Author: pyrzm
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Broken Warriors + Chapter 119
Happy the Grooms the Sun Shines On (Part 3)

"Where the hell is everyone?" Duo asked, looking around at the pulsing crowd. It had been nearly half an hour since Tro and Kat had taken off.

Heero didn't loosen his grip on Duo's waist as he turned him toward the back of the club. "They came back a few minutes ago."

Trowa and Quatre were cuddled up in a booth, feeding each other champagne. Both were flushed and glowing. A moment later Wufei and Zechs emerged from the men's room. Zechs didn't have a hair out of place. Wufei was pink in the face and limping a little. He slid into the booth across from the lovebirds and gave Duo a weak wave. Zechs marched straight over to them, grabbed Duo away from Heero with a wink and a grin, and took advantage of the slow song to fold him in his arms for a slow dance.

"You kept your promise," Duo said, grinning up at him.

"Of course! You didn't think I'd forget, did you?"

Duo sniffed at him and wrinkled his nose. "Well, you were distracted for a while."

"Sorry. Couldn't be helped? Jealous?"

Duo gave him a haughty look. "Sorry, Blondie. I'm saving myself."

"I'm glad to hear it." He looked back toward the booth and smiled. "Well, will wonders never cease."

Heero had somehow convinced Wufei to dance with him. They were both a bit stiff, and there was plenty of daylight showing between them, but they were both smiling, too.

"That's a fine man you have there," said Zechs.

"Yours, too. You're taking good care of him, right?"

"Oh yes."

"And you can't talk him out of this crazy going away to school thing? You're both going to be miserable."

"It's only for a few months at a time, Duo, and there will be holidays. I know you don't understand, but believe me, it's for the best."

"You're not worried?"

"About him changing his mind if he's away from me? A little, but if he does, it's better that it happen sooner than later."

Duo pulled back a little and looked up at him. "You are worried."

"He's very young, Duo, and I'm his first lover. I don't want to hold him back in any way. That wouldn't be love."

"So you'd just let him go, if that's what he decided?"

"Yes." Those pale blue eyes were shadowed with a moment's sadness as they strayed over to Wufei, still dancing with Heero. "I don't want him ever to look back in regret."

"You dumb bastard!" Duo punched him in the arm, hard, but unfortunately it was the fake one. "OW! Fuck!"

Laughing, Zechs raised the injured hand to his lips and kissed it. "Temper, Maxwell. It will be your undoing. And thank you for your concern."

Heero and Wufei had seen and were on their way over. "He's crazy about you!" Duo whispered quickly. "Don't be so fucking noble that he starts to think you don't care!"

"Never, I promise you that."

"What's going on?" Wufei demanded, looking at them oddly.

"Just talking," Duo told him. "Hey, how 'bout a dance, 05?"

"Very well. But this time I get to lead."

"Oooo. I love it when you get all butch!" Duo threw himself into Wufei's arms and whirled him away.

"Well?" Heero arched a dark brow at Zechs. "You both looked very serious there for a moment."

"Duo thinks I'm crazy to send Wufei off to school. Apparently he thinks I should keep him locked up like a caged pet."

"Duo doesn't understand the importance of the school. I'm sure you and Wufei will manage well enough."

"What about you? How will Duo handle you going off to school?"

Heero smiled as much as he ever smiled for anyone other than Duo. "Oh, I have that figured out."


"Can I get you some more champagne?" Wufei asked as the song ended and he and Duo stepped apart.

"No thanks, but some of the unspiked punch would be good."

"Not drinking?"

"I don't much, anymore. Still on the meds, you know? I always will be. Besides, I'm not taking any chances on "whiskey dick"* tonight."

"Dick who?" asked Heero, coming up behind him and capturing him in his arms.

"Nobody you'd know, babe," Duo laughed, winking at Wufei.

Trowa and Kat wandered out to join them, reeking of sex and making goo goo eyes at each other. Duo grabbed Kat for a dance, and Heero offered his hand to Trowa.

Trowa came into his arms willingly, but didn't press up close. Instead, he just gave Heero a kiss on the cheek and a smile.

"You look happy," Heero observed.

"I should be saying that to you, but yes, I am. I really am. For you, and for myself."



They danced and socialized for another hour, then it was time for the newlyweds to make their departure. The party would go on all night without them.

