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[ note: I'm avoiding straight out WDNNSP PWP's, simply because there's so much going on behind Treize and Zechs/Millardo, and why they do what they do (whomever they might happen to do it with), that soul-less sex just seems... cheap somehow... ]

>> on-site fics...

Synchronous Rhythms
NC-17 6x6, 13x13, 6x13 yaoi lemon masturbation soulful PWP

Katharine Klise
NC-17 Alex/Mueller yaoi glossy lemon canon Oz angst *swoon*

the Lost Soldiers Series
"Duo is just trying to cope after the war, but he gets help from an unlikely source, Zechs Marquise."
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11
NC-17 6x2 (main), 1x2, 5x1 yaoi lemon angst violence attempted NCS bastard Heero (the other pilots aren't exactly 'nice', either...) Duo angst / confusion / denial post EW

the Princes and Soldiers series
"Milliardo Peacecraft is forced to take Heero and Duo on a mission against his wishes, but he finds out that Duo isn't all fun and games and Milliardo begins to develope a strange fascination for the ex-pilot of Deathscythe."
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12
Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Epilogue
NC-17 growing 6+2, 2+6; heavy 1+2+1 yaoi (eventual) lemon angst post EW preventer-ness ref. to past violence

the Princes and Soldiers series, II (incomplete)
NC-17 6x2, platonic 1x2x1 ('x' instead of '+' cuz their relationship is waaay deeper than best friends), growing? 1+9 yaoi lemon everything else I've listed above ( ^_~ ), plus a bit of sap

Reverand Maynard
[ note: there really aren't any label-type words that befit how well-written and subtly moving these fics are. just be sure that they are much more than the might seem here... ]
the Spectator Series
Certainly Love
"Treize and Zechs discover that perhaps there is truth to some rumors... and that not everyone will like it."
PG-13 13+6 shounen ai light lime canon

"Just a little over a month after 'Certainly, Love', Treize comforts Zechs... Noin comforts herself."
PG-13 13+6 light shounen ai light angst canon

That Depends
"Not long after 'Sir', Zechs and Treize attend a ball held by an old friend of Treize's family, Mrs. Marat. Secrets are told, passion revealed, and well... stuff happens."
PG-13 13+6 light shounen ai light lime light angst canon

Twice As Much
"As he promised at the end of 'That Depends', Zechs visits Treize before going into space, and a little girl wonders about a mysterious man."
PG-13 13+6 shounen ai lime light angst passion canon Mariemeia-ness

No Matter
"Treize speaks to his lover in the night. This is, without exception, the most revealing SS fic of all. A companion fic to 'Twice as Much' "
PG-15 13x6 yaoi implied lemon light angst canon

More Than That
"A few weeks after 'That Depends', Zechs confronts Treize at his estate concerning the attempt on his life during a test flight. We learn that much has happened since we last saw our General and his Second, and it may change them forever."
PG-13 13+6, 6+13 shounen ai light lime angst canon

Yes, Please
"Leaping back in the timeline almost 10 years, Treize and Zechs mourn in a garden while a lady looks on. "
PG light pre-13+6 angst canon flashback-ness to childhood

Prince of Siam
"Still in the past, in fact, the very evening of 'Yes, Please', the boys relocate to a more distant garden to bury a bit of the past."
PG light pre-13+6 angst canon flashback-ness to childhood follow-up to 'Yes, Please'

Into the Light (an ending, of sorts)
PG-15 13+6, unrequited 2+6, hints of (thank god!) 1+2 yaoi lime canon-ish --> post EW Oz angst *sigh* "
Set mid-year A.C. 198; references, of course, the other SS fic, as well as And Hope."

the Water fics
Still Waters
NC-17 13x6 yaoi lemon-y lime? lime-y lemon? canon

Running Deep
NC-17 6x13 yaoi lemon-y lime canon

In the Wake
NC-17 6x13 yaoi lemon canon soldier-y sap a bit of sadness...

Can You Feel Anything When I do This?
NC-17 13x6 yaoi lemon AU sap *sappy grin*

Xero Sky
Sanctuary (incomplete >_< )
NC-17 6x2(x1?), ref. to past 6x9 yaoi eventual citrus post EW angst eventual "blood, violence, sarcasm, and profanity" ^_~

>> off-site fics

Chichiri no da @ Miko no da's Fanfiction Archive
Friends and Enemies (5 parts)
"Duo and Treize are trapped together in a most untenable situation."
NC-17 13x2; ref. to 13x6, 13x5, & 1x2 yaoi lemon TWT angst NCS/comfort fic

Strength of Will (prologue + 5 parts + epilogue) -- a long time favourite
"Trowa must face returning to his worst nightmare, in order to complete a mission. But he may be surprised at what he finds out - about himself, and his enemies."
NC-17 13x3, 3+4 yaoi lemon TWT angst

Jessie Shockey @ Gundanium Line
Driven To Distraction
NC-17 13x4, in body; 4x13, in spirit ^_~ yaoi lemon TWT seductive Quat

The Eva Braun Complex
NC-17 13x4/4x13 yaoi implied lemon angst canon TWT-ness Quat POV

Kashu Arashi @ Tsuki no Kage
Slowly Bleeding
[ note: I've rec-ed this one, if you want to know more... ]
NC-17 6x1; ref. to 4xOFC, 2+H (*grimace*), hazy 1+2, past 6+9 & 2+1... there might be a few more that I'm forgetting, but everything besides the main pairing is very slight yaoi lemon post war-ness angst nice Relena Heero POV finding peace

