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By Nazarri Blue
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Love's Winter Lights

With an unconscious grip of his beloved's braid, Heero watched Duo's childlike gaze as he peered anxiously out of the car window.

"Isn't it beautiful?" Duo whispered. "How could anyone look at this and not believe in God?" The snow covered hills illuminated iridescent white by the full moon while surrounded by the black velvet of night held Duo's innocent wonder.

Heero looked to his left where Quatre was wrapped comfortably in the warmth of Trowa's loving arms. His eyes were fixed on Duo's window reflection. Just like Heero, Quatre's soft smile suggested that he too was enjoying Duo's happiness.

On the seat across from them were Zechs and Wufei, the newlyweds. In the two months since their wedding, Wufei had discovered that his favorite place to fall asleep was with his face nuzzled in his spouse's lap. Taking advantage of the fact that they had a whole seat to themselves, Wufei was stretched out taking a nap. Zechs stared out of the window, absently stroking his love's unbound hair. All the while trying to forget the raging hard-on that he was getting from Wufei's steady breathing on his thinly covered cock.

The car rounded a corner as they entered the estate through a set of large iron gates. Wufei stirred slowly from his favorite spot, blinking sleep from his eyes.

Duo turned to Heero, grinning like a madman. "This is going to be so much fun!" With a passion that he felt straight from his heart, Duo leaned into Heero and soundly kissed him.

Their friends looked on with satisfaction, not feeling the need to turn away. They shared in the joy of knowing how much Duo and Heero loved each other. The rest of the world be damned, they only saw beauty in what those two shared. Wufei and Quatre exchanged smiling glances; this would be the best Christmas ever!

Duo reluctantly pulled away, realizing that the need to breath was becoming imperative. He looked over at his friends, "Thank you, guys. I know you really wanted to spend the holiday someplace warm. But being in snow just makes me feel like we're having a real Christmas for once in our lives."

Wufei smirked at his best friend as he leaned back into Zechs. He couldn't wait to see Duo's face when he saw what Heero was going to do for him. This was definitely going to be a holiday to remember.

The car came to a stop as a gaggle of servants surrounded their vehicle. Doors were quickly opened as the six young men piled out and headed toward the house.

Half way up the walk to the house, Duo noticed the pure white blanket of snow on the small hill next to them. With a war cry that pierced nature's silence, Duo ran up a snow-covered hill leaving his friends and loved one to shake their heads at his exuberance. Part way up the hill, Duo turned around and noticed that he was leaving prints in the unblemished snow. He waved at the guys back at the walkway and then turned back to the task at hand. From where he stood, Duo launched himself forward, spinning onto his back before hitting the ground. Trowa chuckled proudly. As Duo moved his arms and legs in the snow, he squealed with glee.

Quatre leaned over to Heero as they watched Duo. "Does he have any clue?"

"None." Heero smirked.

"You had better go retrieve him before he catches a cold." Wufei warned.

"That's true." Quatre giggled. "This will not be as romantic if he has a runny nose and bad cough."

Silently agreeing, Heero walked up the hill to take his beloved inside.

Duo watched with a slightly pained heart as the two married couples continued on toward the house. He knew that he shouldn't be jealous, but he couldn't help it. Duo was honestly happy for his friends; he just knew that it would never happen for him. Heero loved Duo with every aspect of his being, but the perfect soldier was content with things the way they were. With an utterly hopeless sigh, Duo watched his approaching lover.

His thoughts instantly turned toward more pressing matters. Like his very erect cock painfully pressing against the inside of his jeans.

For a week, Heero had not been inside of him. And with each passing day, Duo's need grew. They were still having sexual relations, but their activities were limited to oral stimulation or mutual hand jobs. Heero had even asked Duo to pleasure himself so that he could watch. That was fun, but it wasn't enough.

Duo wanted Heero inside of him, their sweaty bodies slamming together in the rhythm of primal passion. He wanted to feel Heero's balls slapping his ass and he was very determined to get his way before they got any sleep.

Heero could tell by the look in Duo's eyes that he was going to have one hell of a hard time putting off sex for one more night. He was going to have to think of something good. He had to do something special to keep Duo from becoming overly suspicious.

With a piercing look that suggested a night of sexual fantasies, he held his hand out for Duo. A plan came to mind that would be very satisfying to his beloved.

Noticing the lustful look in Heero's eyes, Duo gratefully took the offered hand. Before he knew what was happening, he found himself being thrown over Heero's shoulder and hauled up to their bedroom. Loving the feeling his lover's hands caressing his ass as they made their way through the house. Duo purred happily because he knew that he was going to get his ass drilled. For the God of Death, there was nothing better.


