Author: Mel
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Life Blood... Chapter six

Are you ready maybe?
Do you long to confess?
Do you feel that you're already numb?
Are you sure of yourself?
Would you lie if you're not?


The room was surprisingly sunny for a Thursday afternoon. It was the only day of the week that all the boys had to get up early so the room was bare for the majority of the time. Now, however, it was full, and the five boys took up all of the space provided. Duo took the bed, lying on his stomach and his chin resting on crossed arms, with Trowa beside him, his hand clutching the braid that would have trailed on the floor if he weren't holding it. Wufei and Quatre were on the floor in front of the bed, Wufei's arms were wrapped lightly around Quatre as the Arabian boy sat in lotus position between his legs. Wufei found himself being distracted by the smell of Quatre's spice ridden hair and rained kisses along the back of his shoulders. Quatre sighed and allowed himself to fall back into his embrace. He was so tired, so sick of thinking, sick of everything. And right now all he wanted to do was to forget.

But he did owe the others a chance to explain to him what was going on.

Heero had taken up the only armchair in the room, looking thoughtful, his blue eyes watching Quatre. Quatre was also watching him, through half lidded lashes as his head lolled on Wufei's shoulder.

It was surprisingly Heero who spoke first. "Are you sure you want to know this Quatre?"

Quatre looked at Heero, more then a little alarmed that he had even addressed him. But he nodded, his blond hair falling into his eyes even as Wufei pushed it out of the way. "Yes," he whispered, "I want to know."

"Firstly," Duo started, "get everything thing you know about vampires into your head. Everything." There was a slight pause. "Now forget it. The majority of it's bullshit, made up by people who don't know what the hell they're talking about."

"The first major thing you must realise is that these Vampires don't drink blood, they drink a persons life force. Take it right from your very soul." Trowa explained.

"And trust me, baby, it hurts like hell when they do it the way that Prick tried to do to you last night." Duo muttered furiously, hissing as Trowa tugged at his braid, glaring at him. "They feed off heightened emotions, and fear has a habit of being one of the easiest to produce, hence the teeth and the hissing. Emotions like love and hate are the strongest, but also harder to entice."

"And Relena and Miliardo are Vampires. Like the one that attacked me last night?"

"Sort of," Wufei murmured from behind him. "There are two kinds Quatre, a made Vampire and a born Vampire."

"A born Vampire is born of other Vampires." Trowa continued, "they grow just like human children, with a few small differences. They're beautiful, always stunningly so. They're physically perfect."

Quatre, whose sister was a doctor, found that incredibly hard to believe, but Duo was talking again before Quatre got a chance to say anything.

"And they have to feed off the energy off other living beings to survive. They're also stronger, faster and immortal. They don't have problems with diseases like people do, and they don't die of old age. If left alone they live forever. Wood, silver, holy water and crosses do absolutely nothing to injure them at all. From what Relena has said there are only four things that have been able to kill them."

There was silence for a moment until Quatre couldn't handle it anymore. "What can kill them?"

"Us." Wufei whispered from behind him.

The simple word caused a shiver down Quatre's spine, but he wasn't sure why. "You? Those creatures can only be killed by your hands?"

"Well, only Duo can kill them with his hands." Duo grinned manically at Trowa's confession, "the rest of us use weapons. Wufei's sword, my knives and Heero, well, whatever he has handy."

"But only you four can kill vampires? That's a little connivent don't you think, having you all in the one place."

"Connivent? Quatre, you make it sound like there's someone out to get us, don't be silly." Duo said with a soft laugh. "The only thing out to get us is the vampires we kill."

They were getting off track Quatre realised, brining them back to the point. "But how are made Vampires different from Born Vampires?"

"Well, born Vampires grow and age as people do, until they want to stop of course." Trowa answered his question, "but Made Vampires are humans changed into Vampires and they stay the same age forever."

"Traditionally they're nowhere near as strong as born Vampires, but after a long time they can grow to be." Wufei expanded.

