Author: Merula

This is a fusion of GW with a series of books by Christine Feehan called the Dark Series.

Dark Bond + Part One

Heero stood outside the gates of the large house at the end of the dark street. The light were on in all the windows, he could see shadows and movement inside.

Was the one he was looking for inside, he wondered. Better not get his hopes raised up. He had been alone for hundreds of years- why would it change now?

Would he ever find a lifemate?

A lifemate- something that every Carpathian male dreamed of finding and so few did. There were more Carpathian females born in these days, more too of the human women who were able to turn themselves into a lifemate for a Carpathian- but not enough. And some of the women had been unable to find mates. A true pairing was essential.

Without a lifemate it was too easy for a Carpathian male to fall into the darkness of the vampire. Without a mate, the male would lose his feelings, become emotionless and uncaring... he would even lose the ability to see in color- only his true lifemate could return those things to him.

Heero had lost those things at a very early age- younger than most of his kind. Yet he had never wavered from his appointed task. He hunted vampires down and killed them, efficiently and ruthlessly. It occurred to him often that their fate would one day be his, but that did not stop him.

That's what he should be doing right now. He should be hunting those unfortunates down- not standing here in the dark looking at the warm lights of this house. But he had been summoned.

The Prince of their people was on a tour of sorts, visiting cities in each of the major countries, inviting any Carpathians in each area to come and meet him, learn of the new things he had planned for their people. He had also brought several female Carpathians with him, hoping to find their lifemates. He had been in this city for several nights, would be for a few more. Heero had come a long way to meet him, to hear his plans.

His father had died only a few years before, and the new Prince was looking into many ways to save his race. He was considered a revolutionary, an upstart, a hope- depending on who was speaking. Heero was reserving judgment until he met the Prince.

Heero didn't really like the idea of the Prince's tour. Along with the Carpathians, more vampires would also arrive, hoping to steal one of the precious women or to simply destroy the Prince. Why couldn't he just summon each of his subjects to him?

He sighed and headed towards the house.


"Oh, I hope someone tonight is the one!" Relena sighed as she spoke. "I'm so tired of having everyone stare at me like a piece of meat."

"A very lovely piece of meat," Her brother assured her with a smile and a bow. "You'll find him soon, I'm sure."

"I hope so," Relena sighed again. "How are you doing brother? I'm glad to see so many of our people have come to meet you."

"I'm glad as well. I hope to establish better communication among our kind. We tend to stick together in little groups and only contact each other in emergencies. With so many of our males turning, it's so dangerous..."

Relena nodded absently. She'd heard the topic many times before.

"There's Lu," Relena smiled as a dark haired woman entered the room. Her brother's lifemate would get Zechs off his soapbox for a while. Zechs smiled as Lucrezia hurried over.

"There you are," Zechs kissed his wife's cheek.

They stood chatting for a moment and were soon joined by another man, with a long braid of chestnut colored hair dangling down his back. He bowed over Relena's hand and gave Lucrezia an impish grin.

"How beautiful you are this evening, Princess."

"Why thank you Duo." Relena smiled. Duo had joined them yesterday. He had been a hunter for hundreds of years, a terror to the vampires. He had no set territory; he went where he was needed at the Prince's request.

Relena knew that he was called ‘Shinigami' by those he hunted. It was hard to see a ‘god of death' in the man in front of her. He smiled and laughed more than any of the other males of her kind she had met. She had hoped that he would turn out to be her lifemate, but it hadn't happened.


"My Prince," Duo bowed.

"I suppose that there is still no... connection for you here?" Zechs asked. A shadow flitted over Duo's face.

"No. I am sorry..."

"You can't control it," Lucrezia comforted. "We only wish that all of our males find their mates. Then we wouldn't lose so many to the darkness..."

"You are doing remarkably well." Duo said. "I'm sure mine will turn up eventually."

"While you're hoping- hope for mine to show up too," Relena smiled.

Duo smiled and joked for a few minutes longer before he moved on to a corner of the room and stood watching the group. The women were surrounded by men, like bees and honey, but he felt no strong pull towards any of them. Some of their kind faked a connection, desperate to feel anything, to have some kind of companionship.

Duo didn't want that. His emotions were gone; he only imitated the manner that used to be his naturally. The world was a place of grey shadows to his eyes. Better to destroy himself when these things became too heavy for him to bear.

And they were becoming that way. The urge got stronger every time he fed. He didn't think he could hold out much longer. He knew Zechs expected his subjects to stay with him for his whole visit, but if he turned, Duo didn't want to be so near the women. He would put them in danger. He could walk out in the sun... but that didn't always work, as Duo himself had seen.

If he did turn, how long would he last until someone came to end his misery?

