Author: pyrzm
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Broken Warriors + Chapter 97
Spin the Bottle

It must have been the pot. Or the embarrassing outfit. Or maybe some sort of weird drug interaction between all that and his medications. Wufei wasn't sure what had made him volunteer for the silly game, but once he'd blurted out the offer to play and seen the delighted-and amusingly surprised-reactions of the others, there was no taking it back. Feeling like a man who'd just jumped off a bridge with no view of the bottom, much less a net, he joined them in a circle on the floor in front of the Christmas tree. He was still in a weakened condition, and had already been out of bed too long, but Zechs settled him between his long legs, letting Wufei lean back on him.

It was probably thanks to the pot that he wasn't excruciatingly uncomfortable sitting there in his lover's arms among his friends, all in little more than glorified underwear. Or maybe it was because the others were clearly so genuinely glad to have him there; that had swept away the last of his residual shame and regret over past events. He'd been caught up in that for too long, losing the sense of mindfulness he'd worked so hard to learn as a young student. The past could not be changed. The future remained a mystery. In the here and now he was loved and wanted.

It also felt very good, having Zechs's two strong arms around him again. The new one was very realistic, with warm, smooth skin that felt very close to the real thing.

All the same, it was a strange experience so far, and he watched with some trepidation as Trowa finished off the contents of a large bottle of beer and placed the empty in the middle of the circle.

"OK, here are the rules," Duo announced for his benefit. "You spin the bottle and you have to kiss whoever it's pointing at when it stops. And it has to be a good kiss, too, on the lips, not just a peck on the cheek." For some reason he shot Heero a wry look as he said this. "Whaddya say, guys? Hands OK, but no groping below the belt?"

Quatre let out an exaggerated sigh. "Oh, all right, but tongues allowed, right?"

"Well yeah!" Duo agreed.

Wufei's eyes widened. This was more involved than he'd imagined. More--intimate. The kind of kissing he'd been planning definitely fell more into the 'peck on the cheek' category Duo had just outlawed. He stole a nervous look over his shoulder at Zechs.

"Are you too tired for this, mei?" Zechs murmured, reading him like a book and offering him a graceful out.

"No," Wufei said a little too quickly. Zechs thought he couldn't do this! The others were stealing looks at him, too, expecting him to back out. Suddenly it seemed like a matter of personal honor to stay. He'd show them, no matter how distasteful things got.

"Who goes first?" asked Zechs.

"Go for it, Blondie," Trowa offered.

Zechs shifted Wufei a little as he reached for the bottle and gave it a good hard spin. It rotated rapidly on the tile floor, coming to rest at last pointing at Quatre, who happened to be sitting beside him.

"Ooooh, blond on blond action. This is gonna be hot!" Duo chuckled.

With one arm still around Wufei, Zechs leaned over and embraced Quatre with the other, giving the smaller blond a firm kiss on the lips.

Forced to watch at close range, Wufei heard Quatre's soft sound of pleased surprise. He wondered if he was going to regret going along with this.

Quatre sat back and gave Zechs a happy grin. "Nice. Plain, but nice."

"We get rated on performance? You didn't tell me that part!" Zechs objected.

"Too late! My turn!" Quatre gave the bottle an enthusiastic spin and it came to rest pointing at Heero who was sitting across from him. Without the slightest hesitation, he crawled across and climbed right into Heero's lap, straddling him and wrapping his bare legs around Heero's hips. Then, burying both hands in Heero's dark hair, he gave him a long, moaning kiss with what looked like significant use of tongue on both sides. They both had their eyes closed and Heero's hands slipped under the back of Quatre's black shirt, disappearing all the way to the elbows and doing something that made Quatre squirm and chuckle. The tattoos on his shoulders rippled over the lean muscle there. Quatre was small, but the circus acts kept him in top form.

"All right! That's the way you do it!" Duo laughed, apparently not offended in the least at this aggressive interaction. Neither did Trowa, who appeared to be proud of his lover's exhibition. No one even looked surprised. Wufei's gut tightened. No, he hadn't bargained for this at all!

