Author: Mel
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Life Blood... Chapter three

and I have the sense to recognize that
I don't know how to let you go
every moment marked
with apparitions of your soul

---Sarah McLachlan

They were going to a different nightclub from the one they had been at the night before. Trowa insisted on Quatre that he would drive them, though the other boy protested greatly. He somehow got it imbedded in his skull that Trowa would feel like a taxi driver. It took much convincing, the two other boys finally giving up on talking him into it, dragged him down the stairs.

He was all but thrown into the back seat of Trowa's black jag, followed in by Duo. Trowa took the driver's seat, pausing to stare at the vision in the back through the rear vision mirror. Duo had moved so he was straddling the still reluctant Quatre. His protests were dying on his lips as the longhaired imp began to kiss and caress the sensitive skin around the blond teen's neck. Quatre's protests dissolved into a sultry moan as Duo's hands began to snake lower.

Trowa caught himself, blinking suddenly, remembering that they had a party to get to. He frowned. "Duo!" He said the name curtly, pulling the other boy's reluctant attention around from the blond teen. Quatre groaned softly at the loss of Duo's talented mouth, heavy lidded eyes opening slightly, peaking at Trowa's frowning face.

Duo sighed, getting gracefully off Quatre, but sitting next to him. "Your right, lets party."

Trowa smiled and nodded, putting the car into gear and taking off...


Quatre was more then a little confused at Trowa's reaction to Duo's teasing. They had both been quite happy to caress, tease and send him mad with desire, everything short of actual sex. And now? Now the party, the dancing was much more important. And who were they going to meet? He opened his mouth, about to voice his questions, when Duo placed a finger over his lips.

"You'll understand when we get there." He said softly, then snuggled up to Quatre's side. Surprised the other boy slipped his arms around Duo in return.

They remained like that in blessed silence, till Duo obviously got bored and started talking. Quatre learnt that the longhaired student was majoring in phycology, which he was finding incredibly boring, Trowa was majoring in Veterinary science, though there was no surprise in that.

Quatre himself was actually majoring in Law and economics. Doing the two different majors not only seemed to double the amount of time he would end up spending in college, but his workload was also huge. The only reason he did Biology was for the benefit of his older sister, Iria. It was her half-hearted attempt to get her younger brother into medicine like she was. Until now he had considered dropping it to ease his workload. But the idea of spending a few hours in Trowa's undivided company sounded like paradise.

As his thoughts began to drift in to dirty but incredibly sexy regions, still listening to Duo's babble, they arrived at the club. Things sort of happened in a blur between the car and getting into the large, brightly lit warehouse. There was an entrance, a bouncer and an incredibly long line of hopefuls waiting to get in. However, instead of waiting in line as Quatre had expected, he was ushered by the two boys to the door, which the bouncer actually opened for them and he was thrown inside. It took a few moments for his eyes to adjust to the dim light and his ears to the techno music, but with Trowa's hand clamped down on his arm, guiding him through the masses of people, he wasn't too worried. Duo all but pranced along in front of them.

Around them other people, both boys and girls, men and women, would reach out to touch either Trowa or Duo. It was like they were praising them, trying to touch whatever greatness they saw in them. Duo danced out of most of the touches and Trowa 's frosty gaze kept most people away. Quatre probably would have been more worried about it if Duo hadn't turned to smile at him.

"Wannabes!" he accused in disgust.

"Wannabes?" Quatre repeated it as a question.

"People who want to be us, or one of us," Trowa answered softly, still glaring.

"But why-"

"There they are!" Quatre's question was cut off by Duo's enthusiastic cry, his arm in the air, throwing a wave.

Quatre lifted his eyes to a small platform just above the dance floor. While everyone was milling around the floor, the platform itself was erringly empty. It housed a single but large table and two plush couches. One was taken, though it was large enough to fit three people comfortably, only two people were in it. As Trowa guided him on to the platform Quatre got his first decent look at the two occupants even as Duo was introducing them.

"Quatre Winner, this is Heero Yuy."

Heero wore little makeup, his sharp Japanese features didn't need much. His eyes were a cold cobalt blue, chocolate brown bangs falling into them. Dark charcoal eyeliner lay heavily on his eyes while eye shadow the same blue as his eyes fanned out from his lids. He wore black leather, an open jacket with no shirt covering rock hard abs, and pants that fit him like a leather glove. His legs were crossed at the ankles on the table in front of him.

Quatre smiled. "Yes, we've met."

Trowa's eyes narrowed, though his thoughts he kept to himself.

"And this is Wu-man." Duo continued, paying little attention to what was going on behind him.

