Author: Mel
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Life Blood... Chapter seven

Scarlet daydream
It's red hot sex scene

---Holly Valace

Quatre took a few minutes to wake up on this Friday morning. The sunlight peaked through the window, bathing the blond with its colour. As his mind slowly returned from its sleepy confines he realised he was at the end of the bed today, with Duo in front of him. His long hair caught the early morning sunshine that fell across his face, and over his bruise.

His bruise?

Blooming out from the temple a large purple flare of colour covered the majority of the right side of his face. It wasn't so much the bruise that was the problem, it was the fact that Quatre didn't remember Duo getting it. And he had had one drink all night, and it wasn't even alcoholic, not nearly enough to make him pass out. So that left one option.

They had put something in his drink. Something to make him sleep.

Quatre was about to open his mouth and say something when an awful thud it the door.

"DUO MAXWELL!" Hilde's voice shrilled through the wood, successfully waking the rest of the beds occupants. There were groans and noises from the various boys in the room. "I know you're awake now Duo, don't make me come in there!"

His earlier fury forgotten, Quatre giggled, remembering Hilde's threat if Duo wasn't awake when she got here. The other three boys were busy pushing Duo out of the bed. Duo was reluctant, but the other boys were very insistent, and between Heero's death glares and Wufei and Trowa's threats of lots of pain, Duo was up and out of bed. He pulled himself quickly into some pants and a shirt, black of course. Hilde continued to bang on the door.

Wufei covered his head with a pillow. "Tell her to stop! That Onna does this every fuckin' Friday," Wufei groaned, invoking the Chinese word for woman, even though it was not a nice term to use, and often invoked as an insult. "I'd like to sleep in one day if that's all right!"

"Yeah, yeah," Duo growled, "don't you think I'm grumpy too?"

Quatre had already slipped on his silk pants and a white shirt while Duo was still trying to zip up his pants. Quatre quickly caught the thick strands of Duo's hair and started running a brush through them. Duo grinned. "I'll come with you, if you want."

Duo was pulling on his shoes when Quatre started pulling his hair into its braid. "Thanks Kat," Duo said around the constant banging on the door.

He opened it quickly, hoping to catch the blue haired German by surprised. No such luck, she was ready for that and kept her balance easily. She grinned. "You didn't take as long as you usually do."

"Get out of here, and shut the door, we're trying to sleep," Heero grumbled from beneath the blankets.

Hilde laughed, tugging on Duo's arm. "Sorry guys," she apologised, pulling Quatre out as well and closing the door behind them. "Now, come on, breakfast!"


Hilde was as chirpy as Duo was only she was awake. She was dressed in simple jeans and a T-shirt, with `Punk Rock' written across the front in black ink, and sat across the table from the two of them. She talked adamantly about anything and everything and Quatre couldn't help but warm to her. She was so honest and fresh. She smiled all the time though there were times when Quatre could only wonder why. The girl was such an outcast at school, it was a wonder that she managed to stay so happy.

"How do you do it?" Quatre asked, used to being the outcast himself. "How do you stay so happy?"

"Oh that's easy," the girl confessed, "I'm leaving here soon, just another semester and then I'm joining the army." Hilde grinned. "It's what I've always wanted to do, but I need the technical skills, that's the only reason I still go. That and Duo," she added at his put out look, pulling a grin from both boys. "You guys are probably the only reason I put up with half of the crap I get."

"We stop it where we can," Duo muttered, his face full of pancake. "But we can't be every where, and Relena has so many friends, and Milliardo's fan club isn't much help."

Quatre remembered the older Peacecraft and shuddered at the thought of him. All that power and beauty shouldn't be in just one creature. Hilde didn't seem to notice Quatre's edginess and the way he quickly turned the subject from the Peacecrafts. Anything that reminded him of Vampires at the moment was not a good thing. "What will you do?"

Hilde shrugged, "who knows, I'll figure it out later, when they give me my options. I don't really care, as long as I'm out of here." She smiled, "but what about you Quatre, what are you going to do with your life?"

He returned the smile, "My sisters want me to be a doctor, but I want to be an archaeologist."

"What about your parents, what do they want you to be?" Duo asked, looking over at the blond.

"I wouldn't know," came the wooden reply, "my mother died giving birth to me and my father no longer walks with the living. He hasn't for some years now."

Duo reached out and took Quatre's hand, "I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault. My father had a heart attack a few years ago, these things happen."

