Author: Mel
Rating: R/NC-17
Pairings: 1X2X3X4X5
Warnings: Yaoi, AU, Relena/Zechs bashing, Lemon and dark eventually
Spoilers: none, AU
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Disclaimer: Gundam Wing isn't mine, I'm making no money from this.
Comments: I've been going to do this for a while, but hadn't got around to writing it. The pairings are fairly broad range, and, hopefully, they'll work well together. Also, I'm not in uni/college yet, so I'm guessing with most of the stuff. The movie 'Save the last dance' and the 'Night World' series are the inspiration for this.

Life Blood... Chapter 12

Maybe there's a God above,
And all I ever learned from love
Was how to shoot at someone who out drew you.
It's not a cry you can hear at night,
And it's not somebody who has seen the light,
It's a cold and broken


When Heero came into the room he could feel that something had changed among his comrades. He could smell it on the air around them. Trowa and Duo sat on the floor together, the tall Latin boy rocking his braided companion, whispering in his ear. Wufei sat on the bed, an ever-present book in his hand, his black hair hanging loose around his face. One long fingered hand played with the locks of Quatre's hair as the blond slept on peacefully beside him. Quatre's hair itself was damp, the rest of him dry and clad only in a pair of light blue boxers.

They looked up at him as he entered, the three who remained awake, green, violet and onyx eyes glanced up at him in varying mixtures of surprise and interest. He crooked a finger at the three of them, opening the door further. They stood and filed past him and he closed the door quietly behind them, not waking Quatre. He leaned against the closed door, watching the three of them as they watched him.

"Why didn't you tell us?"

Trowa and Duo looked slightly confused but Wufei sighed slightly.

"How did you know?" He asked softly.

Heero rolled his eyes, "It all but radiates off him Wufei. It's not that hard to notice."

Trowa's eyes widened slightly, "I didn't notice with everything that has happened, but you're right, when did this happen." He was now looking at Wufei too.

Duo continued to look confused. "What's going on?"

"Quatre killed a Vampire."

The words hung in the air for a few moments before Duo broke into a huge smile.

"He's one of us!" He whispered, excited, but not wishing to yell, as it would awaken the sleeping blonde beyond the door. "We don't have to hide him away anymore."

"I don't know if killed is the right word," Wufei confessed, "I think released is a more fitting term." Again they all looked surprised, but Wufei explained. "It was like he just felt so sorry for the creature that he set it free from itself. The Vampire even looked happy about it, but I've never seen someone look so sad as Quatre did the moment he killed the creature. That and the fact he lights up like the fireworks on the fourth of July." Now he looked at Heero, a look of interest filling his onyx eyes. "And he leaves no corpse, just like you don't. . ."


Sometime later, after they returned quietly to the room and the sleeping Quatre when there was a knock on the door. Quatre woke, pulling on a dressing gown on quickly, blinking the lazy sleep from his eyes. Trowa opened the door and Miliardo stood there quietly.

Whatever cutting remark had been dancing on Wufei's lips died as he took one look at the Vampire's haggard expression. The older Peacecraft looked as if the world had begun to close in around his ears.

"You had best come down stairs." He whispered sombrely, his bright blue eyes dull for the moment. He stepped back, leaving the door open as he waited for them in the hallway. They exchanged surprised glances: Miliardo had been full of surprises lately, and was even acting relatively civil of late. Whilst Quatre got dressed quickly Heero joined the blonde out in the hall. They didn't bother to close the door behind them and though he couldn't quite see either of them, he could hear them speaking.

"What's going on?"

He could all but hear Miliardo shake his head. "Not here, wait till we get down stairs." There was a slight pause as Quatre slipped his shirt over the top of his head. "You really have to see 'Lena, she's a little hysterical, she needs her friends around her now."

Quatre toed on his shoes and they all filed out into the hallway, closing the door behind them. No one said anything as they made their way quietly down stairs. It took Quatre a few moments to realize just how quiet the dorms were. It was a Sunday, usually there were the remanets of some all night Saturday party in the hallways. But not today... today silence reigned and it caught Quatre off guard, he didn't like it.

The foyer of the dormitory was nothing overly interesting. It was used as a meeting area; hallways and staircases led off to all sides, taking the unknowing traveller through a maze of rooms that were possibly better left unseen by everyone except those who lived in there. It also led to the courtyard, an open area with half dead trees that had seen a few too many parties and some ugly wooden benches that students wouldn't steal for that very fact.

In the foyer it seemed half the student population had congregated, and what Quatre saw made him stop. What he could feel almost knocked him off his feet. Pain, so much pain and hurt rolled off the bodies around him, hitting his own in full force that he stumbled back into Wufei. Wufei's own face paled considerably, the blood running from it.

"Dear God," the softly whispered words brought Heero, Duo and Trowa's eyes to them in bare moments. Trowa reached out, face etched in worry and confusion, his nostrils flared, as if he could smell what had disturbed them.