When Quatre had unwrapped himself and returned to his place, Heero spun the bottle and got Trowa. He moved over and pulled him up onto his knees, body pressed to Heero's. Then, holding him close with one arm and getting a rather rough grip in his Trowa's hair with the other, he pulled the other man's head sideways, exposing his long neck. It was a very long, muscular and attractive neck, Wufei couldn't help noting. And those tight, scanty shirts certainly showed off how exceptionally well toned the two of them were. The bands of tattoo encircling Trowa's biceps rippled sensuously as he braced his hands against Heero's sides, fingers clenched against the muscle there. Wufei was beginning to appreciate tattoos.

With deliberate slowness, Heero bit his way up the side of the Trowa's throat, leaving a trail of red marks in his wake. Trowa gasped and his hands clenched where they'd come to rest, just at Heero's waist. When Heero reached the corner of Trowa's jaw he licked his way to his mouth and devoured it, still holding him by the hair. When he was done Trowa more or less collapsed back into his place, his face flushed and pink.

"You slobbered all over me, Yuy," he growled, wiping his face on his arm. He sounded annoyed, but his eyes told a different story, and the notable bulge in the front of his shorts. The legs were cut full and hung loose on Trowa's slender thighs. The way he was sitting gave Wufei a flash of tight, darkly flushed scrotum.

Wufei looked away hastily, only to find himself momentarily at eye level with the evidence of Heero's arousal as he reclaimed his place in the circle. Another unanticipated aspect of the game. The room seemed rather stuffy now.

Trowa recovered and sent the bottle spinning. It came to rest with the neck pointing squarely at Wufei.

"Hey, how do we tell if it's Zechs or Wufei? They're right on top of each other," Duo noted.

"We'll alternate," Trowa said, those dilated green eyes already fixed on Wufei. "It's 05's turn."

He approached slowly on all fours, supple as a panther. Wufei felt like he was about to be pounced on, like prey. Trowa was the most darkly sexual of them all, exuding a potent aura of danger and lust when he chose. He reined it in now, however, as he closed in on Wufei and knelt between his outstretched legs. Instead of pouncing, he cradled Wufei's head gently between those big, callused hands and drank his lips like a man savoring a fine wine.

It was a tame kiss, compared to the last two, but the warmth of Trowa's hands and the silky caress of his tongue over Wufei's closed lips sent a sensual jolt through his body, straight to his groin. He was still too medicated to get fully aroused, but it was unmistakable.

"Congratulations, 03," Zechs said, a chuckle rumbling against Wufei's back. "I believe you have the distinction of being the only other man ever to kiss my Wufei."

Trowa pulled back slowly from the kiss, still cradling Wufei's head. He gave him a warm, lazy smile, and kissed him on the forehead. "I'm honored." Those warm hands slid slowly away, down Wufei's neck and over his shoulders through the thin fabric of the robe. The caress left his body tingling. He stole a guilty look at Quatre, but the other boy's eyes were sparkling with amusement.

"Good, isn't he?" he asked proudly.

"Umm, yes," Wufei managed, and felt Zechs chuckle again.

Duo laughed, lighting up another blunt. "C'mon, Wu. Your turn! Time to lose your cherry."

Wufei colored at the coarse joke, but gamely leaned over and sent the beer bottle spinning end for end.

He got Duo, and found he was not displeased at the outcome.

"Guess I'm gonna have to come over there, huh?" Duo knee walked over to him and bent over, as if he planned to steal a quick kiss and retreat.

It was a silly game, but a game all the same, and Wufei was nothing if not competitive. Now that he'd seen how it was played, he set out to excel. He caught Duo by the hand and drew him down to settle between his legs. Duo was taller than he was, all arms and legs, but Wufei captured him in his arms and gently cupped that pointed chin, tilting that lush, overly talkative mouth up to his and silencing him with a nip to that pink lower lip, which he immediately soothed with his tongue. He'd learned a great deal of technique from Zechs and it worked now. Duo made an approving sound deep in his chest, then wrapped his arms around Wufei and opened his lips, letting him in. Letting himself react rather than think, Wufei deepened the kiss, sliding his tongue over Duo's, tasting beer and smoke and a not unpleasant hint of Chinese spices from dinner. It was interesting, rather nice. He explored further, taking in the delicate ridges of Duo's palate and the ivory smoothness of his teeth. What would Sally think, he wondered. He'd never kissed her like this, not even when they were making love.

Duo's eyes had fluttered shut during the kiss. He sighed as Wufei released him and gave him a dazed look. "Wow! You sure you haven't played this game before?"


Duo reluctantly rolled out of his arms and wiggled back to his spot. "OK, let's see if I can top that!"