For a moment Duo's face clouded over and Quatre wondered what he could have possibly said to make him look like that. But whatever the emotion was, it was gone before Quatre got a chance to find out what was wrong. "So how many sisters do you have?"


"Twenty-nine! Shit!" Duo stared at him in surprise. "Did your father have a viagra diet or something?" Quatre stuck his tongue out at him and Hilde laughed.

"It'd be wonderful to have twenty-nine siblings." Hilde smiled at Quatre's look of disbelief. "Duo and I are orphans, Kat, we've had no family except each other since we were tiny. The idea that someone has even one brother or sister is marvellous to us. You shouldn't take them for granted."

Quatre smiled, "I don't, but it's difficult. They all want me to be something great and wonderful, like a doctor or a politician. But I love the idea of finding out about old nations, or even animal long since extinct. It isn't very glamorise and that's probably why they disapprove so much but I love it."

Duo grinned. "Good, it'd be really stupid if you were doing this for your sister's vision of your future, not your own."

"I'm glad you approve." Quatre leant forward and Duo took the opportunity to capture Quatre's soft lips in his own.

Hilde coughed, which sound remarkably like `get a room', drawing their attention firmly back to her. "Enough mushy stuff boys, I'm going to be sick, eat!"

The two boys smiled and went back to their food. Still, Duo was suddenly eating with his left hand as his other had its fingers interlocked with Quatre's below the table.


Late morning still saw the other three boys curled up in bed. Not necessarily asleep however. Heero had been awake since the moment Duo and Quatre had gone. Quatre Winner. It had been a long time, Heero had hoped he had forgotten him. But it was obvious Quatre hadn't.

Heero let go an almost disgruntled sigh and moved, going to get up. A hand shot out and caught his wrist.

"Where do you think your going?" came Wufei's growl from beneath a mound of pillows and blankets.

"No where," Trowa's answering murmur as he reached over his Chinese lover and caught Heero as well, pulling him back into the bed and their embrace.

Heero was surprised to find two sets of eyes staring heatedly at him.

Wufei pushed the pillow away, uncovering his head and bare torso. He propped himself up on one elbow and ran a finger down the centre of Heero's chest. The Japanese boy shivered, captivated by the look in Wufei's eyes. "You know, you left me in Duo's clutches earlier, it won't happen again."

Heero's soft protest was cut off as Trowa manoeuvred into a seated position and lent forward over top of Wufei, and devoured Heero's lips savagely. Wufei also moved forward, sucking on the sensitive flesh at the bottom of his throat. Moaning softly Heero let the two other boys push until he was on his back. Wufei straddled his hips, rubbing his clothed erection to Heero's, drawing another groan from him that Trowa caught with his lips.

Trowa pulled back, both boys left panting and Wufei ducked in, kissing Heero, his tongue demanding entrance to the other teen's mouth. Heero gave it eagerly, his tongue clashing with Wufei's in a battle of dominance that Wufei was winning as he rubbed his trapped arousal once more against Heero's. "You're going to pay for leaving me with Maxwell, Yui." He whispered against Heero's lips.

"You loved it," He hissed softly as Trowa latched onto a nipple, sucking hard.

"That's not the point," Wufei said icily and reached down, slipping his hands beneath the band of Heero's pants and grasping Heero. He groaned. "You will pay for leaving me with that bundle of hormones all morning."

By this point Heero really had no idea what Wufei was talking about and didn't really care. All that mattered was the feelings that Trowa and Wufei drew from his body. Trowa helped Wufei strip Heero of his pants, freeing his erection. Heero watched as both teens licked their lips as they both ached towards him. With Wufei's hand still wrapped around the base he licked the dew of precum from the slit at the top and Trowa's tongue joined his, fighting for dominance.

Wufei won and took the entirety of Heero's length into his mouth. Heero gasped, having the sound captured by Trowa's lips as the Latin boy kissed. Heero now found a use for his idle hands, one threading through Wufei's hair, the other pausing to clasp around Trowa's neck and then slide down his body. Trowa broke the kiss to rid himself of his own pants as Heero's questing fingers slipped around his hard length.

Wufei's mouth was rapidly causing Heero to loose all sense of sanity as he used his tongue and teeth to bring him to the brink and keep him there. Heero slipped his hand from off around Wufei's head to use his elbow to prop himself up. He ran his own tongue up the underside of Trowa's erection, causing him to gasp. The tongue rounded the head before Heero took the whole length into his mouth. Trowa bucked his hips, threading his fingers through Heero's messy locks.

