Author: pyrzm
see ch. 1 for warnings, notes, disclaimer

Broken Warriors + Chapter 98
A Very Big Bed

Heero stared at Quatre for a moment, apparently trying to get his drug and alcohol fuzzed brain around what he seemed to be suggesting. "Huh?"

Quatre giggled, leaning heavily against Trowa. His leg was much better but he'd been on it too much today and the dull ache was leaching through his buzz. "I said, that's a really big bed. Plenty of room. For--whatever."

Trowa was staring at him, too, and so was Duo. Quatre wasn't so stoned that he didn't pick up on the wild blend of lust and confusion pulsing through the others. They wanted this, whatever "this" was, but they just didn't dare admit it. Well, he was stoned and fucking horney from the spin the bottle game and his leg was hurting like a bitch now and damn it, he was going to bed!

He shrugged at the others and limped over to the bed, shedding clothing on the way. By the time he reached the edge of the mattress he was bare from the waist up and had his pants and silk boxers down around his ankles. He shuffled the last few inches, got tangled in his pants and shoes, and tumbled face first onto the bed, giggling again. Looking back over his shoulder at Trowa, he purred, "Come and get it."

Trowa laughed and came to rescue him from the tangle around his ankles. Freeing Quatre's feet, he scooped him up and shifted him further onto the bed, then stripped and joined him. Still careful of the newly healed skin on Quatre's back, he pinned him on his belly and kissed his way up the backs of Quatre's thighs to the rounded pink flesh of his ass.

"Mmmmmm, yeah!" Quatre sighed. This was a good start for "this." He could already feel Heero's dark, pulsing libido perking up from across the room, and Duo wasn't far behind.

"Hold on a moment, meu pequinos," Trowa murmured. He rolled off the bed and went to the pile of luggage by the bathroom door. Quatre watched him affectionately, loving the way that big erection bobbed against Trowa's belly when he paraded around nude like this. Trowa never had any compunction about showing skin. Quatre doubted it even occurred to him to care what anyone else might think. He'd have performed naked in Circus della Notte if he thought he could get away with it.

Pulling out the small special suitcase they'd packed together, Trowa thumbed the combination lock and opened it to reveal their carefully wrapped collection of candles, cuffs, bottles of lube and other traveling sex accoutrements.

He tossed a couple of bottles of slick and a box of expensive condoms to Heero, set out half a dozen thick pillar candles around the room and lit them, then turned out the lights. He'd positioned them in such a way that the rest of the large room was lost in darkness. Only the bed area was illuminated. He went back to the case and returned with a couple sets of fleece-lined cuffs and some coiled rope. "I brought this for putting Heero to bed but we can probably find some other uses for it, beforehand," he said with a smirk.

He buckled a pair of cuffs around Quatre's wrists, and then secured them together behind his back with a metal snap ring. Quatre felt another pulse of interest from the pair still frozen by the doorway.

"Yum," Duo murmured, licking his lips at the bondage scene, just as Quatre had known he would. It had been a while since they'd hit any clubs of that sort together, but from what he'd heard from him and Heero, his tastes hadn't changed much since he'd been with Heero.

Trowa heard Duo and gave Quatre a knowing wink, then knelt beside him, put a pillow under his hips to raise his ass, and began torturing him with kisses all over his back and legs and bottom. "Ti amo, pocco. Amo le vostre natiche dolci!"

"Oh, Trowa! Amante grande!" Quatre gasped, trussed, helpless and utterly delighted with the situation.


Heero was the least stoned of any of them. He'd had enough to lower his inhibitions, but not so much that he wasn't aware of the way Duo was still wavering by the door. He was grinning as he watched Trowa maul Quatre, but he hadn't made a move toward the bed and he was still fully clothed.

Heero pulled him close and whispered against his ear, "Whatever you want, little mermaid, it's fine with me. Maybe we can go get a different room-"

Duo leaned against him and looked up. "I-" He looked back at the pair on the bed. Quatre's ass was higher in the air now, and Trowa was behind him, kissing his cheeks and stroking him between the legs, crooning to his lover in Italian.

Duo shook his head a little, then slowly peeled off his coat and shirt. He looked at Heero again and grinned. "Big bed."

