Author: pyrzm
see ch. 1 for warnings, notes, disclaimer

Summary: Heero's first birthday, G-boy style.

Broken Warriors + Chapter 103
Birthday Boy


Restricted as he was by his slow recovery, Wufei spent far more time than he might otherwise following his friends in the news.

Safely back on Earth and protected by a number of legal injunctions, Quatre and Trowa went back to work, preparing for the delayed New York opening. Duo and Heero were involved, as well, but all four of them were smugly silent on the nature of that involvement. One of them called him every day but the two topics he was most interested in--the legal proceedings and the new acts--were strictly off limits. He had to learn from the news vids that Quatre had distanced himself completely from the ESUN suit against L-4, and that the trial

regarding Quatre's brief and aborted custody on his home colony would not come up for months. Speculation and rumor were rife, however, and Wufei suspected--and Heero finally privately confirmed--that Quatre's uncle and sister were leaking all the dirt they could to the press in hopes of shifting public opinion. The favorite of the tabloids was that the four of them were involved in some sort of perverse four-way orgy scenario. This one troubled Wufei the most because it seemed the most likely to be true. He'd witnessed for himself the sharing of beds, intense physical intimacy, and displays of affection between them. A year earlier he might have been scandalized. Now he only worried that it might hurt Quatre in court.

He had concerns of his own to distract him, however. Zechs was still treating him like he was made of spun glass. Despite Wufei's stubborn adherence to daily physical therapy routines and attempts at simple katas, he was still very weak, and tired easily. Zechs fussed over him constantly, and had a doctor come in daily to examine him. There was no denying the fact that Wufei was recovering more slowly than expected.

Zechs was tender, patient, and very attentive, but would not make love to him except for the occasional oral sex and caresses. Wufei ached for more, and feared losing ground that they'd gained in New Orleans.

The paparazzi had lurked like vultures outside the gates of Zech's estate ever since their return, but caught only shots of Zechs coming and going. Wufei remained hidden away inside. The last thing Chang Wufei wanted was pictures of him being carried around like some invalid or falling on his face. And he would rather face torture, he secretly admitted to himself, than ever have it get out to the public-or his friends-- how much he secretly loved the way Zechs pampered him in private, even without real sex. Zechs had had that effect on him from the start. He still insisted on bathing with Wufei in the huge marble bathtub in their private master bath. He chose Wufei's clothing and helped him dress, and assisted in his therapy when needed. In return for Wufei enduring it all without complaint, he joined him for his meditation sessions and was beginning to get the hang of it.

Wufei found he needed the calming effects of meditation more than ever now. In part, to hold at bay the frustration of his physical state, but also to quell his pointless worry over Zechs' appearance at Parliament.

He knew in his heart that whatever the politicians decided, he and Zechs would be together, but it pained him to think that Zechs' love for him might cost him in any way. He carried the guilt of his past, and a public rejection would only throw new light on it. There were still armed guards all over the estate, and Wufei knew there was still hate mail coming in, despite recent positive press. Some of it was addressed to him now, too, but Zechs had assigned a special task force to handle all of that sort of mail for both of them. Wufei was satisfied with this arrangement; he cared nothing for the opinions of strangers and didn't want Zechs seeing that sort of thing, either.

Wufei ached for his wounded lover. There was little he could do except to recover as quickly as possible, and he pushed himself as hard as he could each day.

"I will be strong again," he vowed each day as he sweated and strained through therapy.


New Orleans: January 7, 199 AC.

Duo and Heero had slept with Trowa and Quatre in the big bed every night since their return from L-4. No one talked about it; they just did. Heero didn't mind, for the most part, and Duo didn't seem to, either. Everyone was so glad to have Quatre safely back that they all stayed close to him whenever they could and at night it was easiest, the only debate being who had slept beside him last. Duo was as affectionate and effusive with him as ever, still, Heero thought he caught a fleeting glimpse of some other, more guarded emotion in those eyes when Duo thought he wasn't looking. When he tried to ask him about, Duo just smiled and kissed him and changed the subject.

At Quatre's insistence, they had also immediately gone to work on the circus acts, and Trowa was a tough taskmaster. While Quatre and Duo pondered new costumes and masks, Trowa spent hours in the workout room with Heero, exploring ideas for an act. As much as Heero hated J, he had to admit that the physical alterations he'd made to Heero's body were a continuing advantage. His bullet wounds had healed as quickly as ever and his strength was already back, while Duo was still tender around his wounds and moving more slowly. Trowa was teaching them both yoga, and the stretching was taking care of the last of the lingering effects of scar tissue and trauma.

Heero was still going to the hospital twice a week for light treatments and blood work, to monitor his mental recovery. Dr. Batoosingh was delighted with his progress and Heero felt good, really good, despite the recovery of the dark memories from his time in Kisarazu. The doctors believed it was because of the treatments. Heero didn't deny that they were helping, but secretly credited much of his recovery to the fact that he'd killed the men who'd hurt him, and tried to hurt Duo. He had no regrets. Perhaps that was due to some flaw in him, or some lingering effect of J's conditioning. He'd examined this in his own mind repeatedly, like running a new program to check for bugs, but felt nothing but the familiar satisfaction of a completed mission.

He even brought it up to Dr. Batoosingh in their first session after their return from L-4.

"I don't feel any guilt about killing those men," he confessed, then watched Batoosingh closely for a reaction.

As usual, the doctor showed no alarm at such a statement. Instead, he asked, "Have you felt that sort of violence toward anyone else since the war ended?"

"You mean besides whoever I might have hurt during my fugue state?" There were still gaps in his memory there.

