Author: Mel
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Life Blood... Chapter one

I shouldn't go but you're retching, dragging, shaking me...
You are the Perfect Drug.

...Perfect Drug by Nine Inch Nails...

Light shone through the window of the boy's dorm room, illuminating the darkness and falling on the single bed and the boy sleeping in it. Well, man technically, yet, whilst he slept, he could often be mistaken for one much younger. His blonde hair fell over into closed eyes, but was cut short to the nape of his neck. His body was lean, and though a little muscular; it was obvious he did little exercise. He lay on his stomach, shirtless, his clothes strewn around the floor his arms tangled around a pillow that his head rested on.

It was another few minutes before the alarm buzzed shrilly in his ear.

Aquamarine eyes flung open in alarm and he groaned lightly, quickly untangling himself from a mess of sheets and pillows. His feet fell to the floor as he reached out and quieted the alarm. His long pants, his bed wear, had frayed edges that scuffed along the floor.

He kicked a shoe that was upturned on the floor, hissing slightly and hopping on one foot as he rubbed the offending toe. Still hopping he made his way into the bathroom, closing the door silently behind him.

Half an hour later Quatre Raberba Winner emerged from the bathroom, his hair brushed till the fine strands shone. The sleep was gone from his eyes and he looked much more like the serious young man attending his second year of collage he was suppose to be. Thankfully the American collage was free dress; Quatre felt much more at home in Arabian silk than tight cotton uniforms.

The black silk pants got in the way as he pulled on his shoes and the pale blue silk shirt fitted him easily and comfortably. Quatre knew his clothes and his ways often made him an outsider to his other class mates, but he had long since given up caring, all that mattered was his degree.

He stopped, his eyes falling on the crumpled napkin on his desk. His eyes lit up at the memory of him. Duo Maxwell. The other teen had managed to haunt Quatre's dreams, not that he had complained in the slightest.

Delicious. Quatre hesitated just a bare moment before picking up the napkin and making his way to the phone picking it up and dialling the number.

The phone rang once... Twice.

There was a loud clatter at the other end as somebody picked up the phone, dropped it, cursed and picked it up again.

"If this isn't an insanely beautiful guy I'm hanging up," came the man's voice with a slightly slurred American accent on the other end.

Quatre grimaced, realising he'd woken the boy up. "This is Quatre; I was looking for Duo."

There was the slightest of pauses and then a soft chuckle that reverberated up Quatre 's spine, "Well, I guess I won't be hanging up on you than. Look Q-man, unlike you I have no classes till this afternoon and I need my beauty sleep. I'll meet up with you after class. See ya."

And like that, the American boy, Duo Maxwell, was gone. Quatre stared at the phone for a few seconds before rolling his eyes and putting it down. "Damn him," he muttered to himself, picking up his books from the desk and leaving his room.


Quatre made his way through his classes with his mind a whirl of the violet-eyed imp that had enchanted him the night before. As he walked through the college he kept hoping to see a glance of the chestnut braid, or his cute arse. Strange, he mused, reserved the Arabian teen had already surprised himself, first by taking up Duo's offer to dance and then acting on impulse and calling him this morning.

Quatre was beginning to worry about his obsessive behaviour as he moved out of one of his lecture halls.

And came to a sudden stop.

Leaning against the wall was a vision. He wore black leather hipsters and a black crop top, the vest with the red Chinese dragon's on it fell around his lithe form. His braid, tied with a violet ribbon, fell to his thighs.

It took Quatre a few seconds to remember to breath.

"Howdy stranger," Duo grinned, his American accent much more pronounced when he used his sexy whisper.

Quatre's heart skipped a beat and he somehow managed to forget the students milling around them. "Howdy yourself," he propped himself up against the wall in front of Duo. "Sorry for waking you up."

The slightly taller boy shrugged, watching Quatre who was perving on the way his muscles rippled invitingly under his shirt. "No biggy, just don't do it again," he grinned feraly, "I can be a real animal when I'm woken up like that."

Quatre lifted an amused eyebrow. "You're not an animal at any other time?" Quatre pulled up short: was he flirting with Duo?

The American actually chuckled. The halls were clear of students now. "What? Like you were on the dance floor last night? Do you attack strangers like that often?"

Quatre flushed, "That was the first time!"

"Virgin!" Duo accused lightly.

"And besides, you attacked me!"

Duo pondered the remark for a moment. "True, but you didn't push me away, so we're even, right tiger?" He caught sight of something behind Quatre, pushing himself lightly off the wall. "Yo Trowa!"

Quatre turned his head slightly and almost drowned in a pair of sea green eyes. This second boy was huge, towering almost impossibly over the two teens. His hair was a dark caramel and somehow managed to keep one eye almost completely hidden. He was wearing the jeans Duo had been wearing the night before and a green turtle neck. Unlike Duo he actually had some books in his hands, Quatre saw the title of Veterinary Science on one.

He looked at Quatre, the corner of his lips turned slightly in a small smile as he moved beside Duo.

And slipped his spare arm around the shorter teen's waist and ducking his head for a searing kiss.

So he's good with animals, Quatre thought, wishing the floor open and swallow him up. They were obviously a couple, his mind twirled, and the sexy giant here is going to kill me for fucking around with his boyfriend. Best run.

Duo obviously had other ideas as he broke the kiss, a little breathless, and took the books from Trowa. "Quatre Winner, this sexy bitch is Trowa Barton."

Trowa shot Duo a warning glare before turning his green eye on Quatre. "So you were the one who woke Duo up this morning, never seen him so happy to be woken up by anyone," another small smile.

"Really?" Quatre fell back on diplomacy to help get himself out of this. "I'll be sure to give a little more notice next time. I just wanted to thank him for the dance last night-"

Duo was suddenly behind him. "Which brings us to the point of this whole conversation," he bent slightly to whisper seductively in the blonde's ear. "Come dancing with us tonight."

"I... I really couldn't," Quatre stammered. Giant Trowa would kill him, he wasn't sure he'd be able to contain himself if Duo got him out on the dance floor again. "I have so much homework to do-"

"Duo says you're a great kisser."

Trowa suddenly stepped forward, Quatre was going to take a step backwards when Duo's firm hand pressed into his middle back, keeping him in place. Trowa's hands caught his face gently and he leaned down, capturing Quatre's lips in his own. Quatre melted instantly, his lips parting and his tongue rubbing lightly against Trowa's bottom lip. Trowa growled softly, his own tongue playing for dominance and winning.

Quatre's arms wrapped around his waist and pulled the taller boy closer and effectively deepening the erotic kiss.

Quatre had to pull away for air, gasping softly, his head swimming. What were they doing to him? It was like a drug he couldn't get enough of.

Trowa sexily smiled, almost causing Quatre's legs to buckle. He ran the pad of his thumb along Quatre's swollen bottom lip. "Duo was right."

Duo chuckled, kissing the nape of Quatre's neck softly before they both pulled away.

"I never lie."

"We'll come and get you," Trowa smiled, Duo slipping an arm around his waist and winked at Quatre before they left heading down the hall and around a corner.

Quatre stared at them until they were long gone. He smiled, heading to his next class. "Guess I'm going dancing tonight..."

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