A sound, a jumble of syllables pulled together in pain and anguish and cried out drew their attention. Relena was up the stairs to their position and into Duo's arms before anyone could even blink. The braided boy stared down at her in alarm, his arms automatically wrapping around the shuddering form. Relena clung to him, her frame wracked with sobs. Duo did not like the girl, but he had never been able to leave anyone in such a state, so he rested the top of his head to hers, whispering soft words into her floral scented hair.

"What's going on?" Trowa asked softly.

"They found the Headmaster this afternoon," Miliardo told them softly, "She had hung herself from the rafters in her office."

"One of the freshmen found her," Relena whimpered against Duo's chest, sobs slowing. "She just didn't stop screaming. I couldn't stop that poor girl from screaming and screaming. And when I looked up-" Relena didn't say anymore, dissolving into heavier sobs, clinging to Duo.

Duo sighed, his hands stroking the small blonde's back as she could not stop crying. Over the top of her head he looked at the others. Another dead in just a few days was beginning to take a toll on them all, especially Relena, who seemed to take both deaths fairly heavily. He looked over at the others, his eyes sympathetic. They hadn't know the headmaster anywhere near as well as Relena, who seemed to know everyone, but they too felt the sadness of another death in the school, especially so soon after Hilde's.


The cry from below them brought all their eyes to the figure that entered the foyer. It was a young woman, her blue eyes scanning the foyer quickly, obviously looking for Trowa. Her hair was auburn and short, left out and curling around her neck in silky waves. Though she was obviously a few years older then them, she wasn't that old and still quite beautiful. She wore a pair of jeans, designer, and a green shirt that brought out the colour of her eyes. While at the moment she looked like a normal girl, Quatre knew her.

He'd seen more then enough photos of her in the last few years. She was Catherine Bloom, Vice President of Barton industries. She was one of the most influential people in the business world.

Quatre hoped she wouldn't recognize him, that would be embarrassing. For a moment he wondered why Miss Bloom would be looking for Trowa, when a light bulb practically went off inside his head.

Trowa Barton was the president of Barton Industries. His sister ran the company for the most part while he studied, even though it was quite obvious to every one in the business world that unless Catherine died, her brother wouldn't take over. Trowa was that brother and for a few seconds it amazed Quatre. But the look of pure elation on Trowa's face stopped him from asking any questions. Trowa was a quiet person, which was something Quatre always relied on, if he ever just wished for compatible silence Quatre could feel free to curl up on Trowa's lap and enjoy the silence. He now got a chance to see a side of Trowa he rarely saw as the tall teen made his way down the stairs and took his older, but much shorter sister into his arms. The loving, ableit protective, brother Quatre added to himself as he watched Trowa's arm move around Catherine's waist in a protective manner as he guided her back up the stairs to the rest of them.

Catherine is a bit of a surprise to Quatre. While he had been expecting a young business, no-nonsense, woman, what he got was a concerned sister and friend. Catherine hugged Heero and Wufei, much to their obvious embarrassment, but they welcomed the embrace none the less. Though she didn't hug Duo as he still had his arms full of Relena, she stroked his hair and kissed him softly on the temple. And then she was back to Trowa's arms; the taller younger man sagged into her hold, the tension of the last few days easing from his frame.

Quatre felt a stab of homesickness pierce him and he wished beyond measure that Iria were here with him. But his sister was off somewhere in Egypt, with her husband Rashid and his young niece Cally. Of all his sisters, Iria was the one Quatre was closest to and it was times like these that he missed her to death.

When Trowa turned Catherine to meet him only the rigorous training Quatre had received in his youth kept him from turning tail and fleeing. As it was Catherine's eyes lit up as if she recognized his face but was unsure where to place it.

"Cathy, this is Quatre." Catherine grinned and Quatre couldn't help but smile back, albeit a little tiredly. There was still that confused look in her eyes but Quatre was thankful that she didn't push.

"It's wonderful to finally meet you Quatre, Trowa and the boys speak of little else." Catherine's grip on his hand was firm, assertive as Quatre new it would be. Though she did look genuinely pleased to meet him, sadness hung on her features, her blue eyes soft. "I came as soon as I heard of Hilde and I heard about the principal on my way in. Oh Trowa, I'm so sorry."

Catherine let go of Quatre's hand to take Trowa up in her arms. If Relena and Miliardo had not been there Quatre was sure he would have burst into tears. As it was the dark haired young man hugged his older sister back with all the strength he possessed.

"Come," Wufei said softly, "Today is a sad day, we can talk in the room." Catherine pulled back from her brother, "Only because you asked so nicely, Wufei."

Duo slowly pulled back from Relena, her brother taking her up in his arms, reassuring her, soothing her. Duo's fingers continued to shift through her hair for a moment before he stepped fully away. Catherine hugged the teary-eyed young man quickly, her own eyes filling.

"You looked a little nervous."

Quatre scowled up at Heero, "Oh shut up."

"It'd be so much easier if you just told them."

"Why don't you tell them Heero?" This time it was Heero's turn to scowl.

"Don't go preaching to me what you can't do yourself."


"What do you want now? I told you, give me time."

"You don't have much time left Heero, you must choose, and soon."

"I will," Heero growled, "don't push this."

"You have two days Heero, don't screw around, or one of the boys will wake up dead."

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