"Since you returned to Duo."

"My friends tell me that I sometimes look as if I'm going to hurt someone, strangers mostly, who get too close to Duo. I sometimes still feel hyper vigilant, and perhaps overly protective." He paused, thinking of his early days back with his friends. "Perhaps a little paranoid at first, but nothing like I was just after the war."

"Have you wanted to hurt anyone, Heero?"

"I told you about the gay bashers in Provincetown. The ones who threatened us the night of our first date."

"But you didn't hurt anyone, did you? You let Duo handle that."

"He wanted to, and I knew he was capable."

"So you were alert, armed, and ready for trouble, but you took no action."


"And when you and Duo went to help your friends the other day, you were angry, but you didn't hurt anyone."

"Yes. So it's just those men in Kisarazu, and I don't remember very much about that fight. Only the aftermath."

Dr. Batoosingh smiled. "I don't think you have anything to worry about. Keep up with the treatments and meds for the depression and you should be fine. Your recovery has been remarkable, and despite all Dr. J did to you, you can still love and feel normal emotions, which in itself is remarkable, considering your past. By all rights, you should be a complete sociopath, but you're nothing of the kind."

"Because of Duo."

"No, Heero. Because of who you are. That's what allowed you to break your conditioning time and again, to feel friendship and love for him and the others. You are and always have been incredibly strong. Not even J could condition the heart out of you. You only needed an incentive to grasp it. That's where Duo and the others factor in." He paused and looked down at his notes. "You love them all very much, don't you? And I suspect the tabloids are not completely off base as to the nature of your relationship with them?"

Heero tensed. "You're asking about polyamory, right? I-well, I suppose so, but--"

"But Duo still comes first?"

"Yes. I think the four of us have come to an understanding. We're all very important to each other, and we have been-well, intimate. But Trowa and Quatre belong together, and so do Duo and I. I'm not sure what's going to happen now. Duo and I talked about getting our own place, but with Quatre hurt and helping with the circus for now and all? I don't know."

"Well, I hope for Duo's sake that you give this more thought."

Heero looked up sharply. "Has he said something to you?"

"Duo's sessions are confidential, Heero. You know that. But I suspect you already know how he feels."

Heero sighed. "I'm not sure I do. He really loves them, and he's glad that I do, too. But there's still something there he can't seem to tell me."

"Keep that in mind, Heero, and work on that with him as gently as you can. He's made enormous strides these past five months. More than I ever expected he would. But he's still emotionally fragile, though he's desperate not to let anyone know it. If he lost you, I think he would very quickly lose all the ground he's gained. In time, he may become strong enough to exist on his own, but he hasn't reached that point yet."

"Is his dependence on me unhealthy?"

"Between other couples I've treated, I would say yes. But you two are a special case in just about every sense of the word. Duo is textbook dysfunctional, but you? I've never met anyone quite like you. If anyone can heal him, it's you, and only you. How do you feel about that?"


Batoosingh smiled again. "Well then, just keep doing whatever it is you're doing and trust your judgment." He glanced over at the clock. "Our hour's up. Anything else?"

"No. You've given me much to think about."

"Good. Don't worry, Heero, you're on the right track. Oh, and happy birthday! It is tomorrow, isn't it?"

Heero felt himself coloring. "How did you know that?"

"Duo mentioned it after his session yesterday. This is your first since you chose a day, isn't it?"

Heero nodded. He'd forgotten all about it, and Duo and the others hadn't said a thing. Heero had little concept of birthdays, except how they'd celebrated Trowa's and Wufei's, and he didn't expect anything that elaborate for himself. Duo certainly couldn't afford to buy him a house.

He pushed such thoughts aside as he rode home in a cab, more concerned with what Batoosingh had told him about Duo, and what had happened in the big hotel bed on Earth Fall eve. If Heero hadn't been so drunk and high that night, perhaps he would have stopped the others before things went so far.

//Trust my judgment.// Heero frowned as he stared out the window. Had he that night, or had he been selfish, letting himself go and not protecting Duo's feelings? Trowa and Quatre were good friends, but they were different--wilder and more secure in their relationship after all these years.

Batoosingh's assessment of Duo was unsettling. Duo really did seem his old self again, but now Heero knew his past, and how much of that "old self" had been a mask to hide so many wounds. Not that any of them could be called normal, but only Duo had lived with long term abuse, all the way back to his childhood. Even Trowa had been better treated than Duo had, and it didn't occur to Heero to compare his own past to theirs. Quatre and Wufei didn't even factor in to that equation. They'd had families and normal upbringings. No, his Duo had strengths and weaknesses all his own, forged in the hard days on L-2 streets and during the war. Heero hadn't been joking when he told the doctor he was honored to be the one Duo depended on. He'd committed to that mission months ago and now he felt a renewed sense of duty.

//No, not duty,// he mentally amended, running his fingers through his hair. Nothing he felt toward Duo came from any sense of obligation. He loved him and everything else stemmed from that. All that he'd learned about Duo since his return helped him refine his methods of taking care of him, and those were as unique as his complex lover.

Which brought him back to his concerns about their sleeping arrangements. He and Duo still had the room next door to withdraw to for privacy, but they hadn't used it in a long time, at least not at night. They were engaged, but almost immediately had sex with the others. Heero's stomach tightened into a guilty knot. Was Duo having second thoughts? Is that why they were making love less often since then?

By the time the cab pulled up in front of the courtyard gate Heero had worked himself into a state of alarm, but he had a plan in place. He wasn't good with words, especially around important feelings, but he and Duo spoke the language of the body fluently. Duo was always honest with him, and never more so than in bed. He'd start there.