"Rules?" Heero was already unbuttoning his own shirt and letting it fall.

Duo thought about that a moment and shrugged. "Nobody fucks me but you."


Duo kicked off his boots and let his pants and boxers fall. He was still wearing his cock ring and he was very hard. Heero saw the drop of clear precum welling from the slit. "And we see how it goes?" he replied, giving Heero a sultry look as he took him by the hand and led him to the far side of the bed. As soon as they reached it Duo gave him a shove, knocking him flat on his back and climbed up on top to kiss Heero's lights out.

As Heero let his hands wander over Duo's back and ass, he was aware of his own lack of embarrassment. Although this was the first time the four of them had been naked together like this, and intimate with each other in the same room, it somehow felt familiar and comfortable, after all the lovemaking they'd done across the hall from each other with the doors open. Perhaps they'd been coming to this all along? The other two were beautiful, that was for sure. Heero loved the way they looked in the soft golden glow of the candles. Trowa was so lean and long, and his skin slid like tight silk over his muscles as he moved. The dark patterned bands around each bicep rippled in a way that made Heero want to reach over and touch them. As Trowa shifted, he also caught sight of the intricate band of color and darkness across his lower back. It was like-a beacon!

Quatre was just as lovely as Heero had imagined, too. He'd noted earlier that 04 was wearing his facial piercing again, but saw now that he'd put the little metal bars back into his scrotum, too. That, and the tattoos on his shoulders and belly, made him look very different than the innocent little blond Heero had first met on Earth. In daylight he could still pull off that innocent look, but here, like this, he was the embodiment of sex.

"Earth to Heero? Copy, 01?" Duo was laughing, but Heero thought he caught a little tension behind the joke.

"I'm here, little mermaid, with you," he murmured, returning his full attention to the most beautiful man in the room. He rolled Duo on his back and found the hair tie, pulling it loose. Duo wrapped his arms and legs around Heero and rolled his hips against Heero's, letting him have no doubt how OK he was with this so far.

"God, you are so beautiful!" Heero gasped out, kissing his way down Duo's long, graceful throat. "So fucking beautiful!"

"Fuckably beautiful," Trowa laughed beside him. "Just like my little boy."

They all stayed with that for a while, making out with their lovers and filling the room with their soft sighs and moans. Trowa had released the ring holding the cuffs together, freeing Quatre's hands. O4 was moaning softly with his eyes shut, but suddenly he turned his head and gave Heero a dazed, blissed out look, then stretched a hand out to him and Duo. The candlelight flickered in his wide blue eyes and on the worn steel rings on the cuff. "C'mere."

They crawled across and joined the other two in the middle of the bed. Duo took Quatre's hand and was pulled down into a kiss. Heero hung back a little, watching. Quatre was passionate and willing. He opened his mouth eagerly to Duo and let him in.

Heero's cock throbbed. It was hot, seeing the two of them like that. Then Duo glanced up, saw his expression, and murmured, "I think Tro's getting lonely, baby."

Tearing his eyes away from the pair making out in front of him, he found Trowa still kneeling behind Quatre, but watching Heero with an almost feral gleam in his one visible eye. "Ciao, bello," Trowa purred, and licked his lips.

"Ciao, bello." Heero leaned forward, meeting those lips, letting strong callused hands pull him in and down. Then he was on his back beside Quatre, with Trowa's long, hard body stretched out full length on his, their erections rubbing together and cock rings catching between them as Trowa arched against him. His tongue was hot and forceful as it probed between Heero's lips, and past his teeth to massage and tease Heero's tongue. Duo had rolled up on top of Quatre, still just inches away.

Suddenly it seemed very important to establish some sort of connection. It was an easy matter to reach out and stroke Duo's ass with one hand, grasping Trowa's lean, muscular butt with the other.

Still kissing Quatre, Duo buried his fingers in Heero's hair. Trowa moaned into Heero's mouth and rubbed against him again, all the while finding and clasping Quatre's hand where it rested on the bed between them. As if some circuit had been completed, with everyone touching everyone else, they were all suddenly tumbling and sliding over each other all over the bed, seeking mouths, stroking and clasping whatever warm flesh came close. At one point Heero managed to pin all three of the others down and crouched over them, going from mouth to mouth, tasting and licking, comparing the feel of each set of lips against his own. He found he could tell them apart with his eyes closed: Duo's mouth, wide and generous and lush, Quatre's smaller, plumper lips and pointed tongue, and Trowa, whose lips were thinner but just as seductive, especially the talented way they sucked on Heero's tongue.

