Author: pyrzm
Summary: Lemon 03x04, 02x02

Lost Souls + Chapter 27

It was beginning to look like they'd have to go back to Earth, with their supplies running low and no allies in space. The boys and Noin were discussing it in the cockpit when a signal came through.

Trowa was at the com panel when the alert sounded. "It's an encoded message being broadcast throughout this sector. He turned to Duo with a look of surprise. "It's a message to the Deathscythe."

"Deathscythe?" Duo leaned over the screen as the image came through. It was Howard, his old Sweeper pal, complete with his signature shades and Hawaiian shirt.

"Hey Duo! How would you like me to fix up your Gundam for you, just like the old days? Of course, I'll give you full supplies and repairs."

"That's great, man, but what are you doing out here in space?"

"Come on over and I'll try to explain."

Within the hour they were aboard Howard's massive space cruiser, the Peacemillion. Duo's Gundam and Quatre's were moved into the repair bay, which looked like it had been designed specifically to support them.

Howard looked the suits over, stroking his pointy gray goatee. "Once we're done with the repairs, Sandrock will be able to fight much better in space."

"That'll be a big help, Howard. I haven't been able to fight at full capacity and Sandrock hasn't been as responsive as I need him to be."

"I'll need a mobile suit to fight, as well. Are there any suits available?" asked Trowa. Even without his memory he was as eager for battle as the rest of them.

"Naw, nothing I'd want to give to a Gundam pilot," said Howard. "If only we knew where the Heavyarms was. That'd sure help."

Trowa looked away, embarassed. "I'm sorry. I tried, but I can't remember."

"Hey, I'm not blaming you."

"Hey Howard," Duo interrupted. "I'm having a hard time figuring why you're supporting us, and what you're planning to do with this spaceship."

"Actually, I'm not quite sure about the ship myself."

Duo gaped at him. "You gotta be kidding!"

"But as for supporting you? That's to fulfill my duties, as someone who helped build the Gundams."

"You helped make the Gundams?" asked Noin.

"More precisely, the Tallgeese."

"No shit!" said Duo.

"What's the Tallgeese?" asked Trowa.

"A huge Gundam class suit, the grand daddy of them all," Duo explained. "Zechs Merquise has been using it."

"Yes, he was here with us for awhile, until he got recruited by White Fang. Interesting guy. I was sorry to see him go."

"You liked him?" asked Quatre.

"Yeah. He's very bright, but not very happy. He's trying to find himself, I think."

"Yeah? Well, I don't like the path he's chosen," grumbled Duo.

"And you don't know where he is?" asked Noin. Just as Duo had suspected from all Quatre had told him, she was still carrying a torch for ol' 'tall, blond and hung.'

"He's not your average person," Howard said kindly. "I'm sure he's still out there somewhere, alive and well."

"Howard!" a man called from the direction of the bridge. "White Fang is making announcement to Earth. I think it's a declaration of war!"

"Just as I expected," Howard grunted, opening a com channel on the gantry's computer panel. A homely, blond guy was speaking. "That's Kanz, the head of White Fang."

Duo and the others watched in growing dismay as he spoke.

"The space colonies had hoped to establish their right to self government and live in peace, but the Earth has ruled over us with its military power. This was true in the time of the Alliance and OZ, and it's true now that the Earth has formed the World Nation. The Earth has been using the Gundams as their pawns." Footage of Wufei fighting a bunch of White Fang suits filled the screen. "We had hoped to unify the people of outer space and the Earth attacked us with the Gundams, in support of the OZ force."

"Goddamn!" Duo clenched his fists. "It's a pack of lies!"

"They make it sound like OZ has been using Wufei, but that can't be true!" said Quatre. "He'd never align himself with them, especially after what happened to his colony!"

Kanz returned to the screen. "The OZ space force will soon be annihilated. As I speak, a large-scale fleet is headed out to attack and destroy them. Outer space belongs to us, the colonial citizens."

It was no idle threat. Within hours they were picking up transmissions from both sides as White Fang attacked near the OZ fortress, Barge. It was over quickly, and in the midst of the fighting, word came through that Duke Dermail, head of Romefeller, had been killed in battle.

"Oh, poor Dorothy!" Quatre exclaimed softly.

"Dorothy?" asked Duo.

"Dermail's granddaughter. I met her in Sanque. She was at Relena's school there at the same time Heero and I were hiding out. I didn't agree with her politics, but still-"

When it was over, Kanz made another broadcast, claiming victory. "The is only the first of many victories. When the colonies become one, our enemy will be the Earth. We have a righteous cause! And we have welcomed an new leader, one who will help us fight for and realize that cause."

The screen went dark for a moment, and then filled with an image of the Earth, seen from some spaceship window. A tall, slender figure was silhouetted against it. As the lights came up, Duo gasped, even before the figure turned around. The long gray coat was new, but he'd know that hair anywhere.

