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Broken Warriors + Chapter 118
Happy the Grooms the Sun Shines On (Part 2)

Duo's knees felt so wobbly it was a miracle he got down the stairs without falling. It was almost like being afraid, except that he wasn't. No, it was more like that day that Heero's email reached him from Madrid. Getting something he wanted so bad was a rare experience in Duo Maxwell's world. It was overwhelming when it happened.

Quatre put a hand under his arm to steady him and gave him a reassuring smile. At the bottom of the stairs he helped Duo put on the small white, pearl trimmed mask he'd made, which Quatre joking called his "bridal veil."

"I thought only virgins got to wear those," Wufei remarked, grinning.

"I'm wearing it anyway, Chang," Duo mock growled. "There," Quatre said, arranging Duo's hair around it. "Oh Duo! I'm so happy for you!" Wufei smiled, too, but his was shy suddenly, and Duo was sure he saw tears in his friend's dark eyes.

"You look so-- beautiful!"

"Thanks Wu-man, but stop with the waterworks. You're gonna make me cry!"

Wufei wiped his eyes, reverted to his usual reserved expression, and handed Duo the small bouquet of beach roses. "It's time. Everyone is here."

"Doctor B, too?"

"Yes, and a very lovely woman who must be his wife. Trowa gave them seats near the front." They waited just inside the front door until the first strains of the wedding march began, and then stepped together out onto the porch.

"This is it!" Duo thought, swallowing around the sudden lump in his throat.

Their friends filled the beach chairs lined up on the sand, and beyond them, at the end of the aisle formed by the chairs and lengths of white ribbon, stood Heero, unbelievably handsome, solid and real. He was wearing the necklace and the white, seashell studded wedding mask Duo had made for him. Trowa and the Justice of the Peace were at his side, all barefoot, as planned. The guests had their shoes off, too.

The sand was warm under Duo's bare feet as he made himself walk slowly in time to the music. It was hard to read Heero's face with the mask covering half of it, but as Duo drew closer, he saw him smile, a real, genuine, human display of delight. The cold breeze off the water blew his dark hair into sexy disarray, and caught at the open shirt, baring more of his tanned chest and sides.

"Is this real, or am I dreaming again?" thought Duo.

But it seemed very real as he reached Heero and they joined hands and waded out shin deep into the freezing Atlantic water, followed by the JP and their friends.

OK, maybe they hadn't thought that part through. Quatre's chin was already shaking as his teeth began to chatter, but it was too late now. Heero wanted a "mermaid" wedding and that's what he was going to have.

The JP gave them both a nod and Heero reached out and gently lifted Duo's mask away. Duo did the same, trying not to grin like a mad man. Both of them had very shaky hands. Trowa took the masks and Duo and Heero joined hands.

"Friends of Duo Maxwell and Heero Yuy," the JP began, smiling herself. She didn't have any notes or a book or anything. "We are gathered here in this beautiful place, a place filled with warm meaning for the couple, and the good friends standing here with them, to see two loving hearts joined as on forever. Too often I know little about the people I marry, but like everyone here, I have watched this great romance play out on magazine covers, newspapers and vids. It's an honor to help them finally realize the ultimate commitment they are both so willing to make to one another. They, and their friends, have become symbols of the transition from war to peace, from enmity to friendship." Here she nodded to Zechs, who was sitting front and center with the guests. "From soldiers, they have become icons of love and real friendship. May they always be, for each other and all of you who love them."

She paused and Duo saw Heero blinking hard already.

"And now Wufei Chang will deliver a short blessing he has chosen, on behalf of their friends."

Wufei, who'd face death in battle without batting an eye, was shaking like a leaf as he turned and faced the crowd. But his voice was steady as he began.

"From the I Ching. ' When two people are at one in their inmost hearts,
they shatter even the strength of iron or bronze.
And when two people understand each other in their inmost hearts,
their words are sweet and strong, like the fragrance of orchids.' "

He paused, and then bowed to the couple. "Such is the love we see between you both."

"And now Duo and Heero will exchange their own vows. Duo?"

Duo took Heero's cold, trembling hands in his own and swallowed hard. He wasn't good with fancy speeches, so he'd decided to just tell the truth. With the incoming tide surging around his legs and shifting the sand under his feet, trying not to think about all the people sitting there, listening, he swallowed again and began.