Surrounded by the softest down and tucked deep within the most luxurious of linens, Duo did not want to get up. As his mind remembered where he was, his mind went over last night's action.

Heero was wonderful, totally focusing on Duo's needs. His extremely skilled mouth caressed his entire body for what seemed like hours. Duo's lips were still swollen from Heero's thorough exploration of his mouth. He had also taken great pleasure in marking various sensitive parts of Duo's body.

When Duo thought that he couldn't take any more, Heero slowly worked a rather large dildo inside of him. The intensity of that combined with his oral stimulations had Duo shaking the walls with his passionate scream. Just thinking about it was making him hard again.

As fantastic as it was, it still didn't come close to what the two of them shared when they were joined as one body, mind and soul. After a week of Heero avoiding that kind of intimacy with him, Duo was rapidly loosing his mind. He was determined to simply jump Heero this morning while they were still in bed.

That is when Duo realized that Heero did not have him in a possessive clutch or had his face buried in his hair. Growling with sexual frustration, he sat up and looked for his missing lover. "Heero."

The room was silent.

Duo scowled and looked over at the nightstand. The dildo was there along with a note. Coming to the unpleasant conclusion that Heero wasn't around, he grabbed the note and read it.


Please do me the honor of being mine - forever.

I love you.

Marry Christmas.


Tonight at 7

He only skimmed over the note, totally missing the special wording that Heero used. There was only thing that Duo had in mind and it wasn't some note telling him that Heero would be back around seven.

Duo shook with fury, yelled at the top of his lungs, wadded up the useless note, and went in search of clothes. He was going to find Heero.


"ARGH!" The frustrated yell echoed throughout the house.

The four young men at the dining room table braced themselves for the coming storm named Duo Maxwell. Heero had warned them that Duo would probably be very frustrated; he didn't get into any fine details as to why that might be.

Trowa acted as though he hadn't heard anything coming from the Maxwell/Yuy bedroom. He kept his nose buried deep in the newspaper.

Wufei's shoulders tensed as they heard slamming, throwing, and a muffled rambling monolog commence in the bedroom above them.

Zechs closed his eyes to inhale the aroma of his coffee, refusing to get directly involved.

"HEERO!" Duo's voice now sounding exactly like the wrath of death that he claimed to be.

Quatre bit his lower lip and watched the stairwell with growing apprehension. "Um, Wufei, maybe you had better handle Duo, he'll listen to you."

Hearing Duo coming down the hall, Wufei glared across the table at Quatre. "We all volunteered for this duty and Duo would never be rude to you."

"He's your best friend!" Quatre countered.

With a growl, Wufei quickly got out of his chair and poured some hot coffee.

The frazzled Duo came to the bottom of the steps dressed only in a pair of gray warm-up pants. Wufei held out a mug of hot coffee. "Good Morning, Duo."

Duo ignored Wufei for the moment, his feverish-looking eyes searching frantically around the room. With his hair hanging loose and obviously un-brushed, he looked very much like a madman. "Where's Heero?"

"Didn't you get his note?" Wufei asked as patiently as he could, but ended up sounding quite sarcastic instead.

Duo threw the wadded up note at the table with a furious growl. "I don't need a note, I need Heero! Now!"

"I guess you do." Trowa snickered as he peeked around the newspaper and pointedly looked at Duo's mid-section.

Quatre followed Trowa's line of vision to see Duo's sweat pants tenting out in front; clear evidence of a raging hard-on that was barely being confined by the material. Part of him wanted to blush, but a bigger part of him wanted to enjoy the view, so he did.

Wufei looked down to see what had captured his friends' attention. He choked as he saw Duo's arousal straining against the fabric of his pants. He tried to say something, but only some unintelligible noise managed to escape his lips. No matter what he tried, he could not look away.

That was until he heard Zechs clear his throat. Wufei's eyes shot up to meet those of his love, his spouse's beautiful ice blues chilling the Chinese man to his very core. He knew that he was in trouble. Big trouble, like he was going to have a hard time sitting down for a week kind of trouble.

Flustered and fighting a stiffy of his own, Wufei pointed back up the stairs. "Duo, you go take care of..." Not knowing what word to use, he simply pointed at his best friend's mid-section. "That! You go take a shower or whatever you need to do, but don't come back down until you can properly wear a pair of pants!"

Grumbling about death by sexual deprivation, Duo took the coffee from Wufei and went back upstairs.

Wufei let out a sigh of relief until he felt Zechs' hard body pressed against his back. "Bedroom. Now." His husband's words sent chills through Wufei. His mouth went dry as he ran up to their room, never looking back to see if Zechs was following.

Quatre and Trowa watched Wufei take off up the stairs at an incredible speed. Then Zechs used his long legs to take the steps three at a time following his raven-haired love to their bedroom.