The pace picked up as Wufei lifted his coal black eyes, watching Heero suck Trowa deeply between his lips. Knowing he wouldn't last much longer Heero let the hand that had been holding Trowa's hip slip around and brush the cleft of his ass, falling between the cheeks and brushing the puckered entrance he found there. Trowa cried out and all but slammed into Heero, shooting his essence down the Japanese teen's throat. Heero swallowed it all, groaning as Wufei sucked hard on him, brining him to completion straight after Trowa.

Wufei didn't swallow all of Heero's seed, letting it spill onto his hand as Trowa curled up beside Heero, the two sharing a passionate kiss, Trowa tasting himself on Heero's tongue. Wufei smiled as he watched them, drinking in the sight of two of the loves of his life embrace. But Wufei wasn't quite finished with Heero.

When his slick fingers slipped past passed Heero's opening it startled the two boys from their embrace, Heero moaning softly and spreading his legs open wantonly.

"He turns you on, doesn't he?" Heero whimpered breathlessly.

"Quatre? Of course," Wufei chuckled softly, his warm breath teasing Heero's thigh. "He's so innocent and sweet, just begging to be. . . tasted. If Duo hadn't insisted we go partying, I would have had him then and there."

"And he's so incredibly virginal," Trowa whispered against Heero's flesh, moving around to sit beside Wufei. Wufei slipped a second finger in Heero, causing an impatient growl.

"Really?" the tips of his fingers brushed the sweet spot inside the other boy and he arched his back, pushing the two fingers deeper.

"You can practically smell it on him, tempting isn't it. Wouldn't you give anything to be his first?" Trowa let his lips trail Wufei's back as he reached behind him, his hand clasping the lube. He squeezed some onto his fingers and ran then slowly down Wufei's back and to his opening. Wufei lent forward invitingly.

"Mmm, yes," he hissed, but whether it was answering the question or in response to Trowa's exploring fingers it was lost in the moment as Wufei lent forward and Heero caught his lips in his own. Wufei slipped another finger in Heero as Trowa relented and pushed his own into Wufei.

Heero was impatient, pushing down on Wufei's intruding fingers. "Damn it Wufei, fuck me!"

"Your wish is my command," Wufei pulled his fingers from Heero, pausing as Trowa wrapped one slippery hand around his shaft, kissing him hungrily. Trow pushed his second and third finger into Wufei as the Asian teen groaned into his mouth.

Heero wrapped his legs Wufei's waist, pulling him down. He could feel him press against his opening and slip between the tight ring of muscles. Both boys whimpered at the sensations that coursed through their bodies as Wufei sunk into Heero. Fully sated Wufei waited as Heero grew accustomed to him. And Trowa's fingers slipped out of him and something longer and much more satisfying pushed into him. Heero and Wufei waited, panting deeply as Trowa filled him.

Time stood still as Trowa now rested against Wufei. He then pulled out, pulling Wufei out of Heero. Heero moaned at the loss only to gasp when Wufei came slamming back into him, driven by the force of Trowa driving back into him.

This set the pace as all three teens became a quivering mess of nerve endings and hormones. Pulling in and out of each other the room became a orchestra of groans, moans, gasps and grunts. They begged pleaded and whimpered for more only to have it become faster.

Wufei slipped his hand beneath himself and grabbed Heero's neglected erection, his lips crushing Heero's. Trowa's hand quickly joined Wufei's, both boys pumping him.

"Come for me," Trowa whispered, though they weren't sure who it was too. Still, the words, the hands on his arousal, and Wufei pounding into him sent Heero crashing over the edge, screaming out as he reached his peak.

With Heero's muscles clamping around him Wufei cried, exploding into Heero and bringing Trowa with him, the tall teen screaming wordlessly. They collapsed together in a heap, Trowa rolling off from on top of Wufei and falling beside them. Wufei took comfort as Heero's arms wrapped around his sweat drenched form lightly, still imbedded deep inside him. Trowa pushed the black strands out of Wufei's eyes, kissing him softly.

The tender moment was shattered as the door slammed open. The three teens from the bed stared at the door as an irate Quatre stormed in, followed by an apologetic Duo, who closed the door behind him.

"I can't `believe' you guys drugged me!" He growled, oblivious of the naked boys still snuggling together on the bed.