He found the others just sitting down to lunch in the newly restored kitchen.

Duo grinned and waved him to the empty chair. "Hey baby, you hungry? Marie made oyster po'boys--"

That's as far as he got before Heero scooped him up from his chair and carried him out of the kitchen. Trowa let out a long wolf whistle behind them.

"Looks like Heero has lunch plans of his own!" Quatre laughed.

"Well, hello to you, too! What's up?" Duo grinned, wrapping his arms around Heero's neck he carried him up the back stairs.

Heero just smiled in the way that made Duo nervous and took him to their own room and their own bed. Depositing him there, he locked the door and peeled off his shirt without unbuttoning it. "Strip, little mermaid." He pretended ease, but in reality he was watching Duo from the corner of his eye for a reaction. If Duo balked, it would give him an opening for dialogue.

But he didn't. "Oooo. Orders, huh?" Duo gave him a heated look, and held Heero's gaze as they both shucked off their clothes.

Heero stretched out beside Duo on the bed and kissed him deeply, running his hand over Duo's cheek and down his side, savoring the silky smoothness of his lover's skin.

Already breathless, Duo stared up at him with apparent amusement. "So?"

"I love you, Duo. More than anyone else." Heero tried to put all his feelings into those words as he cupped Duo's bare bottom in one hand and kissed the healing bullet holes on Duo's chest.

Duo raised an eyebrow at his serious tone. "I know, baby. You're my one and only, too. Are you OK?"

The knot in Heero's belly eased a bit. "Yes, I'm fine. I just want--Tell me, Duo, what do you need right now?"

Duo grinned and ran a hand down Heero's belly to his half hard cock. "I was just about to ask you that."

"What do you need?" Heero gave each hardened pink nipple a swirl of his tongue.

"You're doing--just--fiiiine!"

Heero kissed his way up Duo's chest to that sensitive spot at the side of his neck. Nibbling and licking there until Duo squirmed, he whispered, "Tell me exactly what you want. That's an order."

"Oh baby!" Duo panted. "Tie--tie my hands to the headboard and have your way with me! Don't--don't want to know--just do it!"

Heero leaned over the side of the bed and rummaged in the bottom drawer of their nightstand. Passing over several silk scarves he kept there, he chose instead a short length of silky rope. With a few quick, efficient turns, he wrapped Duo's wrists securely and lashed the loose ends to the headboard. Then he tugged Duo down the bed until his arms were stretched almost to the point of discomfort. Duo was already moaning, eyes squeezed shut, cock hard and weeping against his belly. So was Heero's.

Letting instinct guide him, he went back for a scarf and blindfolded Duo.

"Yeah!" Duo sighed. He was smiling, glowing, and arching his back wantonly. He needed this.

"Duo, your safe word is 'north'. Repeat that back to me so I know you understand."

"North," Duo sighed, clutching at the ropes.

"Good." Heero knelt between his parted legs and slowly massaged his feet, raising them in turn to his lips and kissing each silver frosted toenail. Then he massaged his way up Duo's calves and thighs, circling his thumbs over the swollen ridge behind his tightening balls.

Duo was moaning softly now. They'd only had sex once since the return from L-4, and that had been in the shower yesterday. Before that it had been the zero gee blow jobs.

Heero slowly crawled up Duo's body. "Has your ass missed my cock, Duo?"

"Oh yes!"

"Do you need it? My cock in your tight, beautiful ass?"

"Fuck, yes!"

Heero slid slowly back down until his lips brushed the length of Duo's erection. "How do you want it?"

"Any way you want!"

Heero sat back on his heels, breaking all physical contact and watching as Duo strained against the ropes and wiggled his hips in frustration.

After a moment he went still and licked his lips. "Just your cock. No prep. Slow and easy, then hard and deep."

Satisfied, Heero retrieved the lube from the top drawer and covered his own erection generously. Duo heard and spread his legs wide, drawing his knees up. Heero slid a hand under his ass and lifted him easily to position a pillow under his hips. He heard Duo's quick gasp of anticipation.

When he had Duo positioned to his liking, he moved closer and teased Duo's opening with the slick tip of his erection. The tight little pucker flexed, already loosening for him. Duo was still tight, but Heero had taken him so often like this that the muscles relaxed very quickly. Heero poured on more lube, careless of the sheets and slowly pressed forward. There was a moment of delicious resistance, then the head slipped through the first ring of muscle and Duo let out a long whine of pleasure and pain. Heero didn't stop, just slowly worked his cock in deeper.

Duo clawed at the ropes--not to free himself, Heero knew, but to reassure himself that they were still tight, that he couldn't get free. Heero clutched Duo's hips and pulled him down on his cock, accentuating the sensation of being helpless. "Oh! Oh, yeah!" Duo groaned. "Take me, Heero. I want you!"

Heero was in to the hilt now. Not giving Duo time to catch his breath, he drew out slowly, and then pushed back in with the same excruciating pace. Duo wrapped those long legs around Heero's waist, welcoming him in. "Yeah! Oh, Heero, so good!"

"I'm going to fuck you hard now. Give me the safe word if you need to."

Duo nodded, then yelped as Heero pulled out and dragged him sideways so his ass was at the edge of the mattress and his arms were stretched tight over his head. Grasping Duo's ankles, he pulled his legs into the air and spread them wide, keeping tension on the muscles. Bending his knees, he brought the tip of his erection back to Duo's exposed, stretched hole and slid in with one firm stroke.

"Uh! Heero!"