Another scramble of limbs, and the others pinned him down and proceeded to kiss him almost everywhere. It tickled and aroused him and for a few moments he couldn't tell whose mouth was where. It got even harder to do when Trowa produced a silk scarf from somewhere with his magician's skill and blindfolded him.

Someone else, probably Quatre, took his hands and guided them behind Heero's head. "Keep them there, 01." Yes, that was Quatre, but Heero had never heard him sound quite like that before, his voice just as arousing as the lips kissing down the inside of his arm and the hand sliding down his bare chest to toy with his achingly hard nipples.

Other hands grasped his ankles, gently pulling them apart, and Heero felt someone kneel between his spread legs. Hands massaged the insides of his thighs, stroking up not quite to his balls and down again. Strong hands massaged his feet, and a tongue flicked teasingly across his toes, sending waves of stronger arousal all over Heero's body. Then there was a shift. The hands left his feet and nipples as their owners moved to kneel on either side of him. Then six hands were stroking and caressing and teasing him all over.

"Ah, god! That's so good," Heero gasped. It took all his will power to keep his hands locked behind his head, but he didn't want to give them any reason to stop.

It was sweet torture, all those hands, and not one of them touching his cock. They came close, brushed over it, massaged along the base of it and behind his balls, and nails scraped along the leather and studs of the cock ring. Fingers even played through his pubic bush, and he heard Quatre giggle again and say, "Hey, he does trim down here! You owe me a dollar, Trowa." But not one finger offered any relief to his throbbing erection. The cock ring, still snug around the base and balls, only increased the delicious torment.

There was a pause, a brief, whispered conversation, then he felt them all shift as one and then the unmistakable, unbelievable sensation of three tongues licking slowly up and down his shaft and balls.

"Ahhhhh!" Heero shouted, automatically arching up for more. Strong hands and arms held him down on the bed, and those teasing mouths continued their work. Someone was sucking the tip, while someone else sucked his balls onto their mouth, and the third made circles with the tip of a tongue up and down the shaft in between. Heero could scarcely breath, it was so good. He couldn't tell who was doing what at this point, and decided he didn't really care. He was dimly aware of the tickle of Trowa's bangs and the silky weight of Duo's unraveling braid across his skin, but it was all lost in a muddle of overwhelming sensation.

"Happy Earth Fall day, Heero," Quatre chuckled.

Just when he thought he had to either come or lose his mind, it all stopped and someone pulled off the blindfold.

Quatre was leaning over him, blue eyes incandescent with lust. "Not yet, 01. Everyone gets a turn."

Duo was next. They tackled him down onto his back and Heero snugged the blindfold across his lover's eyes. Duo groped for his hand and pulled him close. "Remember my rule," he whispered, sounding a little nervous.

"I will, I promise," Heero said, and kissed him. He found the extra cuffs and buckled them around Duo's wrists, securing them together with the locking ring. Duo shivered and licked his lips again, then stretched his bound hands over his head.

Heero took his place between Duo's legs and caressed his thighs and belly, letting Duo know it was him. This time he got to watch as the other two worked their magic on Duo. Trowa rubbed his feet and sucked Duo's painted toes. Quatre lapped at Duo's tight pink nipples. Heero cupped Duo's balls and rolled them in their tight sack above the ring. Duo moaned and tossed his head, mouth open and slack with arousal.

Heero turned and caught Trowa's attention. "Have another of those scarves?"

Trowa leaned over the edge of the bed and handed him a long black one with silver stars on it. Heero wrapped it around Duo's already cuffed hands, then pulled them behind his head and tied the long ends of the scarf around his neck, securing them in place.

"Oh baby, yeah!" Duo moaned, more turned on than ever. He writhed under Heero, trying to rub his cock on Heero's belly. Heero stayed just out of reach, settling back between his lover's long legs and teasing his balls again, as Trowa and Quatre teased his chest and feet with their mouths. Duo's whole body flushed a delicate pink and precum was dripping from the tip of his cock onto his belly. Heero leaned down and lapped it up, letting his cheek brush the tip.