The Chinese boy beside Heero glared at Duo, onyx eyes furious. He wore his black hair in a tight ponytail at the back of his head, slicked back and glossy. His features, not nearly as sharp as Heero's, were strong and fierce like his Chinese heritage. His clothes were black Asian silk, a red dragon pattern embroidered into the open shirt and his long black pants billowed around him. His eye shadow was a haunting crimson.

"That's `Wufei', Maxwell!"

"That's `Duo', Wu-man!" Duo sneered in return.

Wufei growled, leaning forward and grabbing Duo's hair in his fist, tugging hard. Duo yelped but wasn't complaining for long as Wufei's full lips covered Duo's in a fierce kiss. Duo grinned beneath the kiss, falling gracefully into Wufei's lap. Wufei didn't seem to mind, still keeping a possessive hand wrapped around Duo's long hair.

Quatre realised that he shouldn't have been surprised, after all the two teens had been quite open about their desires for each other, and then himself, and now... There was obviously more to the boys then just a bundle of hormones. Like five points of a star. Quatre startled himself, what a strange thought, and how unlike him. Almost prophetic.

Trowa took him by the waist, pulling him into the lounge opposite the other boys. His aquarium eyes flicked to Trowa, smiling, thankful for the taller boy's care. Trowa smiled in return. Quatre turned to the others in time to see Duo break the kiss, the need for air over running his ragging hormones. Heero leaned over, taking the longhaired teens chin between his fingers.

Duo grinned cheekily, "hey you."

"Hey yourself," Heero muttered, kissing him hungrily. Duo slipped his arms around Heero's neck, allowing the other boy to pull him off Wufei's lap and onto the seat between them. Wufei actually moved so that he was facing the two boys, both battling for dominance against the other, and slipped his arms around Duo's waist, burying his face in Duo's heavenly hair.

Quatre smiled even as Trowa's arms, still wrapped around his waist slipped beneath his shirt. He reined kisses down Quatre's neck, Quatre let his head fall back against Trowa's shoulder. He caught sight of Heero watching him, cobalt eyes met his aquarium ones. For a moment those blue eyes softened and Quatre, for the first time in a long while, warmed towards them.

And then it was gone and Heero's eyes closed off to him. He turned back to Duo, giving the other boy a soft kiss, before standing and walking away.

Surprised Duo watched him go, obviously about to start talking again, when Wufei took the opportunity to kiss the stunned teenager. Duo lost all thoughts of Heero as the Chinese teen commanded his attention.

Quatre sighed softly, pushing thoughts of Heero out of his mind as Trowa, who noticed the blonde boys reaction to Heero's obvious rejection, nipped lightly on his earlobe.

Wufei, apparently hearing Quatre above the music, eyed Quatre with heated black eyes. He looked at Duo, who grinned knowingly before pushing the other boy off him and toward Quatre. Wufei smiled at him.

"Time to see what moves you have Blondie," teeth showing Wufei pulled him off the seat and down onto the dance floor.

Duo watched them go, moving and sitting next to Trowa. "He looks like he's having fun," he commented, even as Trowa bent down to kiss his lips. He tasted like lavender...

"He deserves it," Trowa added softly, "actually, we all deserve it, it's going to be a busy week, did you notice how many of them are here?"

Duo stuck out his tongue, rolling his violet eyes, "You guys just assume I'm clueless, I'm just as competent as the rest of you-"

Trowa smiled, "yeah, I know." They were silent for a few moments as they watched as Wufei brought Quatre onto the floor. They could all but see Quatre blushing from where they were, but that stopped as a new song stared and Wufei brought him in close. His hands rested on the other boy's hips and in moments they were noes to noes. Wufei was whispering to him, Quatre licked his lips nodding softly to something he had said.

Duo smiled, "gonna join them?"

Trowa shook his head. "I'll wait for Heero," kissing Duo on the temple, "you go."

Duo shrugged, licking his lips, "suit yourself," he muttered before jumping up and moving quickly to the dance floor. He slid in behind Quatre, taller then the two of them, and lifted his arms so that they managed to wrap around both Quatre's and Wufei 's necks, making Quatre smile even as Wufei kissed him...


"Why him?" Heero's voice was icy.

"Because he's a point, surely you know that," this other voice was just as cold, Heero winced at what he was called. "One of the five points of the star."

"Stay out of his mind," Heero hissed.

Eyes were rolled, "I forgot you had a problem with that." The voice dripped with sarcasm. "You're not going to stop it you know, they're to close."

"Leave them alone."

"They're just meat Heero," the voice whispered even as the Japanese boy walked away...

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