His spin came to rest pointing right back at Wufei.

"Zechs's turn," Trowa announced.

"I'm gonna have sore knees," Duo groused, but his eyes were shining with anticipation as he crawled back and knelt beside Zechs. "Man, I've always wanted to do this!"

He buried his fingers in Zechs thick platinum hair, running his fingers through it in slow, sensual caresses as he covered Zech's mouth and face with light, teasing butterfly kisses, then zeroed in on his lips, claiming them with deceptive gentleness. Wufei leaned away to give him room, but still felt the sudden jut of his lover's erection against his back. Under most circumstanced Wufei would have been upset, but he was still tingling from Trowa's kiss and Duo's, so he was in no position to complain.

Duo sat back, trailing his fingers through Zechs's hair one last time. "Mmm mmm mmmmm! Hey Heero, I think I'm starting to understand your thing for my hair."

"My turn again," said Zechs. He spun and got Heero. "Let's see if I can make a better showing this time. If you'll excuse me a moment, my love?"

He gently released Wufei, stood up an walked over to Heero, who was watching him with his usual guarded expression. The wariness increased as Zechs extended a hand and pulled him to his feet.

"In honor of our first meeting," Zech murmured, then put his arms around Heero and whirled him off balance into a deep dip. One hand cradled Heero's head, the other under his back held him arched up against Zechs. Heero started to struggle, then froze as Zechs captured his mouth and took it rather forcefully. Heero remained still, one foot awkwardly off the floor, one hand braced against Zechs's shoulder, but Wufei saw a tremor run through him.

"I think this duel goes to Zechs," Quatre said, grinning.

Heero was blushing from chest to hairline when Zechs set him back on his feet. "That--that was good."

"Thank you." Zech was grinning as he sat down with Wufei again.

Heero's spin came back to Wufei. He came over with that same impassive look, but Wufei caught a glint of something in those bottomless dark blue eyes as Heero knelt in front of him and reached hesitantly for the tie holding Wufei's hair back. "May I?"

"I suppose," Wufei replied, and felt a flutter of odd excitement as Heero gently pulled it loose and ran his fingers through Wufei's hair.

"Hey, I thought it was only my hair!" Duo objected. Heero ignored him, concentrating instead on taking Wufei's breath away as he ran his fingers through his hair again, then cradled the back of his head and slipped his tongue into Wufei's mouth.

It was a direct, to the point sort of kiss, such as one might expect from Yuy, but his lips and hands were amazingly skilled at giving pleasure. Wufei felt that strong tingle overwhelm him again as he thought, "This is 01 kissing you!" Heero, whom he'd admired so during the war. Had some part of that admiration been attraction? It seemed possible, given the effect this kiss was having. He was mortified to hear himself let out a faint whimper when Heero broke away at last.

"Hey, you may have been the first, Barton, but you didn't get Wufei to blush like that!" Duo gloated.

Mortified to have been caught out like this, Wufei sank back against Zechs and covered his face.

"It's all right mei," Zechs whispered. "He is very virile, isn't he?"

Wufei took a deep breath to calm himself. "When--how does this game end?"

Duo exchanged a look with Quatre. "What do you say? Once everyone has kissed everyone else at least once?"

"Sounds good to me."

And so it continued for nearly an hour more, with many repeats. Wufei got to kiss Quatre several times, and found him spicy and yielding, just as he'd guessed he would be. As their lips met the first time he felt a rush of friendly acceptance and wondered if this was something to do with Quatre's empathy. It left him smiling and on impulse he gave him a second light, friendly kiss in parting.

He got to kiss Duo twice more, but Heero and Trowa only once. That was probably just as well, since those two had a most disconcerting effect on him. Perhaps it was because they were the most like Zechs, powerful and dominant.

His last kiss of the night, however, came from Zechs and that one wiped out the effects of all the others. It lasted a very long time, during which the whole world seemed to dim and slip away, leaving him aware of nothing but his lover's scent and warmth and strength. As he came back to earth, he realized the others were laughing.

"What?" he demanded indignantly.

"Don't worry, Wufei, we're just happy for you, that's all," laughed Quatre.

When Wufei remained confused, Heero smiled and said quietly, "Zechs is the only one who made your toes curl."

