Author: pyrzm
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Summary: Continuation of Ch. 108. A little pwp smutfest, just 'cause.

Broken Warriors + Chapter 109
Thin Walls and Open Doors

Heero's "sensory overload" plan had worked perfectly. Trowa hadn't stood a chance from the moment he appeared in the doorway of the bedroom. Quatre had felt the tension spike at first, then flow out of him as they massaged him, to be replaced by a healthy rekindling of erotic need that was Trowa's more natural state of mind. Heero and Duo had worked their magic and withdrawn. Quatre was so deeply into the scene by then that he scarcely noticed them go, aware of nothing now but the way the Trowa took him face up, so slow and sweet and deep.

The sex went on and on, the way Trowa could, and Quatre didn't think he'd ever get enough of the sensation of that huge cock sliding in and out of his own tight body. The stretching, the well-oiled friction, the way the flaring glans licked and rubbed his prostate-it was all enough to drive him out of his mind, especially when coupled with Trowa's deep green gaze. As they held each other with their eyes and bodies and moved together in their primal dance of union, the rest of the world ceased to be. He was only faintly aware of Trowa's breathy, caressing chant: ti amo, ti amo, bellissimo, ti amo . . . Quatre loved Italian, the rich way it spilled like honey from his lover's tongue.

Sobbing his ecstasy, Quatre came in hot white spurts against Trowa's taut belly, but his husband was not done and the continued stimulation drew Quatre's orgasm out and brought it back up in a series of sharp, bright peaks before Trowa's thrusts grew erratic and harsh and the sweet words gave way to equally sweet guttural obscenities. He arched back, every muscle tight as he filled Quatre with his heat and passion with powerful drives deep inside.

"JesusFUCKoChristmerdeSHITOFUCKINGHELL . . ."

Quatre felt semen leaking and squirting out around the base of Trowa's plunging cock, there was so much. It tickled as it ran down the cleft of his bottom to pool on the sheets. He didn't care about wet spots right now as he locked his ankles behind Trowa's neck. His lover bent him double and delivered a few last pile driver thrusts. When it was over he kissed Quatre breathlessly, murmured a final " Eu te amo, meu angel pequeno bonito!" and collapsed over on his back beside him, asleep before his head hit the pillow.

Far from hurt, Quatre happily pulled the blankets up and cuddled down beside him, nestling into Trowa's fragrantly sweaty armpit and nuzzling in under his chin. Trowa muttered happily in his sleep and wrapped his arm around Quatre's shoulders, radiating complete and utter contentment.

Wrapped in his own golden afterglow, Quatre was just dozing off when he heard a moan of pleasure from the next room. At first he assumed the Heero and Duo must of taken things more slowly than he and Trowa, but after a moment he realized that the voice he was hearing was coming from the wrong direction and didn't sound like either of his friends.

No, this was more of a high-pitched keen or wail, almost as if someone was in pain.

Alarmed, he slipped from Trowa's embrace and went to the open door of their room. Heero and Duo, both still naked and nicely flushed, were at their own door, grinning like maniacs. Duo put a finger to his lips, then pointed to the door of the suite's third bedroom, which was now closed. The moaning and wailing was louder now, and filled with what were probably words, but blurred and indistinct. But it sounded like someone was begging for something.

"They got in early," Heero whispered.

"You mean that's---"

Just then a voice that was most certainly Wufei's, though it was hard to believe, cried out, "In. Put it in! Ah. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" The cry choked off to another high-pitched, almost feminine keen that grew suddenly deeper and more rhythmic and unmistakably male.

Quatre and Duo both clamped hands over their mouths, stifling amazed laughter.

Apparently Wufei had overcome his "problems" regarding Zechs's size, for there was no mistaking the sound of someone being thoroughly and wildly fucked, or the harsh, deep cries that underscored each escalating cry. As they reached their crescendo Quatre and the others heard Zechs's triumphant snarl of completion, and then all fell silent except for a low murmuring.

Duo's eyes looked big enough to fall right out of his head. Heero said nothing, but had the beginnings of a fresh erection. Suddenly Quatre felt another very large one nudge the small of his back as Trowa wrapped his arms around him from behind and murmured, "Was that what I think it was?"

Before Quatre could answer their guests' door suddenly opened and Zechs came out, naked as the dawn and still sporting what could only be described as an Olympic sized semi-erection. Finding the four of them lurking there, he just grinned and scratched his very large, cum flecked balls and winked. "We need a towel and some water."

"Umm, there's mineral water in the fridge over there," Quatre managed, forcing his gaze away from those amazing genitals as Zechs sauntered on to the bathroom, showing not the slightest hint of embarrassment.

"Clydesdale!" muttered Duo.

"Yeah!" Quatre breathed, now admiring the way the muscles in Zechs's rock hard ass flexed as he disappeared into the bathroom and aware that Trowa was all but drooling on his shoulder.

