Author: Merula

This is a fusion of GW with a series of books by Christine Feehan called the Dark Series.

Dark Bond + Part Four

It was Irea on the grass, side torn open, whining in pain. Her brother howled even as Duo dropped beside her, pulling off his shirt to stop the bleeding. Heero dropped to his knees on the other side, helping Duo bind the wound.

"He's up there somewhere," Heero scanned the sky. "He grabbed Irea as they were heading back here..."

"Bastard," Duo snarled for a moment. "Healing chant?"

"She'll heal on her own- better than if we helped her. That is the way of her clan. Take her inside carefully. Make sure she's comfortable."

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to kill the bastard."


"You can't come with me Duo. You know that. You have to stay here with them. It's safer. I'll be fine, but I can't let him hurt someone under my protection."

The jackal under Duo's hands was whining with pain. The other had stopped howling and was glaring at him, teeth bared.

"I don't like this."

"It can't be helped. I'll be home soon." Heero's shape blurred. "Take care of Irea. Relax, I have done this before after all."

Duo lifted Irea up carefully in his arms. She whimpered a little and Quatre growled.

"Shove it. I'm trying to help her." Duo turned his back on the other jackal and carried Irea into the house. Quatre bounded ahead of him and Duo followed him up the stairs to a room that was obviously Irea's.

He put her down as carefully as he could on the bed, then went and fetched some clean towels and water. The least he could do was make her comfortable.

Quatre had curled up behind his sister, his golden eyes glowing as Duo approached the bed, but he didn't growl. He watched as Duo carefully sponged off the blood and replaced his shirt with a towel. Duo made the stained shirt vanish, summoning a new one with a thought.

Irea's wound was looking better by the moment. Duo kept a careful pressure on it all the same; it gave him something to focus on other than Heero's hunt.

"I'm fine," Heero's thought was reassuring. "I think I know where he's vanishing off to- I should be able to pin him there before dawn."

Duo looked at the clock. Where had the night gone? It was only an hour or so before dawn would arrive.

"Be careful."

"Of course. Don't worry."

"You're being an idiot."

Duo looked away from Irea's wound to find Quatre, in human form, frowning at him.

"How? Her wound is closing. What else do I need to do?"

"I don't mean her." Quatre's fingertips touched Irea's head comfortingly. "I mean about Heero. You're his lifemate, why do you refuse the bond?"

Duo blinked. Had Heero spoken to Quatre? About this of all things? For a moment he was angry- just what was Quatre to Heero? Or could Quatre read him? He eyed the blond man warily, searching his mind for an intruder.

Quatre rolled his eyes. "Please, I don't need to be psychic like your kind to be able to read you. I can smell the bond between you. It's not balanced yet and there's only one reason why."

"It's not a real bond." Duo looked back down at Irea's wound. It was only oozing a little bit of blood now.

"And why is that?"

"We're both male. If you know anything about our kind you know the bond has only ever been between a male and a female..."

"And times don't change? Species don't adapt?" Quatre snorted. "Just because something has never been doesn't mean that it is impossible." He shrugged. "Once supposedly my kind could only change under a full moon. Now we control the change. Who says your species could not also adapt, especially with the shortage of women that your kind suffers from?"

Duo thought about that. Quatre had a point. Why wouldn't their species change over time? But the lack of women was an old problem... why would it change now?

"So, what is your other problem?"

"Other problem?" Duo echoed.

"The other reason you keep saying no."

"Why are you asking?"

Quatre huffed. "Look, Heero has done a lot for my family. I'd say he was like some adopted uncle, but I think he'd resent the title. He's been alone and lonely for a long time. As much as Irea and I want to help him and be here for him we're no substitute for a lifemate. You are his lifemate. You've given him back his emotions. You need to give all of yourself to him before it harms you both."

Quatre showed his teeth. "Though you've already managed that."

Duo was about to retort when a wave of exultation washed over his link with Heero.


"Be careful!"


Duo's warning barely registered. Heero had patiently tracked the beast across the city and into the city's graveyard. Now he was ready to end the hunt, the beast was cornered at last. He stopped in front of the place where he knew his adversary was waiting.

Typical. The beast was using one of the vaults as a daytime resting place. How very cliché.

Heero approached the doors carefully, knowing the beast was already inside and waiting for him. He paused a foot away from the doors and waited.

"Do I need to huff and puff?" he asked the air.

A low growl answered him.

He smiled, allowing his beast to rise just enough.


"I'm fine."
He reassured Duo. "This will be over very soon."

He was wrong.

The vampire lunged out of his lair and Heero moved out of the way easily enough. He raised his claws, ready to lunge himself. But when the beast whirled around to face him he paused.

Large blood rimmed violet eyes glared at him, lank and dirty chestnut hair straggled across the creature's neck and forehead.

And his face...

It couldn't be!

He beast took advantage of his stupor and attacked. Heero found himself flat on his back, the creature's claws tearing into his chest and neck.

He could feel Duo's resolve to join him.

Heero managed to push the vampire off of himself, wincing in pain as he flung his opponent backwards. "Don't!" He opened his mind up to his lifemate; let Duo 'see' his opponent. He felt Duo's shock resonate across their bond.

"No.... Father!"

"You can't do this with me. I'll deal with this."
And Heero closed down as much of the connection as he could. He wouldn't let Duo watch him kill his father, never mind that this beast was no more Duo's father now than Heero was.

Heero flexed his claws. It was not going to be easy, killing this thing with his lifemate's face, but it was also the reason that his lifemate would not accept their bond. The reason that Duo kept pushing him away. He could feel the sharp ache of his wounds, smell his blood in the air, feel his strength draining.

And he ignored it all.

The snarl rose to his lips and when the beast rushed him again, he was waiting. His hand slashed open the other's chest, yanking the heart out and summoning the fire to cleanse the offending object.

The other howled as his heart burned in Heero's hand. He fell to the ground, his flesh igniting, skin and muscle turning to ash.

A few moments later there was nothing left but a smear of black on the ground.

Heero allowed himself to smile for a moment before his strength gave out further and he found himself on his knees. He looked down at the gaping wounds on his chest and grimaced. This was not good.

"Heero? You're hurt! I'm on my way!"

Heero looked towards the east- the sky was already lighter. "You can't beloved. It's nearly dawn. I have to stay here."

He could feel Duo's panic and he tried to ease it.

"I'll be okay. You can't come and get me until tonight." Heero pushed himself to his feet and staggered past the vault into a small grove of trees. With a burst of energy he caused the ground to open up and let himself fall into the embrace of earth. Another thought caused the earth to close above him.

"Heero- you're badly injured! Let me send Quatre to get you at least!"

"He can't be seen digging in a cemetery."
Heero felt his hold on consciousness slipping. "Don't worry so..." He managed before he lost consciousness entirely.

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