"Heero, you and I were both lost, but you were the one who found your way back to me. Every day for the rest of our lives I will show you how much you are loved, how glad I am that you came through when I'd given up, back in the day, and more recently, too. I give you the only thing I've ever had to give anyone: my self, all of me, but most of all, I give you my heart. I'll always be your wingman. I'll always have your back. I'll always be your mermaid, too." He paused, blushing, and whispered "You know what that means, right?"

Heero nodded, and a tear spilled down his cheek.

Duo brushed it away with gentle fingers. " Anyway, baby, I will always, always love you forever. I wish I was better with words, but there it is. I love you, Heero, and I always will, no matter what." Finished, he squeezed Heero's fingers and gave him a smile.

Heero took a deep breath and cleared his throat. "Duo, since the day we met, you saw the humanity in me, even when I did not believe it there. Your belief in me changed my life. It changed me. You are like a light that came on and showed me a world I hadn't even suspected was there. Your friendship was a revelation, and then your love for me. But I loved you before I knew it was returned. You are my sun, and everything that is beautiful to me. The thought of you sustained me through the darkest days, and there you were, still waiting for me, when I found my way home to you." He paused and cleared his throat again, but his blue eyes never left Duo's face. "You are my heart's home, Duo, and you always will be. I want to be the same for you always and forever. I love you, Duo."

So neither one of them was Shakespeare, or one of Wu's fancy poets, but there wasn't a dry eye on the beach when they were done. Even the JP was teary eyed. But she made it through all the "will you's" and "do you take's" just fine, and finally got to the good part.

"Duo and Heero, will you seal the pledges you have just given with a kiss before these witnesses?"

With the breeze and waves and sunshine all around them, and everyone clapping and cheering, Heero took Duo in his arms and kissed his lights out right there in front of everyone. They were still lip locked when the JP laughed and said, "Then the by power vested in me by the state of Massachusetts, I now pronounce you husband and husband. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Heero and Duo Maxwell."

There was a slight pause, and some surprised looks, then everyone clapped again.

Duo and Heero had nearly had a fight over the whole name thing. As far as Duo was concerned, Heero Yuy was the name of the person he'd fallen for and the name the world knew Heero by. At the very least, they should do the whole hyphenated thing. But Heero had out logic'd him again.

"That's just some other man's name they gave me when they made me a terrorist. It was never mine, never who I am. I don't even have a real name that I know of. But your names, Duo, both of them, they mean something. You chose them. They are who you are. And I want to be part of something real. Please, share your name with me?" And then they'd both cried a little and that had been the end of the matter.

Heero might still be Yuy to the world, but on paper and in his heart, he was a Maxwell now. Together they were "the Maxwell family". Duo's heart just about burst with happiness at the thought of that as Heero scooped him up in his arms and carried him back to dry land, followed by the others.

Zechs was the first to greet them. He kissed them both on the cheek and gave them a crushing hug, then grabbed Wufei and kissed him like they'd just gotten married.

"And they were only apart a few days!" Quatre laughed. Trowa was draped over him like a sweater, green eyes filled with love and hunger.

The wedding photographer took over, posing Dou and Heero and their wedding party and various friends in front of the ocean, and then did some shots in the house. With that done, they were hugged and cried over for almost half an hour before they got everyone back on the to go to Ma Rainey's. Sally Po held them both by the shoulder and shook her head. "It's hard to believe you're the same to crazy boys who jumped from that hospital window that time. My god, who'd have thought?"

Duo was just recovering from a rib crushing hug from Cathy when he turn3ed and found Dr. Batoosingh standing there with his hand out.

"Doc! Damn, I'm glad you came," he laughed, pushing the hand aside and hugging the man. "Whaddya think? This gonna work?"

"Yes, of that I have no doubt. I wish you both the very best."

Heero put his arm around Duo and shook Dr. B's hand. "We both owe you more than we can ever repay."

"Oh, I don't know about that," Batoosingh laughed. "Part of what brought you this far was doing the exact opposite of what I advised."

"I'll keep that in mind," Trowa noted wryly, still wrapped around Quatre.

Zechs, Cathy and her date joined them in the huge limo, where champagne was chilled and waiting. Zechs had Wufei in his lap, and held him tight while he raised his glass to Duo and Heero. "Let me be the first to toast the newlyweds. To Mr. and Mr. Maxwell!"

"Thank you," said Heero, clinking his glass with his and Wufei's. "I do like the sound of that."

"I guess I do too," Duo agreed, wiggling up into Heero's lap and kissing him on the top of the head.


