Author:Mel ^_^
Rating: R/NC-17
Pairings: 1X2X3X4X5
Warnings: Yaoi, AU, Relena/Zechs bashing, Lemon, Vampires and Dark.
Spoilers: none, AU
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Disclaimer: Gundam Wing isn't mine, I'm making no money from this.
Comments: I've been going to do this for a while, but hadn't got around to writing it. The pairings are fairly broad range, and, hopefully, they'll work well together. Also, I'm not in uni/college yet, so I'm guessing with most of the stuff. The movie 'Save the last dance' and the 'Night World' series are the inspiration for this.

Life Blood... Prologue

Sweet Confetti I'm looking for a saviour
Finding it hard to break the chain
Nothing ventured nothing gained...

The nightclub lights played havoc with those eyes inside. The darkness was almost absolute except for those lights. It played across the heads of the packed dance floor, the bar and the precariously placed tables and chairs like falling confetti.

The young man in the corner was quite bored with the lights, the music everything. It was like he was waiting for something, but he wasn't sure what.

He was actually quiet a sight to behold. His hair was a soft wash blonde that fell into acorn blue eyes. Though he wasn't tall, his body was fit, lithe and young, in black leather pants and a button down white shirt. He lent against a corrugated iron wall, his arms crossed moodily over his chest, his eyes surveying the people on the dance floor, not really interested in joining any of them.

Quatre was bored...

Ice-cream beauty acting on her best behaviour
Finding it hard to bite her tongue
Feeling old as the night is young...

Quatre had (somehow) been conned into coming here with the girl from school, what was her name? Relena? She was a sophomore, like himself, only with a slightly wild streak and an eye for a certain young man in his Biology class. He hadn't had the heart to tell her that he batted for the other side when she asked him to introduce them earlier in the night. His boyfriend was not going to be impressed when he arrived later in the night.

She wouldn't be impressed either.

Six-foot leaning on a lizard chest
Two red dragons ironed on his vest
All that money you deserve the best
I'm impressed, I'm impressed, I'm impressed...

As a new techno beat sound through the room, making the blood boil in his veins, an interesting sight caught his eye. Or more precisely, an interesting 'someone'.
He stood across the room, near the bar, resting against a pole. He was wearing figure-hugging jeans that encased his long legs. An open vest showed off his gorgeous bare chest and he could see an oriental red dragon pattern on it. Quatre unconsciously ran his tongue over his lips.

The guy was staring right at Quatre. Chestnut hair reflected the lights as it swung in a braid around his hips while smouldering violet eyes watched him from across the room. He looked like a million bucks and Quatre was suddenly willing to pay a million bucks for a few moments alone with him.

As he pushed his elegant body off the pole and slunk towards him Quatre realised he was about to get his wish.

Quatre smiled...

What you've got isn't all you've been given
Changing your body like you change your jeans
Nothing is ever as it seems...

They didn't say anything to each other when he stopped in front of Quatre. There was a grin on his face and Quatre smiled back. He lifted his eyebrow in question and Quatre shrugged. Almost laughing the boy reached out, grabbing him by the shirt and dragging him onto the dance floor.

The smell of his cologne wafted straight up into Quatre's noes and his nostrils flared taking in the smell of him. In the sea of bodies they were pushed closer and closer together. Not that Quatre was complaining as the other, taller, boy lifted his arms up and around his neck, his own arms going around Quatre's waist.

Quatre fell in time with him, pumping and grinding to the harsh beat of the music. He was falling into a sea of violets as his eyes captured his. Quatre was falling and the last thing he wanted to happen was to be saved. He was suddenly hungry for more then his eyes...

Something tells me it's a marriage made in heaven
Stealing your look from a magazine
Playing the part from a movie scene...

The other boy seemed to feel the same heat he did and he ducked his head suddenly, colours of lights catching his hair like confetti. His lips fell down of his, capturing and demanding, yet giving. He tasted like his eyes, hot and smouldering, like wild flowers. His tongue danced against his mouth, forcing it open. Quatre groaned hungrily...

The song ended abruptly as did the searing kiss. The other boy grinned at Quatre, winking, and detached himself from the smaller boys embrace, leaving him on the dance floor.

Heero Yuy did the exact same thing to Relena as his boyfriend, a fencer by the name of Chang Wufei arrived at the door as the braided boy left.

Quatre stared at the door, furious and a little flustered. His hands went into his pockets and he frowned. He pulled a crumpled napkin out, not quite remembering putting it in there to begin with. He opened it out and, in bright red ink was a phone number and beneath it was the name, Duo Maxwell.

Quatre smiled.

He was Impressed...

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