Author: Merula
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is not mine. The crazy spouse on the ladder is however.
Sappy, AU, 1x2.


"What the HELL are you doing Yuy?"

The furious statement nearly made me fall off of the ladder. I had been concentrating so much on getting the lights to hang straight that I had missed the sound of the car pulling up. I turned my head to look at Duo.

He was standing at the base of the ladder, a furious expression on his face. I remembered that he had asked me a question, and the tapping of his foot led me to believe he was waiting for an answer.

"Hanging lights?" I replied cautiously. Why was he mad? We had talked about doing this when we had bought the house this summer. We had been excited about it then. Starting a new life together here in our house, doing all the 'house-type' things- like decorating for Christmas.

"I can see that," he snapped. "Come down from there."

"But I'm almost finished," I protested, turning back to look at the light strand and reaching my hand out just a touch further to hook the last one in place.

Duo said a word that was definitely out of place for the season and grabbed a hold of the ladder.

"You're on the top step!"

"I know that," I replied, wondering at this out of place statement.

"You aren't supposed to stand on that one. Especially not without someone to watch you, and especially not on such a piece of crap ladder like this! Get down before you fall!"

I shouldn't have been surprised. Duo tended to be a bit overprotective. Losing as many people as he had in his life, he was zealous in protecting those of us that he loved. It came out in odd ways sometimes. I knew I should've rushed to finish before he got home.

"Duo," I replied in my most reasonable tone, as I started down the ladder, "I've fallen from higher places before."

"Heero," he replied in the same tone. "If you recall, you got injured every time too."

"Technicality," I smiled at him as I got off the ladder. "I'm finished. Let's plug it in and see how it looks before I give the ladder back to Stan."

"You borrowed the ladder from Stan?" Duo muttered as he followed me to the front of the house. "No wonder it's a piece of crap, it's probably decades old."

"Only two," I told him and saw him snarl.

"Why didn't you just go buy a ladder?"

"Stan saw me pulling lights out of boxes when I was trying to figure out how they went and he offered. It seemed better than just going back to the store."

Duo continued to mutter about interfering neighbors as I plugged the cords in. Our house lit up, a riot of colored lights. It didn't look terribly impressive, as the sun hadn't gone all the way down yet, but I was sure it would look great in the full dark.

"Heero," Duo's voice rose a bit. "How the hell did you get that inflatable Santa on the roof? Stan's ladder doesn't reach that high."

"Doesn't he look great?" I tried. There was no way that I was going to tell Duo how I got on the roof after his fit over Stan's ladder. Not when he was looking at me with the fury of Shinigami in his eyes.

"Heero-" He started, then paused, the anger dampening a bit. "Yes, he does." Duo's arms went around my waist. "But promise me something?"

"Of course," I said cautiously.

"That you will buy a ladder, a really tall ladder that does reach our roof."



"Okay," I said again. Duo rested his chin on my shoulder.

"It does look great," he said in my ear. "Our house."


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