The club was ready for them. The tables were draped in white clothes and decorated with flowers and candles. The dj had the music pumping and the vid screens were on, panning the crowd and zeroing in on Duo and Heero.

They cut the tall, white wedding cake, which was topped with small, finely detailed sculptures of the two of them cast in gundanium, a gift made by Trowa. They fed each other the ritual piece, kissed and more pictures were taken.

Cathy took charge of serving the cake while Heero led Duo out onto the dance floor for their first dance. Heero had picked the song, and kept it a secret.

"So, I finally get to hear what you chose," Duo grinned, wrapping his arms around Heero's waist as the dj cued up the song. "Something mushy, I bet." Instead, the snarl of an electric guitar playing to a heavy driving beat erupted from the speakers around the room, with a sassy bass line. It sent Duo's heart into overdrive as Billy Sido's harsh, deep, sex-drenched voice pounced on the crowd.

'I know you love me. I see the signs.
Don't even have to read between the lines."

Heero pulled him in closer and ground his belly against Duo's. "Remember this song?"

"I love this song!"

"You sang it for me, in the kitchen that day. With that frilly apron on?"

"Oh baby! Perfect!" And he sang along as he and Heero groped each other like they were the only two people in the whole damn room.

"Ooo baby! How you tease 'n please.
Makes me holler, makes me weak in the knees!
Shake me baby, then hold on tight.
Gonna rock your world the whole damn night!'"

The dance floor filled up around them as the other guests joined in, many of them belting out the chorus as they danced.

"Shake me, break me, sexy baby.
Gonna spread your wings, an' I don't mean maybe.
Take me, shake me, don't never fake me.
Gonna rock your world alllllll night long!"


Three days' abstinence and the champagne in the limo had quite effectively lowered most of Wufei's inhibitions. For once he didn't cringe at the music, or flinch and blush as Zechs grabbed him from behind and ground against him in the press of the crowd. Instead, he groaned and threw his head back against Zechs's strong shoulder as those big hands roamed down his sides and over his hips, fingers tantalizing inches from where Wufei most wanted them right now.

At Quatre's suggestion, he was wearing a snug silk thong under his linen trousers and thankfully, that contained his growing erection. But nothing could contain the rush of lust that overwhelmed him at his lover's touch. He spun around and pressed himself against Zechs, tugging him down by the hair for a hot, open-mouthed kiss. Zechs thrust his tongue into his mouth, then licked and tickled his way to Wufei's ear to whisper in that husky voice, "I need you mei. I want you so badly!"

With one scorching glance for an answer, Wufei took him by the hand and led him to a back door out of the main club area. He'd surveyed the entire building when they'd come here to decorate and make final arrangements. Thanks to that, he led Zechs straight to an unlocked storeroom. It wasn't very big, or very romantic, but it had a door that shut. The minute it was closed behind them Wufei undid his belt and zipper and let the loose pants fall to the floor. Turning his back to Zechs, he braced himself against the door and thrust back with his hips.

"Take me, Zechs!"

Zech came up behind him and pressed close, covering Wufei's body with his. Those hands swept up under Wufei's tee shirt, one hot, the other smooth and cool against his flesh, and then slowly slid down, down, down to cup his hard cock through the silky thong. It pulled a frustrated whine from his throat. "Oh god, Zechs, now!"

Warm fingers slid under the back of his thong, slowly lifting the thin string from the crack of his ass and inching toward his opening. Wufei shuddered and whined again as a fingertip circled there. A warm tongue found the exquisitely sensitive spot on his neck, just below his ear and swirled hard against it, driving Wufei crazy with desire. "Pleeeeeeese! Take me like one of those Le Fleur back room boys!"

"Oh mei, my lovely Wufei," Zechs whispered against his ear, sending more chills down through him to his aching, weeping, still all too covered cock. Wufei heard the rattle of a belt buckle, and the soft swish of fabric as Zechs's pants slipped off. "I promised you once that I would never treat you that way."

"But I want---" The rest of the complaint was cut off as a long warm finger plunged inside him and found his prostate.

Zechs's breath was warm and champagne scented against Wufei's cheek as he laughed softly. "Mmmm. Just as I suspected. You're already stretched and lubed."

"I kept myself ready for-"

Zechs grabbed him and whirled him around, slamming him back against the door and pinning him there with his body as he pulled Wufei's legs up around his waist. Before Wufei could recover from that unexpected assault, he felt the blunt tip of that huge cock against his hole, and then the shattering pain and pleasure as Zechs plunged it up his ass.

