Freeze has only seen me angry once. When it became obvious the the Superiors would not let Freeze leave, I was consumed. They could not stop me. They had taught me too well. I tracked down the scientists who had made Freeze and I killed them. I killed the men who had signed the orders and the men who guarded them. I killed the men who had manufactured the cloning equipment. I blew up the lab and the vault where Freeze's records were kept. When I was done, there was nothing to show what Freeze was except Freeze himself. When I took him away, no one stopped us. There was no one left who knew. I have become a very dangerous man. Freeze does not need to tell me. I tell myself.

Freeze never told me what happened in the circle of stones. I do not grieve for Trance or Tryst. Somehow, they are part of him now. Now I let myself be seduced by Tryst's green eyes. Now I surrender to Trance's touch of desire. But it is Freeze's smile that makes my heart skip a beat.

Freeze says my eyes are now gray. Sometimes I find him watching me. I ask him what he sees and he says he does not know. Freeze is right. I am different. I no longer need to tell Freeze I love him. And I no longer remember my name.


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