The brief glimpses he'd had of Zechs in New Orleans had been under less than optimal conditions, with Trowa off his head and waving a gun. On Earth Fall eve he'd had a few more glimpses but Zechs hadn't been aroused then. "He's even bigger than Trowa!" he thought with the slightest twinge of jealousy, all his suspicions confirmed. And on the heels of that, "And Wufei is so slight!"

Without thinking, he glanced in through the door Zechs had left partly ajar and caught sight of Wufei sprawled face down on the bed, seemingly unconscious. His long, wildly disarrayed hair obscured his face and his thighs were still widely parted. Quatre swallowed hard and blushed at the sight of all that white cum streaking those golden cheeks and thighs.

He was about to pull the door closed for Wufei's sake, but before he could Duo barged through and jumped on the bed beside him. "Wu man! Welcome to the club, bro!"

Wufei started violently, then scrambled under the sheet and pulled it up to his chin, his face scarlet with embarrassment and outrage. "Maxwell! How dare you! What the hell are you doing in--?"

Far from being chastened, Duo just crowded in beside him and threw an arm around Wufei's bare shoulders. Wufei looked like he was going to faint from shock.

"Duo, come out of there and leave him alone!" Heero growled.

"What? I just wanted to welcome him into the Loud Sex Club!" Duo said, still unmoved by Wufei's obvious horror with the situation.

Zechs shouldered past all of them, now with a towel wrapped around his hips, carrying another and two bottles of water. Setting them down on the nightstand, he grabbed Duo by the base of his braid and lifted him off the bed, keeping his grip high enough that Duo had to stay on tiptoe to keep from getting his hair pulled too painfully.

"I have it on good authority that you like to be spanked, Duo," he said as he marched him to the door. "I can promise you that you wouldn't like it if it came from me. Scoot and quit teasing Wufei." Giving Duo a resounding smack on the backside, he sent him through the door into Heero's waiting arms and closed the door after him.

"Owwww!" Duo yowled, rubbing his bottom as he sent a hurt look at the closed door.

"Serves you right," Heero told him, giving him another smack, then pulling him by the hand back to their room.

"Well that certainly was---" Quatre broke off as he turned to find Trowa staring at him with passion glazed eyes, cock at weeping attention.

"That was so---Meli!" With that he grabbed Quatre up in his arms, kicked the door shut, and threw him on the bed.

"Uck, I'm on the wet spot!" Quatre laughed.

Trowa overwhelmed all further objections by kissing and caressing him into submission and soon they were making sweet noisy love of their own all over again.


"Are you all right, mei?" Zechs asked as Wufei still cowered under the sheets.

"You could have closed the door!"

"They caught me by surprise, love."

"And you were walking around naked!"

"You didn't give me any time to unpack, remember?" Zechs chuckled, pulling the covers out of his death grip to slide in beside him with the towel. There was semen everywhere and he did his best to wipe up the worst of it. "You have to admit, we had a good time. It was hot, listening to them while we-"

Wufei clapped his hands over his ears and buried his face against Zechs's chest. "Don't talk about it! They could hear us, too!"

"Apparently. Ah, there they go again!"

Sure enough, they could hear Trowa and Quatre panting and moaning together, and what might have been more lusty calls from the room beyond.

"Perverts!" Wufei groaned.

"But so am I, or haven't you noticed?" Zechs teased. "And what about you? As I recall, it was you tearing my clothes off a little while ago."

"Yes, but I closed the door first!"

Zechs captured Wufei's chin and tilted his face up, searching those dark eyes for any signs of real anger. "I'm sorry. I won't let that happen again. Forgive me?"

Wufei tried to glare at him, but instead burst out into poorly concealed laughter and hid his face against Zechs again. "I suppose Duo was right. Though it hardly begins to pay back all the times I've been forced to listen to all of them!"

Zechs laughed too, then guided Wufei's hand to his erection. "Care to even the score some more? It's early yet."

Wufei gave him a scandalized look, but it was ruined by a passionate cry from the next room that dissolved him into helpless laughter again. "I doubt they'd notice right now."

Zechs rolled on top of him and laced his fingers with Wufei's, pinning his hands to the bed over his head. "Ah, but I will."

Wufei caught his breath and a flush spread prettily across his cheekbones. "Then take me. I'm stretched all ready. All you have to do is spread my legs and shove it in."

Zechs gaped a moment, at once shocked and aroused by the unexpectedly coarse language.

"Blame Maxwell," Wufei told him, his eyes gleaming with lust and amusement. "Do you want me or not, my emperor?"

"Always!" Zechs groaned. Pulling Wufei's right leg around his hip, he guided his cock to that willing little opening and plunged into the heavenly depths again.

In no time the suite was filled with a symphony of lust in six parts.


Jeeeeeze! I don't know if it's the weather or the alignment of the planets or not writing more often or whatthehell, but the boys wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote this for them! Hopefully they can get back to more serious work now! P

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