By: Nazarri Blue

The Three of Us

Heero entered the cabin with his gun pulled. After thoroughly checking the rather small room, kitchenette, and bathroom, he walked back to the door. He grabbed Duo by the front of his shirt and kissed him with wanton abandon as he pulled them into the room.

Wufei followed right behind them, only because Duo had him by the waistband of his pants and wouldn't let go. His half-hearted ranting and attempts to swat the hands away were totally ignored, as usual.

Wufei, secretly enjoying the fact that Duo had his hand in his pants, looked over the room. It was a nice vacation home or perhaps a get-away for some wealthy entrepreneur.

Regardless, the pilots were hiding out in it for the night. Wufei hoped that the room's only piece of furniture, a nice fluffy couch, was a foldout bed.

"Get him to relax." Heero growled against Duo's lips as he pulled reluctantly away and went to file his report. Duo winked after him and then turned his attention to Wufei who seemed to be eyeing the room suspiciously.

"What's wrong, Wufei?"

"Does anyone else find it strange for there to be so many mirrors in here? That one over there," he pointed out. "It goes from floor to ceiling!" He slowly looked up and his mouth fell open. Words failed him as he gazed at his reflection through the mirror on the ceiling.

Duo took advantage of his hold on Wufei's waistband to pull the young man into his embrace. "OO kinky! Should be fun! I going to watch as I make love to you and Heero."

Impatiently, Duo began tugging at Wufei's tank top.

"Maxwell, is that all you think about?"

A sarcastic snort could be heard from behind the couch over the clacking sounds of a keyboard.

Ignoring Heero's snort, Duo grinned dangerously and pulled Wufei's shirt over his head then tossed it across the room. "Right now, yes."

He dragged Wufei to the couch and pulled him into his lap. Wufei scowled as he tried to remove himself. He did not like being held like a child, even if it did feel really good. "Let go." He said with no anger to back up his words.

Duo pulled a black silk scarf out from some unknown place on his body and dangled it in front of Wufei to see. "Trust me?"


Duo took that as a yes. He removed Wufei's hair band and proceeded to blindfold him.

"I don't like this." Wufei grumbled.

"You will." Duo whispered in his ear as he pulled on the tie of Wufei's pants. His hand slipped casually into the waistband and pulled it out. He looked down into the pants and licked his lips at the luscious sight. "Yum." He purred. There was no more struggling at that point as Duo's hand sought the treasure within those pants. "Oh God, Wufei, I love you." He moaned while administering soft gentle caresses to the Chinese boy's quickly hardening member.

"Love you." Wufei caught Duo's lips with his own.

Duo moaned at the pleasurable sensations of his lips being plundered and a blood-engorged cock pulsing in his hand.

Wufei wrapped his arms around Duo and found the thick braid that rest against his back. He let his fingers trail down the silken tresses until he found the hair-band, then he freed the chestnut mass from its constraints. Wufei weaved his fingers through the silky strands as their kiss deepened into a glorious dance of caressing tongues.

Having finished his report, Heero removed his tank top then walked around the couch to watch his lovers. He could see their tongues writhing together between their passion-swollen lips. Heero lowered his spandex with one hand and began to slowly pump his own hardening length with the other.

Duo leaned into Wufei as he guided his Chinese lover backward so that they were lying on the couch.

To regain his breath, Duo pulled away just slightly and nibbled lightly at Wufei's lips. He smiled as he looked over his shoulder and saw Heero. He was an exceptionally erotic vision with his spandex down around his mid thighs and hips thrust forward while stroking his shaft. Duo ran the tip of his tongue suggestively over his full lips in a very wanton and inviting gesture. He winked and blew a kiss at his Heero.

This was all the encouragement Heero needed. He stepped out of his spandex and moved over to kneel on the floor in front of the couch. Heero caressed Wufei's blindfolded face as his lips sought the warmth of Duo's mouth. He melted into the beautiful spirit that was his Duo, the war and rest of the world forgotten. Heero reluctantly released those luscious lips, his cobalt eyes meeting with perfect violet. "My Duo."