"Zechs!" Noin gasped, dismayed.

"Earth and space." That deep, husky voice sent a shiver up Duo's spine. He stole a look at the others and caught them staring, too. "The two exist together and form a pattern of confrontation." He looked up into the camera now, those pale blue eyes cold as ice. "My name is Milliardo Peacecraft, and I declare that we will eliminate the Earth, the source of this confrontation."

"No way!" said Howard.

"What are you saying, Zechs?" Noin groaned. Yep, she was still carrying a torch for that guy. Duo decided he'd better keep a close eye on her.

"Well, I guess I better get you guys some bunks," said Howard. "Nothing much we can do for now."

The Peacemillion was massive, with capacity for a crew of a thousand, though they didn't have a fifth of that. There were plenty of cabins, and most had two or more bunks. It would have been reasonable enough for Duo to share one with the other pilots, but he quickly claimed one for himself. "All this space, all to myself?" he joked. "You think I'm gonna to pass up a chance to sleep alone? No way!"

"We'll take the cabin next to it. I'm used to rooming with Quatre," said Trowa, before the other boy could decide for him. "You want the top bunk or the bottom one, Quatre?"

Duo caught Trowa's eye and winked, seeing the way Quatre hesitated. He'd have split them up, just for appearance sake, but Trowa had outfoxed him.


"You're not angry, are you?" Trowa said as soon as he was alone with Quatre for the sleep cycle. "It's just, I feel better, being with you."

"No, of course not," Quatre replied but Trowa knew he was uncomfortable. Even so, he walked over to Trowa and put his arms around him. "I'm glad we're here, together. I've gotten used to sleeping with you, you know."

"So long as no one knows," Trowa put in quietly.

Quatre gave him that sad smile that always melted him. "It will be different, someday. I promise." The sadness left him, replaced by a growing gleam of wanton lust. "These walls seem quite thick, and there's no one near our cabin but Duo."

"He knows."


"And you don't mind that?"

"Duo's gay, too. He's got a thing for Heero, even though he won't admit it."

For some reason that made Trowa uncomfortable, though he couldn't imagine why. He didn't remember anything about Yuy, though Quatre and Duo both claimed they'd been friends. He quickly forgot all about that as Quatre kissed him and ran his hands under the hem of Trowa's black turtleneck.

Before things went anywhere, however, Quatre pulled back a little and wrinkled his nose. "I haven't had a bath in days. I saw some showers down the corridor."

"I don't suppose you'd consider-" Trowa began playfully, only joking, but Quatre's eyes clouded with guilt immediately. "I'm sorry, meli. You go shower. I'll go after you."

Quatre was quick and so was Trowa. As he came back into the cabin Quatre wrapped himself around Trowa again, and they floated in a passionate zero g embrace. They were both wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around their waist and these were soon floating free across the cabin.

Quatre was even more passionate than usual, and seemed eager to please. Taking advantage of his lover's mood and the spacious cabin, he had Quatre hold onto the edge of the bunk, his body floating free. Trowa moved between his legs and spread them wide, bending Quatre's knees back to expose that little pink hole. He took his time, though, kissing and licking the insides of his thighs and the bottoms of his feet.

"What are you doing?" Quatre panted as his whole body flushed pink with excitement. His cock was hard against his belly, his balls pulling up tight. Trowa licked those next, spending extra time on his balls, then slowly working his way down over the ridge behind them and down, down-

"Trowa!" Quatre gasped and arched as Trowa flicked his anus with the tip of his tongue. "Oh! Oh, Trowa!"

Trowa hummed happily and circled the opening, then licked harder, using the flat of his tongue. Quatre's thighs locked around his head, covering his ears. He couldn't hear the noises Quatre was making, but he could feel how his body trembled and shook. Trowa probed now, then quickly took Quatre's cock in his mouth and sucked it until Quatre came.

Quatre was limp and smiling now. Trowa drew him in his arms and held him, kissing his face and neck, knowing Quatre wouldn't want any tongue right now, after it had been in his ass. Trowa didn't mind Quatre's fastidious ways. It made the sex hotter, given what he did allow.



Quatre cuddled closer, nuzzling his neck. "That was amazing."

Trowa chuckled. "I'm glad you liked it."

A small hand stole down and traced the length of Trowa's considerable erection. "I-I'd like to do something special for you, too."

"Everything you do is special, meli."

"No, I mean-" Quatre sighed and hid his face against Trowa's neck. "I'd really like it if-if you'd-do me."

Trowa put a finger under Quatre's chin and tilted his face up, trying to understand what he was talking about. Quatre's face was very red, but he looked determined. "What do you mean by 'do' you?"

"You know!" Quatre whispered.

"I don't understand. Haven't I been doing things to you?"

