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[ note: not a whole lotta links, I know, but in order for me to enjoy a "misc. pairing" fic, I have to be able to believe it. so many times the pilots are contorted so utterly to fit them into the misc. pairing that the OOC-ness of it all has me running for the hills... >_< ]
[ note 2: just for the record, I fancy I love the Reverand Maynard --> see below... mind you, this was already a given, for entirely non-delicious-fic related reasons... ^_~ ]

including: 3x5x3, 4x5x4, 6x3, 13x3, 13x4x13, no pairings,
and masturbation fics *cough*


trixie @ Trixie's Anime and Other Fic Page
PG-15 3x5 vague yaoi angst-ness (duh... ^_~) post war-ness

Truth in a Moment (snog fic#85) @ 101 ways to snog en route to a colony
PG-15 3x5 yaoi lime TWT

Wind Chijmes @ Wind Chijmes Pavilion
No One
NC-17 3x5 yaoi lemon canon angst alternating POV's

Windsor Blue @ Gundanium Line
Midnight Movie (4 parts)
NC-17 3x5x3 yaoi citrus *pant* AU in the extreme

>> 3x5x3 fics at gwa
[ babaca ]

NC-17 5x3 yaoi lemon PWP-ness

[ Bonne & Von ]
Quiet Friends
NC-17 3x5 yaoi lemon canon angst unsappy sap

[ Laekin ]

Mile High Club (2 parts)
NC-17 5x3, ref. to 3x4x5 yaoi lemony lime light angst ref. to past NCS-ness

>> 3x5x3 sites

Sweet & Sweet


Celina Fairy
Butterfly Kisses @ the gwa forum
PG-17 4x5x4 yaoi lime post war-ness loveliness to the extreme

Pale Rider @ Death and the Dragon
NC-17 5x4; ref. to 2xH (*shudder*), 1xR, and 3x9 yaoi lemon post EW Wu POV slightly *cough* fem Quatre *rowr* cross-dressing, of the real type OOC (whoa, nelly...)

trowacko @ trowacko's asylum
Wake the Dream
NC-17 4x5 yaoi lemon hollow angst unsappy sap


Bronze Tigress @ SweetlySour.net
...In a Swimming Pool
[ note: entrant in the Jubilee Summer Contest '03 ]
NC-17 6x3, ref. to 2x5, 1x4xR, 11xS, DxH & past 9x6 yaoi heavy lime post war-ness

Reverand Maynard @ here ^__^
6x3 Luv
"Champion tennis player, Zechs Merquise, has finally met his match, both on the court . . . and in the showers."
NC-17 6x3 yaoi lemon unrepentant smut AU --> tennis, anyone? PWP

For the Moment
"Zechs spends a sweaty summer morning in bed with his lover. "
NC-17 6x3 yaoi lemon AU sap Zechs POV

Sweet Delay
NC-17 6x3; vague ref. to past 1x3, 2x3 & 5x3 yaoi lemon AU sap

Trowa Barton, R.N. (Registered Nympho)
" 'Oh, Dr. Zechs!'. . . enough said."
NC-17 6x3 yaoi lemon unrepentant smut AU cross-dressing PWP --> yeah, baby... OOC Trowa, but my god... what an OOC...


Chichiri no da @ Miko no da's Fanfiction Archive
Strength of Will (prologue + 5 parts + epilogue)
"Trowa must face returning to his worst nightmare, in order to complete a mission. But he may be surprised at what he finds out - about himself, and his enemies."
NC-17 13x3, 3+4 yaoi lemon TWT angst

Extracurricular Activities @ Densetsu
NC-17 13x3 yaoi masturbation voyeurism lemon PWP AU --> school fic *rowr*

Wystii @ Ferli's Secret
Take Me (with the Max and Zee stories)
PG-15 3x13, in a rather surreal and totally unique way... yaoi lime / implied lemons post EW angst Treize POV, in *ahem* a rather surreal and totally unique way... ^_~


Jessie Shockey @ the TQ Co-op
Driven To Distraction
NC-17 13x4, in body; 4x13, in spirit ^_~ yaoi lemon TWT seductive Quat

The Eva Braun Complex
NC-17 13x4/4x13 yaoi implied lemon angst canon TWT-ness Quat POV

Miko no da @ Miko no da's Fanfiction Archive
For Just One Night
NC-17 13x4 yaoi lemon TWT PWP-ness light angst