When Duo was panting and moaning even more loudly, Heero bent and licked the tip again. Trowa moved up beside him and leaned in, running his tongue over Duo's sac. On the other side, Quatre lapped up and down the shaft, swirling his tongue against the hard column of flesh. His tongue met Heero's as they both worked on Duo, and Heero thought he might come right then and there. He caught Quatre in a deep, probing kiss, and tasted Duo on Quatre's tongue. With a moan of his own, he released Quatre and took Duo down his throat, sucking and licking him just the way Duo liked.

Trowa lifted his head from Duo's balls and began licking the base of his shaft above the ring, licking Heero's lips, too, every time he deep throated Duo. Duo was gasping incoherently by the time they stopped. Heero untied his hands and they all fell on Quatre, who was looking a bit delirious by now.

"I can feel you all!" he gasped out, even before the others began touching him in earnest. "So good, making love together like-ah-oh yes!"

Trowa took his place between Quatre's legs and Heero took over the foot rub position. Quatre was incredibly ticklish and tried to pull his feet away. Heero held him firmly by the ankles and licked slowly up the sole of each foot. Quatre's scream was muffled as Duo captured his mouth with his own, holding him down with one hand and tweaking his pink little nipples with the other. Meanwhile Trowa was on his knees, his ass in Heero's face as he sucked and licked Quatre's scrotum. Still holding Quatre's struggling legs and licking those sensitive feet, Heero was gifted with a beautiful view. Trowa's ass was spread for him, tight little opening fully exposed, and his large balls and long, thick erection were bobbing under his belly, still snugged up right by the leather strap. Risking a kick in the face, Heero managed to get a grip on both of Quatre's ankles with one hand, freeing the other to caress Trowa's ass and genitals. He felt 03 shuddering and shivering under his touch.

//Does Trowa still want me to fuck him?// Heero wondered, entranced by the feel of that long, hot, hard cock in his hand and the sight of that brilliant, intricate tattoo across the small of Trowa's lean back.

Quatre stopped struggling and broke the kiss with Duo. "Yes! God, that would be so hot right now!"

Heero gave a guilty start and let go of both of them, then looked hastily to Duo. His lover's face was flushed, those violet eyes hot and hazed with lust as he held Quatre and stroked his friend's erection in a loose fist. Both of them were still wearing their leather bondage cuffs. Heero's cock twitched appreciatively at the sight.

"You wanna fuck him, baby?" Duo purred. "Wanna fuck him while I watch?"

Aroused as he was, Heero's drug and sex-addled brain sent up a flare of alarm. He stared at Duo in stunned amazement, wondering if he'd heard him right. "Do you want me to?"

"Yeah, this time." Duo admitted, still caressing Quatre. "Special occasion, like I said. Do you want to?"

"Yes," Heero said, "But-I want to watch you, too."

Duo's lazy smile widened. With his free hand, he slowly finger combed the rest of the braid loose and shook out that magnificent auburn mane, letting it spread across Quatre's chest and belly. "If we do this," he said thickly, "then we do it all together.

"Together. Yeah!" Quatre sighed, letting his head fall back against Duo's shoulder.

"Together," Trowa agreed, kissing Quatre on the inside of each thigh and licking his balls.

But Heero still hesitated, gazing into Duo's eyes, wanting to be sure before they took such a big step. "Are you sure, Duo?"

Duo smiled again, and started helping Quatre up onto his knees. "Special occasion. Different rules." He positioned Quatre so he was kneeling, facing Trowa, with Duo behind him. He mouthed Quatre's neck and stroked his belly, teasingly close to his upright erection. "You sure about this, you guys?"

"Do it!" Trowa moaned, leaning back into Heero's arms and offering his throat.

"Rubbers and lube?" Heero managed, overwhelmed by the feeling of that long, sinewy body filling his arms.

"Spit's good enough," Trowa gasped, grinding his ass against Heero's crotch. "Fuck me, 01!"

Heero found the condom and put one on, and handed another to Duo. Then he took his time lubricating Trowa's tight hole. "Hands and knees, 03. I want you to suck Quatre while I do it."