The door opened and many eyes turned towards it. A man entered, and most of those eyes turned away, but Duo's gaze lingered. There was something about the man that seemed almost familiar... He glanced in Duo's direction and Duo caught a flash of piercing blue eyes.

Blue eyes?


Heero stepped into the room, his eyes scanning the room automatically. He saw eyes turn away from his as the males realized that he was only another male and didn't have a precious female in tow. He stopped at the sight of a long braid of hair- a glimpse of violet eyes that widened as they met his.


A jolt of recognition.

But then she was gone and he was turning to find her in the crowd when a hand on his arm stopped him. And he found himself front of the Prince, his consort and his sister. He forced himself not to shake off the woman's hand. His lifemate was here- a moment or so wouldn't matter... but it was difficult to stay when he wanted to chase. Years of discipline kept him still and his face serene.

"I'm Relena," the girl said, her hand still on his arm. "This is my brother Zechs and his lifemate Lucrezia."

Heero bowed over Lucrezia's and Relena's hands, silently marveling at the color of their dresses, their hair... he had forgotten what the world looked like in color. He accepted the Prince's hand.

"I'm Heero Yuy. I only arrived tonight. I apologize that I was delayed."

"Ah!" The prince smiled. "I recognize that name. It is good of you to join us. Please- walk among us, talk to the others. You are welcome here."

"Thank you." Heero turned away as the prince greeted another, his mind on the puzzle before him. Where had she gone? His lifemate was here. He felt her ...


Duo leaned against the wall breathing hard, glad that the others were wrapped up in the women and not sparing him a thought or glance.

That jolt. He knew what that was, had felt the connection snap into place between them. Color had returned and with it- feeling. The outpouring of emotion that filled him suddenly was overwhelming... joy and hope, despair and agony...

His lifemate!

But that was no woman.

He looked towards the Prince. The man standing in front of him was dark haired, handsome- those blue eyes had been breathtaking...

But he was male!

Lifemates were never the same sex. They couldn't be. The females were the light to the male's dark. They were intended to carry on the race...

But he couldn't deny that connection. He could feel. Color had returned to his vision. Whoever that was- he was Duo's lifemate.

The man's head turned, his eyes searching the room. Duo shrank against the wall instinctively.

Too late. Those blue eyes found him again. He watched them widen as the other studied him, knew what caused the surprise and shock he saw.

His lifemate must've only seen the braid at first and assumed Duo was female.

Duo found that he couldn't meet that gaze much longer. His lifemate would be disappointed... shocked... revolted.

Duo turned and fled out the patio doors onto the dark terrace.


Heero looked around the room. Where had she gone? He knew she was here...

There! The braid, the dark purple gaze that met his... she was...

A he?

Heero blinked in surprise. A male? Was that possible? Still... the connection was undeniable.

His lifemate blinked back, looking suddenly miserable- and Heero found that he wanted to go and soothe that _expression off the other's face. Why was he upset? Finding a lifemate was a wonderful thing...

Before he could move, the other did, turning and heading for the terrace.

Well, it would be a better place to talk than in a crowded room. Heero moved quickly through the room, his mind already reaching out to the other.

"Who are you?"

A faint wave of surprise answered him, and he felt the fear underneath. What was he frightened of?

Heero stepped out onto the terrace, looking around. "Where are you?"

"I'm here."

He turned. The man was perched on the low railing, nearly hidden in the shadows.

"I'm Duo," he continued in a low voice. "Duo Maxwell."

"Shinigami." Heero knew that name. He stepped closer to the other, raising a hand to touch his cheek. Duo's skin was smooth to his touch, warm...

"I'm Heero Yuy."

"The Perfect Hunter." Duo's hand came up to cover his. "What's happening to us?"

"You're my lifemate. Can't you feel it?" Duo's hand dropped away, he turned his face to the side, avoiding Heero's touch.

"But I can't be. We're both hunters."

"Does it matter?"

"You know it does. It's not supposed to be this way. The connection is wrong. We're wrong." Heero leaned closer.

"But I can feel. See in color. And I want you..." He bent down and kissed Duo, letting his mouth warm the one beneath his, delighting in the feeling of Duo relaxing against him, his mouth opening under Heero's.

The sense of connection increased with the touch, emotions swirled between them, Heero felt Duo begin to panic and stepped back.

"It's a fluke. It will fade." Duo shook his head. "This can't be a real bond."

"Do you believe that?"

"What else can I believe? You know our history. The females are the light to our darkness. We're both dark- there is no light here to save us. This can not work."

"Then what do we do?"

"We try and forget it. Without the ritual it will fade. It must fade."

