Author: Merula
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Reckless + Part 5

By the end of the next week of work, Sally was officially back as a field agent and Heero and I were partners. It was odd, in a good way. It didn't take us long to fall into a good working relationship- hell, it wasn't like we'd never been partners before. We worked well together. Une was pleased, Wufei and Sally were pleased, all was well. Until Heero showed up for work Friday morning.

I glanced up at the doorway in surprise. Usually Heero beat me to work, but I had gotten there first this morning. My partner was actually late- a good five minutes late- and he was looking a bit rumpled. Usually his uniform is perfect, ironed, all that 'good soldier' stuff. He didn't look that way this morning, but not in a way that anyone else would've noticed. His tie was not quite straight, his shirt was slightly wrinkled, the collar not pulled down all the way. It was a bit alarming to me.

"Heero?" I rose to my feet and went to him. "What the hell's wrong?"

"Wrong?" He repeated sarcastically. "What makes you think anything's wrong?" I raised my eyes towards the ceiling and reached out to fix his tie and collar.

"You're late. You are not looking like your usual perfect self. And you look like you're ready to go take Wing and stomp on someone." His shoulders relaxed and I reached behind him to close the door. "C'mon. Tell Duo all about it." He raised his eyebrows at me but went to sit in his desk chair.

"Relena," he said, once he was seated, "showed up at my apartment last night."

"Ah, with a home cooked meal or something like that?"

"No. At 3 am and dressed..." he paused. "Inappropriately."

"Did you throw her out?"

"I tried to, but she started threatening to scream that I was doing something awful to her. I pointed out that it might be embarrassing for the Vice Foreign minister to be screaming outside my apartment at 3 am, but she said that she'd tell everyone I had convinced her to come over like that. Including you."

"Ah," I hid a grin. "Did you tell her that I trusted you implicitly?"

"No. I sat her down and tried to talk rationally to her." He snorted in disgust.

"Didn't work, hm?"

"No. So I left." I blinked at him.

"You left her in your apartment?" He frowned.

"She was in front of the door, Duo. She wouldn't leave."

"So how did you get out?"

"Fire escape." Ah, of course.

"I hope she didn't trash your place." I said thoughtfully. "Why did you open the door to her in the first place?"

"I didn't."

"She broke in?" She was getting desperate. He shrugged.

"Don't know. I woke up when I heard someone opening the front door." He fidgeted with his tie. "I almost shot her." He didn't sound sorry. This was getting bad.

"Crap. Well, that settles it." Hell, his apartment wasn't safe territory anymore. Time to move him. I picked up the phone on my desk and asked the operator to put me through to Une.

"Une here."

"It's Maxwell. An emergency came up. Yuy and I are taking the rest of the day off."

"It must be some emergency," the commander replied dryly. "Any cases pressing?"

"No ma'am, or I wouldn't ask."

"All right then. See you Monday."

"Duo?" Heero was looking a bit surprised. He never took a day off, unless they made him.

"We're going to go get a truck," I told him firmly as I got to my feet, "and you're moving in with me."

"Wh-at?" He looked surprised, but he stood up to follow me.

"It's safest," I stopped at the door when I realized why he might be hesitating. "Relax man. You can have the spare room. I promise I won't do anything..."

"Duo. Stop." Heero shook his head. "It's not that. It's just- are you sure you want me to move in with you?"

"Of course," I grinned at him. "You know it will make Relena think twice about just dropping in." That made him laugh.

No sooner said than done. Luckily, Relena had left Heero's place without trashing anything. She had left some... clothing- at least that's what I think it was supposed to be- but that was easily disposed of. We loaded him up, gave his notice and took his things to my place. Fortunately, Heero did not have a lot of stuff and I hadn't put anything in my spare room except a computer desk. We reorganized my apartment, took my sofa to the goodwill, since his was nicer and had him settled in by early evening.

I was cooking dinner while he was putting his stuff away in his room. It was almost ready by the time he came looking for me.

"I really appreciate this Duo." He said again as he stood in the kitchen doorway. "I know how much you value your space."

"No problem," I replied. "After living with other people around for years, it's been kind of weird being on my own. I'm kind of relieved to have a roommate again." The phone rang and I reached out to answer it. "Maxwell here."

"Agent Maxwell?"

"Commander Une?" I responded and saw Heero tense. "A problem?"

"Not... exactly." Une hesitated. That was odd. Our good commander was never unsure of herself. "Do you know where Agent Yuy is?"

"He's here. Why, do you need to speak to him?" Une let out a sigh.

"Oh good."


"I received an... odd call from Relena Peacecraft this evening. Apparently she had stopped by Yuy's apartment and found all his things gone. She wanted to file a missing persons report."

"Heero moved in with me today, Commander."

"I see," and our stoic commander actually giggled. "Protecting him from a pink stalker, Maxwell?" I made a funny noise in surprise and she giggled again before regaining control. "You are rather predictable when it comes to protecting your teammates."

"Uh, yeah," was all I managed. Her voice softened.

"It's not a bad thing, Duo. It's one of the things that makes you a good agent. Speaking of which," her voice turned questioning, "Miss Peacecraft also told me that you two were involved- which is against Preventers regs unless you get a dispensation- so?"

"Uh Commander, we really aren't- we're just trying..."