Trowa immediately complied, bracing himself on one hand and cupping Quatre's balls with the other as he took his husband's hard cock down his throat.

"Oh yeah, like that!" Duo groaned. He rolled on his own rubber and slicked Quatre quickly. "I'm gonna fuck Kat now, Heero. Let me see you do Tro. Come on, baby, fuck him!"

Trowa moaned encouragingly around Kat's cock and spread his legs wider. Heero slicked his cock and pressed the head to 03's opening.

Trowa was surprisingly tight, almost as tight as Duo's the first time Heero had made love to him like this. It occurred to him that Quatre's cock was the only one that had ever stretched him here, and that his was somewhat smaller than Heero's. Afraid of hurting Trowa, Heero struggled to control the urge to just thrust into that tight heat, but Trowa let out a harsh, needy growl and forced himself back against Heero until he was in to the hilt, his belly pressed to Trowa's ass.

"He likes it rough!" Quatre gasped, arching back in Duo's arms as Trowa moaned around his cock.

"No rough stuff for you, though, kitten," Duo said, licking his way from Quatre's shoulder to his ear lobe and sucking it. "Nice and easy for you."

Heero couldn't see Duo entering Quatre, but he watched their faces, reading the shared bliss there, and that was almost as good. Both of them were flushed and glistening with sweat as they in turn watched as Heero began a slow, deep pounding deeper into Trowa.

Duo's hair fell around Quatre like a shining silk veil, and Heero gasped again, knowing first hand what the caress of that hair felt like when Duo fucked him up the ass like that, slow and steady. The memory of that, coupled with the hot grip of Trowa's ass around his own cock, was almost enough to make Heero come and he made himself go still for a moment, taking in a few deep breaths to regain control. This shouldn't be rushed, for Trowa's sake or anyone else's.

He gripped Trowa's hips, tracing the edges of that pattern with his thumbs as he steadied him and began to thrust in harder. A collective moan went up from the others. Trowa braced himself, holding steady as he continued to deep throat Quatre.

Heero felt the tightness of Trowa's body around him, and the hard, good feel of his body under his hands. His raw, natural smell and the musky cologne he favored filled Heero's head, driving him on. He was slamming into that tight body now, but his own orgasm was still held a bay as a plan struggled to take shape in the back of his overloaded brain.

Trowa was trembling against him. Quatre was swaying and sighing in Duo's arms as Duo gently caressed and took him. His eyes were half closed now, and he had that distant, pleasure-laden look, but his gaze kept coming back to Heero.


"Yeah, baby?"

"Don't come."

Duo's eyes widened a bit. "Huh?"

"Don't come, 02. That's an order."

"Oh! Oh god!" Quatre moaned. "Heero, you're going to-going to make me-"

"Make 04 come, 03," Heero ordered, trying for his hard mission voice, though it was hard to pull off, turned on as he was.

Trowa moaned around Quatre's cock as he bucked back hard on Heero's, still impaling him mercilessly from behind.

"Take him sweetly, 02," Heero instructed, and saw Quatre arch back, mouth wide in a silent cry of ecstasy. "Secure his hands. Stroke him deeply. Caress his prostate with your cock, 02."

Everyone was moaning now. Duo closed his eyes and caressed Quatre's chest and belly, then pinned Quatre's wrists against his chest as he rocked against him, following Heero's orders.

Heero found he could lean forward over Trowa's back and reach them both. He pulled Quatre into a deep kiss, invading that soft, willing mouth, then held him close and found Duo's mouth, devouring him eagerly. He settled back, pleased with the effect it had clearly had on the others. He wondered what Quatre's empathy was doing with all this. Almost at once, Quatre opened his eyes and murmured, "Wild ride! Everyone's happy."

"Swirl your tongue against his head, 03," Heero murmured, rotating his hips a bit to hit Trowa's prostate from a slightly different angle. Trowa cried out with his mouth full and his head bobbed faster on Quatre's shaft.

"Heero!" Duo whined, panting with excitement.

"Don't come, 02."

"Oh god. Duo, Trowa----Heero, I'm gonna-gonna--!" Quatre's body began to shake, and then he was thrusting with his hips, caught between Trowa's mouth and Duo's cock. "Oh. my. GOD!"