>> 13x4x13 fics at gwa
[ Laekin ]

Check, Check, Mate
NC-17 13x4/4x13; ref. to 13x6 and 3+4 yaoi lemon canon TWT-ness a battle of wills soldier-y angst

no pairings

Anatexis (14 parts + 2 epilogues + illustrations + various 'reactions') @ Gundam Wing: Mission Acknowledged
[ note: I've rec-ed this one, if you want to know more... ]
NC-17 canon, in an AU way necessary angst despair war last chances insanity you know... all that good stuff ^_~

Ashkara @ Ashkara's Fanfiction Vault
Surviving Peace
PG-15 angst post series Wu & Duo

Babaca @ babaca's fanfics
G Duo & Trowa post war-ness light angst mental instability

Normal Life (sequel-ness to above -- ficlet)
G Duo & Heero all that stuff up there, for Trees... ^_~

Blue Soaring @ ...here
PG Duo & Solo, Duo & Quat

Vengeance (ficlet)
NC-17 violence blood pain religion OOC for Duo, though he's still undoubtedly

Caroline @ here ^_^
NC-17 violence blood

Jade Splinters @ Scriptophobia
PG angst Heero, pre-episode zero

Meiran Chang
I'm not dead yet, so HA!!: A Sestina
@ the 6x2 ML Archives
[ note: I've rec-ed this one, if you want to know more... ]
PG major Duo angst poem

Mikkeneko @ Abode of Mikkeneko
The Day of Candles
PG angst Duo & Trowa Tro POV

Dyna Dee

Duo's Friendship Arc (ongoing?) @ Death and the Dragon
[ note: I've rec-ed this one, if you want to know more... ]
PG - PG-15 angst sap TWT

Quicksilver and Gerald Tarrant @ Sainan no Kekka
Stille Nacht
PG Une POV angst Sainan no Kekka side fic

trowacko @ ...here
Righteous (ficlet)
PG Wu POV disillusionment

Windsor Blue @ Shades and Echoes
I Don't Like Mondays
"Wufei writes Quatre about a difficult day at work."
NC-17 Wu POV first in the "Letters to Quatre" series angst ref. to 1+2+5 and 3+4, but that's not what the fic is about

Zooie @ Blatherscythe
How Heavy the Days (2 parts)
PG Duo POV angst TWT

>> no pairing fics at gwa

[ Kamchatka ]
Negative Factors (4 parts)
PG-15 angst canon friendship Heero and Duo

[ Krystal ]
PG-15 Duo angst cutting song fic

[ Lasa Lee ]
Cork Board (part of the Budget series)
PG post war-ness vaguely implied pairings, but this fic is all about the --> humour *guffaw* --> "directly from the corkboard in the Company breakroom"

[ Sol 1056 ]
Before the Beginning (5 non-connected parts)
PG pre-war one snippet for each pilot written for Psyche's 'Before the Beginning' challenge

Find The Moon (prologue + 10 chapters + epilogue)
PG crossover --> Fullmetal Alchemist action Duo-ness

[ Sparcck ]
Everything Beautiful
[ note: I've rec-ed this one, if you want to know more... ]
PG Howard & Duo canon Howard POV

[ Truth ]

G angst post EW mystery POV, at least for a while and I don't feel like spoiling it, so... ^_~


Granate @ Reconnaissance
A Mind of Its Own
NC-17 1x1, implied 1+2 yaoi penis POV *guffaw*

A Little Death @ Aenai~ai
[ note: I've rec-ed this one, if you want to know more... ]
NC-17 2x2, as yet unrequited 2+1, hinted 1+2 yaoi canon TWT PWP-ness kink not a even a hint of romance *growl*

Reverand Maynard @ here ^_^
If Only Allen Ginsberg Were Here
"Absolutely not about a beatnick poet . Milliard has an encounter with a familiar stranger in a grocery store . . . and learns a few things about himself."
NC-17 ? x Milliard *feral grin*, ref. to 6x3 yaoi lemon WDNNSP

Tayles @ Shinigami & Wing
Through Your Window
NC-17 1x1, 2x2 yaoi AU

>> masturbation fics at gwa

[ WingNut ]
Quatre's Problem
NC-17 4x4, background OMCxOMC yaoi voyeurism canon TWT PWP-ness (heh...)