What Pookie Needs (duel fic)
By Nazarri Blue
2x1 Lemon Glimpses of 6x5 4x3
Warnings: Not for the weak and closed minded or peoples under age. This might be silly. And yes, I am being sarcastic. Constant use of the word cock (for good reason) Duo's cock is Heero's source of spiritual enlightenment, Zechs questioning Heero's sanity. Just all out silliness that is not to be taken in the least bit seriously. It certainly isn't meant that way.

Players: My GW Clones
Bondage Duo
Trussed-Up Heero aka Pookie/
Uke Trowa
Super-Seme Quatre
Kinky Wufei
Leather Master Zechs
In-Denial Treize

What Pookie Needs

It was late afternoon by the time Bondage Duo rode up to Habitat Hentai on his huge leather clad motorcycle. His leather-encased ass swayed up the walk with groceries in hand, merrily humming a Metallica tune as he went.

Entering the habitat, he walked into the dining room where Leather Master Zechs was deeply immersed in his current culinary project. It involved a blindfolded and naked Kinky Wufei tied face up on the table. His crotch was on the table's edge with his feet resting on the arms of Zechs' chair. On either side of Wufei's pelvis were jars and cans of various food treats, mostly sundae toppings such as caramel, butterscotch, and chocolate syrup.

A gasp escaped Wufei as Zechs carefully dipped the end of a paintbrush into a jar and delicately applied the sweetness to Wufei's cock. He was a man creating an edible masterpiece, paying special attention to the details.

Not looking up as Duo approached, Zechs held out his hand. "Did you get it?"

Duo opened the grocery bag and handed Zechs a can of whipped cream. Then he walked over to the closet on the other side of the room. Duo smirked and knocked on the door. "Come out of the closet, Treize."

"I am not gay." The muffled, yet dignified voice of In-Denial Treize could be heard from inside the closet.

"Yeah, yeah." Duo rolled his eyes.

"I am not gay."

"You keep saying that. Maybe one day you'll still be the only one convinced."

"I am not gay."

"If you would just come out of the closet, you can set yourself free. Right now, this very second, on the other side of your denial door, Zechs is making a sundae out of Wufei's cock."

"A sundae?" Came the shaking pitiful voice from behind the door.

Duo grinned. "Yep! Complete with whipped cream!"

Whimpers could be heard from within the closet as Duo walked back over to Zechs and his project. He leaned over to get a closer look at the fine details. "I think that this is your best work yet."

Zechs swatted at Duo's face. "Get away from my sundae!"

"Oh! Possessive are we?" Duo snickered.

"Like you share!" Zechs accused.

"You'll never touch my Pookie!" he growled.


"That's right! Pookie is mine and don't you forget it!"

Zechs snorted. "I won't try because that Pookie of yours has more than a few screws loose. I am not losing fingers or worse over some momentary urge to touch him. He gets insane at the mere mention of someone other than you touching him. So no, you don't have to worry. He is all yours. Now, go play with your Pookie."

Duo's eyes glazed over. "Pookie." His mind was bombarded with pictures of Pookie on his knees before him, reverently licking his cock. Pookie bent over, spreading his ass, silently begging to be filled. Kisses, some hot and some sweet.

Snapping out of his temporary hentai daze, he went in search of his prey, Trussed-up Heero. As he passed through the media room, he caught sight of his other habitat mates.

Uke Trowa was on his knees before Super-Seme Quatre, licking and purring to his utter uke delight.

"That's right, suck it! Do it, Baby. Yeah." Quatre hissed as he dug his fingers in Trowa's hair.

Trowa pulled back slightly, just enough so that his lips still caressed but he could speak. "Please Quatre, fuck me. Please. I need you so bad."

Quatre ground his cock all over Trowa's face. "Soon, my precious, very soon. I will give you every inch that you crave."

Continuing on before he got distracted by the "Uke Trowa and Super-Seme Quatre Show", Bondage Duo headed toward his room in the back of habitat hentai. His pulse raced as the large wooden dungeon door appeared ahead of him. He knew that Pookie would be there waiting for him. Duo had a stiffy just thinking about his love's hard lines and contrasting soft skin.

Duo pushed open the door.

Naked, Trussed-Up Heero sat in the center of their round waterbed surrounded by endless sex toys. Phalluses of every size and shape, color and style lay around him. He looked utterly lost in his ocean of dildos and vibrators. Heero fingered the items around him as if judging them or looking for something specific. He picked up one, seeming to judge its weight and size. Heero ran the tip over his lips, his tongue flickered out to tease the dildo.

Duo smirked, loving the sight before him. "Oh! Naughty Pookie ."

Heero looked up in surprise. His eyes roamed possessively over Duo's form. With a ferocious growl, Heero swiped all of the objects from the bed in one quick motion.

"Need something, Pookie?" Duo asked as he carefully approached the bed. One was never sure what to expect when Pookie was in a mood.

Heero waited until Duo was within reach, then he grabbed him by the front of his shirt and threw him on the bed. Frantically reaching for Duo's leather pants, he quickly got them open and pushed the garment down to his knees.

This is what Heero needed. Purring with adoration, he ran his fingers lovingly over the quickly hardening length. Leaning forward, Heero nuzzled and placed little feather kisses on Duo's cock, worshiping his deity in his own way. Heero could never get enough.

Duo moaned, thoroughly enjoying Heero's lavish attention. Sitting up, Heero grabbed the edge of Duo's t-shirt and ripped the flimsy material in two and pushing it aside. He crawled up the body beneath him, his body trembled and breath ragged with need. Placing his hands on the wall, Heero put his cock into Duo's waiting mouth.

Understanding his lovers intense needs, Duo reached under the pillow for the ever-present lube. As he licked and sucked on the cock looming above him, Duo reached around and inserted lubed fingers into Heero.

It felt so good. Heero was in absolute heaven with his cock driving in and out of Duo's luscious mouth and fingers thrusting into him at a furious pace. But he needed more. He needed Duo's cock buried deep inside of him. He needed Duo to drill him into the mattress.

Heero pulled back and reached around behind him to locate Duo's hard cock. Oh yes, hard and ready, just the way he loved it. He inched back down Duo's body.

Duo watched as Heero pushed back, his face twisted in ecstasy. He could feel the tip of his cock slowly being enveloped by tight warmth as Heero impaled himself. It was a glorious sensation. He threw his head back and screamed as he was fully sheathed within Heero.

Feeling the incredible sensation of being filled by Duo, Heero moved his hips in small circular movements, trying to draw Duo's cock even deeper. He growled as he continued to grind himself onto Duo, his movements driving Duo to the brink of lucid sanity.

With his pants still around his knees, Duo managed to roll them both over. Heero wrapped his legs around his lover's waist, trying to pull him deeper. Duo growled and began to move, thrusting as deep and hard as he could. Giving Heero just what he needed, Duo mercilessly drilled his beloved Pookie into the mattress. He looked down to see Heero's beautiful face, lips parted is passion. Caught up is the moment of rising desire, he pressed his lips to Heero's, completing the circuit of sacred union. As they rose together, so did they fall, over the edge of eternal ecstasy.

Completely sated and spent, Duo kicked off his pants and pulled the blankets over them both. Draping his arm over Heero's chest, Duo buried his face in his Pookie's neck. "I love you, Heero."

Heero smiled softly, rolling into Duo's embrace, whispering in his love's ear. "I love you too."


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