He came wildly, crying out. Trowa was making desperate sounds too, and swallowing noisily. Heero gripped him under the arms and pulled him back so he was sitting up in Heero's lap. This angle of penetration seemed to excite him even more; Heero could feel Trowa trembling on the edge of orgasm.
"02, disengage. 04. Suck your man off."

With another desperate whine, Duo pulled out and crawled shakily over to drape himself around Heero. The mingled feeling of his hot body and cool, wild hair drove Heero dangerously close to coming again.

Quatre slumped forward and began greedily sucking Trowa's erection. Heero watched in delight at how much of that big shaft 04 could manage. He must have had to practice a lot.

"Oh fuck!" Trowa screamed, spasming. "OfuckofuckofuckoFUCK!" He came with a long, ragged cry, clutching Heero's hands and Quatre's hair and writhing between the cock and the mouth that were ravishing him. He hardly seemed to notice when Heero pulled his cock from his ass. He arched one last time into Quatre's mouth, then slumped sideways onto the bed. Quatre crawled into his arms and they wrapped around each other, panting and laughing and trying to find words. Trowa opened his eyes and found Heero. "Ti amo. Ti amo, bello-"

Heero smiled back, then turned to Duo, who was still kneeling on the bed, a painful erection standing up hard and red between his thighs. "Your turn, 02. Lose the rubber."

Duo grinned and stripped it off, letting it fall somewhere beyond the mattress. Heero did the same, then retrieved one of the scarves and slipped it thorugh the rings of the bondage cuffs Duo was wearing, securing his hands tightly together. He saw Duo's widen and the flush in his cheeks darken.

"03, where's that rope?"

"Oh, Heero, baby!" Duo moaned.

Trowa rose unsteadily and retrieved the required article. It was good quality bondage rope, a soft nylon round weave that would hold a knot without locking dangerously, and hold a body without chafing. IT was long, too, long enough for Heero's purpose. He'd been doing some more online research.

Finding the middle of the rope, he used that section to secure Duo's hands behind his neck again. Then, as Duo moaned appreciatively and the others looked on in mounting interest, Heero used the two long ends to bind and weave a pattern down Duo's body. When he was finished, Duo's torso was covered in a web of rope and his legs were securly bound, his knees spread wide and trussed close to his body, his completely exposed ass perfectly framed by a white network of ropes. His cock was still nicely exposed, too. Heero tested his handiwork by standing and lifting Duo's body by the improvised rope handle he'd fashioned just below his chest. Duos' body hung perfectly balanced, with no pulling, constriction, or pain.

"Wow!" Quatre breathed.

"I think I see a new act," Trowa murmured, testing the ropes and stroking Duo's hair. Duo was in a near trance state by now, following Heero trustingly with his eyes.

Heero placed Duo so he was lying in Trowa's lap, with Quatre close beside him. "Touch him. Let him know you're with him," Heero instructed softly, then stretched out between Duo's legs. "Your turn, 02. We're going to make you come now."

"Mmmmm, yeah!" Duo murmured, already blissed out.

"And I'll be the one to fuck you, just as I promised."

"Trust you, 01," Duo whispered, smiling with his eyes closed now. "Trust you all."

While the others stroked and caressed Duo, Heero slowly, teasingly began to lick and suck at Duo's balls. They felt a bit cool, and fearing they'd been constricted too long by the cock ring, Heero unsnapped it and took it off. Duo hissed a little in pain, but Heero soothed the reddened skin where the leather had been with his tongue and lips and felt Duo shiver and relax again in his bonds. His erection had softened a little during the binding, but now it was back full force, hot and weeping.

Now Heero could allow himself the luxury of lapping up the salty precum, smearing it around the head with his tongue and sucking it off. Duo was floating on bondage high and his responses were mostly smiles and faint sighs and moans, but Heero had learned how to read those. He teased him a little more, then took him suddenly down his throat and felt Duo jerk in his bindings.

"Oh, yeah, that's-that's gooooooood," he moaned, probably referring both to the strict constriction of the rope and what Heero was doing to his cock.