Kest @ Fanfiction by Kest
NC-17 6x13 yaoi lemon Oz angst

Marilyn @ dj obsession
NC-17 13x6, 2+5, ref. to past 5+13 yaoi lime post series angst passion alternating POV's

Sleeping Beauty
NC-17 6x13 yaoi lemon PWP-ness

Meade Keene @ Reverand Maynard's House of Worship
The Play's the Thing
NC-17 6x13 yaoi lemon romance light soldier angst-ness

MikAAislin Nymph a.k.a. Ais @ Aenai~ai
The Leaves of Autumn
PG 13+6+13 shounen ai loveliness ^_^

Missa & Miriya
What's Right (prologue + 13 parts) @ Steel Song
NC-17 5x2, 6x13, and various combinations thereof... lemons light angst sap AU-ish

Moonsliver @ Aenai~ai
Ghosts in the Attic
PG 5x6 yaoi sap post war-ness fluff-ness

Ponderosa @ Destiny Interrupted
NC-17 13x6 yaoi lemon shota ai (Zechs is just shy of 14) canon PWP-ness

Roo @ Bastmoon
An Island Unto Themselves
NC-17 13x5, implied 1x2 yaoi lemon OOC light angst  sap

The Prize (6 chapters)
NC-17 13x5; past 13x6; implied 6x9, 3x4 and 1x2 yaoi lemon AU-ness attemtped NCS as well as ref. to past NCS
OOC language angst sap (and how... )

syrupjunkie @ The Sabintha Stories
(ZM/CW #2) Two Sided Triangle
NC-17 6x5; ref. to past 13x6 & 13x5 yaoi lemon post war-ness Sabintha fic

triedunture @ Lev's Lair
Weaving a Tale
PG-13 13x6, speculated 1x2x1 yaoi lemon-ness humour *snicker*
[ note: this fic has a sequel, 'Selling the Story', that you should not miss. the only reason I don't have a proper link to it is that it's not a true 'Oz' fic, although there is implied 13x6... ]

Wiggle @ the BishiPile Gundam Wing yaoi ML archive -- one of my very favourite lemon writers, for both her gw and non-gw works...
The Prince and the General
NC-17 6x13 yaoi lemony lime hedonistic PWP *growl*

The Prize
[ note: I've rec-ed this one, if you'd like to know more ]
NC-17 6x13 yaoi lemon shotacon --
> underage seme (Zechs is 12 and Trieze is 17) loving PWP-ness sap

>> Oz fics at gwa

[ Andrea Readwolf ]
Spa Treatment (first story under the 'A Matter of the Heart' arc)
NC-17 13x6 yaoi lemon PWP-ness shota-con

[ Asuka ]
Kiss From A Rose
PG-15 13x5 yaoi song fic death fic-ish

[ Bonne & Von ]
Bloodline (2 parts -- part of the An American Werewolf in Space AU)
NC-17 6x5 yaoi lemon AU-ness --
> monsters angst-ness

Discoveries: Her Fallen Count (first fic in the Frozen Colonies arc)
NC-17 13x6 yaoi lemon voyeurism

[ Christine ]
Dangerous Liasions (15 parts) and its sequel, More Dangerous Liasions (ongoing)
[ note: I've rec-ed this one, if you'd like to know more ]
NC-17 13x2, 1x5, 3x4 yaoi lemons ANGST!! MORE ANGST!! massive amounts of Duo torture NCS evil Zechs & Howard did I mention the angst?

[ DaMoyre ]
Counting Clouds
PG-13 past 13+6, 5+6 yaoi Zechs POV song fic angst-ness letting go-ness sap-ness post series

[ Hyuy ]
Hallways and Corridors
PG-13 6x13 yaoi bit o' lime angst death fic-ish AU-ness

[ Jay ]
The Chemicals Between Us
NC-17 6x1 yaoi lemony lime AU shota con drama-ness Zechs POV

[ JejeFish ]
And at Last
NC-17 13x6 yaoi lemon angst

[ Kumiko ]
Lingering Days (8 parts)
[ note: I've rec-ed this one, if you'd like to know more ]
NC-17 6x5 yaoi lemons *pant* AU --
> college sappitty sap sap

La Vita Va Su (w/ Tzigane -- 15 parts)
NC-17 past 13x5 and 13x6, 6x5 yaoi lemons *still panting* angst-ness post EW

Strange Meeting
PG 1+6 shounen ai canon angst

[ Kuwabara no miko ]
A Beginning
NC-17 13+5, 5+13 canon-ness angst-ness

Improbable Outcome
NC-17 13x5 yaoi lemon

[ Laekin ]

Check, Check, Mate
NC-17 13x4/4x13; ref. to 13x6 and 3+4 yaoi lemon canon TWT-ness a battle of wills soldier-y angst

[ WingNut ]
NC-17 5x6x5 yaoi lemon PWP-ness a Sabintha story

>> recommended Oz sites...

my 2x6x2 page...

-- home to Kat's delectable fiction, co-authored by Tzigane and Kumiko

-- teasing 13+6, 6+13 fics by... *shrug* your guess is as good as mine... heh...

Blue Roses -- a 13x4 shrine, another favourite of mine...
[ note: this site is currently down... >_< ]

Hoshikuzu no Senshitachi

-- my favourite canon Oz site

This mask I wear -- KC-Chan's 6x5 shrine