Author: Mel

Seven Days + Day 6

It was Quatre who woke first on this morning. He guessed later that Duo must have been quite tired over the last few night's efforts as well. Still, it was a shock to wake up in the braided pilot's arms. And to find that his own hands were wrapped around Duo's waist as Duo's were wrapped around his. The shock turned to pleasant surprise as he realised that he didn't quite mind being held by his friend. And he was so tired, he might just sleep a little longer. . . Quatre was asleep again in moments.

Duo stirred an hour later, cursing himself. Couldn't he keep his goddamn hands to himself? Obviously not, he almost growled out loud, but stopped. The last thing Duo wanted to do was wake his friend up. His friend, best friend. 'Just because I'm attracted to other men didn't mean Quatre is, nor did it mean that I should try and -- ' Duo cut the thought before it could go any further and slipped out of the bed. Quatre woke up as he was pulling his shirt back on.

"Duo?" His voice slurred slightly, and his big and open blue eyes tugged at Duo's heart.

Duo didn't let it affect him outwardly. "Morning Kat, sleep well."

Quatre wondered if waking up in Duo's arms had been a wishful dream. Growing up in such a large family, Quatre was no stranger to same-sex relationships, and he had realised for quite sometime that he was more inclined to like guys more then girls (29 sisters does this to you). 'Not that Duo would ever go for me even if he was gay' Quatre mussed, 'I'm not good enough for him.'

"Wonderfully thank you." Quatre answered not betraying any of his inner turmoil.

They stared at each other for a moment, unsure what to say next. It was then that there was a knock on the door.

"Come in," came the two boys voices at the same time.

It was Gabby and she came in with an almost evil smirk. "Quatre, I just received a call from Lady Une, asking permission to gatecrash your party." Gabby turned her evil grin on Duo, "and so now you've got an extra to cook for."

Duo knew she was teasing, but he, quite honestly, didn't feel up to rising to the bait. So he just nodded and walked out.

Gabby tried to keep her mouth from falling to the floor.

"And if you'll excuse me Gabby, I've got to get ready to do some work today." Quatre murmured, all but dismissing Gabby. Gabby, for her part, pursed her lips and left the room.

"Stupid the two of them," she muttered after closing the door behind her, "you'd think they'd be smart enough to see what's going on in front of their faces. . ."

"Don't play around Gabby." Rashid said absentmindedly.

"But," the unwilling-to-keep-out-of-something-that-had-nothing-to-do-with-her secretary started before Rashid cut her off.

"Keep your noes out of this one Gabby, it has nothing to do with you."

Gabby sighed but melted under the big man's brown gaze, "alright. But this doesn't mean that I like it, those boys deserve some happiness in their lives."

Of all the days Duo had been here, Quatre found today the most boring, lonely day. Duo was. . . busy it seemed. It was a good thing, Quatre tried to convince himself, he could get all his work done he had missed over the last few days. But he didn't, he ended up cleaning his desk and stacking a deck of cards in the shape of a pyramid.

And through all this time his thoughts kept straying to Duo.

His maniac grin as he twirled from being upside down on his roof when he'd first arrived. The concentration etched on his face when he had gone to steal his reports. Duo's voice as he read to him, waking up to him in early mornings. Watching him run around the building, seeing him laugh just before being drenched with water. Cooking and smelling like sugar and spice, singing, his vice rising and falling in perfect harmony. The way his hair caught the sunlight, chestnut kissed with the softest of rubies, and eyes the deep violet of the dark night. Like falling petals of purest violet flower.

Duo Maxwell was a fairytale creature, and Quatre was falling head over heels for him.

"And he's way out of you league Quatre Winner." Quatre whispered to a silent room. . .

Duo found himself once again on the roof. He didn't know what it was but he couldn't get settled. Well, no that was a lie, he knew precisely what it was that was unsettling him, and there were no prizes for guessing what, or who it was. He'd been here six days and he was beginning to regret it. He shouldn't have come, it was a mistake. Because now he remembered why he hadn't spent much time with Quatre during the wars. The other pilot had been a distraction of the worst kind. And he still was.

With his hair like spun gold that fell in the most annoying places, making him want to reach out and brush it away. Eyes like the sea on a sunny day. The sort of eyes he could fall into. Eyes that he could happily drown in. Skin like silk that the pale colour seemed to shine no matter what he choose to wear, even those silly pink shirts.

But it wasn't just what he looked like that had captivated Duo. If it had been it would have been easy enough to place the blame of his distraction on his lust. But he couldn't. Quatre didn't seem to realise the effect those big puppy dog eyes had on people, and how he often looked like a kicked dog. It tore at Duo's heart to see him like that, it made him work extra hard to make him smile. After the Zero system and the subsequent shooting of Trowa it was the only thing Duo saw in those eyes. So he played the clown, hiding his own problems deep down and working solely on Quatre's. And it was worth it.

To see his eyes light up had often been Duo's one goal during the war. Screw the fait of the rest of humanity, to see Quatre's eyes widen, watching his mouth bloom into a smile was what Duo lived for. And it was maddening to find that even now it was still the case. He would do *anything* to see Quatre smile. And it was screwing up Duo's mission. He was going to have to keep his distance for the rest of his stay, or people were going to get hurt, namely a blond haired, blue eyed idiot starting with the letter Q. . .

"Duo. . ."

"I'm sorry Kat, I really am," Duo said, not looking the blond. In fact, looking anywhere else but straight at the other boy. "I didn't go last night, and I have to go tonight."

Quatre sighed but nodded. "I don't suppose you're going to tell me where you're going?"

"I can't Kat." Duo sighed, "And you know I can't."

Quatre's heart ached as Duo walked out. He heard the door close and it was all it took. Quatre collapsed, falling to his knees and covering his face with his hands. He was going to lose the boy he loved to people he didn't even know. . .

Quatre waited and waited for Duo to return, and with every hour that passed the knot in Quatre's stomach grew. And he cried like he never had before. Even the pain he had put Trowa through when he had lost his memory was nothing compared to this. He slept for a few fitful hours here and there, curled up in Duo's bed, watching the window, waiting for him. The sun was peaking over the horizon. Dawn, it was the day of the party, he thought numbly.

"Master Quatre!" Rashid cried through the door slamming it open quickly. "Quatre, come quickly, it's Duo."

Upon hearing his name, Quatre was out of the bed in a flash, rushing after the running man. Rashid led him to the front door where lying, on the ground, was a broken and bleeding Duo Maxwell...

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