They dashed through a hail of rice to the garishly decked out limo and clambered into the back, waving to their friends and guests.

"Why do people do that?" Duo wondered, shaking loose grains from his hair.

"It's a fertility rite, to ensure we'll have lots of children."

"Yeah? Well the stretch marks are all yours, Yuy."

Heero captured his chin and kissed him on the nose. "That's Maxwell to you, Maxwell." His finger wandered up to the shell wreath Duo still wore and his eyes misted a little. "God, I couldn't believe it when you came down that beach. My beautiful mermaid lover."

"Kinky, beautiful, foul mouthed mermaid lover. Isn't that what you called me?"

"All of that, but beautiful most of all. And you don't swear much anymore."

"You bet your fuckin' ass I don't!" Duo crowed, leaning happily on his shoulder.

Heero wrapped an arm around him, chuckling deep in his chest.

About a mile from the house the driver pulled over. Heero reached into a compartment under the armrest and took out a cell phone, his Glock, and an ankle holster.

"What the hell?" Duo was on alert instantly, reaching for weapons that weren't there.

"No, it's not that," Heero quickly assured him, buckling on the holster and slipping the phone in his pocket. "I want to walk the rest of the way, that's all."

"Oh . . . OK, I guess."

They got out and Heero waved the driver off. The temperature had dropped when the sun went down and he put his arm around Duo again to keep him warm as they walked along the sandy shoulder of the road above the beach. The ocean was black, the waves tipped with silver moonlight, and the stars were like a thick scattering of frost against the sky. Early crickets were singing in the dunes, and some night bird.

"Wow, it's a pretty night, isn't it?" Duo marveled, falling into step with Heero. "What's with the gun? Something you're not telling me?"

"No. I'd have told my wingman if I expected trouble. Just a standard precaution."

Duo caught Heero's free hand and laced their fingers together. "It's like our first date. You went armed, and said you'd protect me."

"Not that I don't think you could protect yourself-"

"I know, baby. I was just going to say I appreciate the gesture. It's romantic."

Heero's arm tightened around him. "I'm glad you think so."

They walked on in silence, enjoying the night and each other's warmth. Reaching their road, they turned off and walked through the dunes until the house came in sight. Without breaking stride, Heero took something small from his pants pocket and aimed it at the house. Fairy lights came on up on the widow's walk.

"I take it this has something to do with the door being locked earlier?"

Heero nodded, but wouldn't explain. He paused on the porch and kissed Duo, then led him upstairs and ran a hot bath in the deep old claw foot tub. Duo was impatient to see what the surprise on the roof was, but Heero lingered over the bath, washing him lovingly but not going any further than that. He was careful not to let Duo's hair get wet, but wouldn't let him take off the wreath or the pearls braided into his hair. Lifting a beaded strand of hair to his lips, he kissed it. "I may ask you to do this more often. You look so sexy!"

When they were both clean and dry and very aroused, Heero wrapped them both in thick robes and took Duo to the door that led up to the widow's walk. Producing a key, he opened the door and then scooped Duo up in his arms and carried him up the stairs.

"I guess this makes me the bride, huh?" Duo laughed.

Heero paused. "I don't think of you that way. You're my lover, my husband and I just-well." He started to put Duo down but he clung to Heero and refused to get down.

"No, no! It's OK, baby. I like it when you get all gallant and dominant. Carry on!"

So Heero did and pushed the door at the top of the stairs open with his foot.

Still in his arms, Duo let out a whistle of appreciation. "Oh baby! Wow!"

Following Heero's detailed instructions, Quatre and the others had wrestled a large futon up to the roof and made it up with satin sheets, piles of pillows, and a thick velvet comforter. Two radiant heat pillars stood close to the bed, and a bottle of something in a silver ice bucket.

The wrought iron railings were festooned with strings of fairy lights, and there was a small side table holding a box of Sanque chocolates, a dish of strawberries and several bottles. Overhead the starry sky was their canopy and the soft sigh of the tide and the crickets were music enough.

"I was really worried about the weather," Heero admitted, kneeling to lay Duo in the middle of the bed. "I mean, we could have used the bedroom downstairs, like always but---"

Duo cut him off with a kiss. "It's perfect. Thank you!"

"It's our wedding night, Duo. I wanted it to be special."

"It already is, 'ro."

