Author: Mel
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Life Blood... Chapter four

I loose all control
When you grab a hold
And you do your trick
I love it when you lick


Quatre woke in a drunken haze the following morning. His head and mind were foggy, his tongue felt like lead, and though there was no splitting headache, Quatre new he had drunk just a little too much the night before. Being Duo's drinking buddy had obviously been a rather large mistake on his part. As he made his way through the misty mess that was waking up Quatre noticed a few things.

The smell of soft spice that usually filtered through the room from open incense pots was not there, nor was the feel of his silk sheets beneath his body. Instead they were fluffy cotton.

It was about now that he became aware of the arm around his bare waist, resting on the band of his pants, and another resting lightly against his chest.

He let his eyes open slowly, and in the soft glow of the morning sunlight he saw he was not in his room. Far from it in fact. And he smiled.

The bed he was in was large, it had to be, as all five boys were curled up in it. In front of Quatre lay Wufei and the Chinese boy was pressed close to him, his hand grazing lightly across Quatre's chest. The touch brought goose bumps to the boy's skin. His face lay peaceful in his sleep and his ebony hair fell unhinded across his face.

It was Trowa's arm that rested comfortably around his waist and his beautiful torso rested against Quatre's back. He could feel Trowa's warm breath brushing against the hair at the very top of his head. It made the Arabian's own breath catch in the back of his throat and he held it as his aquarium eyes raked over the remaining figures in the bed. Duo lay curled up to Wufei's back, facing away from him. His braid was caught possessively in Wufei's hand whilst the trail of it was actually in his hand, the silken strands slipping in and out of his fingertips. And then facing Duo was Heero, his arm around Duo's body and his hand cupping the American boy's face. Absolutely beautiful.

His eye flicked to the clock just behind Heero's head and they widened as they saw the time. So not good, Quatre's mind span in alarm, I'm late.

Quatre was never late. He was a good student, he had a lot to live up to. He could almost see the look of disappointment on Iria's face if she knew he was starting to miss his classes. It was, of course, possible that Quatre was over reacting, his sisters did love him after all, and as long as he was happy they would be. But Quatre wasn't exactly in the state of mind to think that way.

His body minutely stiffened in his alarm but it was more than enough to awaken the other four occupants of the bed.

Wufei's eyes snapped open and Quatre found himself unable to look away. It was like something held him in his piercing gaze. Quatre could feel himself falling in a swirling heat of ancient strength. He could not move, not shift away from the dark ebony eyes that suddenly held him completely captive. Quatre felt Trowa's arm tighten around his waist and Duo shift in the bed. And then Heero's arm reached around Duo and clutched Wufei's shoulder.

The spell was broken and Quatre blinked in surprise. What on Earth had that been?

"What's wrong?" Wufei asked, his voice soft and slightly slurred. Wufei obviously felt a little more hung over then Quatre did.

"I'm going to be late," Quatre whispered, his voice sounding foolish in his own head. Who could care about school when he was in bed with four gorgeous men who wanted him there as well?

"Then you'd best be going." Trowa murmured softly, his breath tickling the side of his pale neck as the taller boy shifted so his lips could brush against Quatre's ear. "You can use the shower if you want."

"But I have no clothes here." Quatre gasped as Trowa's teeth nibbled the ear lobe. Suddenly Quatre didn't want to go anywhere. He groaned as Wufei smiled shortly, ducking his head to caress Quatre's neck with his lips and tongue.

"Oh for Christ's sake," Duo grumbled, even worse off then Wufei. "OW, Wufee, that's my god damn hair, let go!" The tail of the braid was tugged furiously out of their hands even as Duo covered his head with a pillow. "Look, I have no classes until this afternoon, I would like to sleep as long as possible if you don't mind. You can have your pillow kissing sessions later, just not now." Duo's voice was a little muffled by the pillow, but they got the idea and reluctantly let go of each other. "Thank you," Duo grumbled, "there are some clothes of yours in the bag by the bathroom door Quatre."

Quatre had little time to contemplate the fact that Duo and Trowa had known that he would come home with them last night before Trowa and Wufei were both propelling him out of the bed. There was a shifting and Heero, Wufei and Duo snuggled up to each other again and Trowa was guiding Quatre to the bathroom. Trowa was unaffected by the night's antics apparently but he did seem to glow, like the night had restored something to him that he had lost the day before.

Trowa smiled down at him, ducking his head and his lips brushed softly against Quatre 's. Quatre had to stand on his toes as he pressed back into his kiss, lifting his arms so that they caught around Trowa's neck, playing with the silky strands of his hair. The soft kiss deepened as Quatre ran his tongue along Trowa's bottom lip until Trowa's mouth opened up over his and allowed him entrance. Trowa groaned hungrily into Quatre's kiss, pulling the smaller teen closer by the hips, rubbing his hardening erection against Quatre's, and sending the Arabian boy's knees weak with desire.


Trowa broke the kiss and they found one violet eye peaking out at them from beneath the sheets and two other sleeping lanky teens. "Go to school you two!" Duo hissed at them.

Trowa pulled reluctantly away from Quatre, his arousal painfully obvious in his boxers even as he pushed Quatre into the bathroom and shutting the door behind him. This left Quatre alone in the room with a raging hard on and about two minutes to have a shower and get to class.


It was another two hours before Duo woke up again. He did it slowly and in his own time, glad not to be rudely awakened this way. Well, not so rudely, he thought with a smile. The sight of Trowa all but seducing Quatre had been almost too delicious to stay in bed for. But he had needed sleep at the time and if they had kept going-

He would have joined them, even with the hang over.