Quatre shook his head. "This is going to be a long day." He picked up the wadded note and decided to put it someplace safe. "Duo will want to keep this when he realizes what this note really is."


"Please!" Duo pleaded. "Tell me what Heero is going to do."

"No." Wufei replied evenly as he paged through a book of watercolor landscapes.

It was killing Duo. A very slow painfully frustrating death caused by the combination of a lack of information and a need for deep sexual union with Heero.

"I'm dying here. Give me a clue or something."

"I have no sympathy for you, Maxwell. If you had bothered to read Heero's note this morning, you would have your answers."

"But I want you to tell me." Duo was doing a very good job of sounding as if he were whining.


From his spot on the floor, Duo slowly crawled over to the enormous stuffed chair that Wufei and settled himself in. He wedged his body between his friend's legs and rested his head on Wufei's inner thigh, his eyes pleading for mercy. "I thought you loved me."

While resting his book on the arm of the chair, Wufei used his free hand to stroke Duo's hair. "I will always love you, Duo. But it would be inappropriate for me to tell you. Something this important should only come from Heero."

"I'll beg, is that what you want?"

At this point, Wufei was just ignoring the question. "Eat." He gestured toward the untouched snack tray that was stationed on the coffee table.

"Ugh! I give up!" Duo pouted. He watched Wufei turn another page. Discouraged that his pleading had been ignored, he decided upon a new tactic.

Without another thought, Duo grabbed the book from Wufei and plopped himself right in his lap. Almost naturally, Wufei put his arms around his dearest friend. Both of them sat together for a moment, looking into each other's eyes. They leaned into each other; Wufei placed a very delicate feather kiss on Duo's lips. Duo returned the kiss in kind. It was a simple prolonged touch of chaste intimacy.

They simultaneously sighed as their kiss came to an end.

Duo laid his head on Wufei's shoulder. "If it weren't for Heero and Zechs, I would make my home right here in your lap.

Wufei snorted. "If it weren't for Zechs and Heero, I would ensure that you had no desire to ever leave my lap."

A knock on the door announced Quatre's arrival. He opened the door and beamed at the two snuggled together in the chair. "Duo. Wufei." Quatre greeted as he entered the room.

Trowa followed closely behind his husband carrying two rather large boxes. He placed them on the sofa. "Here are your clothes for tonight."

Quatre looked at the food tray on the table. Concern crossed his face when he saw that it hadn't been touched. "Duo, Heero wants you to eat a little something before tonight."

"I'm not hungry."

Quatre shook his head. "I can always have Wufei force feed you!" He threatened lightly just as his face suddenly turned bight pink. "Oh! That didn't come out sounding right." His mind pictured a naked Wufei straddling over an equally naked Duo's head while feeding the braided one his cock from above.

Knowing that look on his beloved's face, Trowa walked over to Quatre and leaned over to whisper in his ear. "A penny for your hentai thoughts."

"A penny?" An evil grin spread across Quatre's face, his eyes never leaving the two on the chair. "What I am thinking right now will cost you far more than a penny." He turned into Trowa, grabbed the front of the taller man's shirt, and pulled him down for a quick demanding kiss. "Now, let's go back to our room and discuss my terms."

Quatre held the door open for Trowa then turned back to Duo. "Oh yes, you'll want this." He threw a wad of paper at Duo before he closed the door behind him.

Duo easily caught the projectile and laughed out loud as he realized that it was Heero's note. He smoothed out the paper and read it thoroughly for the very first time. Wufei was able to read it too since Duo was still planted firmly in his lap.

Wufei watched as Duo read the note and then read it again. He could feel his friend's body begin to quiver. Duo's mouth fell open; with a chuckle, Wufei reached over and shut it for him.

"My Heero wants to marry me." Duo whispered as if he couldn't believe it.

"Of course he does. What the two of you will do tonight is only a physical confirmation of what your souls have always known. You are two parts of a whole; complete within yourselves as individuals, but even more complete together."

Duo was silent for a moment before he burst out of the chair. "Hey! I have to get ready! I'm getting married! WooHoo! I need a shower! Wash my hair! Heero loves my hair! Oh Gods! I'm starving!" Duo pounced toward the table and literally attacked the snack tray.

Wufei groaned as he watched a very animated Duo bounce around making verbal lists of what he needed while he shed his clothing. It was as if he had forgotten that he wasn't alone.

Wufei watched in utter fascination as every stitch Duo had on his body fell in various spots all around the room. When he was totally devoid of clothing, he unraveled his braid. Then Duo walked to the bathroom door and turned around; he eyed Wufei as he ran the tip of his tongue over his lower lip. "Are you coming?"