Tightening his grip on Duo's ankles he pulled his ass a few inches off the bed and started pounding his ass hard, giving it to him hot and heavy and angling to hit his prostate.

Duo arched his back and screamed, startling Heero so badly he almost pulled out again.

"Like that!" Duo cried, writhing in his grip. "Just like that!"

Heero couldn't see his lover's eyes, but he saw the deep pink flush infusing Duo's fair chest and cheeks, and recognized that open mouthed grimace as a look of deepest pleasure. Bracing his feet, Heero used the considerable strength of his thighs to slam into Duo's ass, hard and fast and deep, giving Duo all his body asked for. It was dangerously close to rape, but Duo had his safe word and his trust. He could stop this any time he wanted. He chose to submit, and lost himself in it. Heero understood that now and moments like this didn't scare him like they once had. Instead, they filled him with a sense of love and power. He could give Duo what he needed most, and Duo would only ask it of him, no one else, not even their friends. That coiled the red heat in his balls and sent waves of almost painful pleasure through his entire body.

Heero pulled those long, beautiful legs wider, watching Duo's dark, engorged cock dance and throb against his flat belly. He wished he could suck it for him right now, or have some one else do it--

A sudden image of Quatre's head bobbing between them nearly sent him over the edge. He held back with an effort and cleared his mind. This was just for the two of them.

Duo came hard, thrashing and wrenching at the ropes and screaming Heero's name and a string of profanity the likes of which Heero hadn't heard from him in months. His own orgasm was like an explosion between his legs and engulfed him like fire. He managed to stay on his feet until they were both spent and sobbing for breath. He withdrew his softening cock and gently moved Duo back on the bed to take the strain off his arms. He used a corner of the sheet to wipe the cum from Duo's belly and ass. The cloth came away from between his buttocks stained faintly pink, but Duo looked perfectly content. Heero untied him and massaged his over stretched biceps and shoulders. Duo moaned happily, apparently incapable of moving on his own. Heero sat back against the headboard and pulled Duo, still blindfolded, into his lap, cradling him against his chest.

Duo snuggled under Heero's chin, melting into his embrace. "That was phenomenal!"

"Yes!" Heero slowly stroked a hand up and down Duo's back and ran his fingers over the disheveled braid. Now would be the best time to talk, but Duo was fading fast.

"You kinda jumped the gun, though," Duo chuckled.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I was going to give you a special birthday present tonight, but now you're all worn out."

Heero chuckled and hugged him close. "You know me better than that, little mermaid. Just give me a little while to recover and change the sheets."

"Don' worry 'bout the sheets," Duo mumbled, already dozing off. "Got plans--"

"Birthday plans?"

But Duo was already asleep.


They slept for a few hours, and Duo woke first and checked the clock. It was nearly four. Kicking himself for losing so much of the day, he rose up on one elbow and found Heero still deeply asleep.

The sex had been amazing, even for Heero. It had meant something--something good, and Duo was still glowing all over. Propping his head on one hand, he watched Heero for a few more minutes, loving the sound of his lover's even breathing and the warmth of his skin. Heero's eyelashes were so thick and silky against his cheeks, almost like a girl's, but the body pressed close to his own had nothing feminine about it. Duo could feel the strength in his muscles even in sleep.

"I love you, too, Heero Yuy, more than I can ever say. I'll love you forever, and not just for the sex," he whispered, gently tracing Heero's soft lips with the tip of one finger. Those dark blue eyes fluttered open and found him, drowsy and full of love. "Time to get ready, baby."

"Ready for what?" Heero murmured.

"You'll see! It's a surprise."

Heero stretched and kissed him on the forehead, the wrinkled his nose. "Shower?"

"Nope." Duo nuzzled under Heero's arm and inhaled deeply. "I like you smelling like me and sex." He moved lower and kissed the dark patch of hair just above Heero's half hard cock. "Mmmmm, yeah!"

Grinning, he rolled off the bed and pulled on his discarded jeans, not bothering with underwear, and went to the door. "Time, guys!" he shouted, and heard an answering call from Trowa downstairs.

"Duo, I-"

Duo paused, sensing a bit of that strange air he'd noticed when Heero got home from the doc's. "Is something wrong, Heero? Did something weird come up with Dr. B?"

Heero paused, then shook his head, smiling. "Nothing major."

"You sure?"


"OK." Duo wasn't entirely convinced, but he could already hear the others coming up the stairs. Putting his concerns aside for later, he pulled a large, brightly wrapped box from under the bed. "Present time for the birthday boy."

"You didn't have to!" Heero began, but Duo cut him off with a look.

"I told you before, Heero. We're going to live like regular people now, with birthdays and anniversaries and presents and all that stuff."

Duo was enjoying this and it looked like Heero was, too, though there was a suspicious glitter of moisture in his eyes. Duo sat down on the bed and kissed his eyelids, tasting the salt of unshed tears. "It's OK, Heero. You'll get used to it."

Heero grabbed him and hugged him almost painfully tight just as Trowa and Quatre burst in. Trowa was carrying Quatre in his arms, and Kat was holding the present they'd brought, a large square box.

Heero's eyes widened as he took in what they were wearing. They were both dressed in tight, ripped up jeans and dark tee shirts. Quatre had on his black leather collar and bondage cuffs with the worn steel rings, and his blue eyes were heavily outlined with kohl.

Heero pulled the sheet up over his bare lap. "What's going on?"

They just laughed and climbed onto the bed to join him. Trowa leaned over and sniffed him, then smirked. "You smell as good as you sounded."