Duo was feeling better now, after the extra sleep, and he opened his eyes slightly. He was curled up to Wufei's bare back, his braid once again clutched in his hand. I swear Hee-chan and Wu-man have an abnormal obsession with that thing, Duo thought with a soft sigh. Speaking of Heero, he wasn't in bed with them.

Snuggling closer into Wufei's back he brushed the hair out of the Chinese teen's face. "Where's Heero?" he breathed into his ear.

"He said he had something to do," Wufei grumbled, sounding only slightly awake, his eyes still closed.

Duo grinned, his hands moving down Wufei's back to play lightly with the band of the other boy's white pants. Kissing his neck softly he thought of ways he could change Wufei's sleepy tones. Wufei smiled and opened his eyes, "Good morning to you too, Maxwell."

"I thought," Duo started, getting sidetracked by the smooth flesh of his shoulders, "I said," he nipped slightly, causing Wufei the groan low in his throat, "don't call me Maxwell." Duo's hands slipped into his clothes, cupping Wufei's ass.

Wufei arched, pushing back into Duo's caress. "You love it," he hissed softly, turning around to face him as Duo pulled his hands out of his pants. Black eyes smouldered at him, desire burning deep within them.

"I bet you say that to all the-" Duo didn't get a chance to finish the cocky reply as Wufei's mouth suddenly attached itself to his own, his tongue pushing forward hungrily and plundering Duo's mouth. Duo opened instantly for him, his violet eyes fluttering closed and the grin dissolving from his lips. Wufei didn't seem to be in the most playful of moods, but Duo didn't mind as Wufei pressed his body hard into his own, his erection grinding painfully into his.

They broke apart when breathing became a necessarity. Duo took the chance to retake control of the situation as Wufei's fingers broke the band that kept his hair in place, quickly unravelling the chestnut waves out of the braid. Flipping the small Chinese boy he straddled Wufei's hips, shaking out his hair and letting it brush against his back. He captured Wufei's wrists as his hands went to caress his chest. Kissing the sensitive flesh on the inside of his wrists, Duo then bent down to capture the other boy's swollen lips and held his arm above his head.

"Don't touch," Duo breathed, his lips brushing against Wufei's with each word. Wufei groaned against his lips but understood, his hands wrapping around the bars of the head of the bed. It was Duo's turn to please him.

Smiling again, Duo let go of his wrists and kissed him, letting his lips trail the burning sensation down his skin sending the shudders of pleasure straight to Wufei's cock. Duo paused only slightly in his downward spiral to blow lightly on Wufei's nipples. He watched them harden and Wufei's small frame shiver in desire. He nipped slightly at the over sensitive flesh around his navel, dipping his tongue into the indent and wrenching a moan from Wufei's lips. His hands followed and passed the wet trail his mouth and tongue had left against the golden flesh and now toyed with the band of the white trousers.

Wufei could only groan as he lifted his hips allowing Duo to take his pants off unhinded. His erection sprang and Duo smiled, licking the pearly drop of pre-cum from the tip. Holding Wufei's hips duo blew softly on the tip, watching as Wufei shivered in delight. Wufei gasped, throwing his head back as Duo engulfed his member suddenly, taking him right to the hilt. Sucking softly he made his way back up the shaft until he kissed the tip in what could almost be considered chaste, if he wasn't giving his lover a blowjob.

"Duo," Wufei whimpered, "would you please stop fucking around?"

"Hmmm?" Duo probably would have said more if his mouth wasn't full again. One hand, that had been holding Wufei's hips, slipped down his body. Carefully he slipped a finger slowly into Wufei, followed by a second. Wufei groaned, hooded eyes watching as Duo sucked hard on his flesh.

He was so close.

And Duo's fingertips touched him deep inside, brushing lightly against his pleasure sensors. Shuddering at the touch he felt Duo smile around his erection, touching him again and sucking hard. Wufei opened his mouth in a silent scream, throwing his head back as he erupted into Duo's mouth. Duo swallowed, not letting a single drop spill before he crawled back up Wufei's body. Wufei kissed him hungrily, tasting himself on Duo's lips.

Duo smiled at him. "I need a shower. Care to join me?"

Wufei smiled in return, "I thought you'd never ask!"


"So I heard he slept with you last night."

Heero glared at the figure. The day was bright and the students walked around, talking loudly to one another. Heero lent against the wall of an incredibly quiet hallway. The figure stood across from him, shrouded in shadows.

"Tell me how that is any of your business?" Heero growled, blue eyes cold.

"Oh, it's not? But I thought you weren't going to get involved, so much for that." There was a slight snort. "He's not incredibly stupid, he is going to realise that you and the others slipped something into his drink. You don't pass out and then wake up without an incredible headache. No Human does."

"Shut up, and don't call me and tell me useless shit. If I wanted your opinion I'd ask for it." Heero hissed, walking away.

"You're not going to learn Heero, all you're doing is pushing them away."


Quatre finished late that day. He hadn't meant to, in fact he had to call Trowa to cancel his lunch with the other boys. He made his way out of the library and the sun had already long gone down. He moved quickly across campus, he would be happy to get to their room.

He smiled slightly at that thought, their room.

Cutting across a small courtyard he didn't notice the footsteps echo along behind him. He rounded a corner, his mind a whirl with not so innocent thoughts when something caught him by the shoulder. He was slammed into the wall and his eyes widened.

This creature was not human.

It snarled at him, it's eyes molten silver. The face was wild, a predator, a real one, eyes reflecting the light as a tiger's would. Its mouth was open, a primeval growl filled the air. And fangs long and elongated, curved light almost to its lips, bearing down on Quatre's terrified form.

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