By the time the game was over, Wufei was reaching the end of his limited strength and it showed. They all shared a parting beer, then Zechs lifted him into his chair again and wheeled him back to their room, with the others with them, carrying their gifts. They waited while Zechs tucked him into bed to say their good byes.

"Thank you. Thank you all," Wufei told them, looking around at them with new eyes. They were drunk and a bit high, of course, and so was he, but he saw a new beauty in all of them, and it wasn't because of the silly game. They had stayed here for his sake, and to be together. They accepted him and felt he belonged with them still. He blinked back tears again as they hugged him and shook hands. Quatre and Duo both kissed him on the cheek, but that seemed only natural now. It was just their nature, their way of showing real affection.

Heero didn't kiss him, but held his hand a moment, looking down at him with evident concern. "We're leaving early tomorrow. We won't see you again for a while." He paused and a hint of color crept into his cheeks. "It--it has been good, getting to know you better, as we are now. You are a good friend."

Overcome, Wufei squeezed that strong hand as best he could. "So are you, Heero Yuy. And all of you. I won't ever forget this."

"You better not," said Duo. "It's your turn to pick the theme next year."

"It will not be 'nudity', or anything like it," Wufei warned.

Duo just grinned and shrugged. "I've got a whole year to convince you." He turned and grabbed Zechs in a hug. "Take care of him for us. We expect you two to come tear up New Orleans with us real soon."

"We're looking forward to it," Zechs replied, planting a kiss on the top of Duo's head. "And I look forward to seeing which side of the bed you end up on, too."

Duo sputtered comically as Zechs bid the others good-bye, and waved and winked at Wufei as Heero wrestled him from the room.

And it was over. They were gone and Wufei was alone with Zechs with the snow falling softly outside the window.

Zechs bent over the bed and kissed him. "Happy Christmas, my love, and Happy Earth Fall eve. Did you have a good time?"

"Yes, very good. Did I do all right with the game?"

"Brilliantly, mei," Zechs chuckled. "I must admit, it was rather sexy, watching you with those other boys. Did you enjoy it?"

Wufei shrugged. "It was interesting, but Heero is right about my toes. They curl only for you. What about you?"

"It's in my nature to enjoy such games, and they are all very lovely and delicious boys, but none of them compare to you. And none of them kiss half as sweetly as you, either."


Zechs sat down by the bed and took his hand, looking concerned now. "Mei, were you jealous? I promise you, there is no reason--"

"No, strangely enough, I wasn't. As you said, it was somehow erotic, watching you kiss them like that, right in front of me. And I know it didn't mean anything more than a game. But it was a sort of bonding ritual, too. A good one, I think."

"You look very nice in the chosen outfit."

Wufei blushed a little. "It's a bit--revealing for my taste, I'm afraid. The shorts are a bit loose."

"Ah yes, I was gifted with a few visions myself," Zechs laughed.

"I saw Trowa's balls," Wufei admitted, laughing in spite of himself. "They're very dark."

"Alas, I missed that spectacle. But Heero's are very large. Maxwell's, as well, and quite pink. And Quatre's penis is the smallest of the group, and the color of pink rose petals, just like yours."

Wufei stared up at him, wide eyed. "I saw Trowa's by mistake. You were looking!"

Zechs shrugged and kissed him again. "I'm a guy. Guy's look. And don't think the others weren't doing the same, especially Trowa and Duo."

"They've already seen us naked," Wufei reminded him, recalling that disastrous night in New Orleans.

"True, but they seemed to want another look. As I said, guys look. Perhaps they're a little envious? After all, now they know that your lover has the largest cock in the group."

"And my difficulties related to that fact. Oh, that reminds me, I have a few more gifts for you." Wufei could feel himself blushing again, but pressed on. This seemed to be the right moment. "They're under the bed."

Zech raised a questioning brow at him, then bent and pulled out the three small boxes hidden there.

The first contained two bottles of lubricant. "I was already pondering our 'problem'," Wufei explained sheepishly. "That one there is made especially for anal sex, and contains an extract of clove oil, which is said to lessen the pain of entry."

"I see. And this one? 'Specially formulated for maximum self pleasure'?"

"Because of my recovery. We can't--well I can't do much of what I really want to for you for a while, so I thought--well, I don't expect you to not need to--" His face was flaming now. "I thought this might help."

"Very thoughtful of you, mei. But where did you learn of such things?"

Wufei bit his lip in embarrassment before he answered. "Quatre gave me a catalogue."