Quatre tucked his chin, blushing even more. "Would you like to-to put your cock in me, like you do with your finger?"

"Oh. Oh! No!" Trowa shook his head. "No!"

Quatre looked surprised, and a bit hurt. "But why not? I-That is, Duo says-"

"Duo says what?"

"He says that guys do it and it feels good. Haven't you ever done it?"

"I don't know. I don't think so."

"But we could try, couldn't we?"

Trowa took a deep breath. "I don't think it's a good idea."

"Why not?"

Trowa guided Quatre's hand down to his flagging erection. "I know you don't have any other experience with men, meli. I don't mean to brag when I tell you that my cock is very large, bigger than normal, anyway."

"I know that," Quatre smirked, stroking it back to full attention. "It's long and thick. It's beautiful! I really got lucky, didn't I, having you for my lover?"

"Thank you. I feel very lucky, too, my wild, sex-crazed little virgin. But you are a virgin there, and you're very small. Your ass, I mean. It's very tight in there, and I just wouldn't fit. It would hurt you, and I won't do that."

"Oh." Quatre sighed, crestfallen. "Couldn't we, like, stretch it somehow?"

"Maybe, but I still might hurt you, even if I was careful, and we have missions to fly. We could be called out any time, and you can't have that kind of distraction. However---"

"Yes?" Quatre looked up so expectantly, like puppy expecting a treat, that Trowa had to smile.

"Well, if we could find some kind of lubricant, I could finger fuck you."

"And that would stretch me, too, wouldn't it?"

"Well, maybe, but-"

"Hang on!" Quatre let go and propelled himself over to his duffle bag. "I found this while Duo and I were out scrounging on the satellite. He turned back and triumphantly held up a tube of sex lube. "This is the right stuff, right? Duo said it was."

"Do you and Duo talk about anything except sex?"

"Sometimes." Quatre grinned as he floated back into his arms with the lube. "So, is this the right stuff?"

Trowa took it and read the label. "E-Z Rider. Yup, that's the stuff."

"Good, but first I should take care of this, shouldn't I?" Quatre purred, lightly gripping Trowa's hard on.

There were definite advantages to zero-g sex. They could sixty-nine in mid air, not worrying about crowding the other or knocking knees or elbow on anything. Already turned on from the rimming and talk of finger fucking, Trowa let out a loud groan as Quatre's hot mouth closed around his cock. Quatre knew what he liked now, and went straight to hard sucking and licking, squeezing and tugging gently on Trowa's balls as he did it.

"Oh, yeah!" Trowa moaned, clutching Quatre's tight little butt. "Oh, baby, suck it. Suck it good!"

Quatre hummed deep in his throat, earning another long moan, then yipped as Trowa pulled his legs apart and rimmed him again. Quatre was clean and nicely musky. The scent of him, the taste and heat of him, it was pure aphrodisiac for Trowa. He'd long since stopped wondering why they hadn't been lovers before he'd lost his memory. They were now, and that's all he cared about.

Trowa thrust in with his tongue again, savoring the silky slick skin and earthy taste of his meli's ass. Quatre whimpered loudly and sucked harder, grinding his hard erection against Trowa's chest. When Trowa thought he was ready, he took Quatre's cock in his mouth, and held him still with one hand as he used the slick to coat his fingers. Shining droplets got loose and floated free. Trowa let them go, concentrating instead on working a lubed finger up Quatre's tight ass. The lube helped and he pushed his long middle finger all the way in with little trouble. Quatre was like a furnace inside and screamed around Trowa's cock as Trowa wiggled his finger and slid it in and out. He found the lump that was Quatre's prostate and rubbed it gently.

Quatre stiffened and pulled off his cock. "Oh GOD! Oh, Trowa, Trowa, TROWA!" He shuddered and came down Trowa's willing throat. Trowa sucked it all down, still massaging him from the inside as Quatre moaned and cried out.

"Oh, no-no more, stop!" he begged at last, struggling in Trowa's arms. "Can't take-any more! Oh, Trowa!"

Trowa released him and Quatre spun around, wrapping his arms around Trowa's waist and recapturing Trowa's cock in his mouth. Then it was Trowa's turn to moan.


Duo tried not to listen, but damn they were loud tonight. He even wrapped a pillow around his head, but it did no good. There was some sort of ventilation shaft between their rooms and the cries and whimpers and moans came through loud and clear. Giving up, he threw his pillow across the room. He was already naked. He grasped his straining cock in his right hand and cupped his balls in his left and gave in, jerking off as he listened to the others enjoying each other, but seeing Heero in his imagination, doing all the things to him that Quatre was moaning and wailing about.

He came hard and made a mess, sending his jizz out in a stream of white blobs. More depressed and lonely than ever, he forced himself off his bunk to chase them.

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