"How do they `make' Vampires?" It was the one thing that confused Quatre so far.

"Who knows, we just kill `em." Duo muttered icily.

"And why not Relena and Miliardo?" Quatre looked at them, "I mean, it's obvious that you wouldn't mind.

"You're right, we wouldn't mind, they're both such- well, you know, you've met them! They're hideous!" Duo hissed as Trowa tugged his braid.

"That is true," Wufei murmured, "there have been times when taking to Miliardo with a sword has been the only thing on my mind. But it comes down to ethics. Relena and Miliardo don't harm what they feed from, even humans kill what they eat."

"That and the fact that our little social bunny Relena is our ditzy link to the born Vampire's lives." Duo didn't sound all too excited with the fact.

"They're born Vampires? How old are they?" Duo shrugged and the other's seemed just as clueless. "How is Relena the link then?"

"She's the daughter of some aristocrat from what I can gather and she finds out about all the Vampires who go around killing people."

"And they're the ones you go after?"

"Bingo, told ya the kid's get it." Duo beamed even as Quatre glared at the term `kid

"Can I. . ." Quatre paused, realising he was probably going to over step some boundaries. He wasn't stupid, he knew they had kept him in the dark in an attempt to keep him safe. "Can I come with you?"

"NO!" All four boys said at once.

"Why not?" Quatre had been ready for such a reaction. "Why can't I go with you? Would you rather have me out there, alone."

That seemed to stump all of them and they all looked at each other. Only Heero rolled his eyes, not believing that they were actually contemplating it. There was like a conversation running between the four young men as they looked at each other and Quatre felt distinctively alone. He shivered in Wufei's embrace.

"All right," Came Wufei's soft whisper, his arms tightening around Quatre's arms. "Come with us, just don't say we didn't warn you." His lips slowly trailed up Quatre 's neck, trying to calm the obviously shaky boy. Duo too slipped from the bed, crawling along the floor on all fours, his body swaying slowly back and forth. He rose so his weight rested on his knees and lent forward, pressing his lips softly to the trembling pair that were Quatre's.

Quatre allowed his eyes to close and his lips to part, Duo's tongue slipping though those lips. Wufei's mouth sucked at the hollow of his neck, drawing a deep moan from the blond boy whose own arms slipped around Duo's waist.

Heero reached out, taking Trowa's hand in his own and pulled the Latin boy onto his lap, lifting the hair out of his eyes to kiss him softly on the lips. For a few moments the room fell into a comfortable silence as the five boys drew enjoyment from just being with each other.

But only for a moment.

Duo was then pulling Quatre to his feet, therefore lifting Wufei too. "Come on, time to party."


It was Trowa who dragged Quatre back to his room. Not that the blonde complained much on the way, enjoying the view of the taller boy's arse as he walked along behind him. They reached Quatre's room all too soon as far as Quatre was concerned, fishing the key out of his back pocket. Slipping it into the lock, Trowa took the opportunity to run his hands down Quatre's back, resting them on his hips and pulling the Arabian close to him. Quatre smiled as Trowa's lips tugged at his earlobe hungrily.

"Trowa, please, I have to grab some clothes."

Trowa growled but let go, letting Quatre open his door. Quatre chuckled shaking his head. Even after all that had happened today, the others were in the mood to party. And Quatre was more then willing.

He checked his messages while Trowa disappeared into his wardrobe, looking for clothes for him to wear. Happy to relinquish control of his clothing to someone who knew what they were doing and pressed the button on his answering machine.

"Hey little brother, give me a call when you get a chance, ciao."

Quatre smiled at the sound of his older sister Irai's voice.

"Who was that?" Trowa poked his head through the door.

"My older sister, she's a doctor and she always checks up on what I'm doing."

"Are you going to call her?" Trowa's head disappeared back into the wardrobe.

"Tomorrow," came the blonde's answer as he rewound the tape before he joined Trowa. "Find anything?"