Duo elbowed his way between them, depositing the boxes on Heero's lap. The one from him, the largest, held a black leather biker jacket--the short kind with heavy zippers and a studded belt across the back. Trowa and Kat's held a shiny black helmet with a black visor.

Heero stared at them a moment, then looked up to find the other's grinning at him. "I don't have a motorcycle."

Duo grinned. "Look in the pocket."

Heero felt in the pockets of the new jacket, and found the set of keys with a very distinctive emblem on them.

"From all of us," Duo told him.

"You didn't!"

"Oh yes we did," Quatre laughed, kissing him on the cheek. "Since it's your first real birthday and all, we wanted to make it extra special. Get some clothes on and meet us down to the courtyard."

He and Trowa went out, leaving Heero and Duo to pull on their clothes. Heero struggled into his discarded jeans and Duo tossed him a new black tee shirt with the same logo printed in white and orange on the front. Hero pulled it on with trembling hands and Duo helped him into the new jacket.

"That's two leather jackets you've given me," Heero whispered huskily.

"Take a hint, Heero. I love you in leather!" Duo said lightly, but inside he felt a bittersweet pang of deep affection; Heero had suffered every sort of physical abuse without a whimper, but show him the least bit of extra attention or kindness and there went the waterworks. It made Duo love him even more, that unexpected sentimental side.

He pulled on the lurid pink "Better Than Pussy" cropped tank top Heero had vetoed a few days earlier and topped it with the butter soft Italian leather jacket Heero had given him for their first date. He combed out his braid and redid it, leaving a foot of loose hair at the end and wrapping it with a black thong.

Heero raised an eyebrow as Duo slipped on his collection of bracelets and went to the dresser mirror to outline his eyes with a little kohl. "What exactly do you guys have planned?"

Duo winked at him in the mirror. "You'll see." Taking Heero by the hand, he pulled him out onto the gallery. In the courtyard below was a huge black motorcycle with a very large red bow on the handlebars.

"A Harley VRX Night Rod?" Heero gasped, gripping the railing.

"Happy first birthday, 01!" Quatre and Trowa called up to him, leaning one a midnight blue model just like it, leather jackets on and helmets ready under their arms. A fourth helmet was balanced on the "bitch seat" of Heero's new bike.

"Yep." Duo pulled him on toward the stairs. "Liquid cooled 60 degree V engine, titanium alloy brakes, straight shot duel pipes . . .Black, of course."

"One twenty h.p., electronic sequential fuel injection, sixty-nine cubic inch displacement, eleven point three to one compression ratio . . ." Heero was almost drooling.

"And a two-up seat for your main squeeze," Duo pointed out as he followed him down.

Heero ran his hands over the big machine in much the way he'd touched Duo earlier. "It's-it's-" He shook his head and looked around at the others. "It's fucking awesome!"

Quatre grinned. "I think he likes it, Duo."

"I don't know-" Heero trailed off, blinking again. "I don't know what to say! Thank you!" He kissed all three of them on the mouth and they gathered around him in a group hug. "It's too much, but damn, I love it!"

"I haven't seen you this excited since Zechs gave you back Wing," Trowa laughed, slapping him on the back. "So, you gonna stand around here or take that bad boy out for a spin?"

"Is this part of your plan for tonight?" he asked Duo.

"Yep. Let's go, baby."

Heero straddled the bike and started it up as Duo climbed onto the bitch seat behind him. It rumbled like a living thing between his legs and he felt himself go hard. Oh yeah! Trowa stared up his own bike, with Quatre clinging on behind.

"Let's go!"

"Where?" asked Heero.

"You'll see. Follow Trowa."

They rumbled through the Quarter and turned north to the shores of Lake Ponchartrain, where they opened the bikes up on the highway and sped along with the wind whipping around them. Duo anchored his hands under Heero's arms and leaned into him, loving the vibration of the big engine and the freedom. He leaned forward and shouted over the wind, "I've heard hard core bikers claim they can tune the engine just right to make their woman come from the vibration. I'm starting to think they weren't lying!"

"How's your butt?" Heero called back, face invisible behind the dark visor but the amusement clear in his voice.

Duo squeezed him tighter. "Real good, baby. Real damn good!"

As the moon rose over the water they drove out across the great causeway that spanned the lake. Twenty-four miles long, a straight on ribbon of asphalt suspended above the water, it gave Duo a surreal thrill in the moonlight.

On the far side Trowa guided them to a rough looking roadhouse on the outskirts of Mandeville. There were dozens of big bikes lined up along the curb. Inside there were beer stained pool tables, loud music, and peanut shells on the floor. The clientele was mostly male and obviously gay, and dressed on the same worn denim and leathers, with a sprinkling of bondage gear like Kat's. People recognized them, but kept to polite nods and grins and left them alone.

"I think we're getting to be old news around here," Duo noted as they took to the dance floor.

"Better that way," Heero said, pulling him close and kissing him.


They danced, drank beer, and shot pool. Quatre had on a walking brace now, and he and Trowa managed some slow dances. Heero liked those, too. The smell of sex still clung to Duo's skin and he couldn't help burying his nose in his hair. It was rather like the day they'd all jumped Trowa-pheromone overload. Despite their strenuous session that afternoon, Heero was ready for more. He hoped the birthday plans didn't include another four way; no one had suggested it, but Trowa and Quatre were both very physical with him on the dance floor, and Duo seemed to be flirting with everyone.

A little after midnight, however, Duo downed the last of his warm beer and took Heero by the hand. "Time for the rest of your present, 'ro." Heero cast a questioning look back at Trowa and Kat, but they remained at their table, waving good-bye.