"Forever." Duo mouthed, his eyes burning with eternal love that would never die.

Wufei's moan caused by Duo's talented hand movements brought their attention back to their lover beneath them. Heero slid his hand down Duo's arm and pulled the hand from Wufei's pants. He licked the fingertips clean of their lover's weeping essence.

Duo, no longer feeling any patience, moved away to yank Wufei's pants off and rid himself of his own clothing.

Heero leaned down to press his lips to Wufei's. There was something so tantalizing about the young man's taste. Heero urged Wufei to part his lips so that he may savor him fully. Wufei put his hands on the back of Heero's to draw him even deeper into his mouth, eliciting a moan from both of them.

Suddenly, Heero's mouth was gone, Wufei groaned from the loss. He started to sit up, but he felt a firm hand push him back down. "We're not done with you, yet." Duo's smooth voice came from somewhere to his left. Then Wufei felt weight shift around him as someone joined him on the couch.

With a devilish smirk, Duo placed himself between Wufei's legs, pushing the boy's knees to his chest. He began his slow sensuous assault by licking Wufei's inner thighs.

The breathless gasp emitted from Wufei's throat was almost comical. Heero watched with fascination as his beloved Duo kissed and licked their Chinese lover's thighs. He then turned his attention to Duo's luscious ass. With Duo teasing Wufei with his tongue and lips, his ass was sticking straight up in the air.

Heero walked around behind Duo and ran his hands over the perfectly rounded globes of flesh. With his thumbs, he parted the flesh to expose the hidden valley between them. He placed a loving kiss on the tight entrance, teasing it lightly with the tip of his tongue before sliding his lubed fingers into Duo's velvety depths.

The feeling of Heero's fingers working to stretch him sent Duo's body into quivers of anticipation. He wanted to feel his lovers inside of him, to feel full and complete. Heero, having fully prepared Duo to be taken, leaned forward to whisper in his ear. "Ride Wufei."

Duo nodded as he moved up Wufei's body and lowered himself onto the boy's burning length.

Heero moved around to the side and watched in total awe as Wufei's cock disappeared into Duo. His beautiful Duo threw his head back in a silent scream of pleasure, his hair falling back like a waterfall of chestnut silk. Heero kissed and licked the exposed neck, tasting the salty sweat of his beloved.

Wufei cried out in surprise as he felt his manhood surrounded by impossibly tight warmth. He could feel the rhythmic squeezing up and down his shaft, driving him to mindless pleasure.

Heero moved over and took advantage of Wufei's open mouth by slipping his cock inside, just the head. To his utter delight, Wufei eagerly wrapped his lips around the tip and sucked hard.

Waves of ecstasy coursed through Duo's impaled body. He felt the rising current, but refused to give in. He couldn't cum yet; he had to wait for Heero. As he picked up speed, he felt Wufei's energy reaching its peak. "Almost there." He hissed at Heero.

That was what Heero was waiting for. He pulled himself from Wufei's lips and moved behind his braided love. Heero watched Wufei as he gasped and pleaded with Duo to let him finish. An impassioned shout erupted from Wufei's lips as he filled Duo's body with his essence.

With a growl, Heero pulled Duo off of Wufei and instantly rammed mindlessly into his love. Duo slammed back into Heero with a snarl of unfettered lust.

Wufei yanked the blindfold from his face and watched his two lovers as they furiously fucked each other over him. His mouth fell open, words failing him but he couldn't tear his eyes away.

Heero reached around and stroking Duo's length; working in perfect rhythm to his animalistic movements. Duo shouted; his body shook as he shot the results of his passion all over Wufei's chest and face. Heero quickly joined his beloved when he felt Duo's tight passage squeeze around his cock. With one last grinding thrust, Heero emptied his passion deep within Duo's depths.

They collapsed onto the body below them, but Wufei was prepared for the weight. He loving stroked Duo's hair until the boy's breathing slowed down to a regular pace. Heero peeked over at Wufei and shook his head when he saw the mess that Duo had left on him.

None of them cared to move. The war waged on the other side of the door. As long as they continued touching, there was nothing else that mattered.

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