Heero turned on the heaters, then popped the cork and filled two tall-stemmed glasses with something bubbly. Duo sipped his and smiled. "Sparkling cider. Very nice!"

"And doesn't cause whiskey dick," Heero added with a twinkle in his eye.

They nibbled strawberries and chocolate, but that really wasn't what either of them was hungry for. Kneeling, they slowly took of each other's robe. Heero combed Duo's long hair out around him with his fingers, stroking the strands of pearls. "Beautiful!" He murmured, almost reverently.

"You always have had a thing for my hair," Duo whispered back, then placed a hand over Heero's heart, feeling the comforting rhythm.

Heero did the same, and for a moment they stayed like that, eyes half closed, feeling the beat of life in their lover's warm body. Then Heero took Duo's face between his hands and began to gently kiss him all over-eyes, cheeks, chin, nose, forehead, and finally, back to his full, warm lips. They parted under his and the tip of Duo's pink tongue teased its way into his mouth, sweet with strawberries and cider. Heero drank him in, breath catching in his throat.

"Oh, Duo!"

Duo kissed him back, then whispered, "Take me to bed, Mr. Maxwell."

And Heero did just that. Pressing Duo's naked body back against the pillows, he reached underneath one of them and pulled out several long white silk scarves. As Duo's eyes went wide with lust, he quickly bound his hands to the railings behind the bed.

"Oh baby!"

"What's your safe word tonight, little mermaid?"

"The one I gave you. 'Stop.'"

"Good." Heero reached under another pillow and took out a slim, cock-shaped jelly vibrator. He rubbed it down Duo's cheek, let him kiss it and suck on the tip for a moment, and then slicked it with lube from one of the bottles on the small table. "Spread your legs for me, Duo."

Duo bent his knees eagerly, opening himself, and Heero slowly worked the vibe in to the hilt, then turned it on to a low buzz. Tingles spread through Duo's ass, prostate, and out to engulf his whole body. "Oh, baby!"

"That's just to warm you up and hold you interest," Heero whispered. He moved up and straddled Duo's chest, balls hot and heavy over his heart, then leaned forward and guided the tip to Duo's lips. Duo licked it eagerly and Heero slowly fed him the bulbous tip, but no more. Duo sucked and licked, already crazy with desire. The first salty taste of precum was better than any champagne.

Heero leaned over him, still head-fucking his lips. "I love you Duo. I love it that this turns you on. You're so sexy, all spread out for me, so willing. I want to make you feel better than I ever have tonight, so you'll always remember it."

With his mouth still busy, Duo looked up at his husband, letting his eyes speak for him. Heero pulled his cock away and kissed him passionately, drawing his own taste from Duo's tongue, while he reached down and turned the vibrator up a notch. The new level of pulsation all but took Duo's breath away. He moaned and arched his back, wanting more.

But Heero took his time. He kissed him a bit longer then slowly licked his way to the sensitive spot under Duo's ear and bit him there, wringing another moan from him.

"Oh god, 'ro! Want you so baaaaaad!"

"You've got me, Duo. Forever and always. I'm going to make love to you a thousand times and more."

"Can we take breaks to eat sometimes?"

"If you must." Heero kissed his way down Duo's throat and chest, pausing to tickle and nip at each hard pink nipple.

Duo was vibrating under him now and he took full advantage, kissing and licking his way down that taut, hairless belly to the neatly trimmed nest of curls around the base of Duo's hard cock. He nuzzled the fragrant hair, breathing in Duo's sweet musky scent, then licked and sucked his balls, making Duo shout with pleasure and frustration as he resolutely avoided touching his cock. Letting him suffer a little longer, he kissed his way down one leg, sucked the toes of both feet until Duo was writhing and giggling, then kissed his way back up the other long, sexy leg to the humming vibrator. Taking the end of it in his teeth, he slowly drew it out and pushed it back in, again and again while Duo moaned his desire to the stars.

"Oh, Heero! I'm going out of my mind here! Please!"

Relenting a little, Heero slowly drew the vibe all the way out, then replaced it with his hard, thrusting tongue, rimming and tongue fucking Duo to new heights of arousal.

"Your cock, 'ro! Please, please please give me your cock!"

"I like it when you beg for it," Heero purred. Kneeling, he grabbed Duo's ankles, pulled his legs up high and spread wide, and slowly pushed his cock inside him.