They climbed back on the big Harley and Duo guided him back across the bridge, and up the lakeshore to a nice hotel off the highway. Their rough clothing attracted a few odd looks from the desk clerks, but Duo ignored them as he pulled Heero across the lobby to the elevator and whisked him up to the suite he'd reserved.

He opened the door with a flourish of the key card and Heero stepped inside and gasped.

The room was very nice, and looked more inviting still because of the dozens of candles lit all over the room.

"You set all this up. For my birthday?" Heero asked softly, looking around.

"Yup. Just you and me and a few naughty ideas I've been having," Duo said, wrapping his arms around Heero's waist and kissing him. "And this time, I'm giving the orders.

Heero expected to be steered for the shower, but instead Duo led him to the bed and had him lay down on his back, still fully clothed. He sat down beside him and unzipped the front of Heero's jacket to massage his chest. "You trust me, right?"

"Of course I do."

"Then put your hands over your head."

There was mischief in his smile as he said it, but Heero also saw a hint of doubt. He calmly did as Duo asked, and wasn't surprised when Duo produced a pair of padded cuffs and secured his hands.

"You don't get why I like this, do you?" he said. "Well, I want to try and show you. I've wanted to do this for a while now, so you can understand how much you mean to me, the way you take charge when I need it. If you don't want to do this, just say so. You're safe word is 'stop'."

"Isn't that a bit obvious?"

"Maybe, but that's what it is. You say stop, and I stop."

"I accept my present, Duo. You're in charge now."

"That's just the point, Heero. I'm not. You are now. The one with the safe word is in charge."

Heero had already guessed as much, and he knew he wasn't going to use that word, no matter what Duo did to him. He wondered if Duo had plans to spank him. That didn't hold much appeal, but he'd let him, if that's what he wanted.

Duo pulled off Heero's boots and jeans, leaving him naked from the waist down. Then he took out a switchblade from some hidden pocket and flicked it open inches from Heero's face. He waited a moment, giving Heero time to say the word, but Heero said nothing. He was not afraid.

Duo used the knife to slice open the front of Heero's new shirt, then ran the tip of the blade very lightly down his midline and back up to trace his hardened nipples. It felt good, just a slightly scratchy tickle over his skin. Heero was careful to hold still, though his instinct was to arch into the sensation.

"Very good, 01," Duo murmured, and the tip of the blade strayed lower, circling his navel and tracing the inside of one thigh dangerously close to Heero's scrotum. Heero's cock was hard and weeping already, in spite of all the beer he'd had.

The knife disappeared somewhere and Duo bent over him and undid his braid, letting his hair cascade down across Heero's face and chest. It was cool against his skin, and smelled of sandalwood and cigarette smoke and beer and sex. Duo moved, slowly dragging all that heavy, silky hair down Heero's chest and belly to pool sensuously at his groin.

"Love that!" Heero whispered. "Always love that!"

"I know. That's why I only take down my hair for you."

Duo moved again and Heero felt the warm slide of a tongue up his shaft and over the tip of his cock.

"You still smell like me here," Duo whispered, moving down to lick and nuzzle Heero's balls. It only lasted a moment, then he was kissing down Heero's bare legs to his feet, and sucking his toes. Fingers found the soles of his feet and tickled.

Heero bucked and pulled away. "Stop!"

Duo sat back on his heels at once, palms flat on his denim-covered thighs. "You see? No tricks, just rules. Rules you can trust the other guy to follow. May I touch you again?"

"Yes." Heero was bemused. Duo wasn't telling him anything he hadn't instinctively understood from the start, but it seemed to be important to him to do so, so Heero went along with it. Duo kissed and licked him all over, scraped his nails down Heero's sides, and bit him none to gently on the inner thighs and nipples. Heero was already floating on a slightly euphoric cloud of sensation. Who needed a safe word for play like this?

Duo did stop after a while, though, but only long enough to shed everything but that awful pink top and his jewelry. Heero had to admit that it gave him a very wanton look, one that he found he liked very well behind closed doors. Duo picked up a thick pillar candle and came back to kneel beside him. Without a word, he tipped some of the liquid wax out to spill across Heero's thigh, mere inches from his scrotum. It burned and startled him. He jerked reflexively against the restraints and heard the chain joining the cuffs grate against the fancy metal work of the headboard. Duo raised an eyebrow at him, then poured hot wax across Heero's other thigh, letting a few hot droplets hit his balls this time.

"Stop!" Heero grated out.

Just as before, Duo sat back at once, still holding the candle. After a moment he leaned back, erection jutting up in front of him and lifted the candle over it. Realizing what he was about to do, Heero barked out "STOP!" so sharply Duo's hand shook, slipping a little wax across his leg.

"I said stop!" Heero growled, not entirely convinced it had been an accident. "No more wax. Stop."

Duo nodded and set the candle aside on the nightstand. "You see? Trust."

"I understand that, Duo. I've always trusted you."

Duo smiled, then stood up again and went to the closet. He returned with a small backpack. "Another present, Heero." He took out a long thin present wrapped in shiny red and black foil paper and ribbons and dangled a loose end of ribbon over Heero's lips. Heero took the bait and raised his head, catching the it between his teeth and pulling. It came loose and slithered down around his neck. Duo tore a corner of the paper and held the package close, making him unwrap the rest with his teeth. Inside was a long, thick curved sort of thing that Heero recognized at once as an anal vibrator. Duo flicked the control with his thumb, turning it on, and rubbed it over Heero's cheeks and lips, letting him feel the considerable buzz it gave off. "Do you trust me, Heero? Do you trust me to put this inside you?"

