiredly, sitting down in the vacated seat next to Duo. "I called all the girls, and they're all coming."

"And what's the bad news?" Duo asked, looking him over, knowing there was going to be bad news.

"I then called the chief and told him that he would have to cook for twice the amount of people. He told that that was impossible, impossible to cook for twice the amount of people in such a short amount of time. He resigned." Quatre sighed, rubbing his temple, "I don't know where I'm going to find a second chief two days before the party -- "

"I'll do it." Duo cut in.

"You?" Gabby muttered doubtfully, still chewing on her gumdrop.

"You don't think I can do it?"

"Well, Duo, I hate to admit it, but you're not the most reliable person in the universe." Gabby confessed. "And as much as I like you," Gabby said quickly upon seeing Duo's hurt expression, "Quatre's been working hard to pull this together."

"Hmph." Duo grumped, "you think I can't do it, but I will, and I'll do a better job then that arse of a chief, just you wait and see Miss Gabby!"

"Thanks Duo," Quatre said with a grin, "I'm glad I can count on you."

"Are all these people your relatives Quatre?" Duo asked, looking at the oil painting of an old and quite ugly woman.

"That's my Great-great-great Grandmother Illainer. And don't say anything cruel about her Duo, she was apparently, a really nice woman."

"I was just thinking," Duo confessed, "that none of them are anywhere near as cute as you."

Quatre flushed but didn't say anything, going back to work.

It was dusk when Quatre went into Duo's room, about to wish him an early night, he was exhausted from the last to nights watch. He saw the braided boy, all in black, about to jump out of the window. Quatre didn't even give himself time to think as he ran to him, wrapping his arms quickly around his waist. Duo straightened in the hold. "Quatre," he murmured, "please let go."

"Please Duo," Quatre whispered against his back. "I know you're not going to tell me where you're going, but please Duo, not tonight." Quatre blinked back tears, trying not to sob out loud. "Please not tonight."

Duo could hear the pain and sadness in his friend's voice, as well as the exhaustion, and sighed. "All right Quatre, not tonight, I promise." He turned around and held the already almost asleep boy and dragged him to hisroom.

Duo placed him gently in his bed and went to leave when Quatre caught his braid. "Please don't go," Quatre whimpered, tugging on the braid.

Duo had never heard his friend sound so lost, all alone and against his better judgment he stripped himself of his shirt and got into the bed. He was very careful to lie as far away from his friend as possible even as Quatre was fast asleep. . .

When Rashid stuck his head in the room three hours later the two boys were fast asleep with Quatre snuggled up to Duo and duo's arms wrapped around the blond boy. Quatre had Duo's braid clutched in his hand and Rashid smiled...

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