"Not like them, Wufei," Zechs whispered, gazing down at him with those intense blue eyes. "But like this, face to face so I can see the passion rise in those incredible eyes of yours, and watch the rosy flush color your cheeks as I fuck you through this wooden door."

With a wanton sob of pleasure and longing, Wufei dug his fingers in to Zech's shoulders and arched against him, squirming on the thick shaft that impaled him so deliciously. "Yessssssss. Do it!"

Zechs lifted him up, withdrawing slowly, then slammed back up into him again, so hard Wufei couldn't even get his breath. "Like that, little Chang? Is that how you want it right now?"

"Yes!" Wufei squeaked. "More! Again!"

And Zech gave it to him, so hard it rattled the wooden door on its hinges.


"Hey, where's Big Blondie?" Duo asked, looking around the crowd as he and Heero shared a four-sided dance with Quatre and Trowa. "He promised he'd dance with me at my wedding and I'm holding him to it!"

Quatre closed his eyes for an instant, then turned bright red as he staggered and fell into Trowa's arms with a moan.

"Are you all right?" Heero asked, concerned.

"Uh, he and Wufei are going at it like wildcats in heat somewhere out back," Quatre muttered, sliding against Trowa in much the same fashion.

Trowa gave Duo and Heero an apologetic smile. "I think you're going to have to excuse us for a bit."

"Sure, go!" Duo laughed, snuggling into Heero's arms. "I don't suppose---?"

"Later, little mermaid," Heero whispered in his ear, following the words with a flick of his tongue.

Duo pretended to pout. "Great. Everyone's getting laid but me!"

Heero cuddled him closer. "I promise, you'll be glad we waited."


Quatre had scoped out the place, too, and knew where he was going as he led Trowa by the hand toward the stairs leading up to the roof. He didn't need any more empathic work to figure out that Wufei had already commandeered the storeroom. The door was shaking in a steady, unmistakable rhythm, and they could hear Wufei's breathless moans and Zechs's deeper growls of passion.

"That still amazes me," Trowa murmured as they passed.

No one else was on the roof, at least no yet. Quatre led him to a sheltered spot behind the AC unit and pulled him into a passionate kiss. Trowa returned it with equal fervor, burying long fingers in Quatre's tousled blond hair. Then he moved his lips to Quatre's eyelids, his nose, his cheeks and chin, kissing gently but passionately. "Mi Corazon. Mon petit, Je t'aime beaucoup! Je vais vous faire l'amour doux!"

"Yes, Trowa. I want that. I love you so much!"

Heedless of his light colored trousers, Trowa fell to his knees and opened Quatre's pants to smooth his fingers over the bulging silk below."

"Oh, Trowa, I'm so close! Don't let me cum in my pants, Corazon!"

"Meli, I will drink you like wine." He let Quatre's pants fall, then wrapped his hands in the side of the thong and tore through the waistband. Throwing the ruined garment aside, he took Quatre's hard, sweet, metal studded cock in his mouth and worshipped it with his tongue. Already over stimulated by the day and the dancing and his quick, guilty glimpse of what Wufei and Zechs were still up to, Quatre came quick and hard down his husband's throat. Somehow he managed to stay on his feet afterward. He turned, grabbed a railing by the AC unit, and presented his bottom to Trowa.

He stayed on his knees as he grabbed Quatre's slim little hips and tongue fucked him until he was loose and juicy. Only then did he rise and enter him. Bending his knees, he fucked him slowly and gently, caressing every inch of his husband's beautiful little body that he could reach. It was always heaven to be inside him, and a week's horny yearning made it all the sweeter. Quartre's skin was luminous in the moonlight, and his hair shone like white gold. "Bello!" Trowa crooned as he rocked in and out of him. "Bellisimo!"

Aroused as he was, Trowa kept the pace slow, allowing Quatre to recover and grow erect again under his gentle caresses. When he was panting and moaning again, Trowa quickened his thrusts a little, just enough to bring them both to a long, lingering climax. Quatre's legs gave out and Trowa lowered them both down to the rough ground, cradling Quatre in his arms. "Meli. My beautiful little husband. I missed you so much!"

"I missed you, too," Quatre whispered in exhausted satisfaction. "Don't think I want to be away from you again for a long time!"

"You won't be, meli. I'm here, and I'll always stay with you."

They kissed again, casting a single shadow in the moonlight.

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