"Yes." In fact, he was looking forward to it.

"Good. Spread your legs for me, baby." Heero did, and Duo reached into the backpack again and came out with a bottle of lube. Slicking the vibrator, he inserted the narrow tip into Heero's anus and slowly worked it in. When it was proper seated deep inside him he turned it on again, the curved tip dangerously close to Heero's prostate, but not quite touching.

"Ah!" Heero did arch now. The sensation was like nothing he'd ever felt before. He was also aware of the fact that he couldn't lower his arms. That seemed to heighten the sensations somehow.

Duo chuckled. "You're starting to get it, aren't you? The other thing I like so much about being tied up. It's so sexy, having to just lie there and take it. It's good, isn't it?"

"Yes!" Heero whispered, as wave upon wave of pleasure stiffened his cock to aching hardness.

"And that's just the beginning, Heero." Duo moved so that he was straddling Heero's chest with his back to him. When he bent over, his spread, exposed ass was less than a foot from Heero's face, his anus, still red from this afternoon's love making, like a sexual bull's eye between those creamy cheeks. Heero raised his head, wanting to kiss and lick it, but he couldn't reach.

"You want that, huh?" Duo chuckled, raking his nails up Heero's thighs again. "Well, you can't have it. You just get to watch."

And Heero did, as Duo slicked up his fingers and slowly finger fucked himself right in front of him.

"Oh god, Duo!" Heero gasped, watching as one, then two, then three fingers disappeared into that tight little hole, leaving it glistening and stretched. The vibration in his ass was almost maddening now. "Want to fuck you!"

"Really? Well, too bad, baby, I've got other plans." Heero couldn't see his face, but he could tell he was grinning.

Another rummage in the backpack produced a very large silicon dildo shaped like a cock and balls, and Heero had to watch helplessly, aching with arousal, as Duo fucked himself with that. They were both moaning by the time the last few inches had disappeared between his cheeks. The mouth of his anus was stretched tight around it, but Heero detected no sound of pain in Duo's voice.

Duo leaned back, bringing the end of the thing within reach. "Fuck me, Heero."

Heero had to open his jaws wide to grip the balls but he managed it, then used the strength of his neck to work the thing in and out a few inches. Duo helped by rocking back and forth. "Yeah, you're good! So good!"

They continued like that for a few minutes. Heero's neck began to ache but he wouldn't stop. He was going crazy with arousal now, and Duo's strange, unexpected games only added to it.

Just when he didn't think he could hold his head up any longer Duo suddenly moved away out of reach again. Lowering his head, he took Heero's straining cock down his throat, and reached back between his own legs to fuck himself with the dildo while Heero watched.

"God Duo! That's so-amazing! I'm going to come, just watching!"

Duo immediately stopped sucking him and his hand stilled on the dildo.


There was no response, and Heero was left staring that the big dildo stretching his lover's ass. His cock was on fire now. "Duo? Please? I want more."

But Duo still didn't move.

Heero lay there a moment, confused, then something occurred to him and he grinned. "Duo, stop!"

With a chuckle, Duo took him down his throat again and swirled his tongue over his shaft.

"Oh god!" Heero moaned, proud of himself for seeing the illogic of the game.

When Duo pulled off again it was only long enough to turn around, remove the dildo and slide Heero's cock into the warm tightness of his body. Once again, however, he went perfectly still. The combination of his heat and the vibrator lifted Heero to a whole new level of aching arousal. "Duo, please!" Did he dare use the safe word again, or would Duo stop everything? Heero thought he'd probably die of frustration if that happened right now.

"What do you need, Heero?" Duo purred. His long hair was loose all around him now, framing his face and chest and belly.

"You! I need you!" Heero gasped, hardly coherent now.

"You have me, baby. I'm right here. See?" And with that he tightened the muscles of his rectum around Heero's cock.

"Oh god! Do that again!"

And Duo did, over and over again without moving in any other way. It was unlike anything Heero had ever felt before-at once maddening and overwhelmingly arousing. The squeezes grew erratic, with long pauses between some, and no pause at all between others. Heero couldn't anticipate, and his pleas for release got him nothing but a devilish grin. Duo was in complete control now, until Heero told him to stop. And there was no way in hell he was going to do that!

Still grinning, Duo reached back and tickled Heero's balls, then reached further and---- "AhhhhhhH!" Heero bucked and yelled as the vibrations suddenly got a great deal stronger.

"Didn't I mention that this model has multiple settings?" Duo chuckled. "Do you like it?" He adjusted something and the vibrations increased unbearably. Duo squeezed his cock again, a long ripple of internal muscles. "I'll stop if you tell me, 'ro. You have the safe word. All you have to do is use it."

"No!" Heero panted. "Not until-not until I come in that hot ass of yours!"

"The fuck me, Heero. Fuck me hard!"

Scarcely recognizing the needy whine that wrung from him, Heero bent his knees and braced his feet on the bed, giving himself some small amount of leverage. Duo obligingly raised up a little, giving him room to thrust and Heero did, like a wild thing, lost now to everything but the need to come and the onslaught of sensation in his ass and cock, all accentuated excruciatingly by the sudden thought that he was bound and pinned down, unable to get loose or take charge. He was helpless to do anything but take what Duo was giving him, except that he wasn't. He could make it all stop with a single word. The heady mix of that insight was too much for him to process, except that he'd never been more turned on in his life.