"Did he? Why doesn't that surprise me. Well now, I can't wait to see what else you've found."

The next one contained expensive professional massage oil scented with sandalwood. "When I'm feeling stronger, I thought it might help, if I could touch you that way."

Zechs opened it and sniffed appreciatively. "Very nice! And so thoughtful. There's plenty here for mutual rubs, too. The doctor did give us the go ahead for affectionate touching. He feels it will be very therapeutic for you. We just have to avoid anything too rambunctious."

"Thank you. I was too embarassed to ask about that. I will enjoy that. Now, open the last one."

It was the largest of the three boxes and Wufei held his breath as Zechs smiled and tore away the paper. He opened it and pulled back the silver and black tissue paper, the blinked in surprise at what lay inside. "Butt plugs?"

Wufei nodded, unable to name them out loud. "Those are--well, they're for me. I thought, while I'm recovering, that you could help me--help me be more ready for you, next time. We start with that small one, and then work up to--"

Zechs picked up the largest one and studied it a moment. "Hmm. Was it so bad for you, last time? You should have said something, little love."

"No! Not really, but it was rather difficult, for you I mean, having to be so careful and go so slowly. I'd just like to make it easier for both of us. I'd like--" Wufei paused again, wishing the color of his cheeks was something he could control. "I thought it would be good if it could be less controlled. Less careful."

Zechs grinned. "You want to be pounded through the mattress, in other words. My my, what a conversation you must have had with little Quatre! I assume he's faced the same dilemma with his lusty lover? Trowa is very well endowed, too, as I recall."

"'A shower and a grower'," Wufei murmured.

Zechs laughed outright at that. "I think my innocent lotus blossom as been corrupted!"

"It's just something Quatre said, about him. I remembered it because it applies to you, as well. Right now, in fact. You've been growing since the game."

Zechs regarded the tented front of his boxers ruefully. "Well, it has been a while. I'm afraid I may have to excuse myself and try out this special lube you've so thoughtfully provided."

"Excuse yourself? But I thought--" Wufei let his voice drop to what he hoped was a seductive register. "I hoped you'd let me watch."

"But you're so tired. I don't want to push you too hard, not so soon."

"I'm fine," Wufei insisted, unable to take his eyes away from that silk covered bulge. His own body wasn't up to responding fully, but he still could enjoy this. "Please. Lock the door and draw the shades. Then you can sit there, in that chair where I can see you. I'll just watch. I just want to watch you."

As he'd hoped, Zechs took very little convincing. Wufei knew his lover's needs; days without any sort of sex at all must have been excruciating. Unless--"Zechs, have you been taking care of this on your own, all this time?"

Zechs locked the door and pulled the shades. "I was too worried about you to even think of it at first. All I cared about was to see you open your beautiful eyes again. But I must admit, these past few days, I have occasionally taken matters in hand, as it were."

Wufei grinned and curled up on his side, facing the chair. "I've never seen you do that. Show me."

Zechs stood a moment, hands on his hips, shaking his head. "What a naughty little love you're turning out to be! Kissing other boys. Demanding sexual performances." He paused and his eyes darkened. "Running around in fire fights without a vest. When you're feeling better, you and I are going to have a 'talk' about that."

"I see." Wufei shivered unaccountably at that. "But for now, please, let me watch?"

Zechs gave him a sultry smile and peeled the tight black shirt off over his head with a languorous motion. "How can I deny you anything, when you blush so prettily asking?"

With that he let the boxers fall, leaving him wearing nothing but the cock ring with the hearts on it. Silly as it seemed, Wufei loved the way it held his lover's heavy balls forward under the long, fully erect shaft. If anything, it made him look bigger than ever and Wufei marveled again that something of that size had actually been inside him. Clear fluid was welling up from the tip already and Wufei licked his lips. "I want that. I want to taste you."

"Mei, you promised you'd lay still."

"I will! Just--please, just come over here for a moment. It's been a long time for me, too."

Zechs relented and came to the bedside. The bed was just the right height; all Wufei had to do was lean forward a little as Zechs guided the tip of his cock to his lips. Wufei lapped delicately at the viscous droplet, savoring the musky salt taste of it. He mouthed the tip for a moment, then kissed his way down the shaft to nuzzle those irresistible balls, so wonderfully presented. "I like this cock ring very much. I shall have to buy more of them for you."

