Author: Nazarri Blue
Pairings: 1x3 2x3 4x3 5x3 2x5/5x2 1x2/2x1 4x5/5x4 1x2x3 & 4x5x3
DISCLAIMERS: Not mine, No money made, Just for fun.

To Possess Trowa

Duo and Wufei landed their Gundams near the latest safehouse facilities. Wufei was the first to exit his mobile suit, so he waited. Duo slowly lowered himself from the cockpit with a mischievous grin smeared across his face. That grin stayed on his face as he made his way over to the patiently waiting Wufei.

He grabbed the Chinese boy and pulled him roughly to his body. Wufei did not resist, but he snarled at the braided one. Duo stifled any sound by covering Wufei's mouth with his own. Wufei kissed back, determined to take control from Duo. The kiss was rough and unrelenting as both boys fought for domination. Tongues dueling ferociously, both firmly set on being the victor.

Out of sheer frustration and lack of oxygen, at the same time both boys grabbed the other's hair. Wufei grabbing Duo's braid and Duo grabbing Wufei's ponytail, they yanked hard thus ending the kiss without a winner to their ongoing battle. Duo panted breathlessly as Wufei sneered at the braided one's weakness.

They headed for the house, side by side.

Duo broke the silence. "That boyfriend of yours better not be sucking face with my Trowa again!"

"Quatre happens to be very fond of Trowa."

"I don't care! Trowa is mine! You better keep Quatre in line."

"Quatre is my concern, not yours. IF he requires discipline, I will be the one to administer it!"

"You better."

Wufei stopped and glared at Duo. "Are you threatening me, Maxwell?" his challenge sounding deceptively calm.

Duo plastered on his best and most charming grin, "Of course not!"

Looking more than a little unconvinced, Wufei continued on with Duo closely behind.

The house was quiet when they entered, each boy going in a different direction to find their loved ones.

When Duo entered his room, he was not truly surprised by what he saw.

Heero sat at the desk working diligently at his laptop, ignoring anything else.

On the bed lay Trowa, allowing Quatre to pin him to the mattress and lovingly explore his mouth with his own. Between Trowa's submissively up-turned knees, Quatre roughly ground his hips against the other boy's. Their movements clearly mimicking the actions they would rather be taking if they weren't still fully clothed.

Quatre sensed Duo enter the room. Without releasing his hold on Trowa, he turned his head and hissed viciously at the braided pilot. His aquamarine blue eyes burned with anger at Duo's untimely interruption.

Duo took a deep breath and restrained himself from marching over to the bed and yanking Quatre off of his Trowa. Quatre was known to bite or worse. Basically, if Quatre didn't want to move, no one could make him. But Wufei had some influence with him since they were lovers. Trowa did too since Quatre seemed to be absolutely smitten with the tall pilot.

"Wufei! He's in here!" Duo called down the hall knowing that he would be looking for Quatre.

The Chinese pilot walked to Duo's door and upon seeing the tangled limbs on the bed, smiled knowingly. He held a single hand out. "Quatre."

Quatre leaned in for one more taste of Trowa's lips before releasing him and swiftly moving toward Wufei. He totally ignored Duo as he pressed Wufei to the wall in the hallway and plundered his mouth.

Duo closed the bedroom door and made his way to the bed. He sat on the edge next to Trowa, his hand brushing against the boy's high cheekbone. "Trowa, you have been very naughty." Duo accused softly.

His hand reaching down between Trowa's legs to massage the straining bulge encased in denim. It was clear evidence that Trowa had no objections to being viciously ravaged by Quatre. "What shall I do with you?"

Those stunning green eyes stared up at him and an almost imperceptible smirk crossed his lips. Duo melted. Giving into his immediate feelings, he leaned down and placed a very delicate loving kiss on Trowa's passion swollen lips.

Quatre's essence assaulted Duo's senses. He pulled away. "Ugh! You reek of Quatre! I can even taste him on you."

The slight wry expression on Trowa's face suggested that he was rather amused by the situation.

A low growl rumbled softly in Duo's throat. "You are mine, Trowa. Don't forget it." He stood and pointed toward the bathroom door. "Now go brush your teeth, rinse yourself off, and then take a long hot bath."

Trowa silently got up and walked into the bathroom. Only when Duo heard the water start running did he confront the other occupant in the room. "Heero! How could he just ignore what was going on behind you? I asked you to keep Quatre away from him!"

Heero continued typing, "He didn't sound like he wanted it stopped."

Furious, Duo grabbed Heero's chair and swung it around to face him. "That is not the point! Trowa belongs to us!"

Heero glared as he shoved Duo away from his chair. "He belongs to you. Do not include me in this stupid game you play with Wufei."

This is not what Duo expected from Heero, they both enjoyed Trowa. Duo's face softened as concern replaced anger. "What is wrong, Heero?"

Heero's eyes narrowed dangerously as he stood and approached Duo. Standing before him, Heero leaned forward to sniff his mate and growled. "YOU smell like Wufei." Heero pulled back, then reached to a crusty spot in Duo's hair, anger and hurt evident in his eyes. "The least you could do is wash his spunk out of your hair."

Duo looked rather surprised that there was actual physical evidence. Not that there was any secret about it. All of them slept with their mission partners, it helped them with stress and it bound them together. They were willing to die for each other.

Seeing the pain in Heero's eyes, Duo wrapped his arms around him. "Tell me what's wrong." He began kissing Heero softly around the face.

Then came the answer. A whisper so soft, it was hardly perceived. "I don't want to share you anymore."

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