"Quatre, I'm sorry," Duo apologised, also not noticing the other three people in the room. "We just didn't want you to get hurt. What we do is dangerous, especially when you can't do anything to protect yourself." Quatre hissed angrily, slamming the bathroom door locked between them.

Duo gave a soft sigh. "You know I'm right, Kat," he told the blond through the door. He then turned and rested his back against the door.

Quatre stared at his reflection in the mirror. Duo was right, of course, he still had the bruise at the back of his head from his first vampire encounter. And the site of Miliardo still sent shivers up his spine. Perhaps he wasn't ready for what he believed he was, but still, they had no right to keep it from him. Especially when he was such a part of their lives.

The anger seeped from him and he sighed. They had still hurt him, but he understood. It was all for his protection. "I can look after myself," he whispered to the reflection. Quatre wasn't even sure if his own reflection believed him.

"You guys had SEX while I was out? How could you?" Came Duo's sudden yell from the other side of the door. "Why didn't you wait for me?"

Quatre couldn't quite hear the response, but it was Wufei's voice that spoke, and Quatre was sure it was dripping with sarcasm. "Oh is that so, Mister Chang?" Duo taunted saucily, "so sure of that pretty arse of yours, are you? Maybe I should just. . ." There was a pause, and then a shout of indignation, from Wufei, and a chuckle from Trowa. "Ow! Not the hair `Fei! Shit, ow, owww look, that hurts, no, now that tickles, stop it, ow, leave the hair `alone'! No! That's it `Fei! BANZAI!!"

Quatre heard the distinct sound of a pillow hitting flesh at full pelt. "Oh, you've done it now Maxwell." Quatre found himself smiling as a pillow fight then ensued. Even now he couldn't be angry with them. He loved them too much.

What a change just knowing them for a few days had brought. Still, he had known Heero for a while-

Even as he was thinking that, Heero opened the door. Of course, Quatre kicked himself for not realising they would have a key, this was their room, after all.

Heero looked at him through his heavy bangs that fell in front of his face. Blue eyes searched him, reading Quatre. Then he moved into the room, obviously having time to get dressed during the fight. "We've got classes Kat."

Quatre rolled his eyes, even Heero was calling him that annoying nickname! He stood up and stopped in front of Heero. They stared, there was nothing else for it, until Heero's hand reached out, slowly his fingers tracing the rise of Quatre's cheek. Quatre lent into the delicate touch. "You know you can't run forever," Quatre whispered, walking past the other boy and leaving him standing in the doorway of the bathroom.

The other three boys, two hastily dressed, were standing sheepishly near the door with their bags. Quatre rested his hands on his hips. "Okay, whose idea was it?"

"Mine," came Wufei's soft whisper, looking imploringly at Quatre with deep black eyes. I just didn't want you to get hurt Kat, and deny it all you will, you would have. We just don't want to see you hurt."

"I can look after myself Wufei," he said with a little more conviction then before. The boys still looked a little doubtful. "Well, let me put it this way, you do that again, and I'll leave."

This was met with silence until Duo spoke up. "It won't happen again Kat."

He smiled, "good, now lets get to biology. And stop calling me that!"

"No," Came Trowa's answer as he handed Quatre his books. The blond glared at him but allowed both Heero and Trowa usher him out of the room, residing to the fact that he would always be called `Kat' from now on.

"It could be worse, they could be calling you `little prince'." Heero whispered in his ear.

Quatre glared at him. It took him a while to realise that was possibly the nicest thing Heero had said to him since he had became one of them. . .


Four of them were standing outside the biology lab with Wufei doing law already down the hall. The door opened and the other student moved in around them, eager to begin class and get out as soon as possible. Heero's arms slipped around his body.

"I'm going to get my jacket." The others were already moving toward the class, but promised to save him a seat. The halls were empty when he stopped at his locker.

"What do you `want' this time?" He growled, barely able to keep his anger in check.

"You're getting too close to them."

"Stay out of this, you know nothing about us."

The figure laughed deeply. "That's bullshit, I know everything. And the way you're going about it, you'll get them killed."

"Is that a threat?" Heero hissed, not even looking at the shadow beside him. He grabbed his jacket from within the locker.

"A warning, watch it Yuy, you're going to get people hurt, even killed with this rash behaviour."

"You know nothing, stay out of my life and stay out of theirs, my answer is still no." And Heero was gone.

"Let the games begin." The shadow smiled.

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