"To drive her off. I totally understand." I made a faint disbelieving noise. "Really-" she assured me, "you should see some of the surveillance tapes I have of the things Miss Peacecraft has pulled on Yuy. If I were him- I would've cheerfully shot her by now." Her tone indicated that she wasn't kidding. "But, even if it is a ploy, you need to fill out that paperwork for me. I can get it pushed through quickly. Think of it as a very useful smokescreen."

"Yes Commander." I glanced at Heero and wondered how he was going to take this news.

"Also, Maxwell, we had a little- situation- pop up. I'll need you to undertake a little mission for me on Sunday. Check your computer- all the details are there."

"Yes Commander," I repeated.

"And Maxwell- be careful this time, okay?" Une hung up.

"What did Une want?" Heero asked.

"Have a seat," I grabbed the plates and dished the food up. "I'll tell you while we eat."

To my surprise he nodded agreeably when I told him about the paperwork.

"I figured as much," was all he said. "I can get it done tonight, no problem."

"Thanks man," I grinned at him. "That will give me time to get ready for my mission."

"What mission?"

"Une has some little sneak job for me on Sunday."

"By yourself?" His eyebrow rose.

"I think so. She didn't mention you and told me to be careful. I'll check it after dinner to be sure." Heero frowned.

"I don't like the thought of you going off on your own again," he said, his fork tapping against his plate.

"It's just a little job..."

"Just like the last one?" He asked sarcastically. I changed the subject.

"Did I mention that Relena was ready to file a missing persons on you? That's why she called Une in the first place."

"Of course." He smiled faintly. "She's going to be furious when she finds out I'm here."

"That reminds me," I put down my fork. "What are we going to tell Fei? He'll find out about that paperwork." Heero thought for a few moments, and then shook his head regretfully.

"He might let it slip to someone else. Sally, for instance. Sally tells Noin, who tells Zechs, who tells..."

"His sister," I sighed, following Heero's logic. "But Fei's never going to believe that you and I..."

"Why not?" Heero shrugged.

"You are crazy, y'know that?" I laughed. "Wufei will tell Quatre, who'll tell Trowa- we'll have to lie to our friends." I ended unhappily. He put his fork down.

"You know I wouldn't ask you to do that Duo. But what exactly are they going to ask that you have to lie about?"

"If we're together." I said slowly. Did he not get it?

"We're friends, partners and roommates, Duo. That's pretty together." Nope, he didn't get it.

"But you..." I cut myself off. Heero must've been able to read my frustrated expression, since he put a hand on my arm reassuringly.

"Relax Duo. How are we lying?" I threw my hands in the air, dislodging his hand.

"Don't you see, Heero? Our relationship is not what they'd be thinking it is."

"Our relationship is not unlike Trowa and Quatre's or Sally and Wufei's." Heero shrugged. "The only thing I see that's different is that we don't share a bed, and I'm willing to do that."

I froze. He couldn't have said what I thought he said.

"You're what...?" I asked, dazed.

"I'm willing to have a physical relationship with you." Yep, he did say it.

"But- why?" My wits had scattered.

"It would make you happy, wouldn't it Duo?" Heero's mouth turned up in a slight smile. "I want you to be happy." Realization clicked in and I felt like pounding my head against the table.

"I appreciate that, Heero, I really do," I had to pull myself together. "But I don't think that's a good idea."

"Why not?" Heero had gotten up and out of his chair so he could kneel beside mine. "You want me that way- I know you do." One of his hands slid over my knee. I had to swallow, hard.

"It's not that, Heero. It wouldn't be- fair- to you."

"I know what I'm offering Duo. If I'm willing, then how is that not fair?" He reached out and put a hand on my chin, turning my face towards his.

"I'm doing all this because I'm your friend, Heero. If you did this for me, it would feel like you were only doing it because you felt like you needed to... pay me for my help." I tried. Heero's smile grew a bit wider.

"Duo, you've taught me enough about friendship that I know it doesn't work like that. I'm not doing this to pay you back." He took an audible breath and met my eyes. "I'm doing this because I want to, because I want you that way too." He slid his hand along my jawline and brought my mouth down to his to give me a scorching kiss. I tried to move away, but my body refused to cooperate. His mouth teased mine into submission and I stopped resisting. He was too damn good at this. My senses overloaded under his touch and my thought processes went on a short vacation.

When I finally recovered myself a bit, I was on the floor, stretched out underneath Heero, hair undone. He was sliding his mouth over my shoulder, his hands holding me firmly in place.

"Heero... are you sure about this?" I managed and felt him chuckle against my shoulder.

"Very sure," he purred against my skin. He slid to his feet, bringing me up with him. "Let me show you?" He asked and tugged me to my bedroom.

Afterwards he curled himself up in my arms with a satisfied smile. I was still trying to get my breath back.

"So," he murmured throatily against my ear, "which bed is going to Goodwill?" I took a deep breath.

"Mine's bigger," I managed and I felt his lips curve against my skin.

"So it is," I flushed and he chuckled. His hand slid over my chest and up into my hair. "We'll take mine in then." He said as his fingers played with the strands of my hair. "Unless you object to sharing yours with me from now on?"

"Of course not," I started, and then paused. Heero had seemed more than willing, but my doubts still lingered a little. "If you're sure this is what you want, Heero..."

"Oh, yes," he looked up and smiled at me. "Wasn't that clear enough? Let me try again."

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