Zechs gasped happily. "When you are better, my love, I will show you how good they can make you feel. But that's enough now. You're getting pale again."

Wufei was feeling dizzy. He settled down and watched as Zechs settled in the chair with the bottle of lubricant and spread his long, pale thighs so Wufei could see everything.

"I'm going to touch myself now, mei, and I'm going to imagine that it's you doing it." He flipped the plastic cap open and slowly poured a stream of liquid into the palm of his left hand. Still looking at Wufei, he warmed it between his palms, then used both hands to slowly stroke the slick over his long, thick shaft. Almost at once his lips parted and his breath came in faint, shallow pants. His eyelids dropped, hooding those intense blue eyes, but not before Wufei had read the intense arousal there. Zechs was enjoying this, touching himself with Wufei watching. Wufei smiled to himself. It would be nice if his own body would cooperate, but this was very hot anyway.

"That looks good," he breathed. "You are so beautiful, my Zechs, my emperor."

Zechs let out a deep groan and let his head fall back against the chair. His long pale hair fanned out around his shoulders, framing the deepening pink spreading over his chest and face.

"Oh yes, that's right," Wufei whispered. "Touch yourself for me, my love. Let me see you do it."

"Ah god!" Zechs gasped. He threw one long leg over the padded armrest of the chair, exposing himself completely, and abandoned himself to pleasuring himself in earnest.

Abandonment was a good word for it, Wufei thought, watching in mingled lust and awe as Zechs smoothly pumped one fist up down the shaft, while using the other to palm the dark, swollen head. Wufei had guessed right about his state of arousal. And he marveled as always at how totally at ease with it Zechs was, so natural and uninhibited. He'd never been held back by shyness or shame. He reveled in his own body and Wufei felt himself carried away at the sight.

"I wish I was kneeling between your legs right now," he told him, his voice a caress. "I love the way your balls look, all gathered up like that. I want to lick them, taste them, feel their weight against my face."

"Ahhhh!" Zechs arched back in the chair, pumping his hips now, and cradling and squeezing his balls for Wufei. His nipples were hard little points and a sheen of sweat glistened across his broad, smooth chest. Spread out as he was, Wufei could see his opening clearly for the first time, like a tiny pink star winking between those creamy, muscular cheeks. He'd never touched Zechs there. It had never occurred to him to want to, but now, seeing it exposed like this, he wondered if Zechs would like it if he did. He wondered if Zechs had ever let anyone fuck him? It was hard to imagine and Wufei pushed the thought away. Still, Pandora's box had been opened, as it were, and curiosity nagged at him.

"Zechs, you look like the god of sex that way," he murmured, cupping his own limp genitals through the silk boxers and stroking them. "I can see your opening when you spread yourself like that."

"Ah! Oh, Wufei! So--so good!" Zech panted, almost writhing now.

"Do--do you like being touched there?"

In answer, Zechs reached down and circled his opening with oiled fingers, rubbing it and stroking up the engorged ridge of his perineum.

"Oh yes. God, yes! Touch yourself like that! Show me what you enjoy."

"Nuuh! Ah! Ah! Ah!" Zechs was shaking now, and Wufei began to fear for what the nurses would hear down at the station. Aroused as Zechs was, though, he handled himself with great control, just as he did Wufei when they were making love together.

"Oh god, Wufei. My love-- Beautiful--oh fuck! I'm going to--going to--"

"Come for me, my emperor," Wufei urged. "Show me."

Zechs arched back further, panting hoarsely, then fumbled at the snap on the cock ring, releasing it and letting it fall away. Then he stroked his way down his shaft and balls and thrust one finger into his opening as he continued to pump his erection. Thrusting gave way to violent trembling, and with a strangled cry he came, shooting thick white spurts of semen across his chest and belly. He abandoned his ass and cupped his balls, squeezing and pulling at them in what seemed a painful fashion, but the look on his face as the final spurts shot out was pure rapture. He hung there a moment, lost in orgasm, slowly stroking his cock, and then went limp in the chair, eyes closed, gasping for air and grinning.

"Are you all right?"

"Mmmph. Mmmm. Yeeeeesssss," Zechs managed, apparently unable to move. "Oh mei! You wicked little-you're so--love you."

"I love you. You looked so--amazing! I want to see that again sometime soon!"