Nodding the Latin boy folded the clothes he had picked over his arm and ushered Quatre quickly back to the other room. Quatre went peacefully, his mind on other things. Vampires. The word still flew around his mind, eluding his grasp. It was hard to believe that they existed. And yet one had attacked him, and one had leeched onto Heero, and another had teased them all, baring his teeth for the world to see. They had all been beautiful. And the men he was falling fast for all killed them.

Was that such a bad thing? Quatre couldn't help but wonder why he felt ill just thinking about. Why should there be a problem with killing those who kill others? Two wrongs don't make a right. It was a childish answer perhaps, but it was all the blond cold come up with.

His train of thought ended when they arrived back at the other room and Trowa pulled him inside. And almost straight into Wufei.

Wufei was a dream come true in his ankle length, open kimono. His chest was bare, showing off his muscular torso and he wore black pants beneath, his feet bare. The kimono was red, with a dragon print embroidered into it. He let his hair fall freely around his Asian face, his makeup a lot less overpowering then it had been the night before, even though his lids were once again coated in red eye shadow. He smiled at Quatre when he came in.

Quatre was trying not to drool as Trowa pushed him towards the bathroom where Duo was coming out of. Duo was decked in black leather, tight and form fitting. It was obvious he wore nothing beneath as the pants due to the absents of all lines. His top showed off his washboard stomach and left little to the imagination, being skin-tight and transparent. There was a silver chain around his hips and a white cross dangled from his neck. Tonight Duo wore his hair out, letting it fall around his body in silken tendrils as he danced around the room to the music from his stereo.

He grinned at Quatre and also shoved him into the bathroom, suddenly becoming interested in Trowa. Quatre rolled his eyes as he closed the door while Duo attacked Trowa, wrapping his body around the tall boy.

It took Quatre a few minutes to slip into the denim short-shorts that barely covered his arse. The shirt was easier and a pale gold. And see-through. It was supposed to be worn with something beneath but obviously Trowa didn't think it need it. Slipping the loose material over his head, Quatre caught site of his reflection in the mirror. His skin was flushed with the excitement of the on coming night, places still marked with the Henna. The gold shirt billowed around him and to his knees, caught in a draft and his sun drenched hair danced across his face. His blue eyes stared at him with the same intensity as a man from his all but forgotten past. An Arabian Prince.

The thought stopped Quatre dead and his breath caught in his throat. He was that prince today and the knowledge burned at his soul. Quatre had never wanted to be that prince, with millions of lives resting on his words. But one day he would be, and there was going to be nothing that he could do about it.

Quatre turned from his reflection, attempting to banish the thoughts from his head. He was no prince, he was just a normal boy. With normal. . . Boy friends. And life sucking vampires. Perhaps he wasn't that normal after all.

He walked out of the bathroom and was promptly attacked by a bundle of hyperactive hair.

"Party!" Duo's excited yell rocketed around the room. "Nice shorts Kat." He added, grabbing his arse and pulling him close. "Real nice," he murmured softer, letting his lips trail a line up Quatre's neck and to his lips.

"Party?" Trowa looked at Wufei who rolled his eyes. Trowa was in a green trench coat, making him look like some obscure flasher, but infinitely sexy at the same time. Heero, next to him, was in jeans and his leather jacket. Heero was never one for dressing up.

Wufei and Trowa moved forward, Wufei grabbing Duo by the hair and Trowa wrapped an arm around Quatre's waist lifting the small blond effortlessly. "Party," all four boys said together and Heero laughed. . .


"Well well, you seem to be having fun!"

"What do you want?" Came Heero's icy voice. He gave the shadowed figure his best glare, but it didn't seem to have any effect. The shadow just laughed. Heero snarled and turned back to the dance floor, watching Trowa and Wufei dance.

"I'm not going to cause you any problems tonight, go and have some fun."

Heero flicked his eyes back to the figure but they were gone. "What was that about?" He muttered out loud before shaking his head and joining the others on the dance floor. Heero wanted to forget, and dancing helped. But problems didn't go away by forgetting them. They only get worse...

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