Heero worked him gently but firmly with his tongue and throat and felt Duo's reactions grow stronger. Quatre was working his nipples and Trowa had one hand in Duo's hair, stroking it back from his face, and the other rubbing his thighs. Heero guided his hand down to Duo's balls and had him cup them for him while he sucked harder at his cock. Precum was leaking out in a steady stream now. Heero checked Duo's breathing. He was looking a little tired. It was time.

"I'm going to fuck you now, Duo," he said, kneeling between his thighs and touching the tip of his cock to Duo's opening. "O3, prepare him for me. Just the outside."

He chose Trowa because in Duo's mind, Trowa was a top, just as Heero was. Looking back over the night's events so far, Heero realized he must truly be the top alpha male of the group, having finally fucked Trowa.

Trowa understood the order and didn't slip a finger into Duo's ass. //Promise kept,// Heero thought with satisfaction. Slicking his own fingers, he worked them inside Duo, gently opening and stretching him while the others looked on.

"Do it, baby," Duo urged softly. "Take me. Need you!"

Duo had taken good care of him in the hospital. Heero had needed him on top, taking charge and giving comfort, but he knew that between them, Duo preferred to be the one taken. He'd been a top all his life, before Heero, but he'd been saving himself.

"No one but you, baby," Duo crooned, as if reading his thoughts.

"No one but me," Heero replied, and took Duo's cock in his hand, stroking it expertly as he pressed his length into that bound, hot, willing body. Duo still lay in Trowa's arms. Trowa was still caressing Duo's balls, and now he touched Heero's, as well. Quatre joined in, and Heero's reined in passion suddenly blazed at the feeling of three bodies touching his again. His cock was buried deep in Duo's heat and tightness, and hands were touching him everywhere, rubbing his balls, squeezing his ass, tickling up and down his chest and back.

"Your turn, too, 01," Quatre told him. He kissed Heero deeply, and closed his hand over Heero's on Duo's cock.

Duo's eyes were open again. He was moaning and laughing now, urging them on. "Harder baby. Show 'em how you do me!"

"Jerk him off for me, 04," Heero ordered. He gripped Duo under the legs and pulled him in hard, fucking him with long, driving strokes. From the corner of his eye he saw the Trowa was erect again. "Change of plan. 03, take 04."

Trowa carefully released Duo and pulled Quatre to him, taking him from behind as Quatre bent over Duo, still stroking his cock.

It was too much for all of them. They came one after the other like a string of firecrackers, screaming and swearing and crying each other's names. Duo came so hard it hit Heero and Quatre both in the face and they laughed as they licked the salty cum from their lips. Heero's orgasm was the last to hit, and it blinded him for a moment with its electric intensity. He realized he was yelling something and then figured out it was Duo's name. That pleased him on some deep level, and he knew it would make Duo happy, too.

After than he just wanted to collapse in a pile of sweaty, welcoming arms and legs, but he forced himself to stay alert as he carefully freed Duo from the ropes and rubbed his extremities to make certain the circulation hadn't been compromised. Duo fell asleep with a blissful smile on his face before he'd finished, and Quatre was already gone, too. He and Trowa got them into the bed side by side, then curled up bracketing them. Trowa draped an arm over them all and found Heero's hand. Heero clasped it, gazing across tousled auburn and blond hair into those intense green eyes. Even in the candlelight he could see the hint of worry there.

"You OK, Heero?"

Heero caressed Trowa's fingers with his thumb. "Yes. How are you?"

"Sore, but happy. You fuck like a god. I knew you would."

Heero considered this, trying to sort out the jumble of feelings those words evoked now that it was over.

Trowa caught him fretting and stroked his cheek. "Special occasion, remember? I'm not expecting things to change. I don't want them to, OK?"

Heero gave him a grateful look. "Thank you. I just hope the others don't regret---"

Duo stirred, nestling his backside more firmly against Heero's thighs and finding the hand Heero had wedged under the pillow. "No regrets, 'ro. Love you. Gonna marry you. Now hush up and let me sleep!"

"Yeah," sighed Quatre, opening his eyes just long enough to kiss all three of them. "Shut up and sleep. 'thas an order."

"Bossy little things, aren't they?" Heero chuckled, relieved.

Trowa grinned and nuzzled the back of Quatre's head. "You should talk!"

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