The orgasm, when it finally hit, was so intense he lost all awareness of anything but it. It tore through him like a tidal wave, engulfing every nerve in his body with an overload of sensation. It went on and on, and only when it finally began to let up was he aware of the taste of Duo's cum on his lips and the heat of it on his chest, face and belly. Opening his eyes, he saw Duo still straddling him, still coming, with his arms over his head and his hands buried in his hair, tears streaming down his face.


Heero wrenched at the restraints and the chain joining the cuffs snapped, freeing him. He caught Duo as he fell forward and drew him down into his arms, holding him tight.

"Duo? Are you all right? Did I hurt you?"

"No!" Duo said shakily, clinging to him. "I'm great. It was the look on your face when you came! You got it. You really got it!"

"Yes." The vibrator had become an annoyance. Heero reached back and pulled it out, letting it fall where it may, and gathered Duo closer. "That was amazing. I understand."

Duo wiped at his eyes with the back of his hand and smiled up at him. "I wanted you to feel it-what I feel when you take me like you did this afternoon. It's so good! I feel so safe and loved and wanted when you take care of me like that."

Heero stroked his cheek. "I do. I really do. Thank you for showing me. And I'm glad-that is-I needed this, like this, just you and me. And this afternoon, too."

"You needed it to be just the two of us."


Duo pushed himself up on his elbows, studying Heero's face closely. "You're wondering too, aren't you, how to handle the whole situation with the others."

"I was worried about you."

Duo shook his head slowly. "About me, huh? Well, that's no surprise."

"What do you mean?"

Duo sat up and pushed his hair back over his shoulder. "I have a confession, Heero. I wanted to turn you on like this, but it was also kind of a test."

"A test?"

"Yeah. You let me wave a knife in your face, almost cut you, do the whole hot wax bit without a murmur. But when I tried to do it to myself, you stopped me. You should have seen your face, Heero. It' was a good thing you were cuffed."


"Oh yeah. You'll take anything on, let me do just about anything, if you think it's what I want, except to hurt myself."

"I love you."

"I know, baby, but that doesn't mean hurting yourself to please me."

"I'm confused, Duo. You don't hurt me. I knew you wouldn't cut me, and the wax isn't that hot, but---"

"That's not what I'm talking about, Heero. You know I love Tro and Kat, and you go along with whatever the rest of us do, but you never say stop."

"Neither do you," Heero told him, catching him by the hand and drawing him back down to lie close beside him. Stroking Duo's hair, he went on, "Sometimes I'm not sure what you want, or if you're just doing things because you think other people-me, Trowa, Quatre-that you need to make us happy somehow, even if you don't want it."

"What don't I want?" Duo asked, sounding genuinely surprised. "If you're talking about the orgy, I told you then. No one but you fucks me. I was OK with the rest."


"Yeah, of course! You don't think I'd just go along with watching you fuck Tro or suck of Kat if I wasn't into it too, do you?"

"Oh. OK."

"You don't sound OK. What about you? Are you mad about that night?"

"No. I was just worried about you. Dr. Batoosingh-"

"Ah, I knew it! What did he say to you today that set you off?"

"Just that you're still---"

"Still what? Crazy?" A dangerous edge was creeping into Duo's voice.

"No, just--fragile. Emotionally."

Duo snorted at that. "Fragile? Me? Yeah, right!"

"What if you lost me."

Duo went very still and didn't say anything for a long moment. "Oh."

"So I got worried that maybe you were just going along with the whole Trowa and Kat thing because you thought I wanted it. I know that you weren't as comfortable about sharing as they are. I don't want you feeling like you have to do that. This afternoon-maybe it wasn't the best way of showing it, but I just wanted-no, I needed to show you that you're all I need, and the only one I can't live without."

"Oh. Well, I like the way you communicate, baby," Duo chuckled, hugging him close. "But you do like them, too, don't you? It's OK. You know I do, too. I guess things are a little-I dunno-blurry between us now?"

"Yes. It's all suddenly very complicated. Especially now that you and I are both helping with the show, and living with them and--"

"And we've had sex with them."

"That too."

Duo sighed. "So what do you want to do?"

"Marry you. Now. Tonight!"


Heero's heart seemed to stop in his chest before Duo looked up and kissed him.

"Yes, I still want to marry you, but no, not tonight. Not because we're scared or confused. You weren't there to see how hurt Kat was when Wuffie wouldn't come see them get hitched. Can you imagine what it would do to him if we cut him out of our wedding?"

"Yes, of course. I wasn't thinking."

"So, maybe we need to talk to them, too, before we make any big decisions that impact all of us. You do love them, right?"

"Yes, but not as much-"

Duo laughed and pressed a finger to Heero's lips. "You don't need to keep adding that. I know. But we do love t hem and they love us and so we have to be careful and we have to be clear so we don't hurt them. And that means we have to know what you and I want and I don't think we can figure that out right this minute. And I'm sorry if I ruined your birthday."

Heero blinked at him in surprise. "What are you talking about?"

"All this serious shit in the middle of what I wanted to be a romantic get away."

"And a test," Heero reminded him.

"Oh yeah. Well, sorry about that, too."

"No need." Heero rolled on top of Duo and bit him on the neck to make him yelp and squirm. "I like you tests. Did I pass?"

Duo wrapped his arms and legs around Heero. "With flying colors, baby! So, should I hang onto that vibrator?"

"Definitely." Heero rolled again so that Duo was on top and stroked his hands down his back to cup his buttocks. "Are you very sore?"

"No, baby, I'm built for sex. In fact-" He wiggled against Heero, rubbing their erections together. "I think I'm ready for another go, birthday boy. We got the room for the whole night, ya know!"

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