"Oh yeah!" Duo groaned. "Harder, baby. Give it to me hard!"

So Heero did, angling so he didn't hit the prostate every time, keeping Duo moaning, but not letting him come. He was very good at this, and at not coming himself. The stars slowly moved above them as he tirelessly rocked in and out, in and out, and Duo's cries became more passion-filled, and more desperate.

"Oh baby. Touch my cock. Jerk it for me."


Duo cracked an eyelid to give him a puzzled look, then reached for his cock himself. Heero slapped it away and kept thrusting. "Wait for it, 02."

"Oh Jesus! Oh Heero! Can't take much more . . ."

"Yes you can, 02. You can take everything I give you. I love you."

"Love you!"

When it looked like Duo was close to total melt down Heero pulled out, quickly and efficiently slicked Duo's cock, then straddled his lean hips, untied Duo's hands, then slowly lowered himself onto Duo's cock. Duo gaped up at him, apparently having trouble figuring out this sudden turn around.

"I'm yours Duo." He bent and kissed him, resting his hands on either side his husband's head. "I love you. Take me."

"Oh god! Ride me!" Duo grabbed Heero by the hips and slammed up into him, pounding hard toward completion. Heero's lips parted in a smile of bliss as Duo's head stroked him deep inside. It was beyond good, but he held on, not letting himself fall over the edge into orgasm.

Duo came hard and screaming, fingers digging into Heero's hips hard enough to leave bruises. Heero rode him a little longer, but pulled off before Duo was done coming. Pulling Duo's legs up over his shoulders, he slammed back into his tight ass and did some pounding of his own, aiming for Duo's prostate now and quickly joining him in a prolonged orgasm that had them both shaking and screaming.

When it was finally, mostly over, he maneuvered them both under the covers and held Duo in his arms, burying his face in that fragrant, soft hair.

"Oh my god!" Duo moaned, clinging to him. "O my-Oh my Heero. That was-beyond-amazing! Love you!"

"I love you too, Duo. Always and forever."

They cuddled for a while, and when Duo showed signs of drifting off, Heero pulled out a flat box wrapped in silver and white wedding paper.

"Hey, I thought we weren't going to do that," Duo mumbled, rubbing his eyes and sitting up.

"Well, this is something for both of us."

Duo opened the box and found a white photo album inside. The pages all seemed to be blank, until Heero turned to the back and a page with a key taped to it.

"That looks like a house key, 'ro."

"Turn the page."

The next page was filled with a large photo of a New Orleans French Quarter row house. An address was written underneath in Heero's neat hand. It was just a few blocks from Quatre and Trowa's place.

"You bought a house?"

"No, not until you say you want it. But I gave them a deposit to hold it until we have a good look at it. There are more pictures."

Duo turned the pages with shaking fingers. It was smaller than their friends' place, and unfurnished, but just as old and authentic, with a small, overgrown courtyard, lots of fireplaces, dark wood and wallpaper, tall windows along a gallery, and high ceilings.

"And this is why I thought we'd like it." Heero turned to the last page and showed Duo the huge, north facing studio area on the top floor. "There's room for both of us to set up our art areas, with room left over for a dojo. And it's not far from the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts."

"You got accepted!"

"Yes." He showed Duo the acceptance letter taped inside the back cover. "I can make it home to have lunch with you, if you want. And we can see Tro and Quatre whenever they're in town, so it's not like we're losing them. And you've got that gallery show there, and . . ."

Duo kissed him again. "It's perfect, baby. Let's go see it tomorrow."

"Then I guess we'll need these." Heero produced a pair of airline tickets from behind the pillows.

"What the hell else you got under there?" Duo laughed.

"That's it. So, oysters and absinthe for supper tomorrow?"

"Yeah. That sounds really good."

They lay back and stared up at the stars for a while, holding hands under the comforter.

"To think we started out there, and ended up here," Duo said softly. "Who'd have thought, that day I shot you on that pier?"

"Or all those times I pushed you away and called you an idiot."

"Yeah, I noticed you stopped doing that."

Heero turned to him, letting Duo feel the swell of a fresh erection. "I'll never push you away again."

Duo straddled him this time, beautiful against the starry background, and Heero could have cried for happiness as they joined their bodies and hearts again, souls already joined for the years to come.


* Whiskey dick-sometimes men have trouble keeping an erection after drinking alcohol.

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