"As much as you want," Zechs sighed, opening his eyes at last and gazing fondly at him. "You are a fantastic lover, my darling, even when we're not touching. Did you really enjoy that?"

"Yes, very much!"

"Kinky little minx!" Zechs slowly gathered himself and wobbled to his feet, heading for the bathroom.

"Wait!" Wufei blurted out. "A taste, please? Before you wash it all away?"

Zechs gave him that lazy, sexy smile again and walked unsteadily over to the bed. Bracing himself on the bedrail, he ran a finger through the cum on his chest and held it down to Wufei.

Wufei took it into his mouth and sucked it clean, savoring the flavor. "Mmmm. My favorite flavor in the world. I want to get better very soon."

Zechs gave him a second taste, then kissed him on the forehead. "You are a very, very bad boy, and I'm a lucky bastard. I'm going to go clean up now, and then I'm going to stagger back here and hold you and kiss you until you go to sleep."

"What makes you think that will make me sleep?" Wufei scoffed, but in truth, he was completely worn out now. His eyelids already felt heavy. He tried hard to stay awake for Zechs's return, but the sound of the shower and the hiss of snow against the windows lulled him to sleep. Sometime later he was vaguely aware of warm, strong arms around him and lips pressed to his. He kissed him back sleepily and heard Zechs whisper, "A very good Earth Fall Day, indeed."


Duo was thinking the same thing as he cuddled with Heero and the others in the cab on the way to the hotel. He was happy and horny and high, and more than ready to reestablish Heero's sexual dominance.

"I want you to fuck me so goooood tonight, baby!" he whispered in Heero's ear, following the words with the tip of his tongue.

Heero grinned and tightened his arm around Duo's waist. "Copy that, 02. Want me to tie you down first?"

"There you go, spoiling me rotten again!"

"Can you two at least wait until we get to the hotel," Quatre chuckled.

Their bags had already been delivered to the hotel, thanks to Trowa's foresight. After the party, the four of them had thrown on jeans, shirts and coat over their "party wear" and piled into a cab with only one back seat. Now they were packed together, Quatre almost in Duo's lap. Trowa was more stoned than anyone, and was using his long reach to fondle everyone's hair. Eyes closed, head thrown back against the seat, he was grinning and murmuring, "Bello bello bello!"

"Hey Kat, I hope your man's not too far gone to get it up for you," said Duo.

Quatre, who was also feeling no pain, answered by grabbing Duo's hand and placing it on Trowa's crotch.

"Ciao bello!" Trowa rumbled without opening his eyes.

"Nope, he's good to go," Duo admitted. "How 'bout you, baby?"

He reached for the front of Heero's jeans but he caught Duo's hand and kissed it instead. "All systems go. But let's not embarrass our driver, OK? This is Japan, after all, not New Orleans."

"Mmph!" Duo nuzzled his way back under Heero's chin.

At the hotel they managed to behave themselves long enough to get into the elevator. There were no other riders and Trowa immediately pulled Quatre against him, gripping his husband's ass with both hands as he kissed him with almost savage intensity.

Heero leaned back against the wall and pulled Duo back against him, then mouthed his neck and caressed his nipples to make him squirm. "Yeah, just like that," he growled as Duo ground his ass against Heero's erection. "Gonna take you, little mermaid. Do you want it hard and fast, or slow and sweet?"

"Fuck, Heero, you're gonna make me come!" Trowa gasped, still dry humping Quatre.

Duo was too turned on to comment.

Their room was on the eighty-first floor. Trowa swiped the key card with a flourish and threw open the door. "Right this way, my beauties. One big bed for cuddling, as requested."

The others stood gaping at the opulent room. It was tastefully appointed in modern browns and tans, and the focal point was an immense bed.

"That is a very fucking big bed," Duo agreed, gazing at it in stoned awe.

"Very big," Heero said, looking around, "and the only one."

Trowa sobered a bit. "Huh? No, that can't be right. I told them a suite, two rooms, two beds, with at least one really big one."

"How good was their English?" asked Quatre. "There's your other bed."

A narrow roll away cot stood against the wall by the door. There was no second room, no other big bed.

"Maybe in Japan this is a suite?" Duo offered.

"Fuck. Fuck!" Trowa growled. "Now what?"

They all stood there, at a loss but still horny as hell.

"Well," said Quatre at last. "That is one really big bed, isn't it?"

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