"The bond does not fade and you know it." Heero shook his head. "This is a true bond. I can feel it. I know you can too. I have been alone too many years to just let this go and hope it fades."

"You think you're the only one who has been alone?" Duo countered angrily. A wave of comfort washed over him. Heero reached out and tugged Duo back into his embrace. Duo found himself relaxing, not wanting to, but oh- to be in someone else's arms, to feel that outpouring of affection, of caring, of love... it was so tempting...

"Of course not. I know the years have been dark and lonely for you. I know that you are- were close to giving into temptation. I'm here now. I will not let you go and I will not let you slide into the dark."

Duo knew that he should be outraged that Heero had seen so much, gone looking where he shouldn't have...

"You can look too..." And Heero's mind opened for him, invited Duo in, showed him the pain and loneliness and the empty years of nothing...

Duo's arms tightened around Heero protectively. He turned his head and found Heero's mouth waiting for him.

He opened his lips invitingly, let Heero in to taste him, even as he slid his tongue into Heero's mouth, seeking his taste, his warmth...

"You are addicting... I will never tire of your taste."

Taste... oh, he wanted to taste more than just this. He slid his mouth downwards, leaving Heero's mouth and feeling the rush of blood underneath the skin.

Heero tilted his head back encouragingly, giving Duo better access. Duo's teeth grazed his skin, he felt the blood begin to flow and reached down to bring Duo's wrist to his mouth. The blood exchange would deepen their connection, and once the ritual words were said, the bonding would be complete.

Duo felt Heero's mouth on his wrist, felt the blood begin to flow and didn't care. This was right... this was perfect...

No... this wasn't right! What was he doing?

Duo pushed away, surprising Heero, who let go immediately.

"We can't do this." Duo took a deep breath. "You know we can't." He ran nervous hands over his suit, shook his braid off of his shoulder. "It's not supposed to be this way. It will fade and then what will we do? Go back to the other? I can't do that!"

He turned on his heel and fled back into the reception.

Heero watched him go, considering. Duo must've been very close to giving in. He had seen some of it in the other's mind; relieved to catch his lifemate before the slip- another night or two and he would've lost Duo for good- either to the sun or the darkness...

Now though, Duo was his. He was bound to Heero and Heero had every intention of getting him to accept that fact.

He wasn't called the perfect hunter for nothing.

The cell phone in his pocket rang, startling him. He answered it absently, mind still on his troublesome lifemate.


Duo had slowed down once he entered the reception. He couldn't leave so early, not when other Carpathian women were expected to make an appearance. The room was abuzz with anticipation.

The women who already had mates stood with them in groups of two or four, no more. The ones who did not stood in buzzing groups, the centers of attention as all those around them hoped for that spark of connection to strike.

Duo turned and saw Relena beckoning to him. He went to her side.

"Yes, milady?"

"I'm bored Duo. I think I've shaken hands with every man in the room. Nothing. And my brother is laughing at me." She pouted.

"I am not," Zechs protested. "You'll find him little sister. Be patient."

"I wish I could just choose one."

"And who would you just choose?" Duo asked, playing along.

"Hm." Relena tapped her chin and looked around the room consideringly. "You would be a good choice," she smiled and he bowed again. "That tall brunette in the corner- Cathy's brother? He's handsome too. The redhead by the fireplace- very handsome and he gave me a nice compliment. Heero..."

Duo found himself seething with a sudden rage.

Heero is mine!

"Of course I am," an amused voice in his head whispered. "Relax, our princess is just playing a game."

Damn it. He hadn't meant to let that slip... but the pull was so strong.

Duo glanced towards the patio doors, Heero was standing there, head tilted to the side, listening to the cell phone that he had up next to his ear.

"Duo? Are you listening?" Relena's voice finally penetrated.

"I'm sorry," he turned and smiled. "My brain wandered off without me."

"It's all right," Relena assured him.

"My apologies," Heero was suddenly right there in front of him, speaking to Zechs, "my prince. I have just received a phone call from the family that watches my home. There have been some strange deaths in my city, and this evening the wards were tested. I must go home."

Heero was leaving?

"Of course." Zechs nodded. "Can we lend you any assistance?"

"I would not want to take anyone away from their hunting grounds..." Heero started.

"Shinigami can go with you," Zechs turned to Duo, a faint smile curving his lips. Duo wondered what was so amusing. "You don't mind do you? I know you were waiting for another assignment."

"No, that's fine. I go where I'm needed," Duo responded automatically.

"And I do need you." Heero's thoughts were a warm brush of suggestion. Duo glared at him.

"You better have some real vamps there! This better not be a trick!"

"I do. But I'm not going to spurn an opportunity to have you stay with me either."

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