Author: Merula
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is not mine.

WARNINGS: For the first time in a while, there is a sap warning on this. Can't be all action and plot twists.

Deliveryman + Part 16

As we walked through the silent sweeper corridors I wondered if this was the best of ideas- taking Heero to my room. What would I do if I woke up from that nightmare and found Heero beside me? Would I even have it tonight? Should I make him sleep elsewhere?

Heero kept a tight hold on me as we walked quietly down the hallways. I found myself holding him back just as tightly. Screw it. I wanted him with me. I just had to warn him to be careful.

I ushered Heero in and locked the door behind us. "Hope you don't mind staying with me."

"I wouldn't want to be anyplace else," he smiled back and leaned into me, pressing me back against the door. "I missed you."

"I missed you too," I managed before he caught my mouth.

Oh, I had missed this. No one kisses like he does.

"Can I share the bed with you? I know you're still having nightmares..."

Right now nightmares were the farthest thing from my mind. All I wanted to do was have him kiss me some more. I kissed him again before I answered.

"If you don't care that I might wake up and freak out a little- I'd like to have you stay."

"I think I can handle it if you 'freak out'." He smiled and then I found myself in a tight hug. "Ah gods, Duo, I'm so sorry about all this."

"Heero quit apologizing. We all messed up. If anything I should be apologizing to you!"

"So we're both sorry." He let me go a little and put his forehead against mine. "You got my letter?"

"Yes, Relena delivered it safely," I rolled my eyes and smiled for him. "So you really have apologized enough." I took a deep breath. "How are the others?" Heero let me go and stepped back.

"They're fine. Worried about you. They were ready to come up the minute Sally came back but she told us you weren't ready yet. You really upset us when you didn't come in for that checkup, Duo."

"You know why..."

"I know, and I understand, but..."

"I know. They don't know what's going on. Maybe- maybe I should call them?" Heero smiled.

"Yes. Wufei is on assignment, you can't reach him right now, but you could call Quatre and Trowa." He was tugging me towards the phone. It was almost funny in a way. I gave in and let him drag me over. I was too tired to protest much.

"Heero- it's really late- can't I call in the morning?"

"They want to talk to you," was his reply.

I didn't have time to think about what I was going to say. Heero had the number dialed before I could even gather my thoughts. He sat down out of the camera's range, his gaze fastened on me. The phone rang twice on Quatre's private number before a sleepy-looking Trowa answered it.

"Duo?" He blinked at me.

"Hey Trowa, I know it's kind of late..."

"It's okay." He interrupted. "We've been hoping you'd call." He reached out of the camera range for a moment. "Quatre, it's Duo."

"Duo?" Quatre's voice repeated, and then he was beside Trowa, looking as if he'd been awake the whole time. "Duo! I'm so glad you called!"

"I'm sorry to wake you.."

"It's no problem," Quatre assured me, then his expression turned serious. "Duo, we want to apologize..."

It was my turn to cut him off. "I know, Quat, it's okay. I'm sorry too."

"I know you are Duo. But you didn't do anything the rest of us wouldn't have done."

"And you guys didn't do anything I wouldn't have either," I added.

"Thanks Duo," he said and Trowa nodded. "How are you doing? Sally said you weren't ready to see us."

"Well, I've been having a problem," I explained and told them the same thing I had told Heero. "So, I've been worried," I finished. "I don't know what's wrong with me."

"Sally knows about this?" Trowa asked.

"She and Une are looking into it." I confirmed.

"Good. It doesn't sound like Zero," Quatre was looking puzzled.

"I know," I agreed. "I'm hoping the docs tell Une and Sally what it is."

"If not, we'll talk to them," Trowa frowned.

"In the meantime, I should let you guys get back to sleep," I glanced at the clock. "I'm sorry again for calling so late."

"We just wanted to hear from you Duo." Quatre assured me. "Call anytime. We'll see if Une and Sally will tell us anything. Are you going to call the others?"

"Fei's on assignment and I already talked to Heero," I hedged, not wanting to get Heero in trouble. Quatre grinned at me.

"Good. Tell Heero we said thanks. We'll talk to you soon, Duo. Goodnight." He hung up and I looked at Heero.

"They knew you were here?"

"Who do you think I borrowed the ship I used to get here from?" He smiled. "Thanks for calling them."

"I'm glad I did," I yawned. I was really tired now. Heero pulled me to my feet and over to the bed.

"Duo," he asked me as I tugged off my shirt, "did you read the letter Relena gave you?" There was a strange tone in his voice.

"Sure I did. I already told you she dropped it off. With her nose in the air." I dropped the shirt on the floor and yawned again.

"I wasn't sure that you'd read it." I blinked, wondering what the hell he was trying to get at.

"Yeah, I did." I yawned again. "You apologized and said you loved me and that you'd wait. See? I read it."

"What did you think of it?" He had moved to stand beside me, his hands resting on my shoulders.

"Think of it?" I repeated.

"Were you mad? Upset with me?"

"No- why?" I tried to wake up a bit. This was obviously important to Heero. "You were sorry, and I love you too, so why would I be mad?"

"You love me?" I had just said that, hadn't I? Maybe Heero was tired too.

"Yes," I managed to get out before Heero pulled me down onto the bed with him.

I forgot all about being tired.

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